R.: И не совсем на голове. 

Q.: You are very tall. Can I sit on your head for a while?

R.: Okay, kid. But only for 5 minutes. And not entirely on my head. 

MOD: The only one answer that didn’t fit in everything that will happen in next big Update. So I decided to post it separately./ Единственный ответ, который вообще не вписывался в большое обновление (я работаю над этим обновлением на данный момент). Поэтому я решил выложить его отдельно.


[[Part 1 of KD’s flashback story!

I’m sorry this took a while, but I had fun drawing all of your OCs! I’m sure there will be another opportunity for more OCs in the future, so don’t worry if you couldn’t get in. I’m planning on this to take 3 parts (not completely sure yet, but that’s what I’m shooting for).]]

All OCs featured belong to their original owners.


((Ohmygoshit’sbeentwomonthssinceIupdatedthisblog. -dies- Wow, I am awfully sorry about the long delay. ;v; I’ve been very busy with schoolwork and other projects, but now I finally have some time to work on Honey Varnish updates! Yayy! uvu;; This is both an apology and a Christmas gift, bringing the over-drawn, unannounced hiatus to an end! That means that the blog should be much more active over the next few weeks! ^^ Thank you all for being patient and I hope this gift makes up for the long absence!

I wanted to draw some small-ish pixels for some of my favorite pony blogs and followers. Enjoy~!))

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4. Ayasha-the-Pony

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"Row back to mainland, ye scrawny landlubbers! Ye’ve messed with me ‘nough for t’night, better hope I don’t ever catch ye w’ a cutlass at hoof!"

I swear she usually isn’t this much of a jerk. You just happened to touch delicate topics! ;3

Enjoy the first batch of answered questions! I’ve had myself a good time drawing them, though I had to simplify the style from the previous post to try not to die in the process. Please keep asking- you’re awesome! <3

"Enter the Nocquine/Vampony" Contest!//Ноктурмалах/вампир пони ЛОТЕРЕЯ!!!

So, we just recently have released posts about the “Nocquines”. A vampire-like pony race. And now we wanted to do a contest, where YOUR OC could be drawn as one of the Nocquines~

There are 4 prizes!

Each winner will have their OC drawn as a Nocquine/Vampire pony!


  1. You need to be a follower.
  2. To seal your participation in the contest Reblog this with the following symbol :
  3. If you are a new follower, you can still enter!
  4. Please don’t be upset and unfollow, if you don’t win. There will be more giveaways to come, so you’ll always have a chance to win.
  5. We will pick the winners via Randomly generated Numbers.


ночной/вампир пони ЛОТЕРЕЯ!!!

И так, мы совершенно недавно сделали пост о вампиро-подобной расе пони - “Ноктурмалах”.
Собственно, мы хотим сделать конкурс, где ВАШ ОС может быть нарисован в качестве одного из них.

Есть 4 призовы места!

Каждый победитель который займёт их, будет нарисован в качестве одного из этой расы.


  1. Читать блог, в конце кoнцов, эта лотерея – благодарность всем вам, нашим читателям. ^^
  2. Реблогнуть эту запись. Добавить этот символ :
  3. И даже если Вы – новый подписчик, Вы всё равно можете принять участие!
  4. Если не выйграете – не расстраивайтесь и не отписывайтесь. Будут ещё конкурсы и лотереи, у Вас всегда будет шанс выйграть.
  5. Победителей мы выберем с помощью ГЕНЕРАТОРА ЧИСЕЛ.

Finally got them all done XD IM pretty sure I got them all :I Anyways heres the rest of them in this order ovo ( and her sexy lumberjack pony, i love manly ponies and characters fff there my weakness and she knows it! ) ( I made sure to give her all her friends hair based on a picture I found on your tumblr ;3 ) (graced with ) ( He wanted himself, and to be hanging out in some fandom, so he mentioned attack on titans and being IN LOVE with that anime — i made it >;3 ) (graced with

(So, we have reached and we wanted to thank everyone, who followed us and who made this such a great experience! And especially i’d like to thank the sidemod, whom i really have brought something amazing to live with~!


Спасибо всем, кто поддерживал меня все это время, я так достигла количества фоловеров в 1400+
Спасибо вам огромное!! РЕБЯТА,Я ВАС ВСЕХ ТУТ ЛЮБЛЮ <3


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