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1 In Germany we do have a comedian who always says "If you don't know what you're talking about, shut your trap". It's exactly like I feel about the US atm, US sjw running around demanding a "correct" labeling to that guy as terrorist, demanding justice (that we don't want and is impossible), the highlight making fun of reasons that are published and because they seem to have a lack of reading understanding are misinterpreted as excuse. We're racist and whatnot cause he's white?!

Somehow going to white supremacists in the US?! Which has absolutely nothing to do with the plane crash. I just feel like Rammstein with Amerika atm www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=BxroiTRg7Tg great song, pretty real message atm. It also has English subtitles so everyone can understand what they’re singing. Everything that is not American is shit, no matter if we’re happy or not, which is just not true :D

Your comedian speaks the truth tbh - seriously, just don’t speak if you don’t know what the fuck is going on? Also for fuck’s sake how do you ask justice in this situation? The guy acted on his own, he had no political ideology, he had no organization behind him, other than trying to find out the specific responsibilities as far as him being able to fly a plane is concerned what the hell can you do? Also why the fuck do they have to bring up the whole islamic terrorism problem when it’s not that issue at all and it has nothing to do with it? Wow..

I mean, ^^^.

Also the fact that they don’t even realize that you can be a terrorist without being Muslim is frankly worrying - like how much does your head have to be so far up your ass to not realize that there isn’t just one kind of terrorism in the world?

Then again, we’re on the website where 40k people reblog stuff saying that the Vietnam war was the same as the Iraq war pretty much and implying that people who fought there ‘went there, killed some people and felt sad after what a bummer’, what do I even expect.

Also wow that song. a++++ really I couldn’t have put it any other way…

And the thing is that this whole situation is starting to really grate on my nerves because I actually am not the kind of person who assumes the dumb American stereotype discussed in that post. Ffs half of the media I consume and the books I read and 80% of the music I listen to was made in the US and I think that the US do have a culture that has actually produced many good things and I hate that I always end up like ‘jfc can’t these people on tumblr shut their mouth and stop becoming the dumb American stereotype’, because I know it’s not true. They do make a great job of trying to prove me wrong tho. And for people who cry about educating others they sure make a great job of educating themselves first, indeed? #notreally

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Hi, we're reblogging your art because it was a finalist in the selection. If you feel uncomfortable with the reblog I'll gladly remove it. As for the guest artists, we are still working things out with a couple of the artists, and will post a full list once that's settled.

Thank you for removing it, but please do review your priorities, because with a statement like that, you are not done judging.

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I so regret Livejournal sometimes. There were less drama, and even when it happened it would stick to a post or another, or you could even leave the community and join another one. Here, the drama just poison the whole tag of a fandom.

I swear if there was a mass fandom return to LJ I’d go for it without even blinking give us LJ back please it was a lot better and you didn’t have to interact with people you didn’t choose to interact with and we were a lot better off for it :|

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By the way, what is the worst roman vernacular insult in existence?


Now that I got everyone’s attention ;)

Okay, said insult is ‘mannaggia all’anima delli mortacci tua.’

Explanation: mannaggia = insult that can be intended in more than one way but in this case it could be roughly put as fuck, anima = soul, tua = yours, mortacci = dead relatives, though it’s a very derogative way to say it - like, usually your dead relatives would be i tuoi morti. therefore an approximate translation is fuck your dead relatives’ soul. There are also variations on it, like you can tell someone to go fuck themselves first and then their dead relatives. Anyway it’s like, you really shouldn’t tell that to someone unless they really did something unforgivable to you, it’s seen as the ultimate offensive thing so like if you’re a foreigner and you wanna joke with an Italian and you’re throwing insults around in good fun you really wanna avoid this one.

