finally updating the AU yess

so John and Rose like going exploring underwater places and stuff and they get in trouble at times

and Jade met Dave in some sea cave and then they became friends so that sorta turned into their meeting place ((also Dave probably carries his sunglasses around and puts them on when he’s out of the water pftahah)


DAVE: yo man its getting pretty late i should probably get goin

JOHN: don’t you want to watch another movie or something?
JOHN: i could– i could make some popcorn up if you want.
JOHN or we could maybe walk to the gas station down the street and snag some more snacks??
DAVE: uh

DAVE: as much as id love to i really gotta bounce
JOHN: wait–

John and Dave are OFFLINE!


just two guys being dudes,,

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god bless us everyone

…wait karkat said he was our god. so that sure as shit isnt happening is it


Dave - Tooch (me)

John - Denten

Vriska & Jane - Kylee Henke

Terezi - Afina

Karkat - Case

Rose - Ryoko

Kanaya - Kate

Roxy - Cat

Thank you to ALL of these beautiful talented sexy people for helping me out with this! I LOVE U ALL!!! <333 Merry Holidaymases to everyone!))


DAY 3: Confession or First Date

im a day late but !! not sure what this is,, might be a silent confession or something  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


OMFG Anon staph - i was laughing my ass off while drawing this. How did u even find the picture?? Who takes thESE KINDs OF PICTURES?

Dave and John always send Rose and Kanaya post-cards when they are on vications. No words, just a picture of them doing something weird and gay - implying how gay Rose is (Dave is secretly gay for John, but John dosent know and he just joins for the sake of a laugh ) 

Rose keeps the pictures and prints them on t-shirts for christmas to embarras Dave