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pavellan, 15

15. a gentle “I love you” whispered after a soft kiss, followed immediately by a stronger kiss

The visitors from Tevinter came to meet the Inquisitor, and it was as awful as Dorian had feared.

They swept in upon Skyhold like crows, all sharp and sleek, ready to get a measure of this new power that had risen up across Thedas. They were haughty, superior; they found the idea of a Dalish Inquisitor laughable. They brought slaves.

“We will get through this,” Josephine announced, “Without causing an international incident.”

Dorian wasn’t so sure.

He did what he could to mitigate the damage – to show his countrymen the best of the Inquisition, to hide from the Inquisition the worst of his countrymen. He gave strict instructions that at no time was the Inquisitor to be left alone with them.

By the third day of their visit, he was exhausted.

“I know what you’re doing,” Ryn told him, and Dorian, newly collapsed into a chair by the fire in the Inquisitor’s quarters sat up too quickly and plastered a smile on his face to readily. Ryn’s hands on his shoulders turned him back ‘round, pulled him back to rest against the seat, massaging, firm. The elf bent his head over him to kiss his hair.

“I haven’t the slightest idea what you are implying,” Dorian told him, “But I am highly insulted that you feel the need to imply it.”

“You’re cute when you get protective.”

Dorian sniffed in disdain. He crossed his arms. Ryn massaged his shoulders with a little more pressure.

“What is it you expect to happen, with them?” Ryn asked. “I can handle a few petty insults, Dorian. I’m Dalish.”

“You know, I think the discussion of politics in the bedroom is an egregious crime.”

“Do you think they’ll make me think less of you?”

Dorian set his jaw and he didn’t answer. Under Ryn’s attentions, he felt even tenser – his shoulders locking up, his hands like claws when they came to rest again against the armrests. His mind, as it had been all week, ran over every terrible outcome this visit could prompt.

Ryn slid his hands from his shoulders and came around the chair to face Dorian.

He wouldn’t have looked like much of an Inquisitor to Dorian’s countrymen – this small, humble elf in his rough hunting leathers. His pretty face and the shock of his stunning eyes would have made him look more suitable to the task of adorning the end of some nobleman’s leash than running the upstart Inquisition. They wouldn’t see his intelligence, his capability, his determination. They wouldn’t be able to imagine the sleepless nights, the bow-roughened hands, the careful study. They were incapable of seeing just what Ryn was.

“If you think any louder, you’re going to give us both a headache,” Ryn told him, and he slipped, with bold confident ease, into Dorian’s lap.

Amatus,” Dorian began, firmly, but it was as far as he got, for Ryn was there, leaning into him, with his smell of wood and wild and his warm little body. His lips were soft against Dorian’s, heartbreakingly soft.

Ryn said, “You do know I love you, don’t you?” and everything in Dorian grew silent.

“You’ve never said that,” Dorian said, as Ryn drew back enough to meet his eyes.

“I’m saying it now,” Ryn told him.

Dorian knew he should say it back, but it seemed as if he would just be inviting disaster if he did. Something in him felt pained, broken. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. How could he answer – how could he explain what those words felt like, what they meant?

Ryn, in his perfectly appropriate Ryn way, knew just how to respond. He leaned in again, found Dorian’s open mouth with his lips. Where he had been gentle before, he was hard now, insistent, until Dorian’s hands were prying themselves from the chair arms to fill themselves, instead, with the sweetness of his flesh, grasping handfuls of pert backside, thoughts flying out of his mind at last, chased by the Ryn’s lips, his taste, this man who loved him, somehow, despite all the reasons not to – who wasn’t afraid to say it, plainly, no pretext, no playing.

You do know I love you, don’t you? As if it would have occurred to Dorian on his own – as if he would have thought himself for a single moment deserving.

Ryn was sliding from his lap, pulling Dorian up with him. Dorian chased his lips, because he knew the moment they were parted he would have to think again, and Ryn, with his hands in his own, was walking backwards, leading Dorian with him, and when he knees hit the bed the mage did not hesitate to follow him down.

