Wandering Minstrel of the Wasteland

Considering how big the timeline is between Fallout 3 and 4, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Carmen has traveled far and wide during that time. So she’s got 10 years of stories to tell about various people she met on her travel.

In my companion verse, depending on the end-game actions of the LW/Courier/SS, she will sing a song about them and let it be known across the Wasteland. She titled them as the following:

  • Savior of the Wasteland
  • Hero of the Wastes
  • Wasteland Messiah

You can sometimes hear her sing these at The Third Rail in Goodneighbor. Seriously she’s got a 10-year backlog of every significant person she met during her travels. She’d like to get these heard on the radio someday.

Also whenever you talk to her, you have the option to ask her about the many stories she has about her Wasteland travels.

"What in a name? That which we call a rose by any other..." Solangelo

Nico sank back against the railing of the balcony and sighed into the emptiness. Parties had always been something that overwhelmed him, but when Hazel was the key focus having just got engaged to Frank and people kept coming over to Nico to ask what he thought about it he found it to be even worse than imaginable.

All evening people walked up to him and asked how excited he was for his sisters wedding, chattering on about how time flies so quickly and this and that. Nico tried to be blunt as he usually was, stating that it was Hazel’s wedding so they should go big her for intonation. But they didn’t bite, continuing on with their game if twenty questions per person.

The escape onto the balcony no matter how short was something Nico could appreciate. As soon as he opened he door and the cold air filled his lungs he felt calmer, less like he was going to screw up with what he said or be more of a dick than he usually was. The empty space made his anxieties fade for a sweetly short period of time.

Solitude didn’t last long.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” Nico peered over the balcony at the familiar voice to be met with the smiling figure of Will Solace.

“Are you quoting Romeo and Juliet to me, William?” Nico called down. Will shrugged and walked forward so he could place a hand on the wall. He looked smarter then Nico had seen him, donned in a pale blue shirt with a navy vest over the top and dark trousers. Nico tried not to think about how snug the shirt he wore was or how the way he rolled it up to his elbows made his muscles more prominent.

“I’ve been looking for you.”

“You’re ignoring my question.” Will shrugged and nodded in response. “Come up here so I don’t have to shout down to you, you big doofus.”

Will’s gaze flickered from Nico and up the wall, seemingly scaling it. Nico was about to shout down for his boyfriend not to try anything stupid when Will grasped the uneven bricks on the wall and called up.

“Im'a gonna climb it.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Will.” Nico’s demand fell on deaf ears as Will grasped into the wall with more force and pulled himself up. Nico watched as Will climbed the wall, grunting and gasping as he stumbled or caught his fingers against rough textures.

When Will was close enough for Nico to reach out to him he grasped Will’s arms and pulled him up, clutching the son of Apollo to his chest when he was finally over the side of the wall.

“You jackass, listen to me next time.” Nico said into Will’s shoulder. Will chuckled as ran a hand through Nico’s hair.

“I’ve climbed more dangerous walls than that, Nico.” Will reminded him, thinking fondly of his time at Vamp Half Blood, climbing the rock wall despite the lava underneath. “Anyway, I thought I was your Significant Annoyance not a jackass.”

“You’re both and trust me when I say I have a plethora of words to call you, Solace.” Nico pushed away from Will and gave the blonde a pointed glare.

Will chuckles and pressed a kiss to Nico’s lips before grasping his boyfriends hand and pulling him back through the double doors, leading him back towards the main room.

“Can’t we just hide away and make out or something instead, Will?” Nico complained as soon as the gentle music of the party could be heard.

“As much as I would love that, Hazel asked me to come get you.” Nico sighed and stopped in his tracks. Will stumbled from the sudden lack of movement and turned towards Nico.

The son of Hades looked tired. Will spent much of his teens memorising Nico’s feta urea, familiarising himself with everything that made Nico himself. So the narrowness of his eyes, the furrow in his eyebrow and the turn down of his lips made it clear to Will that something other than the party was bothering Nico.

“What’s wrong, love?” Will took Nico’s hands in his own and pressed a kiss to each set of knuckles. Nico exhaled deeply at the feeling as he always did.

“People keep asking me questions is there, Will.” He explained. “At first they were just about Hazel; how I felt and such. But people keep asking if I’m with anyone and when my wedding is. And I have to keep retelling the story of how I said no to you over and over again and they keep staring at me like I’m some kind of monster.”

“Nico, listen to me.” Nico met his pale eyes and nodded once. Will kissed his knuckles again in an attempt to sooth the son of Hades. “I understand why you said no. I am in no way hurt or embarrassed or ashamed. If it’s too soon for you then I will wait for you. I will wait for you for as long as you need. So don’t worry about what those people say, because all that matters is if you are happy with the choice you made. All that matters is that I love you and that we are happy. Together.”

Nico’s expression softened with every word Will said. He leaned forward and pressed a chaste kiss to Will’s lips before pulling Will along towards the door.

Nico didn’t need to say it, but Will knew he had helped Nico. And that was all that mattered, that Nico knew he could rely on Will and that Will loved. Him and that it wasn’t going to change. Ever.