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how long do you think you will follow Dianna as closely as you do - I'm lost interest somewhere after Bare came out and never really went anywhere. You are the only Dianna blog I still follow. And it is not that I'm do not like her - I do. There just isn't enough for me to be engaged with - curious how you feel.

Well, I definitely don’t have the same interest I once did, but I don’t know what will make me move on completely. I still get notified of her new tweets and Instagram posts, but I don’t really actively search for new info anymore. I still have hope that her career will have another boom, hopefully after Novitiate and whenever Hollow in the Land comes out. I do wish we would see more of her because she still seems like the goofy dork we all fell in love with years ago, so I definitely miss that she’s not as open as she used to be. 

But for now, I’m still holding out hope that things will get better and we’ll see more of her :) 


JS: I was thinking about it…and I really seemed ridiculous!

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DANK FRANK FOR NUMBER A4 (oops messed up the last ask //shrugs//)

hOLY SHIT i had to do a modern au bc listen……

the name’s rathbone… simeon rathbone……

*cowboy bebop theme plays off-key*

(whoops shit forgot to tag @neojammy @bamboo-tea and @queeladip before i left pls forgiv)

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So I have followed you for a while and always wondered about something but never bothered to inquire. I'm curious why you refer to your partner both as your girlfriend while using they/them pronouns?

tumblr mobile is garbage and i just now saw this, i’m sorry.
i refer to jenn the way i do because that is what they told me makes them comfortable. they’re a nonbinary lesbian, and while they are okay with female pronouns (for example, jenn is coming to visit my family this weekend, and my family
most likely would make a weird joke abt pronouns if i tried explaining it, so for the sake of the family visit i’ve been using she/her for jenn around my parents) jenn still greatly prefers they/them pronouns.
and while they don’t concretely identify fully as a woman, they do still concretely identify as a lesbian, and we’ve talked about the term “girlfriend” and they actually really prefer it over some terms we’ve seen floating around like “datemate” and both of us actually rlly don’t like “partner”.
i love calling jenn my girlfriend, jenn loves being called my girlfriend, and vise versa. their pronouns don’t make them any less of a lesbian. there are butches out there who have been using he/him for decades. doesn’t make them less lesbian.

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One time when I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh I was drawing Teddie from Persona 4 (I really liked Teddie back in high school. I still do, don’t get me wrong), and then I drew Kaiba next to him and I thought the two were adorable so I started drawing them with me and we were all friends and it was awesome

I guess I just really enjoy crossovers. That’s not the only one I’ve done either

Round 7!
Chad Kimball told me that it looked like i was watching the show from Narnia but it was still a nice view.
Jenn Colella asked me if I was getting tired of the show and I told her that wasn’t possible
I can’t wait for round 8.

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i wonder when dianna is going to book roles with a worldwild knowledge

I just want her to book something, anything, at this point. Other than the release of Novitiate, there’s nothing else for this year. There are still no official release dates for Headlock or Hollow in the Land and she has nothing new scheduled :(

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2 Di and women looked exactly alike at what was reported as a birthday outdoors 1/2 pics I saw on yours was lady's arm right up against Di's body laying over her thigh but you can't see her hand because Di lucky for her blocked it. 2/2 was them arriving seemingly hand in hand;;) that's about it, maybe 2012 in LA my old computer crashed so can't pin better sorry. Any help greatly appreciated

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