The Campus Fuck Boy (G.D)

Summary: Grayson Dolan is the college fuck boy of the century, who also happens to be best friends with your brother. Your brother comes back to town, and you’re expecting some nice brother sister bonding before the first football game at your campus. But instead of bonding with your brother, you end up bonding with someone else instead…

Warnings: Mentions of sex.

A/N: Grayson as a college fuck boy is a concept I will never get over! Sorry for being so shitty with uploading lately! But I promise I’m gonna get my shit together, & start updating some more! Love you! <3

Reader’s POV

It was only the second week of my junior year in college, and I was already hoping for it to be over. I didn’t like any of the professors, and the work load was already ridiculous, and on top of that I was working 2 jobs, to be able to pay rent, and bills. I regret moving out. I mean as much I like my privacy, I do not like paying rent every month. 

“Are you still going to the game tonight?” my friend Jenn asked, as we were walking to the parking lot.

It was the first football game of the season, and I was excited to go. I love football, and we had a pretty good team. Probably because the star quarterback, and his not as douchey twin brother makes sure the team never loses.

“Yeah, Mike’s probably going to come with us.” I said, referring to my brother.

“Mike’s in town?” Jenn asked.

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Written by a girl
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The whole class fell into a state of enthusiasm. While he was struggeling standing up ,the girls where giggling and laughing.
“Can I go next?” Asks one girl
“No, It’s my turn” replies another one
“Calm down my fellow ladies. First i will show you how to connect what you have learned about his testicles with his penis” says Jenn while picking up the still groaning Man kneeling besides her by taking his dick in her hand and dragging him up. He groans but cannot resist. She drags the hulk up again and points with her other hand at his tip of his penis.
“Do you see this Ladies. This is pre-cum. It’s only logically that when you hit those cum filled low hanging bags, they will start leaking. In general by using their Dick they can be controlled by giving them a mixture of pleasure but then striking again, to first give them hope but then taking it again.” She says while starting to jerk his cock.
“How does it feel ?” Asks Jenn
“Very good ” he replies in his deep voice while trying to enjoy the moment and putting his arms behind his back. Short after his cock went hard and the students were impressed.
“Especially after their balls have been hit there is a lot of pressure in them, so they want to cum really really badly. But they don’t just want to masturbate all by himself” she says while still having a good Grip around his aroused dick with her sharp nailed fingers going up and down “ they are so horny that they absolutely want to get an orgasm by a woman. And for that they would take a lot to maybe have a chance to get that in the end ”
While he was still enjoying the handjob which you could see in his face as Jenn also rubbs her thighs against his cock and her tits onto his body she gently wanders her hand hand from behind his neck to his big chin and beard down to his hairy chest but not down to his cock like he thought but to his groin again as she clenches her fist and ramms it into his exposed melon balls. He immediatly clenches together down but not too much because he didn’t want her to stop the handjob while he exhales abruptly while also groaning in agony. But this time she lands a second eve harder shot right between both his testicles which made him go down completely. While he was once again moaning in pain Jenn says “ okay the lesson is about to end. Now he is all yours”.
With that the girls jump up with a sense of amusement and almost run like animals towards the man hulk lieing on his back still holding his balls. The 6 to 7 students attack him from all sides. One girl immediately came down and sat between his legs trying to shove away his hands from his manhood. 2 Girls from each side tried to push away his arms and wrapped their whole arms and legs around them making them not useable. While another girl ungently grabs his flaccid cock which got hard short after and another girl was pushing him down by his shoulders and chest while gently biting him in his Cheek of his face. After about 3 seconds they had him completely pinned down and every extremity wide spread. Although he resisted ,against this small army of girls there was nothing he could do no matter how much strength he uses. He was surrounded by young tits and asses grinding all over him while they ungently grabbed his cock jerk in it and ungently each girl took one ball in the hand, squeezing them in amusement and interest. They were punching them one after another until the girl who busted him first decided to put her fist onto his balls while pressing the onto the ground. He was groaning and moaning in pain. Those little beasts had him underfloor control and used her new learned knowledge perfectly as the used his biggest weakness against him to own his big developed man body. After 15 minutes he came after the immense pressure on his balls and the girls one after another left the classroom with a smile leaving behind this mess.

im listening to the Pride episode of Broadway Cast and they asked Jenn Colella to name as many LGBT musical theater characters as possible and she IMMEDIATELY said Elphaba, said “Tuck Everlasting” was a character, and said both Charlie and Willy Wonka, adding “I know for a fact that Christian isn’t gay, but we kind of all want him to be” and every single person on the panel agreed. 

anonymous asked:

yet she lived

She is made of glass,
but not the way you think.

They gave her a Pandora’s box 
     of chameleon skin
     and spider venom
     and mockingbird voice
and let her loose on the world.

Nobody ever learns from the legends;
She opened the box and unleashed her demons,
and they forgot about the one thing sitting lonely at the bottom.
Zeus left Pandora with the cursed gift of hope,
and they left her with the damned blessing of fire.

Oh, and she burned.

So what if she’s a little stained?
A little black with smoke and sins,
A little red with blood?
What if she’s a broken, shattered,
a million sharp shards scattered on the ground?

Stained glass makes the prettiest pictures,
And the most beautiful mosaics are made of broken glass.

Oh, she is made of glass,
but not the way you think.
They broke her, shattered her, ruined her–
and yet


Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 5,681

Warnings: Smutty Language (Like no actual sex, but it’s pretty suggestive), Language, Just sexy, fluffy goodness all around.

A/N: If you haven’t seen the video for Bonfire, or you just want more of a visual representation of the ‘smut’ I mentioned, click here. I’m really happy with the way this turned out, so I hope you like it. Drummer!Dylan always gets me going. (Based in 2010 before Dylan buzzed his hair for Teen Wolf.)

