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What if Satan Baby showed Cas the future .. a future where he and Dean are together ?? WHAT IF IT SHOWED CAS THAT!!!


Think of that vision.

A house. a real normal house, with no demon traps and no weapons hidden. Sam lives down the road with Eileen. The cat that adopted them is lounging in the window. Dean is in the kitchen, cooking and listening to Zepp. The monsters are gone and so are the demons and everyone is safe and whole. Even Cas’s truck runs fine now. That mixtape always safe in the tapedeck…

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Hi there! After seeing your Star Wars cosplay, I was curious of what brand of face paint you recommend, and any techniques for applying it or keeping it from creasing, setting spray etcThank you!

Hi friend! So when I’m not covering a lot of space, ie: when most of my body is covered by the costume, I prefer to wear water based cake bodypaint. My favorite I’ve worked with so far is Mehron’s Paradise AQ. My process is as follows: I use a good foundation primer, apply the bodypaint with a wide foundation brush, seal with a finishing spray (I like Ben Nye’s Final Seal), contour with powder eye shadows and finally, seal everything with a good coat of matte, translucent powder makeup. 

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Who are some nice simblrs you know? :)

There are quite a few out there. Most of them are the 337 simblrs I follow. But here are some that I’ve noticed recently:

@sandy-sims @tea-sims @our-dazed-sims @blursims @pxelmango @dank-owski @loniden @seabubblee @bratsims @sssvitlans @wifemomsimmer @suzychi-sims @maimouth @catssimblr @pearlescentsims @sim-bubble @simwithsparkles @linds-sims @alwaysimming @mychaoticbouquetninja @fakefleur @sim-pi @cat-nerd-sims @mineuniversesims @femmesim @wanderlust-sims @tititatatoot @grolda @ohthesefaces @theuniquepoutine @vividlore @simsy-baby @pixelpeopleplayland @simblob @geekmoodlet @simtrovart @inabadromance @mysimblruniverse @obisims @ohkai-sims @allthingsgrilledcheese @peonypyxels @momobunniisims @malcolmlandgraab

These are the people who have been nice to me or the simblr community around them. They are some of the most sweetest people on earth and a lot of these people helped me in some kind of way or are just being a awesome person. Please don’t get offended or angry if you’re not on this list. These are just the people on the top of my head and I most likely forgot to add some people. Have a good day/night and thank you for sending this :)

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Okay but what the actual ever loving fuck was the mario kart interview??? Like...WE DID NOT NEED THAT MUCH INFO ON YOUR SEX LIVES BUT GLAD TO KNOW YOU'RE GENEROUS TO EACH OTHER


My favorite thing to do is to watch that interview and watch each of the boys collectively throughout the whole thing because it’s fuckening hilarious. Zayn and Niall just CANNOT CONTAIN THEMSELVES and Liam is the epitome of NOT AMUSED. 

Sometimes I can’t believe this is an actual thing that aired? And is archived??? Like??? Oh but yes, pls tell me about their “girlfriends” SURE JAN.

(It really starts around 1:00 in, the interviewer mentions Louis and Liam getting to “speak to the ladies” for Valentine’s Day and OFC Louis manages to slip in that he came home to some “sausage and mash” and HARRY’S FUCKING FACE I CAN’T.)

Favorite HL moment?

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So the art for Guren's manga will be from Asami You and not from Yamato Yamamoto :( Does it say which magazine? I hope Guren's manga covers all Guren's LNs. I wish we got anime instead of manga :(

If I am understanding correctly, it will be published in Monthly Shounen Magazine starting in the July issue on sale June 6th.
The art will not be done by Yamamoto, unfortunately. Though they are still credited for the character designs. It makes sense considering they’re already busy with the manga and LN art. (I assume the Guren in the release is by Asami, and I personally think it will look good. Even though I do love Yamamoto’s art a lot.)
Of course an anime would be great, but we’ll just have to make the most of what we do get and support it so we can maybe work our way to an anime adaptation next.

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How come some "ghetto" black people speak such poor English in your country? I can barely understand them.

In America “Black English” is often scornfully seen as blacks attempting to speak English and failing. This is incorrect. They are speaking a patois or creole. It is a mixture of African language and English.

Originally the lexicon or vocabulary was a mixture of African words and English words. Over the years the lexicon has become almost entirely English with African words dropping out but the syntax remains. Things like “I be going” and “he done gone” are English phrases with an African syntax.

The same thing happened in New York City with the influx of Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants. “He should be so lucky!” is an English sentence with Yiddish syntax. “Youse guys better watch yourselves” Is an English sentence with Irish influence.