Homestuck Ship Asks

JohnDave: Ever dated your best friend?
JohnRose: Weirdest way you met your current best friend/ significant other?
JohnJade: Do you act like your friends or significant other?
JohnKat: Are you awkward with romantic approaches?
JohnVris: Ever fallen for someone ‘dangerous’?
Johnrezi: Ever fallen in love or were friends with someone you never expected to even like?
JohnRoxy: Do you zone out when people talk sometimes?
RoseDave: Do you like to listen to music while you read?
RoseJade: Any rare pairs you ship?
Rosemary: Do you believe in true love or soul mates?
DaveJane: Most awkward encounter you’ve ever had?
DaveKat: What was the last movie you watched with someone?
DaveJade: What do you look for in a friend or lover?
Daverezi: Have you ever dated someone who was weird?
JadeKat: Have you broken up a serious fight?
JadeDirk: Ever had a crush on a friend’s sibling?
JaneRoxy: Craziest thing you’ve done with your best friend?
JaneDirk: Best gift a friend had given you?
JaneJake: Ever gone through a nasty break up?
DirkRoxy: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
DirkJake: Longest relationship had?
Caliborn/Dirk: Have you had a love/hate relationship?
Caliborn/Calliope: Do you try to avoid or get into conflict?
AraSol: What psychic powers would you want?
Araquius: Are you more dominant or submissive?
AraFef: Ever been in a relationship with someone who has shared an ex with you?
Aradia/Tavros: Favorite thing to do for fun?
Karezi: Do you tend to send mixed messages to those around you?
Solkat: Are you good or sucky at coding?
Katnep: Worst case of heartache ever had?
Karkat/Kanaya: How do you calm down?
EriKar: Weirdest question a friend asked?
TavGam: Ever had someone creep on you?
SolFef: Ever dated someone purely because they reminded you of someone else?
EriSol: Have you ever gotten into a fistfight?
Solrezi: Red or Blue?
Equinep: What kind of tea do you like if you like tea at all?
Nepeta/Gamzee: Has a friend or loved one insulted a friend of yours?
EriNep: Ever dated your opposite?
VrisKan: Are you neat or messy?
Vrisrezi: Do you prefer to be cautious or be blunt?
AraVris: Ever been in the hospital for something serious?
Gamquius: Is there someone you could never stand up to?
EriFef: Do you like the beach or the pool better?


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Below is the details and names for each character!!

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fiveforchibis asked:

When I envisioned a manipulative motive for John's note I envisioned him trying to keep Dave out of relationship drama FOR ONCE. And being frustrated over davekat, because Dave seems utterly incapable of remaining single.

Yes, exactly! On the whole, relationships are so terrible for these kids, and after getting to talk with the pre-retcon meteor crew John knew just how bad it could get, so it makes a lot of sense that when Terezi assigned him to the “you don’t need him” retcon, he immediately assumed that she was trying to prevent some horrible relationships. And he has a timeline duty to her, and a friendleader duty to Dave, so it’s only natural that he would try to spare them some very dangerous pain by encouraging them to get their lives together and not mess around with romance.

But of course Dave went and got together with Karkat anyway, and John himself has never been a huge fan of romance anyway, so he’s trying really hard not to let himself accept the possibility that Dave might be dating someone this time around too.

So, uh. It should be fun when Dave finally tells the Prospit kids about his relationship status.

Jesus Christofer Kringle fucker I should just start an ask jake English blog because I look like him so much. I wasn’t even trying I was just taking a celebratory selfie. ((I FINALLY LANDED IN PUNTACANA AFTER 10 HOURS))

anonymous asked:

Dylan; Truth- If you could say one thing to each of your brothers right now what would it be? Dare- I dare you to turn the volume knob up on every stereo in the house and car and wait for someone to thurm it on!!

Truth. I’ve done the Dare countless time, anon. haha.


Bro- No, my “sads” haven’t gone away yet.

Dirk- If you hurt my friend I am going to fucking MURDER you. If you’re flirting ‘ironically’ with him I am going to stab you in your sleep. John is a precious cinnamon roll. Protect the cinnamon roll.

Dave- I care.

anonymous asked:

John! Did you know Dave went to the hospital?? He said something about an 'accident with knives' do you think he's okay?? Do you think he tried to hurry himself? I'm so worried (V~V)

uh yeah i did know and i went there to check on him. lets just say he cant put dishes away… 

he’s gonna be okay it was just an accident maybe a few stitches but he’s gonna be fine.


Welcome Harry Potter and Homestuck fans. 

This a new PotterStuck ask blog (like is hasn’t already been done before). We are in desperate need for cosplayers to fill the halls and class rooms of Hogwarts. At the moment we need all beta kids and trolls along with alpha kids (minus Jake) and trolls.