Y/E/C= your eye color

   I heard my name being called from the other end of the hallway, and Dylan’s smooth tenor voice made me laugh to myself. I could only imagine him waving frantically and trying to swerve his way through all the other people in the school.

   I stopped digging through my bag to turn around, scanning through the faces until I found his. He nearly fell over into another girl, causing her to whine unhappily. I chuckled, shaking my head as he mumbled his apologies to her. He finally got to me, panting lightly as he put his hands on his hips, his face scrunched up as he tried to breath.

   “You’re in gym class. How are you so out of shape?” I laughed.

   Dylan waved a hand with a breathy exhale of a laugh. “Everyone knows you don’t do shit in that class.”

   “Is that why you waited until senior year to take it?”

   “Definitely.” I giggled at him as he slunk his arm over my shoulders and walked with me towards our next class. “So I have a favor to ask you.”

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Imagine Request…

A.N.: Hope you guys like it! tell me what you think. Ooh and if you want me to write you something just ask. 

“Elijah…” You said entering the house both of you lived in. Your day was horrible and with less that 5 hours of sleep everything you wanted to do now is sleep and rest. Just lay with him in bath and take a bath together. No day out on valentine this year.

“Y/N!” You see Elijah turn the corner towards the hall you were standing. “You shouldn’t be home yet.”

“I was pretty tired so I asked Jenn if she could end my shift.” You looked at him and he had a little panic in his eyes. He walked towards you gave you a hug and a little kiss on the lips. “I want to take a bath to rest do you want to join.”You said walking towards the stairs leading to the seconds floor. You looked towards him a little smile on your face hoping he gets the hint. But you saw him put his coat on.

“I’m have to run a quick aron and will be back in a few seconds.” He says opening the door. He gives you a little smile and closes the door behind him. You looked at the close door in front of you. Not believing what just happened. He just left you there, alone. You got you gaze back to the stairs and started walking towards the bathroom.

You started to fill the bathtub with warm water. You put some music on and you entered the bathtub. You need to relax from your day and then you need to think of something you will do with Elijah for Valentine day when he got back. You closed your eyes and listening to the music.


Elijah was outside of the house on the phone.

“I would like to cancel the table reservation.”

“Of Course sir. What’s the reservated name?”

“Elijah Mikaelson.”

“Thank you sir I will cancel the reservation.”

With that Elijah ended the call. He wanted to do something special for valentine’s day this year but he knew if you ended day early that you had a bad day at work. He wanted to do somethign special he just have to figure out something else.

He could hear you turned the water on to fill the bathtub.

A smile just grow on his face. He knew exactly what he had to do. 

He got inside as quickly as possible to get everything prepare.


You were lying in the bathtub. With your eyes close just feeling the music that was playing. You feel fingers trace patterns on your shoulder. That makes you body get goose puns. You open your eyes and you see Elijah looking at you. His fingers going up and down on your arm to your face.

You gave a him a smile. “Wanna get in?”

“I have a better view from here.” A big smile on his face. “I have a surprise for you.” He continues.

“You didn’t need to do anything.” You look towards him and you pulled him close to you to give him a kiss. Both of you break the kiss with a smile on your lips.

He stands on your side and begins to take his clothes of.

“Scoop up I’m getting in.” You smile at him and made some space so he could sit behind you.

He sat behind you, tracing some kisses on you ear and neck.


You almost felt in sleep in bath with Elijah. It was so hard to keep your eyes open, when just patting your arm and giving you little kisses from time to time on the top of you head. 

“We should get out.” You said towards him.

“I thought you fell asleep.”

“That’s why we should get out. I want to enjoy this day with you and not fall asleep.” You say standing up.

“I don’t mind.”

“But I do.” You step out of the bath and Elijah followed. You looked towards him and you saw him smiling towards you. “I think I will make us something special for dinner.” You said quickly. Both of you put your clothes on and you started walking towards the door.

Before you could reach it he grabs your hips and turn you towards him. He looks you in the eyes and smiles.

“How can I be so lucky to have you.” You said towards him.

“I’m the lucky one.” He says kissing you.

You start walking towards the door. He still had his hands on your hips. You walk out of the bathroom towards the bedroom. When you opened the door from the bedroom. YOu saw the bed all covered with rose petals. There was a little table settled by the window with 2 glasses and a wine bottle. He hanged some lights on to the bed making that the only thing that lit the room. You looked at him and he had this big smile on his face.

“How… I love you.” You said to him.

“I love you to.” He says letting your hips go and making you enter the room.  “I have everything prepared. I got food, movies. You don’t have to do anything.”

“I know something I want to do.” You said to him running you hand threw his chest.

He gets a devilish smile on his face.

montyfalsworth  asked:

footprints, glass, fury

Send me three words and I'll write you a poem (x)

Look at you, the prodigal son–
you with the star-studded eyes,
you with the mountain range spine,
you with the sun on your lips
     and moonlight in your skin,
     and terra firma at your feet. 

You are the world, the universe, the cosmos,
     son of the galaxy, heir of the planets,
     God’s chosen child.

Your touch burns like sunlight on Icarus’s wings. 
I am burning at the stake.
I am melting like snow in April.
I am vanishing like raindrop puddles in the desert.

I am dying under your touch,
     your toxic fingers,
     your corrosive skin,
oh, but I am addicted to the aftertaste of your skin on mine.
I am addicted to the whisper of your caress,
and if this is the way I die–
I choose this. I choose you.
I must die anyway. 

Darling, I am not like you. 

You leave footprints in the bedrock,
brand the Earth with your trail, your path–
mountains collapse under your feet.

I leave memories like fingerprints on glass
to be wiped away with a breath and one fatal swipe.

