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yet she lived

She is made of glass,
but not the way you think.

They gave her a Pandora’s box 
     of chameleon skin
     and spider venom
     and mockingbird voice
and let her loose on the world.

Nobody ever learns from the legends;
She opened the box and unleashed her demons,
and they forgot about the one thing sitting lonely at the bottom.
Zeus left Pandora with the cursed gift of hope,
and they left her with the damned blessing of fire.

Oh, and she burned.

So what if she’s a little stained?
A little black with smoke and sins,
A little red with blood?
What if she’s a broken, shattered,
a million sharp shards scattered on the ground?

Stained glass makes the prettiest pictures,
And the most beautiful mosaics are made of broken glass.

Oh, she is made of glass,
but not the way you think.
They broke her, shattered her, ruined her–
and yet


Imagine Request…

A.N.: Hope you guys like it! tell me what you think. Ooh and if you want me to write you something just ask. 

“Elijah…” You said entering the house both of you lived in. Your day was horrible and with less that 5 hours of sleep everything you wanted to do now is sleep and rest. Just lay with him in bath and take a bath together. No day out on valentine this year.

“Y/N!” You see Elijah turn the corner towards the hall you were standing. “You shouldn’t be home yet.”

“I was pretty tired so I asked Jenn if she could end my shift.” You looked at him and he had a little panic in his eyes. He walked towards you gave you a hug and a little kiss on the lips. “I want to take a bath to rest do you want to join.”You said walking towards the stairs leading to the seconds floor. You looked towards him a little smile on your face hoping he gets the hint. But you saw him put his coat on.

“I’m have to run a quick aron and will be back in a few seconds.” He says opening the door. He gives you a little smile and closes the door behind him. You looked at the close door in front of you. Not believing what just happened. He just left you there, alone. You got you gaze back to the stairs and started walking towards the bathroom.

You started to fill the bathtub with warm water. You put some music on and you entered the bathtub. You need to relax from your day and then you need to think of something you will do with Elijah for Valentine day when he got back. You closed your eyes and listening to the music.


Elijah was outside of the house on the phone.

“I would like to cancel the table reservation.”

“Of Course sir. What’s the reservated name?”

“Elijah Mikaelson.”

“Thank you sir I will cancel the reservation.”

With that Elijah ended the call. He wanted to do something special for valentine’s day this year but he knew if you ended day early that you had a bad day at work. He wanted to do somethign special he just have to figure out something else.

He could hear you turned the water on to fill the bathtub.

A smile just grow on his face. He knew exactly what he had to do. 

He got inside as quickly as possible to get everything prepare.


You were lying in the bathtub. With your eyes close just feeling the music that was playing. You feel fingers trace patterns on your shoulder. That makes you body get goose puns. You open your eyes and you see Elijah looking at you. His fingers going up and down on your arm to your face.

You gave a him a smile. “Wanna get in?”

“I have a better view from here.” A big smile on his face. “I have a surprise for you.” He continues.

“You didn’t need to do anything.” You look towards him and you pulled him close to you to give him a kiss. Both of you break the kiss with a smile on your lips.

He stands on your side and begins to take his clothes of.

“Scoop up I’m getting in.” You smile at him and made some space so he could sit behind you.

He sat behind you, tracing some kisses on you ear and neck.


You almost felt in sleep in bath with Elijah. It was so hard to keep your eyes open, when just patting your arm and giving you little kisses from time to time on the top of you head. 

“We should get out.” You said towards him.

“I thought you fell asleep.”

“That’s why we should get out. I want to enjoy this day with you and not fall asleep.” You say standing up.

“I don’t mind.”

“But I do.” You step out of the bath and Elijah followed. You looked towards him and you saw him smiling towards you. “I think I will make us something special for dinner.” You said quickly. Both of you put your clothes on and you started walking towards the door.

Before you could reach it he grabs your hips and turn you towards him. He looks you in the eyes and smiles.

“How can I be so lucky to have you.” You said towards him.

“I’m the lucky one.” He says kissing you.

You start walking towards the door. He still had his hands on your hips. You walk out of the bathroom towards the bedroom. When you opened the door from the bedroom. YOu saw the bed all covered with rose petals. There was a little table settled by the window with 2 glasses and a wine bottle. He hanged some lights on to the bed making that the only thing that lit the room. You looked at him and he had this big smile on his face.

“How… I love you.” You said to him.

“I love you to.” He says letting your hips go and making you enter the room.  “I have everything prepared. I got food, movies. You don’t have to do anything.”

“I know something I want to do.” You said to him running you hand threw his chest.

He gets a devilish smile on his face.

