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ADDING TO THE KURTAS THAT LIVED (Kura+Pairo): Imagine Kura always having to carry Pairo around and Pairo just feeling like a burden and trying his best to be more powerful so Kura doesn't have to worry about caring for him and being like a caretaker. Gon helping Pairo when they're together during the exam and when they're training to meet Killua inside to gain more self-confidence and strength as well!

Aw I was actually thinking of the nen traning as well? Pairo obviously was accompanying Kurapika when he started his training and Mizuken also started training Pairo on his side while Kurapika is practicing alone

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I'm scared because after 2 years of realizing I'm attracted to women and coming to somewhat terms with it and getting ready to explore my sexuality I'm being shipped off to a Catholic University that is pretty homophobic and I'm just really bummed and scared and I can't tell my mom why I'm scared to come here and I don't know how I'll react to the probable homophobia :'(

Oh no :(

First of all, I am so sorry that you’re not excited about where you’re going to college. Going away for school should be a freeing experience to explore yourself in a safe environment away from family but unfortunately it’s not the case for everyone. You deserve so much better than that! 

Even though you’re going to a Catholic university, there is still a potential of there being an LGBT community to get involved with on campus! Most schools have club fairs where you can find out, or a quick google search might tell you. And if they don’t allow LGBTQ clubs, some religious schools have unofficial ones like at Catholic University in DC

If you go to college in a major city, there may be an LGBTQ resource center you can check out! Or if there’s another university close-by that is LGBTQ friendly, their club(s) would likely welcome you with open arms, esp if you explain your predicament. If all else fails, you might be able to connect with at least other sapphic students, using the Her app (it’s not only for dating, but for friendships and community building as well). 

It is normal to be scared to go away to school, even without worrying about potential homophobia. It’s hard to tell what your experience will be like, I attend one of the top LGBTQ friendly colleges in the country and I and my friends have still encountered our fair share of homo/bi/transphobia from our peers. But then again I know LGBTQ people that went to Catholic or other religious affiliated universities and had out and positive experiences. It really is on a school-by-school and person-to-person basis!

Regardless, I hope you’re presently surprised when you begin your semester. But if not, do your best to cope with the homophobia, connect with online communities (as you are now!) so that you have an outlet and at least some kind of space you can be out and be you, and try to surround yourself w/ LGBTQ positive people (easier said than done, I know). Best of luck, both with your lady loving self and your academics <3 

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1. Liz sé que tú tienes gran repercusión en el fandom wigetta aquí en Tumblr por lo que necesito desahogarme y contar una historia. Sé que si la digo en mi blog nadie me creerá (quiza aquí tampoco) pero ahora que el fandom está cayendo con todo esto que ha pasado con Vegetta y Silvia necesito contarlo. Empiezo, sucede que hace un tiempo la prima de mi madre se fue a vivir a Madrid. Ella y tiene un hijo mayor de unos 20 años. Sucede que hace un tiempo ellos vinieron a visitarnos. Mi madre les+

Vale. Esta vez no comentare nada. Quiero que los demas saquen sus propias conclusiones. Solo me encargare de publicar los Ask. Gracias por confiar en mi.anon.


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Muchas gracias en serio, necesitaba expresarme un poco, tu respuesta me ayudó mucho no se como agradecerte,y voy a ser más positiva con el tema, enserio muchas gracias eres una gran persona y como dijiste nada esta confirmado y estamos aquí para apoyarlos en todo, nosotros no comenzamos por la relación si no por ellos, sus vídeos y su forma de ser gracias gracias ahora te aprecio mucho más,voy a tomar en cuenta tu respuesta

Me alegro haberte ayudado. ♥

¿Sabes? Estás en todo tu derecho de sentirte así, de sentirte frustrada. Yo igual siempre he pensado que aclarar las cosas es sencillo, sobre todo cuando eres una persona que influye en muchas otras. Y sí, ellos son tan culpables como nosotras por creer en algo que podría ser ficticio. Nos alimentan con cosas y no dicen nada. Ellos están más que conscientes de lo que hacen.

Pero no dejes que eso te impida ser feliz. No te mortifiques tanto con ello. Sé feliz con lo que te gusta, que esto es momentáneo. ♥

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May I ask for some fluffy hcs about how the mutants would cuddle with their s/o??

Alex Summers
• he’d pull you close to him and you’d just relax with his arm around u

Scott Summers
• spooning! With either you as the big spoon or the little spoon!

Logan Howlett
• with you on his chest!

Erik Lensherr
• with his arm wrapped around you and your head nuzzled into his chest

Peter Maximoff
• the both of you in like a lil ball, facing each other!

John Allerdyce
• facing each other with his arms around you

Sean Cassidy
• holding hands while spooning

Warren Worthington III
• cuddling in his wing cocoon!

Jean Grey
• facing each other, holding hands between the both of you!!

Ororo Munroe
• her head on ur tummy or your head on her tummy

• spooning, with you as the big spoon!

Hank McCoy
• facing each other or spooning!!

Charles Xavier
• facing each other!!

Remy LeBeau
• spooning!!

Kurt Wagner
• handholding while spooning

En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse)
• cuddling in a bed of sand.

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Soo what do you think the anime will be about?? The future or a new time line all together??

(((I’m almost sure the anime will be a completly new thing… They will probably treat it like a ‘new route’ like always… People are reffering to it as ‘second season’ but I think it’s more like a ‘ THE FIRST ONE WAS A FAIL SO LET’S TRY AGAIN LMAO’. I just REALLY HOPE IT’S WILL BE A NEW ANIMATION STUDIO for god’s sake I’m praying here NO MORE SHAFT PLS
The only thing that worries me is the ending… it COULD be just like the songs route and Ayano DOESN’T come back from the dead again… oTL Since the first anime’s ending was so happy we usually end up forgeting she is DEAD on the ‘original’ route aaaaaaaaa PLS JIN I NEED MY HAPPY ENDING)))