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Jet: "Hello! Fancy meeting a fox pokemon at the Fox Forest Festival! Ahaha!" He moved a little closer and sat next to the Vulpix with a smile. "I'm Jet! It's nice to meet you! Anyway, how's it goin'? Were you pranked? Do any pranking yourself? Maybe you've been lounging around in the springs this whole time?"

Melissa looked up at the eager flygon, still not feeling terribly talkative, but able to manage to say “N-not very well… I got pranked a lot… I didn’t even mean to go here yet it just… it just happened and…”

She lowered herself into the water, letting out a deep sigh that made the surface bubble, closing her eyes to think to herself for a little while… These springs are really good for relaxing , she thought to herself, she never really had the chance to just relax like this, even when she was reading books.