@renegade-shepard replied to your post “So u know how kids measure their height progress as they grow? Imagine…”

do u think turians hatch from eggs tho? ryn here asking the important questions that everyone wants to hear

i actually do!!! i don’t see how turian anatomy allows for a baby to be carried within the body (tiny waists!!! no space!!!) unless. the babies came out super duper tiny. and then to become over 7 ft tall would either require an enormous amount of food and energy consumption or puberty/childhood would be goddamn torture to go through (or both). OR the birth canal would have to be exponentially large in relation to a turian’s body proportions. idk an egg sounds more convenient and also i feel like it’d be a protective barrier against palaven’s radiation for the developing baby

Seventeen Ideal Types: Vocal Unit

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HEY GUYS! I’m finally posting again. I still take requests and i’ll do my best on every single one that I get! Here is a continuation of seventeen’s ideal types!

DISCLAIMER: This is only my personal opinion on who they would date!

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  •  He’s a bit of a quite one isn’t he???
  • He would love to see his S/O be passionate about music just like him!
  • Awe could you imagine the amount of studio dates you two would do?
  • He would want someone who could tell him when he needs to take a break! I can’t even imagine how many times he probably overworked himself! 
  • His S/O would also have to understand that his work may get in the way of the relationship at times.
  •  He can’t always be there, but BOY will he try to be there!
  • Woozi needs someone who is soft, kind, and is willing to express their love for music and him.

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  • I swear this boy is an actual angel!
  • He seems a bit more on the traditional side.
  • So a S/O who knows how to cook, clean, and take care of herself would be his winning ticket.
  • Like a few of the boys, he would love to own a couple item with you!
  • Speaking of items, I feel like he would lowkey spoil his S/O!
  • Angel would go well with someone who knows what they want in life and generally strong-wiled. Someone who is confident and won’t have to be told when they look beautiful. But it wouldn’t hurt if he said it a few times.

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  • Awe I love this lil bean so much.
  • Could you imagine him waking you up?
  • Him singing to you softly while rubbing circles on your back.
  • wOw am I off topic!
  • Anywho, he would like to see his S/O break him out of hi comfort zone.
  • This bean likes to stay quiet, but i’m sure that with the right person he could really shine.
  • Not only would they be a bit of an extrovert, I could also see them having a slight edge to them.
  • I’ll leave the edge to your own imagination!
  • Don’t worry too much if you’re an introvert at heart. I’m sure he would love you just as much!
  • He’s another one that would like couple items. He would probably show them off a bit too…
  • Cute lil bean needs someone that’ll show him new and exciting things the world can offer. He needs someone who could enhance his potential and show him things he’s never seen before!

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  • This ray of sunshine needs a rose or a hydrangea that would love his sun rays.
  • This boy would need someone goofy and outgoing to match his positive and light attitude. 
  • I could see him liking a S/O that has wonderful soft side that they never really bring up. Like they could enjoy baking, making watercolor.
  • Or even something quirky like bottle cap collecting.
  • He would enjoy seeing his SO get really excited about something.
  • It could literally be about a flower they saw and he would melt right on the spot.
  • Given the fact that he is a good singer, I could see him singing you to sleep at night.
  • Or maybe having a sing off in the morning while making breakfast.
  • Of course he would let you win!
  • This wonderful boy needs someone that could match his ever-flowing happiness and support him whenever possible.

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  • This sassy boy…
  • Where do i even start with him…
  • He would need someone who can handle the amount of sass he deals out.
  • Bonus points if you can dish it right back!
  • Someone who is very strong-minded would also pair well with him.
  • He would love to see his S/O be confident with herself and show confidence in being in a relationship with him.
  • Could you imagine the amount of sass wars you two would go through? 
  • He would lowkey let you win though….
  • When I tell you this boy can get competitive…
  • Don’t even try to challenge him to sing off!
  • There is no way he is going to go easy on you! 
  • Overall he would need someone confident, sarcastic, and can handle his shade well. 

Hey, so requests are still open for anyone who wants to ask a question for seventeen, astro, or BTS! Ask away please!

Admin Ryn

Fall cuddles w/ Seventeen!