I am ephemeral,
a passing thought,
a flickering candleflame,
and even your fury cannot bind me to this earth.

Even your breath cannot give me life–
that, my love, already belongs to Death, I’m afraid.
Even your kisses cannot start my heart–
that, my love, stopped bleeding long ago, I’m afraid.

Please don’t look so sad. 
Gods were never meant to fall in love with fallen men,
     with boys who play with fire and singed skin.
You’ll forget me someday, I know–
it’s nothing tragic, it’s just the way love stories go–
but until that day, my love,
remember me in the whisper of a breeze,
     in the afterimage of an eclipse,
     in the shadows of a falling star. 

Remember me when I am gone–
my smudged-glass kisses, my death-kissed touch,
my sun-cursed hellfire plummet in your arms–
Remember me when I am gone.

That’s all I ask, my God-favoured love.

austohmatthews  asked:

three words: yellow, blue, gray :)

Send me three words and I'll write a poem (x)

Was there colour in the world before you? 
I forget sometimes. 

Was there yellow before the golden strands of your hair?
Surely even the sun could not have been so bright, so pure.
Surely even the proud narcissus shied away from such brilliance.

Did my eyes know blue before I met you?
The summer skies cannot have been brighter than your eyes.
The ocean waves cannot have been deeper than the bruises staining your skin.

Did red exist in the cosmic palette before you?
Before the heated-brand press of your lips on my skin,
Before the pearls of your blood beading on your knuckles?

Was there colour in the world?
It’s so hard to remember these days,
Under all these grays that you left behind,
Grey smoke–grey skies–grey ash–grey windows–

It’s so hard to remember these days
that you used to shine so bright.
That I used to shine with you, too.

Happiness is a Cupcake Away

Woozi story where you work at a bakery and later you end up dating Woozi, this first part is just build up to meeting Woozi. I really like where this story is going so… Enjoy~

“Y/N! Hurry up! We’re going to be late.” Your roommate shouts from her bedroom.

“Mhm.” You try to say through the toothpaste in your mouth. Spitting out the toothpaste and giving your hair one last fix, you leave the bathroom. “You’re not even ready! How are you going to tell me to hurry up.” You laugh, standing in the doorway with your bag. “You have five seconds before I leave without you.” You friend doesn’t respond. “five…four…three…” you start drawing out the syllables. “Twooooo.”

“Wait wait wait, coming!” she yelled, stumbling out her room with her phone in between her lips and bag between her legs, trying to push her arms through a pale blue hoodie. Her bag and phone both fall and she tries desperately to grab her phone before it falls, phone bouncing back and forth both hands before she finally catches it. You couldn’t hold back the laugh you were keeping in. She releases the breath she was holding in, “well” she smiles, “they won’t bake themselves.” You smile to yourself, even though it was way too early for most people to function, you loved going to work, baking was your hobby and hopefully, your career. Luckily you were a morning person, unlike your roommate, who could barely crack an egg without falling asleep. “How can you be this happy at butt fuck in the morning.” You hear you roommate say behind you with a yawn.

“I don’t know.” walking backwards to talk to her. “Today just feels good, ya know?” she chuckles and shakes her head.

“whatever you say, Y/N.”

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Two pieces of one.

BTS Mafia AU

Part1/ Part2/ Part3 / Part4 /

A/N: The first chapter got not a bit ,but very long, 5,101 words which is a lot. I think that this one will be shorter ,(I hope so 😛). I am not sure how this story will progress ,as I just sit down and write based on some kind of idea. Still, I hope you like it. I am doing customized text right now, if you want to send a request please read this for more information. Sorry for any mistakes made in the text.

Word count:  4,612

Warnings: Mention of blood and some bad words here an there.

F/N- friend name

“Mark- this name will be used as the guy you have a crush on. You can change it to someone you like too.

                       Chapter 2- “Honeymoon memories”

   The ceremony and the party ended, your maids pulled you away from your now, husband. In your room ,there were some clothing options placed on the bed ,for you to choose from.

“You can leave her to me girls.”said M

“But, we can help.”said A

  M turned to face the other women in the room with you “I am the miss’s personal maid, or do you want to fight?”

  It seemed to you that everyone was scared of M, well she was a terrifying fighter nonetheless. The girls nodded and closed the door from the outside.

“Ok.”M turned towards you “I advise you to pick the skirt.” 

“I was going to do that anyways.”you smiled at her

“Not that one. This one.” she changed the skirts in your hand

“Why?” you asked 

“Because the one you were holding was tight fitting. If you put on the one I gave you, you will have full access to the guns.”

 M pulled out the two weapons and placed then on the bed ,next to the clothing you were going to wear. First she fixed your hair, then helped you remove the makeup. After finishing all of that ,she gave you a bag.

“Go in the bathroom and put that on.”

  You nodded and went in with the bag. You closed the door behind you and checked the contents of the package. Judging by it ,it was underwear. Oh yeah. I can’t go out in my bridal once. you thought as you pulled them out.Wait a minute…

“M!” you yelled out to make sure she heard you

“Yes? Does it fit?” she asked

“Umm, about that. I think you gave me the wrong bag.”

“Really? That can’t be.”she walked over to check her own bag “Nope, I am positive it’s the right one.”

“Are you sure?”you were skeptical about this

“Why don’t you put them on and I will tell you then.” 


   After 5 minutes you finally opened the door of the bathroom. M turned around to see you. “See. I told you it is the right bag.”

  You were wearing black half lace lingerie ,with two red bows on each side of your panties.

”I-I can’t wear this.” you were blushing so heard ,that the red color of your face ,was matching the one of the strings on your underwear.

“You are forgetting something.”said M while she was helping you put on the garters .You looked at her with a puzzled look .”Tonight is your wedding night.”

