i got sidetracked from working on birthday gifts and asks….

anonymous asked:

Oh nooo send in an A1 or B1 John to cheer that boy (Dave) up!!

here he comes!! to cheer up his bf!!!

hunny-tree  asked:

John and Dave in chess club. Neither of them really know how to play chess

“i mean, it’s just like.. a more complicated game of checkers. probably.”

“do you love her more than me?” is the first thing out of your mouth, because you can’t help it, can’t help yourself from asking. he has his shades off and you see his eyes when they look away from you, guiltily. you are a professional dave strider reader, and you know the answer to your question is ‘yes.’ “so, what? you found yourself a whore? you fuck her and hold her and kiss her and make her breakfast in the morning and cuddle with her like you used to with me? was i not good enough?”

“that’s not it at all, i love you, seriously,” he says, and it’s all a lie.

you pick his precious shades up from the table, the ones you bought him when he was thirteen, and break them over your knee. “get the fuck out of my house.”


johndave infidelity aesthetic for dikkidickface! this time with writing, because i couldn’t help myself. ;) a fanfiction writer always takes opportunities to write, y’know? hope you don’t mind the writing, friend!

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