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  1. 1st place: A full drawing of an oc of your choice with a simple colored background (two winners).:

2. 2nd place: An icon of their choice (profile icon or navigation icon) with simple one color background (two winners).:

3. 3rd place: A simple colored picture of an oc of their choice (white background, 3 winners):

Again: The contest will end July 28th

ВОТ ПОЧЕМУ Я ХОТЕЛ РАЗУКРАСИТЬ ОТВЕТЫ *голодным взглядом смотрит на мороженое* я не умею рисовать еду, но это бьютифул

-Mr. Corne Douseur, hello :3 Can I have banana ice cream, please?-

“I-It’s so cold… Mom? Dad? Where did you go? There are people screaming but I can’t hear them….They keep slamming the door on me… Did I make them angry? I’m sorry.. I’ll be good I promise, just come back soon…..”


*Preview into Touketsu Tsuki (Think I did that right, it’s called Frozen Moon in english)*

Imagine waking up one day to find out your whole world just got turned upside down. The ponies you once knew all vanished, but there are people who look like them. They don’t recognize you at all and constantly shut you out.

Would you give up or keep going?

Vani was in need of help to pay for her apartment, so she asked an old friend if she wanted to split the pay. Meet her new roommate Gamestop (Eternal Waters). She is a gamer mare who is smaller than the average mare. She is a new oc of mine and she’s open for questions as well :3

Vani: Happy Birthday Grandma!

*Filly Vani with her grandmother Caramel Coffee*


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’ve been really sick lately. I just wanted to do this to say happy birthday to my grandmother who has turned 76 today. Happy Birthday Nana, I love you so much…Please don’t forget me.


-Corne forget it. Do you have so much time to pay *starts to chew on a burger*  attfenfion (attention lol) for all sorfs of name-calffing? (for all sorts of name-calling)  *chews-chews* And if a lot, tell me about your childhood. And indeed about yourself, because we know so little. And can I have chocolate ice cream? *slow*-

-Corne, I don’t have a lot of money!

-we have discounts for friends. While you eat, I tell you about myself. Like Katrine, I raised in France, but I wasn’t the adopter. Quite difficult to remember all, I think I lived next to the ice cream factory and after one case I got my cutiemark. Oh yeah, I did not immediately realize that the boys I like more than girls, so I was the more the fidget. But soon after the discovery of this fact, I changed dramatically thus shocked father. The mother was glad for me. And in the 17 years I have taken here on a permanent job. Now I’m *HOW RUDE PHHHHHHHH* That’s all I can say 


-… Well, how is life in China?


Ну и кому это интересно?