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please tell me abt Merlin kissing Eggsy for the first time on impulse and then pulling away the next second to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and Eggsy answers by hauling him back in for more because he's waited too damn long for this and he wants everything Merlin will give him _(:3 」∠)_

Merlin cupping Eggsy’s bruised and bloodied face in shaking hands, kissing him desperately to reaffirm himself that Eggsy is still alive, nose bumping into Eggsys from the strange angle and Eggsy is just standing there, shocked.

Merlin, pulling back with wide eyes and pressing his forehead against Eggsy’s. “I’m sorry, are you sure you-,” because for all he knows he loves Eggsy, he never wants Eggsy to think he has to do this.

Eggsy smiling softly, nuzzling into the hands cupping his face, soft over his bruises. Curls his fingers into the mass of Merlins jumpers and presses his lips back to Merlins, sweet and chase and gentle, pressing himself against Merlin and melting as Merlin sighs into his mouth, licking over Eggsy’s bottom lip and across his teeth as Eggsy moans softly, a hand coming up to cup gently at the back of Eggsy’s head, tangling in the strands.

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After my angst headcanon I think of fluffy hartwin, in that Eggsy would use every excuse imaginable to visit Harry while he's working as Arthur and maybe just to bring him tea or snacks or a souvenir from a mission, and Harry frowns but really doesn't mind and keeps everything Eggsy brings him, and Merlin just wants the two of them to turn off their glasses feed every time a visit happens because he really can't live through all the sap of these two

Eggsy bringing in lunch to share with Harry.

Eggsy dropping in before missions to say goodbye to Harry.

Eggsy dropping in after a mission to tell Harry that he’s okay (even though Harry already knows this, bc he’s asked Merlin)

Harry working and Eggsy walks in, sits in the corner of the room and just stays there silent because he wants to be close to Harry, even if they don’t talk. 

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Best fic you've ever read?

Now, this was tricky because we both believe the term “best” is really subjective. Instead, we decided to compile a list of our individual top 5 go-to fics. This list is pretty much just a combination of our different trope weaknesses that we cry at each other about.

A’s List

M’s List

We’re also curious! What are your top 5 fics? Send em in and we’ll compile a list to see what cranks everyone’s tractor around here.

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//tilts head// i have a feeling you'd have a problem if they didn't like merlin.. //laughs softly&looks around the room// but im curious on whatever happened with guinevere. //looks at arthur&merlin//

A- Well, both those questions kind of go together in a way. Right Merlin?

M- Mhm

A- Well Gwen was a cover up for me and Merlin.

M- Don’t worry, she knew about it.

A- Yeah… So once Merlin was comfortable with it, we told everyone. We didn’t really know how the people would react, but I was ok as long as Merlin was happy.

M- And getting you food.

A- Yeah, and that.

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Hi! I was wondering if you knew any good fics with vulnerable!arthur in them? I just finished one (Until the Pieces Fit; merlinkinkmeme[.]livejournal[.]com/2672[.]html It's really good once you get past the dubcon bit at the beginning), so now I'm in the mood :P Thank you! <3

Hi! Hope you like these:

Before I Go To Sleep

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The Sex Shop Around the Corner

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This Infinite Heart’s Ease



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your tags on the angst-breakup scene thing are NOT OKAY and i want more. and i want merlin being confused why eggsy is so jittery & won't look him in the eyes. i want eggsy having the same dream some night when they're together and waking up upset and merlin /gets/ it, finally. i want merlin to fix eggsy's hurts. preferably with sweet words and gentle kisses and kindness. him to tell eggsy that he adores him and would never kick his pet out, would never think anything less than the world of him

okay but no imagine eggsy having a really insecure day and he falls asleep at his desk at hq,and he has a dream of merlin shoving his stuff in his arms and ordering him to get out of his house,not /their/ house,and when eggsy says desperate and crying and hurt,‘why?’,merlin just says 'you’re the problem you’re always the problem’,and eggsy is just,'oh’,bc he knew it he knew he wasn’t any good for merlin,and it was so stupid of him to think that he could be anything to merlin,oh god my heart my tags on this post

(tho tbh i’ve kinda messed around with it lmao)

cw: depression, insecurity, nightmares, h/c

Eggsy doesn’t know what brought it on, couldn’t tell anyone even under the pain of death or having to see Merlin die. It had hung around him like a shroud when he’d woke up, a miasma that should have been visible around his head and shoulders as he puttered around, showering and brushing his teeth.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” Merlin says when Eggsy, fully dressed in his bespoke suit, glasses in breast pocket, comes down the stairs.

He gives a wan smile, presses a kiss to Merlin’s sculpted cheek, and tries to drown his vulnerability with a swig of Earl Grey. It doesn’t help.

“I’m fine, luv,” He says quietly, shrugging his shoulders back, giving JB a little scritch on the head. He steps in between Merlin’s legs and sighs when Merlin wraps his arms around Eggsy’s shoulders, a hand curling instinctively over the back of his head. Eggsy’s own hands come to clench at the small of Merlin’s back, fingers tangled into Merlin’s dress shirt. “Just not feelin’ it today, is all,”

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