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i'm a new directioner and i've went deep in the interviews, concerts, tumblr posts(both ls and es) etc for the past week and i've concluded that harry is the fribble one in the relationship while louis is more of a family man. i feel like louis is more loyal to harry and more in love with him than harry is with him and yet most of the ls blogs seem like they consider harry as the innocent one. why is it like that?

Personally, I don’t see you really understanding Harry’s and Louis’ relationships and I see this misconception a lot on other blogs. As well as people saying Louis doesn’t love him enough. 

To say that Harry is not a family man is like an insult to him because he’s obsessed with babies rn and he’s been wanting a family since he probably met louis. Watch this video rn 8 minutes of mutual domesticity. Harry’s extrovert personality doesn’t mean he is fribble. Harry is an outgoing person who loves to go out and meet people. Louis can be like that too for example, before the x factor, he would go to clubs, festivals, parties, meet people and have fun. The difference from back then to now is that he is now with a partner, Harry and unfortunately due to closeting, they can’t publicly go out. When they moved in together, Harry called their “bachelor pad” a family home, he did all the cooking and cleaning and he accepts the fact that Louis is not like that. Louis doesn’t take this for granted and he’s always been appreciative of that. 

Harry can’t publicly talk about being in love with someone because his image in the media is of a “womanizer, who has slept with 400 women” so he relies on other methods like twitter (tweeting love songs), his music, his recent behavior and his tattoos to show he’s in love and in a committed relationship. Harry is gone, he’s in love and wants a family and Louis is in love too, harry is his deepest love, he even got tattoos to prove that. He even made a song like wtf louis respect me. 

In order to understand their relationship, you need to understand that they two different characters that just work together. Its not a matter of who loves who the most, its about looking at the circumstances that they are facing. Harry is fighting his womanizer image while Louis is fighting against the pr stunt w/ eleanor. 

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i love fool's gold to death you can play it at my funeral but nothing screams larry more than 18

do you know what i need, i need all of these songs to be mashed up: 18, fools gold, friends (by ed sheeran), photograph, wake me up (by ed sheeran), truly, madly, deeply , kiss me, etc, strong 

they all scream hl to me