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Wait. What was that about a Rainbow Drinker with an extra pair of arms??? Can she walk with them openly out? And who is Ancillar Eveneyes, and what does she have to do with it? [Sorry if youve already got multiple asks about this]

Surewait: Ancillar Eveneyes doesn’t have an extra pair of arms, she has an extra set of JOINTS in her arms, halfway between wrist and elbow.
Surewait: They aren’t very good joints, I don’t think. The muscles aren’t really properly adapted for them? But she just wore forearm bracers all the time to compensate for the weakness, and no one thought anything of it.
Surewait: Then when she became a rainbow drinker, the strength boost meant she can actually use the joint now.
Surewait: …I don’t think she uses it for anything, though.


Uh, well, since we recently got a Wifi Area it’s hard not to notice the other members having blogs, too, so… I think every single member runs a blog or two. Xig’s got a {list} of some of the members’, actually.

And I’m not sure about the others but I think the internet’s cool, although it can get pretty distracting.

I dunno about the spamming idea, though. I’d get in trouble for sure.