I officially returned both on my Rydia blog AND my Twilight blog. Mute Sparkle’s update will be online in few days and I’m officially on tumblr again.
Also, I got windows 8. It’s like hell. I can’t really use Skype anymore, it’s just that bad. I want Windows Seven again ç_ç/) (You can still find me on AIM thought)

so, Today I finally put my hands on FFIV for Wonderswan- And I was all excited because, I don’t know if you ever noticed, but I’m quite obsessed with FFIV.

Anyway, I immediately noticed there was something wrong with the box. 

It was ways too big for a SMALL Wonderswan box.

I opened it and OMG!

CANDIES! OH BOY! BEST SURPRISE EVER! So…this guy wants to make friends around the world and, in  YEARS I spent on ebay… it’’s been the very first time such a wonderful thing happened (I will link his shop down here). 


I do really hope you’re hungry man, because you’re going to receive a delivery full of italian chocolate!

I also added few extra decorations <3

And tomorrow I’ll just send this little box back in Japan with another letter <3 Guys, he made my day!

“To be honest, things aren’t so fine and dandy: I can’t really hug Cecil because ROSA and, even if I respect him it’s not like we have such a deep relationship. And Kain… He made me angry more than once during our journey but I don’t really hate him or anything. Not anymore. I’m kinda curious to see how he looks under the helmet, thought, he never took it off in front of us. And during the night he hid his face under a berret. Someone says it was a plot-related thing but I can’t really understand what it means.

It’s just really, really hard to even speak with him if you’re not Rosa or Cecil. Anyway, I spent many years in the Feymarch and I hat time to understand completely how it wasn’t really their fault if Mist… well, if that happened. I moved on, that’s it. And Mom was a very forgiving person, I bet she already forgave them as well.”

“He’d probably… start suggesting… weird things.”

Someaday he’ll understand he’s just a friend. Aand, seriously, the piano version of the songs is beautiful but… Troian beauty? The best track in the whole album. And, yes, I know it’s uncertain if Edge has a personal theme or not but… it still is the theme played during his Lunar Trial…