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If the assassins (and templars) were from modern day, what would their least favorite songs be?

Altair: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Ezio: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Connor: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Edward: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Arno: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Evie: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Jacob: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Shay: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

Haytham: Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

giraffedragon-universe  asked:

Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio, Jacob, Arno, Giovanni, Shay? Your blog is amazing by th e way! ☆

Give me 6 characters and I’ll tell you who i would:

  • Push off a cliff: Shay Cormac 
    I know that sounds bad, but this perfect Irishman has this knack for falling off cliffs and not dying from the height. So I wouldn’t have to worry about him getting hurt -nervous chuckle
  • Kiss: Ezio Auditore
    Who doesn’t want to kiss him? He’s stupidly attractive, and has a wonderful personality! I am 110% okay with platonic kisses, so if Ezio ever wanted a smooch, I would be there! 
  • Marry: Jacob Frye
    I love Jacob so much it hurts (How does anyone not love that face?). Whenever I see his goofy smile on Syndicate, I grin like an idiot, and his personality towards everything is just so infectious! In his mannerisms he is calming even if he himself if a bit rowdy, and he just gives that vibe of protection where ever he goes.
  • Set on Fire: (I can’t answer this without a guilty conscious oh go d) Giovanni Auditore
    I think he is wonderful and totally amazing, and only would I set him on fire if it was a complete accident! Example? I was lighting a candle and accidentally drop the matches. I could never burn anyone of these characters on purpose! (Unless it was Charles Lee in which case I’d have a field day)
  • Wrap a Blanket around: Arno Dorian
    This poor, sad, sweet baguette never did anything wrong, and I would wrap a blanket around his tired shoulders and listen to all of his worries, making sure to hold his hand if he really needed it. This poor guy needs friendship insurance I swear to go d -sobs with Arno
  • Be Roommates with:  Leonardo da Vinci 
    I feel like Leo would be an amazing roommate to have! He would decorate the walls in paintings and Christmas lights, make chai tea often, and have a canvas or two out at all times with a smock draped over the side. I feel like he would be very collected in the way he went about things, and both of us could have our systematic messes where we sleep and hold our clothes hahaha

Thank you so much for asking me which characters I’d place in certain situations! And o h my go sh than k you so much! (How does one compliment? How to even??) 


Once upon a time there was an ugly troll named Duccio who lived under a bridge. He stank like the canals of Venezia and was feared throughout the land for the unwanted advances he made towards the women who crossed his bridge. Even the most beautiful women feared his stench and leering looks.

That was until a shining prince named EziLuigi appeared from a far off land. With one powerful punch, Luigi killed the horrendous bridge troll, and vowed to never let any other trolls torment the women of the kingdom. Everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.