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footprints, glass, fury

Send me three words and I'll write you a poem (x)

Look at you, the prodigal son–
you with the star-studded eyes,
you with the mountain range spine,
you with the sun on your lips
     and moonlight in your skin,
     and terra firma at your feet. 

You are the world, the universe, the cosmos,
     son of the galaxy, heir of the planets,
     God’s chosen child.

Your touch burns like sunlight on Icarus’s wings. 
I am burning at the stake.
I am melting like snow in April.
I am vanishing like raindrop puddles in the desert.

I am dying under your touch,
     your toxic fingers,
     your corrosive skin,
oh, but I am addicted to the aftertaste of your skin on mine.
I am addicted to the whisper of your caress,
and if this is the way I die–
I choose this. I choose you.
I must die anyway. 

Darling, I am not like you. 

You leave footprints in the bedrock,
brand the Earth with your trail, your path–
mountains collapse under your feet.

I leave memories like fingerprints on glass
to be wiped away with a breath and one fatal swipe.

I am ephemeral,
a passing thought,
a flickering candleflame,
and even your fury cannot bind me to this earth.

Even your breath cannot give me life–
that, my love, already belongs to Death, I’m afraid.
Even your kisses cannot start my heart–
that, my love, stopped bleeding long ago, I’m afraid.

Please don’t look so sad. 
Gods were never meant to fall in love with fallen men,
     with boys who play with fire and singed skin.
You’ll forget me someday, I know–
it’s nothing tragic, it’s just the way love stories go–
but until that day, my love,
remember me in the whisper of a breeze,
     in the afterimage of an eclipse,
     in the shadows of a falling star. 

Remember me when I am gone–
my smudged-glass kisses, my death-kissed touch,
my sun-cursed hellfire plummet in your arms–
Remember me when I am gone.

That’s all I ask, my God-favoured love.

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The feedback from the limited audience who saw the film at SIFF was not bad. Score 8 out of 10. A crime story in a small town, nothing new or outstanding but not boring either. Dianna's performance was surprisingly good. She wore no makeup but still very pretty. The ending felt pushed. It could be better if she acted more emotional or hesitated when she learnt who were behind the crime. It was a really enjoyable journey to watch her on the big screen for almost 2 hours. She should continue.

Great, thanks for the info anon! Hopefully we’ll get some official reviews soon. 

Happiness is a Cupcake Away

Woozi story where you work at a bakery and later you end up dating Woozi, this first part is just build up to meeting Woozi. I really like where this story is going so… Enjoy~

“Y/N! Hurry up! We’re going to be late.” Your roommate shouts from her bedroom.

“Mhm.” You try to say through the toothpaste in your mouth. Spitting out the toothpaste and giving your hair one last fix, you leave the bathroom. “You’re not even ready! How are you going to tell me to hurry up.” You laugh, standing in the doorway with your bag. “You have five seconds before I leave without you.” You friend doesn’t respond. “five…four…three…” you start drawing out the syllables. “Twooooo.”

“Wait wait wait, coming!” she yelled, stumbling out her room with her phone in between her lips and bag between her legs, trying to push her arms through a pale blue hoodie. Her bag and phone both fall and she tries desperately to grab her phone before it falls, phone bouncing back and forth both hands before she finally catches it. You couldn’t hold back the laugh you were keeping in. She releases the breath she was holding in, “well” she smiles, “they won’t bake themselves.” You smile to yourself, even though it was way too early for most people to function, you loved going to work, baking was your hobby and hopefully, your career. Luckily you were a morning person, unlike your roommate, who could barely crack an egg without falling asleep. “How can you be this happy at butt fuck in the morning.” You hear you roommate say behind you with a yawn.

“I don’t know.” walking backwards to talk to her. “Today just feels good, ya know?” she chuckles and shakes her head.

“whatever you say, Y/N.”

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a-million-chromatic-dreams replied to your post: Hey there friendo! So I just got my wisdom teeth…

oKAY so I have one!!!… This is Ford and Mabel chilling and chatting and bonding while Mabel gets to do whaTEVER she wants with his hair. Ford lost a bet. However, Ford quickly finds that he didn’t really lose after all because he ends up having fun with it

This one (by the same author) is also really good…It’s a lot more somber than the last, but still provides good Ford and Mabel bonding. Note: an overall warning for discussion of past self harming with this one.

