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A friend asked for the batter in C1. Not sure what would ever make the guy smile, let alone grin like this, but hey we can pretend he’s happy, right?
I gave him a different shirt, yes. its totally not because i was way too lazy to color in all those stripes or something… not at all….what a ridiculous statement…

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Could you write 88 and 142 with bucky?

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Summary: When Bucky messed up, reader decided to give him the silent treatment. Suddenly, reader finds themselves missing his attention. What happens when they try to make him jealous?

Warnings: None, i think?

Word count: 410.

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting this! You can use this  prompt form to send in an  request or send your own ideas. I would love to hear them.


You slammed the door in his face. This wasn’t the first time it happened either.

You found yourselves fighting more often now. Even over the little things. The little, unnecessary things that doesn’t and shouldn’t mean anything. 

But this time, this time was different. He had really done it this time.

He could tell you all the excuses in the world but, they wouldn’t justify what he had done. Therefore, as punishment, you gave him the silent treatment. You hadn’t spoken in two days now. Two days. That’s how much he screwed up.

Leaning on the kitchen counter, you observed as Wanda was attempting to teach Vision how to make pancakes. You were laughing fondly at the pair, until … he walked in. 

Falling silent, you kept your eyes trained on the counter. “Vis. Wanda.” He didn’t even acknowledge your presence in the room.

“How long are you going to keep this up?” Wanda asked, mixing the batter for the pancakes. With a heavy sigh, you said, “It’s funny, isn’t it? I’m trying to ignore him, like he doesn’t exist, yet just now, I was waiting for him to walk up to me, say ‘hello’, and give me a kiss. I wanted him to talk to me. I want him. I want him more than anything else. However, I can’t let him get away with this so easily. Nevertheless, I’m craving his attention. His touch.”

Seeing Bucky walk back into the room, you whispered quickly, “Vis, hold my hand so he get’s jealous.” Both he and Wanda gave you a puzzled look. “I’m sorry (Y/N), I’m afraid I would be to no help.”

“Help with what?” Bucky asked, dipping his finger in the batter. Wanda swatted him away as he put his finger in his mouth. “To make you jealous.”  “VIS!” “What?”

“Sooo, you were trying to make me jealous, huh?” he walked closer to you, placing both hands on his hips. With an excessive sigh, you answered, “Yes. And for that I am sorry. But I am not the one who needs to apologize in this situation.”

Dragging you closer, Bucky put his large hands on your waist, whispering so only you could hear, “Doll, you know no one else compares to you. After everything we have been through…after everything…I’d still choose you, any day.”

You smiled sweetly up at him, patting his cheek, “you’re not off the hook yet, mister. And you have pancake batter in your face”

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Only If You Want

Hercules x Reader


Word Count: 3936

Request: *slides in* so… I heard your requests were open! Could I maybe get a Hercules x reader where they’re both too scared to ask each other out, so people gotta start meddling. Thanks bro bro! *slides back out*

A/N: May or may not have based this off of two main real events with my friends. 1) Sunday Brunch tradition in which I basically recounted our worst brunch. 2) That time I was Angelica and actually did the car/movie thing to my friend (who should be thanking me, she’s still dating that boyfriend three years later). Sorry this took so long! Enjoy!

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I have a dare for anyone that's brave enough, cut off a lock of Yang Xiao Long's hair. (Asked by anon)
  • Ruby, battered and bruised, collapsed in front of a pile of her beaten friends, painfully looking up to see a flaming and enraged Yang standing atop of her victims:'s
  • Ruby, closing her eyes in defeat, but immediately jumping up out of bed in a cold sweat, panting for air: Oh...oh....just a dream....just a dream...
  • Ruby, slowly looking over to her hand, which she felt clinging to a metal object, only to see scissors, her face loses all color and she just opens her mouth in horror: Oh...oh no...
A. Ryder Log #11

It’s been a busy few days; dying (again), meeting Jaal’s family, helping Cora plant a garden, meeting Jill…

Lexi is not happy with SAM’s decision, but she’s also interested in other topics…

Jaal x Ryder, Early Relationship. Spoilers for personal quests.