“You don’t mean….” 

“Yes I do.”

  You became wide eyed looking at her, your hand slowly creeped towards your mouth.

“Look at you , all shy and stuff.”M laughed out. After your clothing was ready she stood up and looked at you seriously. You forgot about the ‘wedding night’ thing for now.

“You are ready.” she passed the guns and you placed them in the holders”Everything you need is in the suitcase.” you nodded

  The other maids walked in to help you bring your baggage to the car.”Remember ,don’t tell him about anything unless you have to .” M whispered to you 

  You nodded and stepped in to the car. Jimin was sitting right next to you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him. Thanks to the sunglasses you were wearing, you were able to sneak a peek once or twice.

 “Your phone.” his voice was as deep as always 

“Huh?” you looked down and saw that someone was requesting a video call.

“Hey F/N.” you said

“Um, is Y/N there?” she asked you

“You are talking to her.”you removed your sunglasses to expose your face 

“Y/N!”F/N looked to the side “Hey guys come here!”

  Next to F/N stepped Jenn, Anny and James

“No way!”said Jenn

“You look amazing! Where did you get that shirt from?”asked Anny

“If I knew you looked this hot, I would have asked you on a date.” James winked at you.

  For a second you heard a strange sound , but you didn’t pay attention to it.

“Don’t say things like that to her.”giggled F/N 

“Why?”he asked

“We will tell you later. By the way I got a message from our homeroom teacher. She said that we have to bring our blue textbooks tomorrow.” Jenn showed you the one she was talking about. 

“About that-” 

“Who are you talking to?” someone’s question cut you off

“Y/N. Come here.”F/N pulled the mystery person towards the camera

“Hey Mark.”you said 

“Hey,Y/N…you look good.” he was very shy, or maybe he felt humiliated after he met Jimin.

“Did you remember what I said, about school?I want to make sure you did.” 

“The thing is…Jenn I won’t be coming to school this month.”you tried to smile.

“W-what are you saying?” asked you F/N

“Well…”you lifted your hand and showed them the wedding ring “I am going on my honeymoon.”

“WHAT!”everyone jumped towards the camera. “When did this happen?”asked James

“Yeah ,just 2 days ago you were engaged.”said F/N

“Yes.”James nodded and then looked speechless at everyone else. “What do you mean ‘was engaged’? No one told me.”

“Sorry for not telling you. I am going to Jeju island.I want to show you the view right now, but we are still in the car.”

“Wow to Jeju! I love that place. We went on a holiday last year, it was amazing.” said Jenn

“Can’t you turn the camera towards the drivers side?It should be visible from there.” suggested James

“Umm, about that-”suddenly the sun hit your face, you looked up and the sky was visible. You turned to face Jimin and saw his finger on the button for the roof. He wasn’t looking at you, though “Thanks.” 

  He wasn’t that bad. The good things he did ,were always silent. 

“Wow cool.”said F/N

“Wait…is that a lamborghini am seeing?”asked James 

“A convertible lamborghini .” 

“Who said that?” James looked in to the phone screen, looking for the person speaking. 

“Turn the camera towards me.”Jimin said 

“You have an eye for cars boy.”he told him

“Thank you.” James looked a bit uncomfortable, but it was normal for him. He acted like this every time he met a new person.

 You pulled the phone back a bit so that everyone could see you and Jimin in the frame perfectly. 

“This is Park Jimin. “you introduced him to your friend

“Nice to meet you Jimin. I am James. One of Y/N’s close friends.”

“The pleasure is mine James. I am Jimin, Y/N’s husband.”for just a split second you thought you saw Jimin looking at Mark with a killer look in his eyes.

 James was shocked for a couple of minutes, until F/N and Jenn shook him up a bit. Anny pushed everyone to the side for awhile to look at Jimin.

“You are so lucky Y/N!”she almost yelled out

“Hey…um…are you driving the diablo?”James asked Jimin

“You were close ,but no. This baby is a Gallardo black from the limited edition 2014 products.” 

“You got your hands on a 2014 Gallardo?” James almost fell from his chair after hearing this

  Jimin smirked to himself “For us it is easy.”

“Only a hand full of people have one of these.” James was amazed “I heard that to 5 families it was given as a gift.”

“That is true.”You have never seen him smile like that before,you didn’t know if it was charming or strange. 

“James! Give me the phone, you car nerd.” F/N was able to pull her mobile from his hands ”Finally.”

“How long are you going to be at Jeju?”Jenn asked 

“Well a week or so.”

“You won’t be at school for a week? I envy you.” Anny yelled out 

“Actually…the truth is, I won’t be going to school…”

“For two weeks?”asked Mark and cut you off


“For 3?”this time James asked

“Stop interrupting me!” you got a bit angry

“We are sorry.”they said together, making it sound as apologetic as possible 

“I won’t be coming back to school at all.”you said it fast, because you were afraid ,that someone else might decide to cut you mid sentence

“What do you mean?” F/N’s words came out of her mouth almost like a whisper 

“I am dropping out.” your voice became a bit sad

“Wh-” F/N placed her hand on top of Anny’s mouth to shut her up and finished

“We get it. Let’s talk when you come back home.” 

“Have fun with your husband tonight.”Anny tried to make you laugh with her comment , but instead you started blushing 

“Shut up!”

“Hey Y/N if you weren’t married I would have dated you!”James said playfully again

  The girls stuck their tongues out at you and ended the video call before you could yell at them. 

  After James words you heard that strange sound again. You placed your phone in the bag and asked Jimin.

“Do you hear something odd?”you looked around to look for the cause ,but couldn’t find anything

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”he said with a pissed voice like always 

“You could be a bit nicer you know.” You turned your head towards him , when you saw something “What is that?” you pulled a tissue from your bag and lightly swiped it over his lips. 