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL OF THE YEAR~! Christmas time? Pfft no, i’m talking about fall! We have Halloween, puffy sweaters, the changing of the leaves, PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING! How would it feel to cuddle this crazy group of boys on a cold fall day?


  •  This boy would love to cuddle his S/O any day, but adding a cold, brisk morning would be the cherry on top.
  • This would give him a chance to look at his handsome or beautiful S/O and truly take in all of your small features and love them. 
  • Not to mention he would probably trace small and slow circles on your back without even realizing it. 
  • Just imagine a cinnamon scented room, while you’re buried under soft blankets. Nothing, but warm and fuzzy feelings on a cold and windy morning.


  • This boy’s favorite season would probably be autumn.
  • He would be the type to cuddle and watch movies on the couch while wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks. 
  • A few short pecks might be exchanged, but overall he’d be too busy looking at you and not the movie!
  • A popcorn smell would float around while you two catch up on the latest drama or cute lil’ Halloween cartoons. 


  • Small bean would enjoy cuddling while in the studio. A cold fall day won’t stop him from working his butt off!
  • You would quietly sit on his lap while he softly rests his chin on your shoulder. You would listen to him record and create new rhythms in his own quirky way.
  • At some point you’d take a break and bring in coffee, causing the room to smell like pumpkin spiced tea and muffins.
  • But both of you don’t mind, it adds to the cool fall effect.


  • He would be the type to enjoy playing his guitar for you while huddled close. So close that you can feel the vibrations of the acoustic guitar. 
  • He would softly strum and hum along to his little tune, while you slowly fall asleep.
  • He would probably be screaming at how close you were, but you know he would love the contact.
  • Eventually you’d snore away and he’d smile while strumming away. All you could smell was his soft cologne.


  • It’d be a rainy fall day, and all he’d want is to just hold you under a warm blanket and never let go.
  • He’d play soft music while the rain rages on in the background.
  • You two would go back and forth with choosing songs, and each would have it’s own personal connection. The music would be mellow in order to fit the relaxed and cool atmosphere.
  • All you could smell was the cold rain while the music and him made you intoxicated with a drowsy happiness.


  • Days like this would be extremely relaxing for him. Nothing but the silent sounds of you two together keeping warm.
  • He’d be another one to want constant contact with you no matter what. He’d love to just face his beautiful or handsome S/O and enjoy a quiet moment with you.
  • There may even be a few moments of talking about anything and everything.
  • He’d fill you with the scent of fresh bed sheets and the warmth of his laughter and cuddle.


  • I can’t really see him as enjoying to cuddle frequently. He’d be the type to do something spontaneous…like baking to Halloween songs!
  • So you’d turn the stereo or whatever device all the way up and enjoy each other’s terrible or maybe even amazing baking skills.
  • You’d make a mess in the end, but hey that means you can listen to music even longer and joke around.
  • As soon as it’s time to let the pastries bake, you two would finally cuddle. It may be more of a ‘Wow, i’m tired from baking cuddle!’, but those are just as cute! You would enjoy a simple snuggle on the couch while being overwhelmed by the scent of cinnamon and sugar.


  • This is another energetic one! I’m sure there are days where all he wants to do is sleep in and just stay in each other’s warmth. 
  • This would be on an especially cold day. Most likely a day where he’ll get up to make you both hot cocoa or some tea and just relax with you.
  • All your cuddles would be you dozing off and waking up constantly. Where typically it’s Hoshi’s chance to stare at you with utter happiness. 
  • Your semi-frequent snores would fill the room as he watched and thought to himself. And the room was filled with nothing, but the smell hot cocoa and tea.


  • This shy boy would freak at the touch of you. Granted he would love the idea to cuddle you, but expect him to be flustered the entire time!
  • His favorite type would most likely be where he’s the big spoon. In this position he can latch onto you and intertwine your legs in a jumbled mess.
  •  He’d really enjoy the aspect of just holding you close and basking in each other’s warmth. 
  • There would be moments of sleep, conversation, and maybe a few exchanges of small affection.


