T̢h̀͘e̵̵ ́͡C̵a̧̕d̵ȩ͟n̨͜c͏e̴̕͠ ̢y̸̡͡ou̷̴ ҉́͘a͠r̷̴͡e̶͟ l͜҉̨oo̶͝k͘įn̸̢͏g ̛͟for̕͢͡ ͡ca̵̴n҉n̷͏òt̀ ̸̧b̨͟e͢ ̡͡c̢o̴m̶̶͞pļét̢e̵ḑ͜͡ ͠a͝҉̷s ͘d͜͜͟i̷͘á͢l͠͞e̷͟d͝͡.̴̷.̶͘.͏͜…

– h̳̭̙̲̙̅́̉͛̊ͤͧ̌̚e͎̞̫͊̑̓̉͡l̤̦͓̹̹̗̝ͫͫ̾̅͊̿͘p̵̨͚͍̹̙͓̘͋͛ͤͣ͋͒̇̚ ̟͖̩̺͙̼̖̔ͪ͒̃̑̚͡ḿ̙̱̘ͭê̘͉̑ͥ̇ͨ̍̔̕͟.̙̞͉̳̽̑.̯̬̤̫̯̺̰͋ͯ̌͢.̛̖͓̮̥̰̥̟̙̍̓̽͂̃͑̆͜…Cadence

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and uh… don’t worry about Cadence she’s just caught in the harmless void in suspended space where all characters in hiatus go.

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*blows dust off this blog* Ah! At last I know where I want her story to go!

… Fill the ask box and prepare for some retcons when the blog is fixed up and ready to go!

… Now to continue drawing until my fingers fall off! 

New Characters:

Mane Cast: Princess Cadence, Fancypants, Big Macintosh, Prince Blueblood, Sassy Saddles and Merrie Melody (Mayor Mare) 

(Some of the) Supporting Cast: Shining Armor (and Twilight!), Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia, Granny Smith (Apple Jack and Apple Bloom!), Twilight Velvet, etc.

Name: Princess Cadence

Age: Sixteen (Birthday: (exact date unknown) celebrated as - February 14th, 1969)

Species: Pegasus – Ascended to Alicorn at Age Thirteen.

Special Talent: Amokinesis, Empathic Perception/Sense, etc.

Positive Traits (+) Loyal, Intelligent, Empathetic (concerning others), Wise, Cunning/Savvy, Lively, Charming, Creative, Resourceful.

Negative Traits (-) Detached (concerning herself/situations where she’s involved personally), Impatient, Resentful, Impulsive, Anxious, Secretive, Self-Loathing.

Personality/Background: Princess Cadence isn’t the type you’d associate with a typical princess, especially one who’s powers are based on love and affection. She’s got a devil-may-care attitude and a sharp, sarcastic tongue which she uses to disrespect authority figures. She’d sooner hang with her friends at parties, clubs or anywhere to cause trouble, smoke/drink and listen to rockin’ tunes than present herself at a Gala in full royal regalia and schmooze the elite with her ‘Aunt’ Celestia.

She’s trouble (or so she wants ponies to believe – whether that’s true or not is up for debate…), though you might not assume that at first glance with her sugar sweet smile, shimmering hair and cool, friendly eyes. Which is exactly how she likes it. Still, if you stick around her and she’s fond of you – you’ve got a great friend to look forward to, as hers know well. She’s a very intelligent young lady (though her grades don’t reflect that – effort is not something she puts towards school) and despite her outward behavior she oozes a natural and alluring charm. She can be quite sweet, funny and wonderful company and often she looks after the ponies she cares about more than herself.

She’d rather keep this to herself… but a lot of her rebellious behavior is lashing out for a lack of control, something she struggles with now more than ever with Princess Celestia and this feels like the only way she can regain some personal agency. Though, of course, she does genuinely enjoy the things she does… most of the time.

♫♪ Music can be such a revelation

Dancing around you, feel the sweet sensation

We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right

I hope this feeling never ends tonight ♪♫

– Imagine Spot, Night Shift and Cadence dancing to the newly released “Into the Groove” by Maredonna (the blog’s current time is about 1985 so yeah!)

((I feel really bad about having to keep pushing back the re-opening of the blog because of IRL business and having to re-do some of the older updates I did during the hiatus so I might draw some quickie pictures occasionally showing off character changes and plot stuff and what not until I can come back consistently!))

((Imagine Spot got an 80’s makeover to the extreme, I finally have a solid batpony design for Night Shift and I re-did their cutie marks as well! Night Shift’s especially, which will be explained later (but you could probably guess how he got it, the basic gist anyway) … I really really love Imagine Spot’s new design <3))

((As far as Fritz goes, he’s probably gonna show up in the next “mini-date” I do))

((+1 family member revealed! (in sketch but I’m totes coloring this when I have a consistent computer again!

This is Cadence’s (adopted) mother Sugar Cookie! She’s the town baker with her apprentices Gingerbread and Lickety Split. Her hobbies include baking, listening to funk and disco records while doing hair for the other mares in town, cuddling with her husband as he sings love songs to her and making cool knick-knacks for the kids in town (like tie-dye bookmarks and seed and vine belts)

Her shop is a bakery on the top and in the basement a hangout for kids and teens called the ‘Shake n’ Bake’ (much to pun-loathing Cadence’s chagrin)

She’s a vivacious, constantly happy mare and she loves her husband and her kids very much— she never lets being the town mother and the wife of the village Chancellor stress her out. She’s very chill. :)

She’s also a hugger especially where her kids are concerned!))

((Diggin that Farrah Fawcett hair I gave this 70’s pony mom who is so 70’s to make up for the fact that Cadence’s dad is relatively timeless and this blog is going to be riddled with old time-y pop culture because I suck :3))


I have no idea what a human is but I always look good. Always.

You can just use your imagination I suppose to see what you want to see…



((Breaking from the hiatus for a moment because I am extremely excited for this sequel and I thought you all should get to see pretty pink princess as a human! I was going for a (sort-of) 80’s bad girl look for obvious reasons and I’m not sure how much this resembles that but I really like how this turned out anyway!))


So yes! There will be a stream tomorrow! (and maybe a smaller one on Saturday too) to celebrate my birthday! I’ll post it as soon as I’m done with my errands and it’ll be for as long as I have! (which is pretty long) 

Activities include:

Skype calls with awesome friends: Ask-Luna-and Rarity/Ask-Dominatrix-Cadence/Others

Cards Against Humanity tournament

Requests or Rebel!Cadence update (you can decide in my askbox which you like)

Streaming shows/movie (you can request things and I’ll choose)

Possible Dramatic Reading of Awoken

That asshole gave a motherfucking pun shirt for Halloween. Which I then used to muffle his screaming as I beat the shit out of him. Happy Halloween in-fucking-deed.


(( – basically replace the angry guy with Cadence and the laughing asshole with Night Shift. She REALLY hates puns y'guys))