END LESSONS TIME, it was a pleasure :)

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please tell me all about the importance of jaime and brienne


  • as in, at least you have two people who don’t grow to hate each other or dislike each other or betray each other out of power reasons (no LS doesn’t count brienne would have get hanged for him if there weren’t other people’s lives on stack nevermind that imo she’s going to kill her like jaime had to kill aerys and so she’ll eventually pick him over her *honor* which would fit nicely with her arc) which excuse me but considering the direction these books have taken I find it 100% refreshing
  • and pretty much that’s what drives it because a) he wasn’t into her for her looks but HE RESPECTED HER EVEN WHEN HE DIDN’T LIKE HER b) she wasn’t into him because he was a hot cupcake but imo it happened when she realized he wasn’t the horrid person everyone takes him for
  • also tbh it’d be time for some nice het couple where she’s ugly and won’t get an extreme makeover anytime soon and he’s hot as fuck and still likes her best
  • KNIGHTLY ROMANTIC REVERSED TROPES. SERIOUSLY THEY GIVE ME LITERARY LIFE but like I love that if you take the basic courtly love trope they both fulfill the same part at times tho she is the knight most times and I find it very beautiful and moving and a refreshing take on it and at the same time they kinda destroy it because in courtly love it’s basically knight + dame he knows he can’t have that they watch from afar while they’re both knights in theory
  • CHARACTER GROWTH DONE ORGANICALLY I mean she needed someone to show her that the world isn’t black and white and he needed someone to show him that he could still be the person he once aspired to be and I think it’s beautiful
  • side addendum on that on which I’ll meta one day, but re jaime especially it’s a pretty big thing because like I don’t see it widely discussed but the point of his asos arc was also to show you that when this kid was fourteen he actually bought into the whole knightly ideals thing and he wanted to be arthur dayne and that played a major factor in his decisions, and he had to give it up in a pretty much horrid way. never mind that if he killed aerys at seventeen and he was already checking out when he killed brandon and rickard stark it means that he had pretty much found himself a coping method then, and he was in a civil war at that age - like this guy’s had ptsd for half of his life probably, and when he ended up doing something that saved the collective asses of everyone in king’s landing he only got shit for it. ‘course he becomes that cynical. and I think this whole meeting with brienne made him realize somewhere deep down that he could still be the person he wanted to be back then and idk I think it’s a very beautiful thing. because like I don’t know why people are so hung up on discussing redemption arcs, I always thought jaime’s was more about finding his true purpose again and realizing that his rebellion/post-rebellion actions don’t negate that he can still be the mostly decent person he was before the rebellion. just with the added cynicism.
  • also never mind that he likes her for who she is and no one but her dad and pod and possibly catelyn before she died liked brienne for who she was, and not in the way jaime does anyway. and considering that she has a self-esteem so high that she fell for renly and was ready to die for him because he danced with her once I think that’s also a pretty damned big deal here esp. since she’s going into it with her eyes open.
  • also this is shippy ranting so I’m not gonna rant about brienne’s importance in the ‘finally there’s a female character who’s not pretty and does not feel pretty and has issues because of that but also doesn’t let that stop her and at the same time doesn’t fall to the usual tropes and doesn’t hate her gender or wants to be a man’, so I’m gonna shut up about that, but. also I could rant about how her book chapters finally show what’s going on in the world and show us what petty power fights between rich people cause for the poor bastards who have to take the brunt of that and about how her povs are a thing of beauty but I guess it’s for another day.
  • soooo actual healthy relationship where they grow to respect each other and become better people for it and which completely fucks up with your usual literary canon in a series where people mostly go in the other direction? please gimme, never mind that I don’t remember who said it once but like there’s been just two really heroic deeds in these books and they were jaime saving brienne and theon saving jeyne and LOOK AT WHO WAS PULLING THEM OFF listen I’m really into this kinda story okay *cries*
  • tldr: they’re beautiful together and they give me feels and they make each other better people and they’re such a well-written story I can’t even.

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Hey I'm really sorry, but I honestly don't know anything about what's going on with the Charlie Hebdo thing. I keep seeing the name and people talking about all these complexities of it, but I'm still not entirely sure what it is? Could you maybe give me a quick explanation/send me a link to something that explains it in a non biased way? I'm afraid if I just start googling with no previous knowledge I'll end up with a really bad, one-sided portrayal of it.

Of course, no problem whatsoever!