  • This ray of sunshine would jump at the chance to cuddle you, no matter the situation!
  • His favorite way to hold you would be a tie between the ‘Koala Method’ and by being face to face so he could stare at his beautiful or handsome S/O!
  • By being face to face, he would be able to hold quiet little conversations and enjoy the warmth that you give to him. By doing the ‘Koala Method’ he’s able to hold you close and never want to let you go.
  • You two would face each other with bright smiles, despite the cold weather outside, because, quite frankly, you two are in your own little world.


  • He would love to just cuddle and do nothing,but talk and hold you close! 
  • The cold never bothered him anyway, so you could probably get away with being a blanket hog??
  • Not only would he enjoy talking to you, he would enjoy seeing your cute, half-asleep face. He’d enjoy hearing your groggy voice, but would cover it with utter shade.
  • “You honestly sound like an old man when you wake up. Where is my beautiful/handsome S/O?????”
  • Sassy pants would love to just have an early morning session, just so he can see your adorable face longer. It would just be the two of you and the smell fresh bed sheets.


  • We already know that this meme enjoys sleep, but he loves you even more. The slightest mention of a cuddle session would make him a little flustered, but he’d act as cool as possible.
  • Since he’d be a little flustered he’d look for a small distraction like a manga or watching an anime while snuggled up. 
  • You two would waste the day away watching nothing but anime and catching up with the latest manga. As nerdy as it is, you too would probably argue over which character would win in a fight against (insert character name here.)
  • And of course, with every anime marathon you gotta have snacks. With those snacks the air would be warm and filled with a salty smell from the potato chips and other junk food.


  • Awe this young bean would be so frazzled and happy that you wanted to cuddle while it’s cold outside!
  • His way of cuddling would be similar to Minghao’s, where he isn’t facing you but has you close to his chest. Every once in a while your legs would probably tangle together.
  • This boy would probably want to listen to music while with you. You already know it would just be Michael Jackson and maybe a few k-pop songs. 
  • You would share earbuds and just enjoy the close contact while the cold and miserable day passes.

Awe I really liked writing this one, the idea of autumn was a really great idea! Keep the requests coming! I finally opened my askbox, so go ahead and ask away~!

- Admin Ryn

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Hesitant Kiss for Ryn and Dorian please!

It wasn’t the first kiss.

No, the first kiss had been thrilling, daring, spur of the moment madness.

“If you’re capable,” Ryn had said, and then Dorian had been there, his lips against his mouth, stealing his breath along with his senses.

No, it wasn’t the first kiss. It seemed they were both unsure how to progress from there, from that singular moment of trespass, and for a day they both carried on as if nothing had happened at all.

Ryn was the one to approach, and Dorian looked at him, so cool and unconcerned that the hunter nearly changed his mind. Perhaps, he thought briefly, he had been imagining it all. A well-bred Tevinter Altus had little reason to interest himself in some Dalish nobody with the misfortune of falling through a hole in the sky.

“What is it, then?” Dorian asked, with a hint of a smile and a lofted brow. “More questions? I had no idea you found my point of view so fascinating.”

Ryn placed his hands on the arm rests, and leaned over the mage’s chair. He watched Dorian blink, startled, watched his lips part, his tongue dart in anticipation. Ryn said, “It’s not your point of view I came for.”

Dorian’s eyes fell to his lips, then darted back up to meet his gaze. It was strange to Ryn, how Dorian seemed to be the nervous one. How poorly he seemed to hide it.

Dorian marked his place in his book and closed it. “Why, Inquisitor,” he said. “Are you implying that you have less than honorable intentions in your visit today?”

Ryn moved in before he had finished talking.

It was hard at first, a bold press, but it softened at an unexpected hitch of breath from the mage. Ryn began to pull back, then stopped himself, their lips still brushing, barely touching. Dorian’s hand lifted to his hair. His lips parted, and Ryn leaned in again.

When he finally straightened, aiming, inexpertly, for dignity, it was Dorian who was left sitting there, still and slightly stunned. His lips were distracting, and Ryn had a difficult time not ducking down for another kiss.

“So,” Dorian said. “I suppose that settles that, then.”

“Does it now?” Ryn asked, and realized he sounded out of breath. “Right, then. Good conversation.”

