I NEEDED TO SHOW YOU GUYS MY LOVE! It’s a bit early, but I am super proud of this

So I took about 5 days of my life to do this (。◕▽◕)っ I missed people, and I am super sorry [Grey >_>] that I couldn’t cram all of my tumblr friends into these pictures, but my hand cramped up plenty of times just trying to get these guys in there X3

Everyone featured effected me one way or another, be it making a sad day into a good one, making me smile, taking the time to talk to me, and all that good stuff~

Here’s to another great year!

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Mod: An almost late birthday gift for Mayia’s mod! I wish I had had more time to spend on this, but I wanted to have something done tonight. I hope she understands!

I just felt like I owed her something, being one of my earliest followers, and being among those that I invariably see in the notes of whatever I happen to be posting. Her among others certainly brighten my day just by the small act of liking a post. I know it might seem kind of small and trivial but that kind of stuff means a lot to me. I’m really lucky to have such sweet followers like her. 

Anyway, she requested a picture of Mayia and Dusty having tea! I certainly hope this is acceptable! :)


Mayia: I, uh… probably shouldn’t touch you…

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Dusty: “I don’t really know anyone who could bake for me, and I don’t want to have sweets delivered from some bakery because I worry about the prices being too high.”

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Dusty:“My signature Jitterbug Blend is actually a blend of imported and local beans, cooked to a medium roast for a flavor you can’t find anywhere else.”

I hope that this works for you X3 He looks so much younger o_o

Thank you again for taking part int he emergency commission for Xeno ^_^ Your payment has been forwarded to her.


“Ah, I remember when I got this artwork of myself ages ago. Hm. I do look a bit younger, don’t I? So much more eager, so much more…limber. Ready to take on the world. Ah well. Memories, memories.”

Thank you so much! You did an awesome job, he really does look much younger. It’s interesting to see him looking younger. :) And no problem on the emergency commission.

ALL THE CHIBS~ Yup, this was a nice pickmeup. Eventually, I need to draw me [or my online persona] with my pony OCs X3 Until that happens, enjoy this~

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