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical left-wing magazine that’s been around for some fifty years by now and which relied on heavy-handed satire to drive points across. Meaning that they usually target right-wing idiots, religious extremists and political institutions belonging to every kind. They had come under attack a while ago because they had published some comics making fun of Muslim religious extremists that depicted Mohammed, which said Muslim religious extremists didn’t like because Islam forbids depicting the prophet and so they were committing blasphemy and *disrespecting their religion*, when in truth they were just disrespecting fanatics. What happened on Wednesday is that three terrorists got into the magazine’s building and killed twelve people, among which the director, most of the cartoonists, an editor, a psychologist who collaborated with the magazine, an economist who was there because he financed it and they were having the weekly reunion, the porter, a handyman who was just fixing stuff in the hallway and the two policemen who were there to protect the building as the cartoonists were under threat as they had been targeted long before now. Then two of the terrorists ran out and yesterday there was the fallout - they holed up in a press outside Paris and then were killed after one day in there. A third one (which I think was the third shooter in the massacre?) had killed a policewoman along with his girlfriend on Jan. 8th, then on the 9th he took seventeen hostages in a Jewish supermarket and killed four of them, then there was a blitz and they saved the others and he died as well. The girlfriend is still on the run last I heard of. And now Al Quaeda is saying it was them and they did it because they dared disrespect Islam and all their usual drivel.

The controversy - which shouldn’t even exist, but never mind - is that some people went and looked up the comics/covers of the newspaper and decided that they were racist/offensive/hate speech and so started saying that the attack wasn’t so bad since the cartoonists basically called it upon themselves, that after all if you always target minorities you should expect them to snap back (!) and they proceeded on saying that it was a trash racist islamphobic magazine and to basically imply that the terrorists had a justification to go in there and kill twelve people just because they didn’t agree with them. And then they go like ‘freedom of speech shouldn’t cover hate speech’.

The thing is that they had a very heavy-handed humor that isn’t to every taste, but these people got the interpretation wrong because a) if you don’t know the context aka local French politics you can’t grasp what’s behind the comics, b) those people were left-wing atheists, and they poked fun at actual racists/bigots/extremists, so if you say that they were being racist you’re basically accusing them of being the exact kind of person they loathed, and considering that there haven’t even been funerals it’s incredibly disrespectful as far as I’m concerned - like, sixteen people died for this and half of them didn’t even work for the newspaper in the first place and that’s what people think about? Never mind that people have kept on speaking over actual French people trying to teach them why the magazine was actually hate speech according to them, which was veeeery much uncalled for as far as I’m concerned. That said, I’m going to give some links as well, all posts written by French people explaining the situation.

This gives context on some of the comics that were used as an example of ‘that newspaper promoted hate speech’.

This gives some more context about some of the comics above plus a run-down of the facts.

More context and explanation of the French cultural context

More history of the actual magazine and of its role in the French society, since it is actually quite an institution

More explanation about the magazine

Some more explanation with different kinds of vignettes and links to other sites

This gives legal context about how free speech is regulated in France vs hate speech (because they punish actual hate speech)

About how those cartoons are generally perceived in France and still more context about the magazine’s content

This explains the basic issue with people trying to silence them for having stated their opinion and getting this reaction

Recap post that sums up the situation on the 7th plus gives context 

These are all posts by French people who actually read the magazine and knew it so I’d trust them over anyone who’s not French and thinks that the content is offensive regardless according to their standards and not to French standards, which is what is at matter here. All of these should also provide a fairly good explanation of the cultural context and why in France that kind of humor was seen as heavy-handed satire but it wouldn’t qualify as hate speech, also because as stated they targeted everyone from the France president (whoever it was) to the Pope to right wingers to Gerard Depardieu whoever have you. If you want more info after reading this I’m glad to provide. But mostly beware of most posts made by non-French people around who keep on saying that it was some piece of trash magazine that doesn’t deserve support - especially there’s one where they blatantly omit info while commenting the covers which is really completely ridiculous.

Never mind that there’s the problem at hand of terrorists killing a bunch of people in the middle of Paris in 2015. Even if it had been a right wing newspaper or what have you it’s pretty damn fucking worrying, since it means they could do pretty much anything at this point.