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@"unconventional kin" anon: oh my god i feel you so much on this. i kinda feel bad for minionkin after the recent minion hate and memes and all the advertising and stuff. i've seen minionkin on here before and i've seen people who scroll past thinking "lmao there are actually kin of minions" but that isn't funny at all and im just really sorry if you're someone who goes through that shit. i think all kin are valid and you are valid i promise. keep being rad.

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Obi-Wan/your choice (or no one), Sith AU of your choice

(All thanks and praises to Lectorel, who came up with the original idea for this). 

The Jedi have no idea how many discarded Initiates and would-be padawans have actually fled the Service Corps. The Agricorps. The MedCorps, the EducCorps, the ExplorCorps - it’s a silent, but by no means hidden truth that a large percentage of their members simply - vanish. Missing, presumed dead is the official designation - after all, they are where they are by the will of the Force, and what Jedi - Knight or not - would ever go against that?

The Jedi, however, are entirely ignorant of how many of those disappointed, embittered former Corps Members go Dark.

They know how to keep their heads down. Most of the darksiders Obi-Wan encountered as a teenager were spice addicts and alcoholics, using the Force to clean out casinos and win at gambling. The more successful ones worked for the Cartels - but their ambitions (or lack thereof) were no indication of their abilities.

He learned more about pain then he has in his entire life - before or after - from a crippled Twi’lek who worked the gambling houses. A human employed at a dingy brothel taught him how to twist and shred memories with a fineness that nearly drove him insane. And desire - that, oddly enough, he learned from a part-time beggar who instructed him on the razor-thin edge between want and need.

They’re a network - unofficial, unremarked, but still present - stretching across the galaxy like the faintest of black spiderwebs.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Dark Lord of the Sith. He doesn’t particularly want an army - he’s more then content there days with training his student and watching over the small group of people who have claimed him as family. Even so.

If he wanted an army, he could have one. 

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the fic you added onto cccrystalclear's sketch was so lame. it didn't even go with the picture. stop trying so hard and stop riding the dicks of more popular people in the fandom to get followers. it's so fake. no one cares about nathaniel howe and your basic oc and no one even knows who you are.

Oh. =(


“I’ll have to thank him for the flowers later… I must correct you, however. You need not worry about my… relationship with Brooks, for it is strictly professional. I hired him as such and I intend for it to stay that way, as does he. We could be considered acquaintances I suppose, but nothing more. That is all I have to say about the subject, and just to prove my point further, I’m sure Brooks will give you a similar, if not identical answer if he were to be asked. ❤”




“Y-You startled me! What do y-you need, I am in the middle of answering questions..! What are y—”


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Do you have a list of the Will It...? GMM episodes?

As of July 4, 2015…