I’ll keep looking for more! Wishing anon a quick recovery! <3<3

This was all in response to this ask. Thanks, Jenn! And I also hope that anon has a quick and painless (or as painless as possible) recovery! c: 

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Jenn you (and Mel of course) are responsible for dragging me into MINTY HELL by sheer force of your talent, that’s how excellent you are. Like the number of hours I have devoted to these two can be directly tied back to words you’ve written. You know that super rare, stomach-tingly thing you get sometimes when you get to the really good part of a book/movie? I get that with your fics, like, ALL THE TIME. And beyond that, you’re a sweetheart, you’re hilarious, and you’ve got such a well-defined sense of self. ❤

send me a 💗 and i’ll give you a compliment!

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Jenn Colella was definitely robbed and deserved the Tony! Also are you still looking for the Be More Chill audio link and script? If so, it is on youtube and the script is linked in the description.

Not quite sure what warranted this ask but yes she did, and I think I’ll be bitter that she didn’t win until the day I die. Fortunately she has a full career ahead of her :)
Thanks! I do have the script, but haven’t yet listened to the audio, not because I haven’t seen the links, but more because I just haven’t had the time! Thank you so much, tho <3

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Honesty hour: most memorable dream? (Not like aspiration: im talking full on subconscious hallucinations)

hmmmmm… its kinda odd but since i can still remember it im gonna go with it.

 so in yr 6 (11 or 12ish) i was obsessed with friends the tv show and I remember one of the best dreams i ever had was that i got to be part of the friends gang and we were all hanging out in central park with dozens of puppies…

 like for 11 yr old tessa that was the height of coolness right there. hanging out with puppies and jenn aniston

ask me anything  anonymously

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Flynn, Eli, Jenn, Olivia, and Landon

Fuck: Olivia. I think she’s the hot chick from the café thing. @sherises

Marry: Eli, why not. He’s about as annoying as a husband anyway. @eli-mako

Kiss: Landon. Dude’s hot, but way too uptight for sex. Plus, like I said: Olivia. @ascoldaslandon

Cuddle: Flynn. With my hands creeping closer and closer to his bloody throat. @flynnxcarver

Get drunk with: This Jennifer person. Seems like she needs to lighten up, if you ask me. @jenn-fords


Jenn says ‘bye wifey’ to LaChanze at stage door then rides off on her scooter.

If anyone asks why I love Jenn Colella so much I’m just going to show them this video.

As long as i live in california i’m friends with Cameron Dallas.
We were at the same school and he always was my favorite person ever.
Not like i had a crush on him, no more like my best friend.
He joined this group of boys who all was at this event named magcon.
It wasn’t the first time i went there with him but it was time that he took me and one of my friends with him and we had the best and worst time ever!

