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     ib, mary and garry had been seperated thanks to the many different paintings. but, she knew why they had done so. she had asked them to. just so she could get some alone time with the older male. she hummed silently under her breath, a song that seemed much like the classic ‘mary had a little lamb’, before she asked a simple, yet rather spontaneous question.

“ garry, what do you think of ib? don’t you think she’s really nice? cause i do! “

Guys... GUYS.

I was watching DH pt. two, and after rolling in the feels for quite a while, the epilogue arrived. When she saw the “19 years later” my sister grabbed the remote, but I went all: “No, no. We may not like it, but it still is Harry Potter. Besides, I want to see some more Tom (and that undeniable Drarry smile ;>).” She humpfed and put the remote down. 

And we watched. But then, something drew my attention, so I asked her: “What is Albus taking with him? That is no owl…” 

Before she could say anything, the screen very politely provided an answer:

And I lost it. 


My sister sort of just stared at me in shock.

“IS THAT A F-E-R-R-E-T?!?!” I resorted to erratically pointing at the screen. Again, gaining no response. I just needed confirmation that I was not seeing things.

“IT IS A FERRET!!” I declared finally after seeing the cute little thing on the screen for the third time. And lost it all over again. 

Just imagine how I was being overruned by feels at that moment. So instead of words, I moved on to unintelligible babbling and squeals. 

I’ve had it with Warner Bros, first the “Draco was supossed to run back screaming ‘Potter!’” thing and now this. It was almost too much for my fangirl heart. I still haven’t recovered.


asoiaf meme ❅ ½ minor characters: ellaria sand, bastard of hellholt

Oberyn wanted vengeance for Elia. Now the three of you want vengeance for him. I have four daughters, I remind you. Your sisters. My Elia is fourteen, almost a woman. Obella is twelve, on the brink of maidenhood. They worship you, as Dorea and Loreza worship them. If you should die, must El and Obella seek vengeance for you, then Dorea and Loree for them? Is that how it goes, round and round  f o r e v e r ? I ask again, where does it end? I saw your father die. Here is his killer. Can I take a skull to bed with me, to give me comfort in the night? Will it make me laugh, write me songs, care for me when I am old and sick?


AU MEME: (PART 2 )You always had a crush on Luke but him being an asshole wouldn’t think to give you a chance, but once Ashton starts giving you attention, Luke becomes curious 

P A R T 1 / / P A R T 2 / / P A R T 3

Okay so someone asked for a part 2… And the way I feel about this is like you know how a sequel is almost never as good than the first movie, well this is how I feel about this lol.

Not my gifs, just my edits. R E Q U E S T S - H E R E


stevetopsbuckysbottom asked:

I love how I'm seeing anons crop up all over being like "why ya'll freaking? Crossbones is just taunting Steve." Umm you don't use a taunt at someone that doesn't mean something to them or wouldn't trigger them. It's actually an amazing taunt because while he's saying it he keeps building up on Bucky's importance to Steve "your pal, your friend, your Bucky." That's some gay shit right there. I dunno how you wouldn't be freaking out.

if i could tag this anon here

i would

more reasons to date michael clifford

  • BIG T-SHIRTS u would never need to wear ur own clothes whatever
  • “babe is that my shirt”
  • “i mean its mine now”
  • “oh thats fine then”
  • h i s s w e a t e r p a w s
  • cuddling all the time. all the time.
  • S W E A T E R P A W S
  • ud never be cold hed legit hold ur hand in his sweater paws
  • late night convos expect theyre not cute its more like
  • “do you think cows know theyre covered in nipples”
  • “why dont u fucking ask one michael”

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Enjolras is shoved into a cell and Grantaire is already there smoking a cigarette that e somehow snuck in and E slowly finds out that everyone is terrified of R but he doesn't know why so eventually he works up the courage to ask and it turns out R is only in there for impersonating an officer at a donut store bc he thought it was funny while E is in there for physically attacking a cop who tried to pepper spray his friends (all the other guys assume r killed someone or something drastic)

flowersinxeirhair This is for your AU and i’m dying

  • Naughty Dog:*creates Chloe Frazer*
  • me:approves
  • Naughty Dog:*makes Chloe Frazer a wonderful, complex character, not depending on Nathan Drake, one of the most sane people on Uncharted cast who handles her work astohishingly awesome while not being utterly sexualised*
  • Naughty Dog:*promotes Chloe Frazer as sexualised Nathan Drake girlfriend even in merchandise, while Elena Fisher never appears in almost anything*
  • me:G R E A T L Y D I S S A P P R O V E S
  • me:*this companion has asked to leave the party*

AU MEME/IMAGINE: Luke gets asked about you in an interview.

*sheds tear* I’m such a sucker for cheesy things like these. I think I’m going to do this topic but with each of the boys and what they say. Let me know what you think xx

Not my gifs, just my edits. 

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You're my favourite artist and I would really love to move in Canada just to meet you at anirevo or any anime festival etc. But I live in Germany and it will be fucking hard to travel here... If I could see you at any event I won't leave you,I will stay with you F O R E V E R .

D̵̸̢O͏̶̶ ͟͡N̷͟͟O͏͟T̴̢͞͞ ̷͜͝͞T̛̀҉͝R̶̸͏̀͞U̶Ş̶̷̶̡T͏  C̶̵̛͡O͏͜R͏̶͘R̵̨͏Ú͝͠P̷̨T̷̢͞͠͡E̴̢͠D́͢ ̧̧M̷E̷̢̧M̶̛҉̵O͢҉҉̷̡R̴͝͝͏͘Į̧̕͝E̛S͞͏

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Have you ever actually considered that one of the ABC might not actually be gay? - friendly neighbourhood citizen

I only really have sexuality headcanons for two of the Les Amis: Enjolras is ace and Grantaire is bi (I really can’t decide on a headcanon for their romantic orientations). I don’t really have any headcanons one way or the other for the rest of the Les Amis. But let’s face it, there’s no way in hell that Joly and Bossuet are straight or gay (probably bi/poly/pan/maybe ace/etc.).

For the rest of the Les Amis, I’m literally up for (almost) all headcanon for their sexual and romantic orientations because so many of these headcanons are awesome.


I remember posting my 100 followers follow forever a little less than a week ago and it’s hard to believe that I have a little over 300 now! Like, really. How did that happen? How did I get 200 followers over the course of less than a week? Anyway, thank you so much!! As a thank you to everyone, (and also because I’m bored) I’ve decided to do blogrates!

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