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oddlyfamiliar  asked:

10, 31, and 40 for the fic asks meme :)

*side note: most of these fic recs are olicity, unless otherwise stated

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?


I don’t know if anyone does it better than @machawicket, let’s be honest:
Deceive, Inveigle, and Obfuscate
Little Black Dresses and King Sized Messes

31. Do you read AUs?

DO I READ AUs?????

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Is the sky blue?

Does Oliver Queen love Felicity Smoak? (the answer is yes, although apparently don’t ask Andrew Kreisberg …hahahahaahah asshole)

Hell yes, I read AUs. I LOVE THEM.

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SOUL MATES AUs (I’m not kidding on this one, I don’t think anyone loves them as much as I do). This one, ugh universe forgive me, it’s so good I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it: Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) by @sarcasticfina

I am also totally in love with the FiCoN ‘verse by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated (Julianna Queen Defense Squad reporting for service!), and You Have Not Failed This ‘Verse (also by Janis) is one of my favorite works ever, across all fandoms. It’s brilliant and also FIREFLY

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It feels like an olicity fandom rite of passage to have read the Legacy verse by @ash818, but you can’t talk about AUs without this monster of a work.

If you’re looking for sci-fi/fantasy AUs, @alexiablackbriar13 is your writer. Start with Little Bird Blue.

College AU you asked? Oh-ho-ho…here: Something Like Fate series by @hannasus (I have yet to read Into You Like a Train, but it’s top of my list. I’m going to recommend it regardless because I just know it’s good.)

This falls into AU category for canon-divergence, but fuck me guys this is so gorgeous: Between the Shadow and the Soul by @apinknightmare

Movie AU? How about Speed but with super sexy cop Oliver Queen and the bravest genius to ever ride a bus Felicity Smoak? Velocity by @machawicket

I don’t think anyone writes suspense quite like @supersillyanddorky06 does - I’m in so deep for The Predator  it’s not even funny at this point.

My favorite AUs, far and away, category of their own, are written by @thatmasquedgirl. Masque is the AU queen. Bow to her. Her work is brilliant and I will READ IT ALL.Find her on AO3 here: (x)  Just, read all of the things. I’ve made it a goal for my fandom life to read everything she’s written. I don’t even think I’m halfway through yet, but I’ll get there. May I suggest you start with Deathstroke!Felicity (trust me on this one).

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40. Do you like fluff?

Oh yes, very much.

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I’m selective about it for sure, but when fluff is good it’s so good.

This Feels Like Falling In Love by @sophie1973 - it’s AU and maybe the sweetest kid!fic in existence 

Text message fics? Why yes, please and thank you. Also, DOG BLANKET.
The Unbearable Hotness of Being by @machawicket (not sure if you’re sensing a theme here or not, but I am a Macha fangirl full stop. I love everything she writes, even when she kills my faves - which she does, so read those tags).


So, I tend to like some realism in my fluff…maybe that makes it less fluffy? Not sure. But this is an absolute favorite of mine: A man no longer what he was (nor yet the thing he planned) by @ash818 - chapter 12, Nightmares (NSFW)

Now for tiva, I tend to like fluff when it feels real because they are the least fluffy ship I have ever shipped. They are a ship of pain and I LOVE IT (except for canon. I hate canon. Canon can die on a hill for all I care). So fluffy tiva can feel OOC to me depending. I’m selective on that one.

Tiva writers I will always read no matter what they write: @sharilynn87, @quotelation, @perfectblue (Kate has written some works that just FUCK ME UP in the best ways possible), @easylion, and @mcgeekle.

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Bawson is delightful in that the writing is SO GOOD from literally everyone and if you’re really determined, you could read everything labeled Ginny Baker/Mike Lawson on AO3 to catch up (you can, I did).

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But here are some of my favorites just because:

I’m all in for The Littlest Padre series by @magicinhermadness. Papa!Mike kills me every damn time and OMG Tillie Baker-Lawson shut the front door I love her to pieces.

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I’m also completely in love with and died a little over Raise My Glass ‘Cause Otherwise I’m Dead by @theshipsfirstmate (who incidentally is also one of my favorite olicity writers and the fact that she’s now writing bawson is KILLING ME IN THE BEST WAY DAMN IT).

This little ficlet from @darlinginmyway is like, everything I want from fanfiction…feels real and lived in but also sexy and funny and I WANT IT. Probably goes without saying, but I rec literally every single thing Jen has written for bawson (and olicity too, just saying). 

Cuter than cute drabble, Sweater Weather by @lawofavgs (another read all the things recommendation)

Is it weird I’m rec’ing your own work in this ask @oddlyfamiliar? Ahahah oh well. I just want to wrap myself up in bawson feels. I can’t help it. The people need to know of this goodness (x)! I’m also obsessed with your series: Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too 

my darling Erica, @sadlymylifeisno80smovie also wrote this bawson delightful sweetness that makes me want to cry a little: Ruin 

So yeah, yup, This is an extremely long answer because I am a wordy bitch with opinions and things.

Thanks for the ask!


It was finally finished (i do very slow art ; w; )

thank you so much for following. i’m not even good at english. but i seen you guy okay with it… i think..?  anyway i want to draw all for you but i can’t. ;w; so let see the list of pony here :) 


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Landlords: At worst, they’re despicable buttgoblins who take all your money, and, at best, they’re pretty OK people who still take all your money. Taking your money obviously makes you unhappy, but there are tons of things you do that make them just as miserable. We interviewed three property managers – Marie, Nicole, and Jenn – and asked them about the worst parts of their jobs.

5 Unsettling Realities Of Being A Landlord

anonymous asked:

Hey, for the person that asked why Dianna is in London. I'm the fan who spotted her on Friday in Omeara and we got to speak and basically she said she's living in between here and New York, but also trying to travel and see more of the world. Also, she doesn't drive, takes uber.

Oh ok, well I try and take anon messages like this with a bit of a grain of salt, but this all seems fairly legit so thanks for the info anon!