Kate McKinnon A to Z → Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider

“… Kate McKinnon’s knack for getting a laugh no matter what she’s doing. When making her characters, Schneider said McKinnon likes to make sure her depictions are kind and multi-faceted—and when it came to Clinton, Kelly said, ‘We wanted to show her sweetness… that balance of, she’s making good points, but she’s making them so hard sometimes.’

At this point, basically all of McKinnon’s sketches are character sketches and impressions—which makes sense, given that all of her most memorable work falls into those two categories. The writers added that even when they don’t think their work is up to snuff, McKinnon brings it.

‘She just goes out there, and you can give her three jokes that you’re just like, ‘I don’t know if these are good enough,’’ Kelly said, “and she just… she always gets the laugh, and makes it look better than it is.” - x