Also on AO3 ->

Aria sits very still on the med bay bed, not wanting to irritate the ships already very irritated doctor any more than necessary.

She had, honestly, forgotten about Lexi’s request that she come see her after meeting Jaal’s family.

In her defense, it had been a busy few days, and she hadn’t exactly been in top shape when the doctor had made her request.

They hadn’t gone to the Nexus yet - Aria wants to wait just a bit longer for that meeting, until she’s completely recovered from the experience on the Archon’s ship.

Or, well, as recovered as she can be.

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Anon requested: For a chubby self conscious reader being teased for being fat and they say no one could pick her up but Gadreel over hears (she lives w/ the Winchesters) and gadreel picks her up so easy and snirks at the dickheads. And walks back to Dean.

A/N: I’ve never written Gadreel before: he’s probably horribly ooc, but I’m satisfied with the result. And anon, I hope I didn’t butcher your request too much: I kinda ran amok with it… And I hope you wanted a Gadreel x reader, because that’s what I wrote.

Let me know what you think. I thrive on feedback. Also, let me know if you want me to tag you in future stories :)

Word count: 3564

The hunt was over. Fucking finally!! After three gruelling weeks, night upon sleepless night of research, and one face palming epiphany, the three of you had reversed the curse that had turned the whole town into mindless zombies more or less.

Of course, Gadreel had helped you out. He spent most of his days in the bunker or on the road with you anyway.

At first, Sam and Dean, but especially Sam, had been super uncomfortable, but the angel had apologised and apologised, doing his best to earn forgiveness. Eventually the Winchesters had grown used to him being there, and you suspected they even began to enjoy his company.

This made you very happy. The angel had grown on you too, and after a few months you realised that you had developed a teensy crush on him. All right. It wasn’t a tiny one: maybe you’d even go so far as to say you were in love – and although you’d never say it out loud, Dean had asked you why you were always humming “that song from Hercules”.

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Without You: Bloodstone (Part 5)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

Link to: Storyboard (reference pictures) | Prologue | Previous | Masterlist | Next

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 5:

I can only watch in awe as the creatures emerge, the massive wolves weaving with practiced ease and grace through the dilapidated buildings of the deteriorating town. They each have a distinguishable fur color, ranging from auburn to soft grapefruit and ochre to a familiar blue-grey.

They’re also all wearing… basketball shorts?

“Welcome back,” Taehyung greets them almost musically, clapping his hands in delight.

As they approach, shifting from all fours to towering over me on hind legs, the wolves begin to change slowly, features becoming more recognizably human, stature smaller and more upright, and lupine qualities subtly diminishing until all that’s left before me are four men in oversized, baggy basketball shorts. I try not to pay attention to the fact that they’re obviously wearing nothing else.

I immediately recognize Namjoon and the broad shouldered man, both of whom seem to have healed from the little mishap with Jungkook suspiciously quickly. I attempt to smile at the latter, and he returns the expression sympathetically as Taehyung bounds forward, extending the backpack, “Here you go, hyung.”

“Thanks,” Namjoon grunts, opening it and distributing a sweatshirt to each of his three companions before swiveling his gaze, “Where’s Jimin?”

The man with the ochre hair, who had been casting curious looks my way, snaps the totality of his attention to the question, “I thought he was with you.”

“Noona is going to be angry if you lost him,” the man with the grapefruit hair tisks languidly, though doesn’t seem too concerned. He has the same general deadpan expression that Namjoon carries around, but it appears to be caused more by boredom than stress or concern.

“SURE, just LEAVE HIM BEHIND,” a voice tears our collective attention to a weed covered street as a boy who can’t be much older than me storms toward us. “I’m sure he won’t mind at all.”

“Jimin-ah,” Namjoon’s tone is simultaneously apologetic and authoritative, “You know we didn’t mean-”

“Oh I know you didn’t MEAN it,” the boy pauses to snort derisively and cast a glance over his shoulder at his hyung, voice becoming painfully quiet as he finishes, “You never do.”

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