  Jimin didn’t move , but it was obvious that he was shocked. You looked at the color and gasped “Is this…”your head almost snapped because of the fast movement it made “Jimin…are you bleeding?!”

“I am not.”

“Yes you are.”you tried to wipe away the blood that was left on his mouth. By doing that you saw the wound on his lip. “There, it should be fine now.”

  You leaned back on to your seat and started thinking. Where did he get that from? I never saw him doing anything. you thought 

“It is just a lip cut, nothing more.” 

  His words revealed the answer to you. Well not the meaning. While he was talking you saw the blood on his teeth. You looked at the ,now clean, wound and saw teeth marks. But why would he bite himself? 

  You decided that the best choice was for you to just drop this and don’t think about it …for now.

  After sometime you reached the hotel. At the entrance you could see people waiting for you. Why? Well you two were VVIPs in here and the hotel was actually managed by people from your family. 

  You stepped out of the car. “Welcome to our hotel little miss.”

“Uncle.”you yelled out with a smile on your face and jumped in to his arms

“Ha ha ha. You have grown up Y/N. How have you been?” he returned the smile back at you

“I have been amazing and you?”

“Great. I got a call from your grandfather yesterday.Where is the lucky boy?”he looked around to try and spot Jimin

“That is him.”you pointed 

  Your uncle walked closer to him. Once he saw Jimin’s face clearly he gasped “Park Jimin?” 

  Jimin bowed “I haven’t seen you in a long time boy.How have you been?”

“Uncle, you know him?”

“Yes. I met him on a job I had to do, regarding the problems in the underground market.”

“It was a pleasure working with you.”Jimin bowed again

“He is a nice boy.” your uncle patted Jimin shoulder “I will leave you to Adam, he will bring your bags to the room.”

  The man he was talking about ,came from behind your uncle and took your bags.

“Your room is on the fourth floor.” he left your stuff in there and gave you the key

“Thank you.”you smiled

“If I knew such a beautiful girl was going to use this room, I was going to place a rose in here.”

“Oh my.”you blushed “Thank you.”

  Jimin walked over to the boy and extended his hand for a handshake. Adam excepted ,not knowing better. Jimin squeezed his hand tight giving him a death glare. 

“I think my wife knows that already.No need to make it obvious.” he hissed 

“Wife?” Adam went white 

“Yes. Well thanks for the help.”he pushed the boy out of the room.

“You could be nicer to people you know.”

  Both of you began unpacking your clothing and before you knew it the clock hit 07:00. You didn’t realize it until Jimin received a call from your grandfather and you had to eavesdrop on them.

“Jimin I have work for you. You will go with 3 of our men to visit an old friend of mine. I think it is time for him to go.” 

“I will do my best sir.”

“Where do you think you are going?”you walked in to the room looking at Jimin

“Y/N!” gasped your grandfather

“I am coming with you too.”you hissed

“No your not. Y/N it is dangerous.”your grandfather tried to change your mind, but once you set a goal ,no one could stop you

“You will drag me down.I told you sometime a go what I think of you!”Jimin didn’t even look at you while saying those things. He thought that he was better than you ,but the truth was something he wouldn’t believe ,unless he saw it first hand.

“He is right child.”

“Will you stop with that bullshit!” you lifted your hand “Do you know what this is? A marriage ring, which makes me your wife.” you grabbed his collar “We said ‘till death do us part’, I am not planing that to happen until you are at least 90! You hear me?!”you yelled at him

“And you!”you faced your grandfather from the monitor “Where my husband goes ,I go too.”

“Ok. You can go ,but promise me that you will be careful.”

“ Tell that to the enemy, not me.”

  You left them to finish their talk and went to get changed. M placed your fighting clothing in the bag with all of your underwear. It consisted of tight short pants and a sports bra all in a black color. You reloaded the gun so they would be ready and just in case you brought a knife. 

  Now, it would be really strange and suspicious if you walked out like this so, you put a dress over all of the weapons. 

“I am ready.” you walked back in the main room, finding Jimin in a tight body suit. It looked like yours, tight short shorts and a t-shirt type upper part. 

“Are you going like that?”he asked

“Yes. Got a problem? “


“Well I don’t give a shit.”you walked out of the room like a boss. In front of the hotel was parked a jeep ,waiting for you. Jimin went in first and then you. While you were sitting ,the man driving introduced himself to you.

“It is a pleasure to be working with you Mr and Mrs Park. I am K.” that name sounded nice to you Mrs Park, you were starting to like it. “The one with red hair is D and next to him is his brother R.”

“Nice to meet you too.”you said bowing your head down a bit

“We will make 2 stops. First we will go to the mansion of the Don and get rid of him and after that his men have to be killed too.”

“K , we are here.” said D

  K parked the car. Jimin pulled his gun out and opened the door. It was dark outside, his body disappeared in the night like a shadow. 

“Um Misses…”

“You can call me Y/N. I am not used to these formalities.”

“Thank you. I have a question, does he always look like that?” asked R

  You sighed and looked down at your shoes ”Sadly yes. He looks like he has no soul sometimes. Like his body is controlled by his anger. Jimin is a killing machine after all.”

  After a while the door opened again and an almost mindless Jimin sat next to you. His face bloody his eyes soulless. You pulled out a tissue to wipe away some of the blood from his face, but he hit your hand.

“Don’t touch me!”he yelled 

  Did he finally lose his mind? You were afraid of that deep down in your heart. You were finally at your last destination. Before he could fully exit the vehicle you grabbed his hand.

“Jimin let me come with you.” you couldn’t hide your concern 

“Let me go!”he pushed your hand away “I don’t need you! I don’t need anyone.”

