“We will advance with sword in hand, for our cause is pure!” |Scepter 4 (セプター4, Seputā 4), also known as the Blue Clan, is a police-based organization. Its official name is Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Civil Registry Department, Annex 4. Befitting the Clan’s name, members possess a Blue Aura. It is unknown as to how long the Clan has been active.
K -Lost Small World- (preview) 2


THE WRISTWATCH YATA WEARS IS FROM FUSHIMI???  Why the hell do you still keep it he betrayed you didn’t he why @#$%%^&————-

And Fushimi calls Yata “Misaki” all the time but Yata doesn’t get mad at him? It’s cute OMFG!!!

They plan to capture <jungle> oh—- I guess they’ll fail this mission and be saved by Homra later O________O"

By the way the novel will be released in April 01 >____<

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Misaki, what are you feeling about Saru right now as he cuddles next to you?

Misaki slowly gets angry at all of this shit. What the hell had happened to him anyway? Why was he in this situation let alone at the apartment of that fucking traitor? “Ahhh.. damn you kuso Saru!! I’m so gonna kill you after this!! Just wait for it!!!” …. “Oi… stop putting your finger in my fucki-

You asked for it!” with that the little redhead bit him in his finger making awfully strange noises which rather sounded animalistic than human.

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“Totsuka-sans…” Saruhiko stares at the screen – unblinking. The message glared right back at him mercilessly mocking him with reality. Homra never held a place for him in the first place, but that didn’t keep him from forming some king of bond with them. Totsuka had been special. Even to Saruhiko. The blond’s heart had been big enough for an antisocial idiot like him.

This question remained unanswered…

Some thoughts on K: Case FIles of Blue vol.2 and replying asks together.

Tamada was one of Konomura’s underlings, who was in charge of giving Benzai a hard time. He thought Konomura’s system was flawless, so when Munakata caught him and explained how it’s done, he can’t believe it. He totally forgot that he’s being arrested and started arguing with Munakata. (Benzai didn’t dare to, and gave him a “you go ahead” look.) While Munakata convinced him, he became quite fascinated. Later it’s mentioned that he wants to turn over a new leaf and join Scepter 4 after he’s out of jail. Personally I’d like to see that too. He’s quite funny, and he didn’t really hurt anyone. (Benzai begs to differ.)

[Munakata & Fushimi]
You bet! Although the two didn’t have much conversation other than work, their thoughts were shown in their interaction with other characters (eg. Doumyouji & Hidaka) or in monologue. In LSW we saw what Fushimi think of Munakata. Here we get to see what Munakata think of Fushimi, and the reason that he brought Fushimi to his side was more than just Fushimi’s talent.

Not only this. Red put a lot of efforts in relationships, such as Munakata with his family, and Fushimi with the Alphabets. 

Munakata went to his niece’s birthday party and spent quite some time with his family, even when Scepter 4 was in a mess. His brother and father offered him a lot of support. Fans were screaming “Shitsuchou, don’t die! Your family is waiting for you!” after reading this.

There’s description on the others can’t accept Fushimi’s attitude & his sudden promotion, and then how Fushimi won them over. It wasn’t only Fuse (obviously), but Scepter 4 in general, even Akiyama & Benzai. Now Fushimi’s deeply trusted. Just look at that golden retriever Hidaka!

I really like Fushimi’s first line as he stepped in, “Since when did our place become a haunted mansion?” Our place (ウチ)… wow this has a nice ring to it. He’s already one of them, although he didn’t wanna admit it. ;)