“Very informative,” Dorian agreed. They stared at each other as if neither was willing to move first.

“Will you join me for a walk after dinner, or not?” Ryn asked at last. He noticed Dorian’s hands shook a little when he reached for his book. Dorian seemed to try so very hard to appear nonchalant.

“Will there be more of that kissing nonsense?” he asked.

“It’s possible.”

He watched him fight a smile. Dorian cleared his throat, and appeared to focus on his book. He said, airily, “Then, I suppose I shall endeavor to make it. If there’s time.”

Rivetra Week - Horror Story
Jacob (clothoVA) and Emi Koch ft. Stephen, Ryn and Sean
Rivetra Week  - Horror Story

Camping before expeditions with Squad Levi was often scarier than the campfire stories themselves.

Our audio collaboration for Day Six of Rivetra Week.

Script by Jacob and Emi Koch

Jacob (clothova) as Levi
Emi (emilykochva / ask-hanjiandpetra-voice) as Petra
Stephen (stephencreech) as Gunther
Ryn (rynsan / ask-erd-voice) as Erd
Sean as Auruo

Other Rivetra Week Audio:

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Prompt request - who does Ryn leave behind in the Fade and why? How does the decision effect him? I've seen you write prompts on if Leo gets left behind, what's going through his head. But I don't think I've ever seen you write about how the decision effects your Inquisitor.

They looked at him, to know the answer.

They trusted him with the decision.

When Ryn closed his eyes, all he saw was green. Not the rich, life-giving green of the forests through which he had once passed his solitary hunts, the shifting shadows, light and dark, gentle curl of vine, crisp crunch of leaf. He had been content enough, then, if not exactly happy. Those were quiet days. Solitary.

Now his life was chaos and noise. Now his life was no longer his own. They looked at him, with all their trust and their fear and their expectations, and when he closed his eyes the forest was gone, replaced instead by the noxious green poison of the Fade.

Ryn couldn’t sleep.

Skyhold was quiet at this hour, cold and haunted by a history no one alive could remember. His chair loomed in the shadows; not a throne, but a monstrous creature of jagged teeth and hungry urgings. He – who would have been content to pass his life in lonesome obscurity among the trees – he was trusted to sit there, to pass judgement upon the penitents who were made to kneel at his feet.

He sat. He slid his hands along the armrests, looked out upon the shadows of his empty court.


His hand stung and it itched, feeling at last returning to him after their venture into the Fade. He hadn’t told anyone, not on the long journey back to Skyhold, not on their triumphant arrival home.

His life was not his own. He had to be more than what he was. They trusted him with their lives – he could not repay them with his weakness.

If he closed his eyes, he saw the Fade. He remembered the face of Fear.

And the man he had left behind.

Vishante kaffas – a body is libel to freeze solid down here!”

Ryn jerked, came back to himself. He didn’t know how long he’d been sitting there, but it seemed unreal to look up, to see his lover in the doorway to his tower, a heavy blanket around his shoulders and his hair a disheveled mess.

When he didn’t answer, Dorian’s face creased with concern. “But, you look so sad,” the mage realized. “Amatus, have you been crying?”

“I’m only tired,” Ryn said. “That’s all.”

“Then you should be upstairs in bed with me, not sitting down here imitating ice sculptures.”

Despite everything, Ryn smiled. “You scold worse than my Keeper,” he said, his voice soft, and Dorian snorted.

“I’m my experience,” Dorian said, “You are a man in very great need of scolding. Move over.”

Had Ryn been human, they might not have been able to fit the both of them in the chair. As it was, they found a tight squeeze. Dorian insisted on sharing the blanket, and pulled Ryn’s legs across his lap. He swore up and down that it was for his own warmth and comfort.

“I don’t understand why anyone would choose to live in a land so barbarously cold,” he complained. Ryn didn’t answer.

It felt good – and that didn’t help Ryn’s mood. Dorian’s arms and his scent, the sound of his heart beating in his chest, the tickle of his mustache when he kissed Ryn’s ear.

“Why don’t you come to bed?” Dorian asked, and Ryn struggled with the urge not to tell him the truth. Dorian depended on him as much as anyone did. Perhaps moreso.