  He slammed the door and walked in the big two floor abandoned storage building.

  You waited for half an hour, then it turned to one, two and you started to get worried.

“What was that sound!?”you turned to look at the building, when a bad feeling hit you “K unlock the door!”you demanded 

“No can do Y/N. It is too dangerous for a woman.”

  You pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head.”I don’t think you understand me.I didn’t ask ,I demanded!”

  You heard it unlock. “Good choice.”you started removing your dress.

“Mrs Park!”yelled out R while blushing.

  In just seconds you revealed the clothing underneath. You placed the gun back and fixed up your hair. You jumped out of the car.

“If I don’t return, call grandfather and tell him that I went on my own accord.”you slammed the door shut and started walking towards the storehouse. 

  You didn’t know what had happened in there, the only thing you wanted to know is where your husband was. It was dark in there ,so you walked slowly, making sure you knew your surroundings. 

  You stopped walking and laughed “I thought that you were smart, it seems I overestimated you.” you pulled out the gun and shot at the roof. In seconds two bodies fell on the ground next to you. You killed the first ,but wounded the second, to get information from him.

“Where is he?”you pulled the man’s collar 

“I don’t know what you are saying.” he smirked at you

  You got really pissed off by his cockiness and shot him in the stomach 

“AAHHK” he gasped in pain

“I said ,WHERE IS JIMIN!?”

  He couldn’t speak because of the pain,making him useless,  so you shot him in the head trowing the body to the side. “Scum.” you wiped the blood off of your face in an aggressive motion. 

  You heard sounds from the second floor. But before you went there, you made sure to get rid of everyone still down where you were. Your steps were silent ,but the sounds were getting louder.

  You were soon standing in front of a door, that didn’t stand a chance against your powerful kick. Once your eyes adjusted to the light ,you saw it.

  Jimin was chained up to a chair , bloody ,being beaten up by some punks.

“…Y/N…” his voice was faint 

  A man with blonde hair ,grabbed Jimin by his hair and pulled his head up.”He surrendered so fast, after we placed a sniper ,ready to kill his wife.”the man tugged on his hair “His eyes filled up with concern and pain. He really must love you.” the way he was laughing was disgusting, you wanted to vomit on the spot.

“Get your hand off of him!”you demanded 

“Or what?” he smirked 

   You tightened up all of the muscles in your body and flew past every man in the room, except for that bastard, breaking there necks. Pulling out your guns you shot two times in his legs. 

“Who gave you permission to touch my husband, you piece of shit?” with every word you said ,you made a new hole in his body. He was bleeding and dropped to the ground.

  You jumped to untie Jimin ,from the heavy chains around his body. You were so worried about him that you didn’t check if the man was dead. You felt a sharp pain in you back.

  That bastard was more that alive, he was able to land a hit on you. It took your breath away and you fell on top of Jimin. Was this guy some sort of monster? His body full of wounds , not to mention the gun shoots.

“Bitch. Who do you think you are?” 

  Your plan was to wait until you catch your breath and break his neck. Hands wrapped around Jimin to make sure he can’t hit him. Then something in you realized….Why were you protecting him? Why did you insist on going with him in the first place? Did you have to go through all of this, to realize that Jimin had pushed Mark off of the number 1 place. 

“You could have run away.” he picked up a pipe from the floor “You could have ditched this man. Isn’t freedom important to you?” 

“A monster like you wouldn’t know anything!”you hissed out still holding Jimin

“Me?A monster? I think you are talking about yourself, not me.”

  Just a bit closer!Come here bastard! you thought to yourself while talking to him.

“You are so famous in the branch families. The girl who killed a whole gang of gangsters that had guns.”he was swinging the metal object in the air to try and intimidate you. 

“Wow, thank you very much.” it was almost time, just a bit closer ,a little bit

“How about we actually test your skills?”

 NOW! You swung your leg tripping him. The gun in your holder was once more next to his head. “Good nig-”

“Shoot and he dies!”  you were interrupted by the sound of a gun next to Jimin’s head “Drop your weapon!”

  You didn’t have a choice ,so you did it. The man got up again and looked at you.

“Now when I look at you closer, you have a very nice body.What a waste being with a man like him, don’t you think?” he was eyeing you up and down 

“After I kill him, I can take you with me.What do you think?” his face inches from yours

“I’d rather die than be touched by you.”you spat in his face 

“You BITCH!” 


  A stinging pain hit your cheek as you fell on the ground. Your hand creeped towards you face to try and sooth the pain. 

“You did it now!” the man grabbed your hand and pulled you bringing more pain to you. You could kill him in so many ways. Cut his head off, shoot him, break his neck, so many indeed…but if you did they were going to kill Jimin.

“let…go…of…her…” a silent whisper filled the room 

“What?” he looked at Jimin “Oh wow, you are still conscious?” he laughed out loud ,pulling you by the hand in his arms “ What are you going to do about it?”

“I…said…LET GO!” Jimin suddenly got up.He grabbed the chains around himself and broke them like he was cutting paper. The madness and anger in his eyes were creating a scary blood lust aura moving around him.

  He grabbed the man pointing the gun at his head and bashed his head in the wall, killing him in an instant. Jimin’s head snapped towards you.

“Let her go.” his slow steps were making your captor shaking, terrified even unable to speak or yell out for help.

  You used the moment and stabbed him, this time you made sure he was dead. After you checked ,you ran towards Jimin.

“Are you ok?”you looked around his “Are there some serous wounds on you?”

  The two of you were able to exit safely and enter the car. 

“Mr Park! Are you ok?” asked K

“Don’t worry I will take care of him. Just drive.”

