I’ve been asked multiple times to post photos of my collections… Let me start by saying this awkward shaped room is reeeally difficult to take pictures in! The Monster High dolls shown are not my full collection. I have all of the MIB playsets, plus some of the dolls, in a closet as there is no room to display them. I also have a lot of dolls that I haven’t deboxed for display. The shelves with my EAH dolls are double sided, so a lot of the dolls aren’t in view unfortunately. In addition to the pictures I have a fairly large Zelf collection, some Funko Pops, Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, tons of Unicorns, Build-A-Bears, and a slew of other random things. If anyone wants better photos of something or pics of things that I mentioned but did not photograph, let me know. I tried to narrow it down to what I could squeeze into a ten picture limit lol. I’m open to questions, so if you have one feel free to ask =)