Finally Ryn relented. “Don’t you think it’s wrong?” he asked, and he felt Dorian grow very still. His hand paused against his hair.

“Don’t I think what is wrong?” Dorian asked. His voice had gone very quiet.

Ryn was silent for a moment, gathering his thoughts. He said, “I left a man to die at Adament.”

He felt Dorian relax. His hand began to pull through his hair once again. His lips brushed his ear again when he spoke. “A lot of men died at Adament.”

Ryn shook his head. “I looked him in the eye,” he said. “I said his name. I chose to let him die.”

Dorian sighed. “Amatus…”

“I let him sacrifice himself.”

“You think you should have been the one to stay? I would kill you if you died.”

“Your outrage is noted – and no, I don’t think I should have stayed. I know I have to defeat Corypheus. I know that…that I’m not always going to like the choices I have to make to get to that point, too.”

“Then, why - ?”

“Do you know how I decided?” Ryn asked. “Stroud was a veteran warden. He had experience, respect – and I left him to die because I couldn’t bear the thought of telling Varric I left Hawke behind instead. It wasn’t strategy, it was cowardice. The wardens – what’s left of the wardens could fall. Weisshaupt – our only hope against future Blights – and I chose to sacrifice Stroud, just because I didn’t know his family.”

“There are no right answers to this game, amatus.

“I looked him in the eye and I told him to stay. It isn’t right that I should sleep soundly, happy with you.”

Dorian didn’t answer, and they fell into silence. Ryn had heard the bitterness in his own voice, had tasted it on his tongue. He thought of the man he had been before this – lonesome but content, quiet, obscure. He could have passed his entire life that way.

“I’m so tired,” he told Dorian.

“I know, amatus,” Dorian said. “I know.”

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Drabble prompt: Pavellan fluff. Lavellan is sick as a dog but is too stubborn to admit it until he collapses into Dorian. Dorian becomes mother hen and spoils Lavellan.

The Storm Coast. Wonderful! The name itself inspires no end of confidence, doesn’t it? Tell me – why is it whenever he thinks of somewhere unpleasant to go, his first thought is oh goody, let’s bring Dorian?

Sera gave an ugly laugh behind him, as Dorian shifted his hold on his pack and tried to position his collar to prevent more of the torrential icy downpour from worming its way down the back of his neck.

“That don’t sound like him at all, does it?” the archer asked. “You’d think as much time as you two spend, batting your eyes and waving your cods at one another – well, you’d do a better impression, right?”

“Pardon me if I wasn’t aiming for accuracy,” Dorian said. He tried not to grind his teeth, as such a thing tended to be particularly bad for said teeth. “I assumed my misery should be self-evident.”

“It ever occur to you, Sparkler, that maybe he just likes having you along?” Varric asked.

“Pah,” Sera laughed. “Not when he spends the whole time acting like this. They’re on the outs right now, anyway, right?”

Dorian wasn’t listening. He’d chanced a glance back to find the Inquisitor once more lagging behind them, manner utterly uncharacteristic, from the way his head hung to the slump of his shoulders and the way his feet, usually so sure, kept catching on rocks.

Things had been tense lately, and he was all too aware that it was his own damn fault, thank you very much, but Dorian hardly knew how to go about fixing them. The Inquisitor had to take some responsibility for it, nosing around where he wasn’t wanting, expressly going against Dorian’s wishes just because he could.

Their time had been fun. The flirty looks, the heated kisses, the witty repartee, but it had only been a matter of time before it ended, anyway, and perhaps it was for the best to let it go now, before Dorian found himself stupid enough to do something as regrettable as growing attached to the little Dalish.

Still it was a shame to see the state he was in. Ryn Lavellan was so often the head of their party, scouting forward, talking, teasing, putting himself without hesitation in the same line of fire as all the rest of them. He was an astounding person. Bright, funny, caring – and attractive, of course, that was important. Dorian found himself falling back, and told himself it was merely habit.

But then Ryn stumbled, and fell, and would have smashes that pretty face of his all against the jagged rocks of the coast had Dorian not caught him.