  Pulling a tissue you started wiping the blood from his face. After cleaning him up you were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t his. But he did take some bad hits, you couldn’t even believe that he didn’t have any bruises.

  Moments later the jeep stopped in front of the hotel. Once you exited the car you saw your uncle and his helpers waiting for you.

“Y/N!”he ran towards you “Are you ok?”

“Yes. We ran in to some unplanned stuff, but Jimin sustained a bad beating.”

  Your uncle waved his hand “Adam! Come here and help Y/N.”

  The boy who helped with you baggage ,came closer and tried to pull Jimin away from you. Unlucky for him, Jimin threw him in to the wall of the hotel.

“Don’t ….touch….her…”

“I will take him to the room.”

   You were very thankful that there was no one in the elevator when you entered. You didn’t know how you were going to stop him, if he decided to fight someone.

   You moved his arm a bit ,so you could pull out the keys to the room. Placing him on the bed to sit, you locked the door again. 

“Stay here.” 

  Good thing you had a first aid kit with you. Once you entered the bedroom again, he was sitting on the bed ,with his legs pushed in to the it. 

“I am sorry ,but I have to treat your wounds.” you swung your leg around him and positioned yourself in front of him in the lap area.”This might sting a bit.”

  There were just minor cuts and scratches, nothing too bad. ”There we go.”you began getting off the bed to change your clothing, when his arms traveled to your hips.

“What are you doing?”you asked him

“What about you?”he looked up, eyes filled with concern 

“What do you mean?”your voice trembled because you didn’t know what was happening.

“We should treat any wounds you might have. It wound be bad if they got infected.”

“I don’t have any, maybe one or two bruises here and there from that bastard.”

“Let me see!”Jimin grabbed your body with his left hand and pulled your clothing down a bit, to see if indeed you hand only minor bruises and not anything too bad.

“Hey! Don’t do that! Let go!” 

  Jimin’s hand stopped “What is this?” with one movement he removed your top leaving you in you bra. “What is the special occasion?”he asked you with a smirk growing on his face. 

“It’s just my normal underwear. Don’t think it’s for you!”you crossed your hands to hide as much of your body as possible.

“Really fancy for a normal day underwear ,baby.” he lifted you up so that you were looking down at him and his head was at the same level as your chest.

  His lips slowly neared your body ,until he kissed the bruises.

“W-what a-are you doing?”you asked placing your hands on his strong shoulders 

“Disinfecting your body from that man.”

“S-stop it.”you realized that you actually didn’t want to push him away. His fingers slid under the upper part of your shorts.

“Where are you touching?”you grabbed his arm “I don’t have anything down there!”

“I know. I just want to see if the upper part matched the lower.”he grinned exposing his white teeth. “Don’t forget that we are on our honeymoon and tonight is our wedding night baby.”

  He swung you around so that you were under him and his strong body hovering over you. 

“Come on show me.I want to know if they match.”he whispered in your ear “Show me and I will give you a nice present.”

“You are such a flirt.”you pouted 

“You love it.”

“Maybe.”your hand ran through his hair showing approval 


“Y/N how is Jimin?” your uncle walked in the room ,asking to know about Jimin’s condition ,while you two were having a moment.

“UNCLE!”you yelled hiding your face from the embarrassment ,which was turning your face red

“Oh my…um…sorry about that. Have fun you two.”he immediately closed the door and locked it again 

  Jimin looked at you with hunger in his eyes “So where were we before the interruption?” 


Jenn says ‘bye wifey’ to LaChanze at stage door then rides off on her scooter.

If anyone asks why I love Jenn Colella so much I’m just going to show them this video.

The Banquet Pt. 1 (Connor Franta Imagine)

A/N: This isn’t for anyone for specific, it’s just to get my new tumblr started. And who doesn’t love Connor? He’s Frantastic! If you want a personal imagine, just put it in my ask box!

Your POV

Y/N, any time now!” Connor shouted from the other room in your apartment. He promised to pick you up tonight, and take you to beach the next day as a thank you for the fact that he was dragging you to a formal YouTuber banquet and dance. Besides Our2ndLife, Tyler Oakley, Andrea, Lia, and Jenn, you didn’t like YouTubers that much. You didn’t personally know Tyler that much like you knew the rest, but you did meet him once when you were with Connor at Disneyland. You liked YouTube, but not YouTubers. They seemed loud, obnoxious, and overall annoying.

“Give me about three more minutes, then I’ll be out there!” You shouted back. Secretly, you’ve liked Connor for about four months now. He was cute, funny, sensitive, and just a good person in general. He’s been extra flirty, but that was just his personality. You were sure he acted like that around all of his friends. You wore a light blue chiffon strapless dress that made you look skinny, yet curvy in the right places. Your hair was curly, and you waterfall braided in the back. Your elegant pearly necklace covered the gap between your neck and the strapless dress. Your handbag perfectly matched the color of your dress. You had white pearl earrings to match your necklace, and white pumps. You’re nails were painted the same color as your dress and clutch, with a simple yet elegant pattern. You had light make up, that made your eyes stand out. Hopefully this outfit would impress Connor.

You sprayed your favorite perfume, and took a deep breath. You stuck your cash, iPhone 5S, room key, and lip gloss in your clutch. You walked out of your room, and saw Connor sitting on your white leather couch in the living room. When he saw you, his eyes widened in awe. He wore a standard black suit with a black tie, and black dress shoes. Although you loved his unique style that only he could rock, seeing him in formal wear was one of the hottest things you’ve ever witnessed. Connor obviously eyed you up and down, taking in your outfit.

Y/N, you look really gorgeous” he said still with wide eyes. He got up, and hugged you. You hugged him back, enjoying the small second of his warm hugs.

“Thank you Connor, you’re looking alright I guess” you teased. He unwrapped his arms around you, and playfully punched you.

