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Harry, is Draco a romantic bf?? <3 (I bet he is xx)

Weeell, when he’s in trouble, yeah. Like, really in the sh*t. But other than that, not really. Not your typical idea of romantic anyway.

(Bonus points from me if you know the song! I’ll put it in the tags near the end if you wanna know)

Harry shows Draco muggle headphones

Harry: Here *hands over tangled mess*

Harry: Have you really never seen headphones before??

Draco: What do they do?

Harry: *chuckles* You use them to listen to things.

Harry: Yeah, you put them in your ears, and you can listen to music or what have you without other people hearing it as well.

Draco: They’re not doing anything.

Harry: You have to plug the other end into something you git.

Draco: OOohh….

((OOC: one of my favorite things is pureblood wizards confused as hell by muggle technology))