“A fever – and you didn’t bother to tell a soul?” Dorian scolded, later in camp. They’d managed to get the Inquisitor back with only minor difficulty, and gotten him settled with some blankets and shelter and elfroot tea while a Solas sent scouts ahead for more herbs. “Your skin, almost literally burning to a crisp and you thought – what – better get back to work? You should have told someone. No, you should have told me.”

“Should I have?” Ryn asked, his voice thick and slow, eyes lifting from the mug in his hands.

“Don’t be preposterous – can’t you see how worried I am? Do you know how bad that is for the skin?”

“We aren’t friends,” Ryn said. Dorian felt his heart drop.


“We aren’t friends,” the Inquisitor repeated, his eyes on Dorian in such a way that the mage couldn’t have dreamed of looking away. “Isn’t that what you told Ponchard in Val Royeaux? Why should I burden you with a little cold?”

“You know very well I didn’t mean that.”

“Yet you haven’t spoken to me in days.”

“Am I not allowed to be cross with you? Don’t turn it into the end of the world – you should have told me you were ill!”

Ryn only blinked at him, slowly. Dorian huffed and looked away.

“Oh, all right, we’re friends!” he said, throwing up his hands. “We’re – well, we’re somewhat more than that, aren’t we? At the very least you could admit that someone like that weasel Ponchard has no right to an explanation of what the two of us are or are not. Likely he would sell the information, anyway.” Dorian finally chanced a glance at the Inquisitor, and was relieved to see a hint of a smile grace his lips.

“Was that so hard?” Ryn asked.

“You’re – you’re a terrible person, and the next time you neglect to tell me when you’re unwell, I’ll…kaffas. Do you need another blanket? I’m going to find you another blanket.”

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YES BB honestly i am so jumped up over everyone saying "sulu being gay isn't a big deal" like are u dumb??? this is a HUGE deal. this is as political as it can get in blockbuster media. queer anything has always been political, and we deserve the right to make a huge fuss abt it


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what's wrong with pp2? o:

The violence against women has really taken a turn for the worse this season; it was bad enough last season but this time it’s noticeably gratuitous and exploitative, like they’re looking for an excuse to strip female characters down to their underwear before murdering them. 

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What do your parents look like and what do they sell?

External image

There’s…kind of a family resemblance…haha…

Anyway…they’re pretty successful…which is really nice…

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I don't have a specific prompt but!! I would love some more Ryn and Dorian <3

They parted, panting, shared breath and heated eye contact, bodies pressed close. The Inquisitor was like a small furnace, delicious heat radiating from his skin. He was all tight wired muscles and inviting smiles and shameless seeking hands.

Kaffas,” Dorian groaned, pressing closer. His own hands were not so innocent, themselves. They had somehow found their way up under Ryn’s shirt, greedy for flesh, and he couldn’t quite persuade them to behave. “You’ll be the death of me,” he swore.

“Will I, now?” Ryn asked, his smile so enticing, so catching. He directed Dorian’s hands from his torso, over his hips to his backside. “What a way to go though, mn?”

“You’re a hopeless tease, and I hate you.”

Ryn’s laugh was maddening, and Dorian couldn’t stop smiling. Dorian’s head was full of him – the dizzying scent of his skin, the brightness of his smile, the expression in his eyes.

“You have such a funny way of showing it,” Ryn said.

“Oh, believe me – I’m positively boiling with loathing right this very moment.” He nuzzled the Inquisitor’s neck, squeezing handfuls of backside, awash in the sound of Ryn’s laugh, the feel of his fingers combing through his hair.

“I should get back to work,” Ryn said.

“Not yet,” Dorian sounded far too close to begging. The little alcove was colder when Ryn drew away.

He watched him, envious of everything that took up the Inquisitor’s time, hungry for just another few moments with him. Ryn took a moment to fix his clothes and retie his hair.

“Do I look presentable?”

“I would choose a vastly different adjective, I think.”

Ryn grinned. He reached out to adjust Dorian’s collar, and kissed him, quick and soft, on the mouth.

“If you come to my quarters tonight,” he promised, “I can show you what a tease I really am.”

“Promises, promises.”