“Hey now, be nice if you want that beach trip tomorrow” he said. None of your friends in LA liked the beach besides O2L and Andrea. Others could tolerate it, and a lot hated it. But the only one with a car to drive you was Connor, but Ricky hated driving with Connor since he was a reckless driver.

“You’re going to make me your slave as a threat to canceling the trip, aren’t you?”

“Naw, I know you’d do a shitty job cleaning. I can tell by the looks of your place” Connor joked. He always  compared your house to his, since he was an organized neat freak most of the time. You even came home to him cleaning your apartment when he crashed on the couch the night before.

“I am a very good cleaner. I just only clean when I want to…which is about once every three months” you said, laughing along with Connor. 

“Alright, well before I start becoming OCD about the mess in here, we should get going” he said. You nodded, and he started heading towards the door. He opened it, walked out, and gave you a wink while closing it before you could get out too.

You rolled your eyes playfully, and opened the door to see a smirking Connor on the other side of the door.

“Wow Connor, you’re such a gentleman” you said sarcastically.

“I’m only a true gentleman to ladies. You a ratchet hoe” he laughed.

“I am a classy lady, thank you very much” you said winking. You knew you weren’t classy, you hung out in the O2L house on a regular basis. You practically burped along with them mostly. The two of you walked out of the building, and headed towards his car. He opened the door for you, and you smile at him as you sat down. He shut your door, and walked around to the drivers side. He sat down in his seat, and you both out your seat-belts on. 

“So what do we jam to this time?” he asked. I looked over at him, and we instantly made eye contact. We both knew what we wanted.

“Arctic Monkeys” the two of you said at the same time. You both had huge smiles on your face, and he opened his phone onto the AM album. He tapped shuffle, and one of my favorites played.

“This is probably my favorite on the album” I said. The beginning of Arabella started playing, and you started getting excited. You, Ricky, and Connor were going to their concert later this year in August. You’ve seen videos of them playing live, and this song sounded the best.

“It would be second for me, first is One For the Road for me” he said. That was a good one, all of their songs were honestly. We started singing along to the lyrics, and by the third song we made it to the O2L house where the rest of O2L, Andrea, Jenn, Lia, and some others that you didn’t know were meeting up for pictures, and you all were sharing a limo. You weren’t a fan of the limo idea, since it’s really flashy. But it’s YouTube headquarters requests. As you both drove into the driveway, everyone that you knew including a couple of others you didn’t know where in the front yard near some nice looking bushes, and an arch that leads to the backyard. They all started waving, and Connor and you waved back. Connor stopped the music, and he parked the car. You got out, and everybody rushed over to you and Connor. You greeted everyone, and you saw a photographer walk over and take pictures. You met new people like Rebecca Black, Lohanthony, Andrew Lowe, and thatsojack. You thought those people were annoying at first, but you just had to really meet them to realize that they’re sweet, funny, and normal people.

“Wait, I thought I was taking pictures on one of your guys’ cameras since I’m not a YouTuber” you said confused.

“You’ve shown up in collabs with some of us a lot, everybody loves you. And we love you, you can’t be left out” Andrea said.

“Yeah, all of my comments about you are always ’Y/N is so pretty’, ’Y/N is so funny, do more videos with her’, and stuff like that. I honestly think you should make a channel” Lia said.

“That’s so sweet, and I actually have considered a channel. But I’m still thinking it over” you said. Everyone started talking about the beginnings of their channels, and then the photographer told all of you guys should get going soon. You all took a group picture in front of the arch, and then there were boy group pictures, and girl group pictures. After everyone got a picture with the specific people they wanted, the limo showed up at the house.

“Wait, I need a picture with Y/N!” Connor said as everyone else headed towards the limo. The two of you stood next to each other in front of the arch, and he wrapped one arm around your shoulder. You put one of your arms around his back, and the other on his stomach. You didn’t know why, but it just kind of worked. All of a sudden, his stomach stiffened out of nowhere.

“Connor, did you just flex?” you asked, about to laugh.

Y/N, shut up and let’s take the picture” Connor said putting his hand over your mouth playfully. So you decided to lick his hand.

“Ew, you’re gross!” He said, wiping his hand on your shoulder.

“WE DONT HAVE TIME TO WASTE YOU LOVE BIRDS” Kian shouted. You felt your cheeks grow warm, and you took a formal picture. After a few snaps, the two of you headed towards the limo. Everyone was packed inside, and there was barely room for either you or Connor.

“Dammit, how are we gonna fit?” Connor asked.

Y/N, sit on my lap babe” Anthony said to you. You walked over to him, and sat on his lap. He really was sweet, letting you sit on his lap without knowing him longer than fifteen minutes.

“Damn, you have a nice ass Y/N” Anthony said making you blush.

“Right? I wish I had an ass like that and be skinny!” Andrea said.

“Guys, stop” you said with a smile on your face, and warmth in your cheeks. As the limo left the front of the house, the song Dark Horse by Katy Perry was playing on the radio. Everyone started singing and jamming out, including yourself. 

“So who is all sitting together?” Jack asked. 

“It’s all of O2L at a table, and then the other table is the ’Fab Five’ including Y/N, Lia, and Andrea.”

“Who’s the Fab Five?” you asked.

“Rebecca, Anthony, Jenn, Andrew, and Jack” Trevor answered.

“All of them at a formal dinner table? Dear lord help them be sane” Sam fake prayed.

“Oh come on, O2L at a table can’t be any better!” Rebecca said. Everyone laughed, knowing it was true. As you all rode to the banquet, people started vlogging and recording. It was madness hearing all of the vlogs happen at the same time. But after everyone finished, we finally arrived at the venue where the banquet was taking place.

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Part 2

Part 3