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(I know I said I wouldn't start any more RPs for now, but frick it! Just this one) A little fox stood by the door of a house, her paw held high as to knock on it. She hesitated at first, though without giving it any further thought she gulped down her fears and knocked softly over it. "I hope this is the right place..." She muttered nervously.

(I feel so honored .U.)

A knock on the door surprised both of them. They’re weren’t expecting anyone at this time. Tetris stood and dusted himself off, then descended down the stairs to the door. Pushing it open, he looked around but didn’t see anyone. The Riolu would have closed the door if it hadn’t bumped into something on the way. He looked down to see what was blocking the door’s movement and saw Dawn. Her appearance brought a smile to his face, and he knelt down to be eye-level with her. “Hey, Dawn!” he said joyfully, ruffling the fur on the Fennekin’s head. “Sorry about that. Whatcha doing here?”

Hm yes good.


and i put in dawn and astra because why not


I hope you like it!!