“Guys are you ready?” Cameron screamed from downstairs he was waiting for me and jenn to finally get ready. “Yeah give us one more mintue” i answered laughing. “You exited to finally see matt again?” I asked jenn. Matt and jenn were dating for 2 months now and i swear they were the cutes couple ever! “Yes i really can’t wait to see his beutiful brown eyes again.” She sayed with a sparkel in here eyes. You could see how much both loved each other just when they talked about the other one and this was awsome. Cameron was facing the door as we finally came downstairs. “Why do girls always need so lo-” was all he sayed befor he looked at us. “Wasn’t the wait woth it?” Jenn asked laughing. “Sure it was, when you guys will always look this awsome now i’m gonna wait 10 houers for you.” Cam answered joking. “Haha funny Dallas” was all i sayed and hit him. “Ahh c’mon it was a joke. ” cam sayed smiling and huged me. I was in a bad mood because i had a pretty big fight with nash a bit ago, we were not dating or anything but i liked him and it always broke my heart to see him with other girls and he knew it. “Believe me, he can’t wait to see you.” Cam told me as he put our suitcases in the car. “Everything will be ok!” Jenn sayed and smiled at me, i just smiled back even if i didn’t believed it. *5 houers later.* We finally arrived and i feel the worst i ever did in my whole life. We checked in and then someone helped us with the luggage. I shared a room with jenn even if i knew that i couldn’t sleep in our room or she wouldn’t sleep there. “I’m gonna pick you guys up in like 30 Min ok?” Cam asked and we agreed. You could always hear when someone of the boys arrived because they were screaming and running up to each other. 30 minutes later someone knocked on our door, jenn opened it and no it wasn’t cam, it was matt. “BABE” jenn screamed and jumped in matts armes. They kissed and huged each other and it was really cute to see. “Gosh guys take a room.” Someone sayed in a sassy tone. Then cam, nash jack and jack entered the room. “Ey there’s my little Drama queen” was the first thing nash sayed as he saw me. I just rolled my eyes and stood up. “Hey cutie” jack g sayed and hugged me, followd by jj. “We missed you when we were back home” sayed jj and smiled. “Aww i missed you guys too.” I sayed smiling and i really misse them a lot! “Dude how can they kiss each other this long?” Cam asked laughing. They stoped kissing. “You jealous mate?” Matt asked and gave him this side smirk look. “Nah no need to worry mate, i have my best friend with me and she’s better than any other girl.” Cam sayed and hugged me. “Wow, wow ,wow, hold up, She’s my girl not yours!” Nash sayed in a serious tone. Everyone was looking at him and i was really shocked. “Haha you wish!” Cam sayed and pulled me closer. Nash looked at me and i guess he waited that i say something but all i did was turn my face away from him. *2 houers later* Everyone where finally there and we were sitting in Cameron’s and nash’s room and nash didn’t talked to me anymore. “Is he still mad?” Jenn asked “Well i think so, but honestly i don’t understand why, he was first mad at me, because i was jealous and told me that we’re not dating or anything and now he’s mad at me because i didn’t say that i’m his girl… i don’t understand him?” I answerd. “Maybe he likes you!?” Jenn sayed “Of course he likes her, gosh guys, he just sayed that to see how she reacts when he says that he don’t like her, the problem is that he never thought everything would end like this and now he’s mad because he never thought that you wouldn’t say something when he says that your his girl!” Matt sayed in a serious way. “What did he thought i say or do? Did he hope that i jump in his arm and say ‘aww nash of course i’m your girl’?” I asked. ” i don’t know but you guys need to talk this out” matt answered and hugged me. “Yoo guys, guess who arrived?” jack g screamed with the biggest smile on his face “Ohh well by the way you sayed this i guess your girlfriend?” Jj answered. “Well yeah! ” jack sayed in a confused way. “Someone gonna pick her up with me?” Jack asked and looked at me smiling. “Yeah i’m gonna come with you” nash and me sayed at the same time. We walked downstairs and shanice was already waiting. Both were dating for 4 months now and i was also happy for them! We sayed hi and talked a bit and then walked back upstairs. I took the stairs because i hate elevators and because i wanted that jack and shanice hade some time alone but nash followed me. “Hey can we talk?” Nash asked as he grabed my hand. “Sure” i answered. We sat down on the stairs and started talking. But not like we talked things out no it was just getting worser. “Are you kidding me? I like you but not this way, i would never like you this way!” Nash screamed. I was totally in shock, everytime we kissed, we cuddled, every text and everytime he told me how much i mean to him was a lie. I didn’t know what to answer and i couldn’t because he wasn’t ready yet. “I have another girl, i don’t know what you thought this is but I DON’T LIKE YOU!” I feeled the tears streaming down my face. I was in shock so i just turned around and walked upstairs into mine and jenns room. *2 houers later * “(Y/n)?” Cam asked. I feel asleep while i was listening to music, i slowly turned around to look at Cameron. “Huh?” I asked. “How do you feel sweetheart?” Cam asked with his soft voice. I layed my head back down but cam layed down next to me so we could cuddle. “He told you what happend?” I asked. “Yes, he did and i swear i’m so mad at him how can he lie to you!” Cam sayed in a mad way. “Why did he lie?”i askee confused but that was the last thing i could say befor jenn, shanice and taylor ,shawns girlfriend walked into the room! I actually don’t know how long taylor and shawn are dating because as i met him he was already in a relationship with he and i don’t know why but they always reminded me of lily and marshall from ‘how i met your mother”. All jumped in my bed and hugged me, i feel a bit better! “Don’t think about it!” Jenn sayed. “Let’s go out with the boys and when i say boys i mean matt, shawn, jack and Cameron” taylor sayed winking. I agreed and the boys too. *15 min later* We dressed up and walked out of our room. Of course we had to pick up the boys because their never punktual. We nocked at cams door and Aaron opened it. “Wow!” He sayed We just smiled and and we walked into the room, all boys looked at us. “Woe guys you look aswome!” Carter sayed smiling. “Thank you” We sayed at the same time and started laughing. We talked a bit but as we wanted to leave, nash walked into the room. But he wasn’t alone, no he was with ‘his girl’ and we were shocked as we saw who she is! Part 2?

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10, 31, and 40 for the fic asks meme :)

*side note: most of these fic recs are olicity, unless otherwise stated

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?


I don’t know if anyone does it better than @machawicket, let’s be honest:
Deceive, Inveigle, and Obfuscate
Little Black Dresses and King Sized Messes

31. Do you read AUs?

DO I READ AUs?????

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Is the sky blue?

Does Oliver Queen love Felicity Smoak? (the answer is yes, although apparently don’t ask Andrew Kreisberg …hahahahaahah asshole)

Hell yes, I read AUs. I LOVE THEM.

