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ღ for whichever character you preffer.

ღ for a drabble about a romance/their love life 

He..hehe… Who has time for those things. I’ve got my job and I’m not a very ideal image of a dream man, don’t you think? No pun intended, of course.

Plus the girls these days seem to think being old is some kind of curse.

((Both of them are complete dweebs with zero serious / attempted relationships whatsoever. Randall has probably been eyeing some pretty deerfolk from time to time but he’s just too much of a hopeless case to have ever started anything.))

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Did you have any friends as a kid, Ven?

“Friends? Bah who needs them! Though there was this pipsqueak who always followed me like some lost puppy. A Mawile. Guess he was a friend…”

“No idea why he followed me. Someone must have told him to. The reason is a blank and it hurts too damn much to remember.”

“Maybe because I was ultra cool. That’s right!”

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So Theo, you got any kind of sweets you like to keep around for yourself?

“S-Sweets? I do keep Watmel berries to myself… They are so sweet… They aren’t plentiful where I live and the vendors in the city don’t keep a steady supply since they are so rare this season…”

“S-sometimes I eat too much of them so I even hide them from myself but that doesn’t w-work too long.”

ask-team-snl asked:

((Hhhhhh Theo is such a precious cinnamon roll!!))

(Angel pls~I have no idea what you’re talking about~ You guys made me under earth him to unleash upon the world~)

(His backstory is the real kicker~ Poor sheep. I shall protect ya~ Can’t wait to continue to develop his story more with that little egg he cherishes so much…~)