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I like Blue Exorcist, but it occurs to me that I mostly like Rin and would like to see him removed from his current situation and put into a healthier one. All of the crossover ideas I have involve Rin leaving behind his family and finding a better series to be part of where they can't lie or manipulate him anymore and he can grow without the Son of Satan thing underlying every decision involving him. I also tend to fantasize Shiro being alive but separated from Rin while he settles into himself

Yeah, as much as I love Blue Exorcist, I will admit it’s not the most… healthy and encouraging place to be.

I mean, after Shiro’s death (and it turned out he’d been lying to Rin his whole life), the closest thing Rin has to a healthy familial relationship is Shura I think.

Shura doesn’t really lie to him though she doesn’t tell him everything. She encourages and guides him. She teases him and doesn’t really treat him differently because of the fact he is Satan’s Son, though she does caution him to try to control himself. She clearly cares, even if she only starts to really openly show it after Aomori. She actually looks after him and worries about both his physical and mental well-being.

She’s pretty much the only person to do this. Rin’s friends care too, but they did have that very big rough patch after the reveal and they don’t necessarily think about his mental health.


Okay, first off, I do like Yukio, but that child also makes me want to shout and shake him until he sees sense.

The thing with Yukio is that he’s so wrapped in what he thinks he should do, and his own problems, that the love and care that he does have for Rin gets pushed way down to the bottom. He does care. Really. But he’s crappy at actually showing it and his fears can override it. He focuses so much on protecting Rin physically that he forgets to take in his mental well-being. He legit has told Rin to die, punched him in the face, treated him like a wild animal that needs to be tamed, and shot him point blank in the face [though not with live bullets] (and all of this without hesitation).

(And yes, I know some of this is the result of his own decisions or the stress he’s under at times, but that’s no excuse to take it out on Rin.)

This isn’t exactly healthy.

Heck, Shura noticed something was up with the shoot-in-the-face incident, but seeing as Rin ended up letting it roll off him like water off a duck’s back, she dropped.

I’ve gotten a bit off track, but the point is that Rin is in an unhealthy environment that most grown-ups and his only living relative really don’t help with. So getting him out of there and with people who will help him without judgement is perfectly understandable.


Sword-wielding half-demon big bro or gun-slinging MEGAne younger bro?

(It’s actually Xion cosplaying both of them but it’s kind of hard to tell oops)

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I agree with you about Shura showing concern but sadly her ability to actually do anything about it is limited. I don't like Yukio very much. I am somewhat sympathetic and I want him to get better but most of the time I feel like he is being unfair and it bugs me that he feels entitled to be stronger than Rin. I tend to project negatively towards Shiro too. I know it can't be all his fault but I blame him for the warped relationship his sons have in a lot of ways. I also disliked his teasing.

Yeah… Like I said, I don’t hate him, but I do have my issues with him.

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Quite frankly, I feel like a lot of his problems (though not all) are basically just things he’s bringing upon himself. And yeah, it’s not all his fault.

But seriously, this is no excuse to treat Rin the way he does. Lighten up and let some of that love I know is there shine, kid.

And Shiro also has some blame on him too, though in recent chapters we may be getting some more light shed upon that matter.