Originally posted by piratevanrock

SOUL MATES AUs (I’m not kidding on this one, I don’t think anyone loves them as much as I do). This one, ugh universe forgive me, it’s so good I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it: Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) by @sarcasticfina

I am also totally in love with the FiCoN ‘verse by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated (Julianna Queen Defense Squad reporting for service!), and You Have Not Failed This ‘Verse (also by Janis) is one of my favorite works ever, across all fandoms. It’s brilliant and also FIREFLY

Originally posted by nose-drip

It feels like an olicity fandom rite of passage to have read the Legacy verse by @ash818, but you can’t talk about AUs without this monster of a work.

If you’re looking for sci-fi/fantasy AUs, @alexiablackbriar13 is your writer. Start with Little Bird Blue.

College AU you asked? Oh-ho-ho…here: Something Like Fate series by @hannasus (I have yet to read Into You Like a Train, but it’s top of my list. I’m going to recommend it regardless because I just know it’s good.)

This falls into AU category for canon-divergence, but fuck me guys this is so gorgeous: Between the Shadow and the Soul by @apinknightmare

Movie AU? How about Speed but with super sexy cop Oliver Queen and the bravest genius to ever ride a bus Felicity Smoak? Velocity by @machawicket

I don’t think anyone writes suspense quite like @supersillyanddorky06 does - I’m in so deep for The Predator  it’s not even funny at this point.

My favorite AUs, far and away, category of their own, are written by @thatmasquedgirl. Masque is the AU queen. Bow to her. Her work is brilliant and I will READ IT ALL.Find her on AO3 here: (x)  Just, read all of the things. I’ve made it a goal for my fandom life to read everything she’s written. I don’t even think I’m halfway through yet, but I’ll get there. May I suggest you start with Deathstroke!Felicity (trust me on this one).

Originally posted by gwenfckay

40. Do you like fluff?

Oh yes, very much.

Originally posted by thatonegirlamy6

I’m selective about it for sure, but when fluff is good it’s so good.

This Feels Like Falling In Love by @sophie1973 - it’s AU and maybe the sweetest kid!fic in existence 

Text message fics? Why yes, please and thank you. Also, DOG BLANKET.
The Unbearable Hotness of Being by @machawicket (not sure if you’re sensing a theme here or not, but I am a Macha fangirl full stop. I love everything she writes, even when she kills my faves - which she does, so read those tags).


So, I tend to like some realism in my fluff…maybe that makes it less fluffy? Not sure. But this is an absolute favorite of mine: A man no longer what he was (nor yet the thing he planned) by @ash818 - chapter 12, Nightmares (NSFW)

Now for tiva, I tend to like fluff when it feels real because they are the least fluffy ship I have ever shipped. They are a ship of pain and I LOVE IT (except for canon. I hate canon. Canon can die on a hill for all I care). So fluffy tiva can feel OOC to me depending. I’m selective on that one.

Tiva writers I will always read no matter what they write: @sharilynn87, @quotelation, @perfectblue (Kate has written some works that just FUCK ME UP in the best ways possible), @easylion, and @mcgeekle.

Originally posted by theessentialshandbook

Bawson is delightful in that the writing is SO GOOD from literally everyone and if you’re really determined, you could read everything labeled Ginny Baker/Mike Lawson on AO3 to catch up (you can, I did).

Originally posted by scandamonium

But here are some of my favorites just because:

I’m all in for The Littlest Padre series by @magicinhermadness. Papa!Mike kills me every damn time and OMG Tillie Baker-Lawson shut the front door I love her to pieces.

Originally posted by magicinhermadness

I’m also completely in love with and died a little over Raise My Glass ‘Cause Otherwise I’m Dead by @theshipsfirstmate (who incidentally is also one of my favorite olicity writers and the fact that she’s now writing bawson is KILLING ME IN THE BEST WAY DAMN IT).

This little ficlet from @darlinginmyway is like, everything I want from fanfiction…feels real and lived in but also sexy and funny and I WANT IT. Probably goes without saying, but I rec literally every single thing Jen has written for bawson (and olicity too, just saying). 

Cuter than cute drabble, Sweater Weather by @lawofavgs (another read all the things recommendation)

Is it weird I’m rec’ing your own work in this ask @oddlyfamiliar? Ahahah oh well. I just want to wrap myself up in bawson feels. I can’t help it. The people need to know of this goodness (x)! I’m also obsessed with your series: Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too 

my darling Erica, @sadlymylifeisno80smovie also wrote this bawson delightful sweetness that makes me want to cry a little: Ruin 

So yeah, yup, This is an extremely long answer because I am a wordy bitch with opinions and things.

Thanks for the ask!