seriously there are so many mistakes with this im going to cry 

im sorry i didnt do a beach pic i cant draw water. or sand. 


pic 1: us 

pic 2: me and missromancedy (btw that feast i was talking about was ice cream hee hee hee…) 

pic 3: ask-rockyandblizz and askthesleepypony 

pic 4: me, ellaelixer, ask-the-ice-cream-pony, askkiwisunset, askdiamondanastasia, and askbananapie (i changed is outfit btw) 



Third set of kisses! I’m on a rolllll >D May finish a couple more sets for queue this weekend!

Top left: Star-bright-unicorn; #25: Goodbye Kiss

Top right; ask-the-ice-cream-pony; #27: Chest Kiss

Bottom left; ask-bumble-buzz; #3: Butterfly Kiss

Bottom right; ask-mage-wing; #19: Whisper Kiss

[so be fair.. I had no idea how to do a “whisper” kiss so.. I did my best. xD]

So thank you to all my amazing followers! 101 Followers, just wow. You all are amazing. So in return I shall do a contest! :)


  1. Reblog as much as you want but only 5 will count.
  2. Like’s count as 1.
  3. You don’t need to be following me but a follow would be nice.
  4. The contest will end July 28th
  5. Please don’t unfollow if you don’t win.


  1. 1st place: A full drawing of an oc of your choice with a simple colored background (two winners).:

2. 2nd place: An icon of their choice (profile icon or navigation icon) with simple one color background (two winners).:

3. 3rd place: A simple colored picture of an oc of their choice (white background, 3 winners):

Again: The contest will end July 28th

“I-It’s so cold… Mom? Dad? Where did you go? There are people screaming but I can’t hear them….They keep slamming the door on me… Did I make them angry? I’m sorry.. I’ll be good I promise, just come back soon…..”


*Preview into Touketsu Tsuki (Think I did that right, it’s called Frozen Moon in english)*

Imagine waking up one day to find out your whole world just got turned upside down. The ponies you once knew all vanished, but there are people who look like them. They don’t recognize you at all and constantly shut you out.

Would you give up or keep going?

Vani: Happy Birthday Grandma!

*Filly Vani with her grandmother Caramel Coffee*


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’ve been really sick lately. I just wanted to do this to say happy birthday to my grandmother who has turned 76 today. Happy Birthday Nana, I love you so much…Please don’t forget me.