I NEEDED TO SHOW YOU GUYS MY LOVE! It’s a bit early, but I am super proud of this

So I took about 5 days of my life to do this (。◕▽◕)っ I missed people, and I am super sorry [Grey >_>] that I couldn’t cram all of my tumblr friends into these pictures, but my hand cramped up plenty of times just trying to get these guys in there X3

Everyone featured effected me one way or another, be it making a sad day into a good one, making me smile, taking the time to talk to me, and all that good stuff~

Here’s to another great year!

askwindcheer ask-tarquin-pony littlerubyrue @thatsilversparkblog [Happy belated birthday by the way :3 Why won’t Tumblr let me tag you? o_o] asksandyshores professor-maple-art asktattoomoon indiefoxtail ask-hexandtesla askgray-stripe ask-twistedgravekeeper ask-chaos-and-anarchy ask-toby-the-pony ask-candlelight-song burningsnowflakeproductions pendletondreadfulsrpcorner [Because it won’t let me tag the pendletondreadful blog]


FEATURING(from left to right):

umbramist as the specialist (Aka, bitchez love canons)

ask-gamer-pony as the Mini Archer, small and deadly, like a bee!

wishdreamarchives as the dream Mage, He’s so dreamy ;)

ask-dr-radical as the mechanic, can we fix it! …

askpike as Pike, the Pokemon!

ask-mayia as the Ninja, sneaky sneaky.

askwindcheer as a Demon, but a nice big demon.

likeableartist as a paladin, or should i say TANKADIN!

neko-snicker as the little theif, stealing your heart with her cuteness :3

askdarlingadelaide as the lovely Bard, very lovely singing <3

dshou as Night Archer, never misses.

azula-griffon as the griffon, loyal burb :)

ask-wisp-the-diamond-dog wisp as a fire mage, and cindy as a Ice Warrior, cold hot combo!

isle-of-forgotten-dreams Sera as the Iron foot master, kick’n like Chuck Noris!

and finally a little sapphire-and-greyzeek fluffy dragon on the logo :)

thank you all for over 1000 followers, I’m sorry for anyone that i couldn’t be put into the picture, i plan on making another one in the future.

Until then, expect some more random stuff to come out, or maybe a Joey colossal pony update.


I hope the untimely death of the King and Queen is more to my subjects than a simple “incident.” I haven’t left my kingdom since I was a filly. There’s no need for it.

The gates may be closed, but my kingdom knows that I’m here to protect and comfort them in this time of tragedy. That is enough.

asksandyshores asked:

Mod: I do not apologize for the incoming adorable. After the last Mayia update, I thought about the two goofs again. Among the many fine qualities Sandy would praise Mayia for, he'd always say that he could tell a Mayia-hug from any other hug with his eyes shut. "Soft hearts make soft feathers, an' nopony's got softer feathers than her, not even Celestia herself." And then nuzzles. :3

Hehehe that is super cute X3 And as your reward [and seeing as this was the thing that I found but never posted, it’s a nice little thingy thing~] I call the baby Sea Breeze~ Or maybe Summer Spring. I think she’s rather cute~


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Mod: An almost late birthday gift for Mayia’s mod! I wish I had had more time to spend on this, but I wanted to have something done tonight. I hope she understands!

I just felt like I owed her something, being one of my earliest followers, and being among those that I invariably see in the notes of whatever I happen to be posting. Her among others certainly brighten my day just by the small act of liking a post. I know it might seem kind of small and trivial but that kind of stuff means a lot to me. I’m really lucky to have such sweet followers like her. 

Anyway, she requested a picture of Mayia and Dusty having tea! I certainly hope this is acceptable! :)