eyesofthehawk-and-thefallenangel  asked:

“Are you fucking insane!?” I love your writing SO much!! :D

“Are you fucking insane!?” Romanoff punctuated the angry words with a hard shove that sent Clint stumbling back a step. 

If he had a dollar for every time he’d been asked that, he’d probably be able to match the funds in his off shore bank account. 

“It’s been said,” he admitted with a shit-eating grin that somehow turned Romanoff’s expression even more murderous that it had been 20 seconds ago. Considering he hadn’t thought she could look more murderous than she had 20 seconds ago, it was quite the accomplishment. 

“You jumped out of a plane without a parachute,” she accused. “Without a parachute, Barton!” 

Clint chuckled nervously. The whole thing was an adrenaline high he wasn’t likely to come down from anytime soon. He jerked his chin towards the unconscious man on the ground. 

He had one,” Clint pointed out. 

It had been an admittedly poorly thought out decision, made in the heat of the moment. Their captive had proven too smart for the two TAC team memebers guarding him in the cargo hold. The gunshot had been what drew Clint and Romanoff out of the cockpit where they’d been conversing with the pilot. 

Clint had taken one look at their captive, who was strapping on a parachute stolen from his guard, a gun still in his hand and he’d just kind of…reacted

The next thing he knew, they were grappling in free fall. In the end, Clint had knocked him out, and clung to him like a spider monkey while pulling the rip cord for the parachute. 

There had been one horrifying moment where he’d thought he was going to lose his hold and go careening to the earth at terminal velocity. But his iron grip with his legs and arms had held out…barely. 

He hadn’t even realized Romanoff had followed until she was landing next to him. He had still been trying to decide if his shaking legs would support him when she rounded on him.

“What if you hadn’t held on?” she demanded, giving him another hard shove. 

“Well then you would have caught me,” he countered. 

“You didn’t know I had followed you!”

“Of course you did,” he shrugged dismissively. “That’s what partners are for.”  

Romanoff fumed silently for a moment and then gave him one last angry shove. 

“Next time? I’m not jumping after you.” 

Clint feigned hurt, but the carefully hidden relief in her gaze kept him from being too worried. Romanoff may want to murder him afterward, but she’d always have his back. Just like he would always have hers. That was just how this partner shit worked.