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I was wondering if you know any Wincest fics that are about the boys first discovering their feelings for each other? Maybe they kiss once and freak out and then they have to accept their feelings and admit that they love each other more than they should? Or something similar to that? Thank you so much!

Hi nonnie! I love firsttime so here you go: (these are mostly NC-17)

Just a Kiss by eremir

First in a series of Dean teaching Sam about sex. This one is R, but other fics in the series are NC-17. It’s super sweet and hot with shy Sam and caring big brother Dean. 

Courting Death by theproblematique

This is a really, really cool AU featuring reaper!dean and accidentpronehunter!sam. (not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but just try it) 

TMI by astolat

Basically Dean talking dirty about kinky sex he had with a girl and Sam discovering he wants to be the one having kinky sex with Dean. 

Run It All Over by runawaydreamer

They’ve only got each other on the road, so a platonic handjob or two becomes commonplace. And then it becomes more… The first in the amazing West series, these are so hot mmm. 

Practice Kissing by whiskyandoldspice

More weecest where Dean teaches Sam about kissing before his first date with a girl, but Sam doesn’t end up going on that date. One of the first wincest fics I ever read and it’s still one of the very best. 

I’m sure I’ve read something exactly like what you described but for some reason I am terrible about marking fics so I can remember??? I’m so sorry. Check these out, and also try thewincestlibrary. If you ask there i’m sure they will be able to give you exactly what you’re looking for. 


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I'm just now getting into Wincest. Can you post some juicy fics? Maybe some you've written, some that turn you on?

Hi Lovely! 

First of all here is a link to my AO3 where I’ve posted a few things I’ve written that you can check out. 

As for things written by people more talented than myself: 

Honeyboy by dollylux (~6000 words)

Underage wee!chesters who can’t keep it in their pants as well as panty!kink and a little exhibitionism. This one is super duper hot mmm. 

The Ballad of the Invisible Boy and its sequel Two-Headed Boy by dollylux (~270000 words total)

Gosh okay. These hurt like crazy but they are so good and so in character and it is definitely worth your time to read them even thought they’re longggg. Read the warnings though! It’s important!

A Thousand Touches by  Cha, anyothergirl415 (~30000 words)

So much codependency here. Weecest where Sam is mute and basically communicates through Dean. It’s great. 

Put Your Ray Gun to My Head by eugara (~13000 words WIP) 

Futuristic space AU that has amazing characterization and its hilarious and hot all at the same time and I can’t wait to read the whole thing when it’s finished. 

Slow Ride by bewaretheides15 (~3000 words)

What would a fic rec list be without impala!sex, so here ya go. It’s beautiful and delicious.

Wolfpack Verse by tabaqui (idk the wordcount but it’s long) 

AU written from an outsider’s pov. The boys and John are pretty dark in this one but it’s really hottttt. also I hope this link works

The Theory of Relativity by wutendeskind (~20000 words) 

Really great retired fic that diverges from canon after Swan Song. 

Like Staring Into the Sun by nyxocity (~20000 words total) 

These are so goddamn hot. Short fics that could be read separately but they make more sense in order. Basically Sam+Dean+girl and amazing smut. 

So there’s a lot of different things to try here and it’s kind of all over the place but I hope you find something you like!

Also I recommend thewincestlibrary for more great fic recs, they post all kinds of wonderful things. Happy reading!

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“My Quinn”! Damn right, she's YOURS, Dianna! They may have given her the name & character description, but Dianna OWNED it. She gave Quinn Fabray depth, strength amidst vulnerability, compassion beneath the cruelty & cold-heartedness—an amalgamation of the best & worst in a person. Completely relatable. A supposedly one dimensional character she gave her 110% and made three. So, you're right, Di! SHE'S YOURS. Not Glee's, nor RIB's. And we couldn't be more thankful for her & you. *sobs forever*


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did you read the other aticle from tvjournals about the 10 best ships/dynamics from glee ? faberry is also included ! the only quinn ships mentioned is faberry and fabrevans and there are not other toxic couples so this list seems legit lol tvjournals(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)114185152556(/)glee(-)goodbye(-)counting(-)down(-)the(-)10(-)best(-)glee

Oh they did! Thanks anon! And an awesome typo to too boot HAHAHA 

“And before Rachel got married to Quinn”

3. Faberry (Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry)

Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry had a very Kurtofsky-esque relationship that really needed some thinking to appreciate. But, I do want to point out that once you understand their chemistry you will never regret it and will end up thanking yourself for reading between the lines the entire time. Ever since season one we saw Quinn bully Rachel for no apparentreason yet as soon as Rachel could help her out, she did so. Over time the two had their fair share of hatred for one another but eventually they always looked out for the other. When Quinn was in her car crash Rachel cared more about that than her actual wedding and pretty much felt so guilty that she couldn’t do it without her, even though she had no idea about the car crash at this point in time. And before Rachel got married to Quinn we saw the blonde regretfully hear the announcement and, in a deleted scene, she is the only one to tell Rachel about how much potential she has and how much of a waste it is for her to marry Finn so soon. Faberry may not be a romantic ship on the show but the two had a chemistry that nobody could deny. Their friendship blossomed into a beautiful creation that, knowing Glee’s track record, was rightfully ended by simply not being brought up again.

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Favorite smutty wincest fics?

Hey nonnie! Here ya go: 

TMI by astolat 

For all of your panty!kink bottom!dean needs, this one is just hot as hell. Super awesome characterization also. 

The Best Part of Waking Up by dollylux

This weecest was inspired by that one Folger’s commercial that people were complaining was incesty and it’s amazing, just like everything dollylux writes.

Honeyboy by Dollylux 

This one is also weecest, preseries, and Sam in panties. One of the first weecest fics I ever read and I still love it. 

Practice Kissing by whiskyandoldspice

I’m pretty sure this is the very first wincest (weecest) fic I ever read. It’s just hot and beautiful and probably to this day my absolute favorite. 

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