Eyyy, a new and improved height chart!! Paul and Pat’s heights for their wolf forms are based on their shoulders, since that’s how most people do heights for quadrapeds. I hope it isn’t to confusing, and I hope it helps!! Also, slightly different, Paul and Pat also have bipedal wolf forms and they’re about the same size as their wolf forms here, just on two legs.

anonymous asked:

jj um so um did you allways go with the casual look and hh have you all ways went with the rocker look

Rocker look? Nice wording, anon. ;) Yeah I guess I have! I’ve always liked my scorchin’ threads to look like flames leapin’ off my body, YEEAAH! I love the way my clothes show who I am! - Holt 

I guess I have, I’m not really into flashy clothes or things like that…I uh like simplicity when it comes to what I wear. I guess you could even say my clothes kind of show you my personality in a way. - Jackson Jekyll

Yo, guess who’s gettin’ all savvy with these computer program thingies! The new IT classes are really payin’ off. Good thing the chairs there ain’t comfy enough to nap on, ah?

This means I get a better chance to show you cats an’ dolls the stuff I do. I can deal with bad quality pictures if I can string ‘em together all fancy like.

Father’s Day was nice this year. Dad’s really proud of how well Holt and I are doing at a proper monster school.

It wasn’t even stiflingly hot all day yesterday either. Usually being around a fire elemental for a long time really takes its toll on a normie, but I wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

I like to think, maybe, I was heating up to match. Just a little bit.

You know what? Forget excuses.  I’m armed with a cup of tea and ready to film.

…I’m going to stay in bed though. I really don’t want to get up…

I haven’t really spoken to Cupid, truth be told. She’s such a celebrity at the school, and I wouldn’t have the nerve to talk to someone who’s the object of so much… attention. 

That being said, I think her radio show is pretty good. I like that she’s going out of her way to help other monsters, so even though I don’t really know her, I think she’s a cool ghoul, you know?

And it’s a talk show - not a music show - so I can actually listen to it.

What am I talking about? Cupid’s the most beautiful creature to ever grace this ghoul-forsaken earth. I love her with all my heart.