> [Chen] “I-I know you can’t hear me. I shouldn’t even be down here, but Mama said if there was ever an emergency, I could use the ritual circle to get you, and right now I just really need to see you, because…! I’m afraid… if I face the other you, I won’t see my Junmyeon anymore. I-I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to lose you…”
> Chen leans his forehead against Suho’s crystalline encasement, trying to hold back his tears. 

EXO react to their child interrupting sex (ship ver.)

Thanks for your love and request my dear. <3

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. P.S: Enjoy the lovely ship gifs I found. 

Chanbaek: Of all the pairs, these two would take this in the most lighthearted manner. Once the initial abhorrence of their son walking in on them recedes, they’ll both share a glance of jocularity before bursting out into a fit of laughter simultaneously with Baekhyun patting their little boy’s head lightly while Chanyeol fumbles to explain how they were engaged in an “adult game.”  

Originally posted by thekingsoo

Kaisoo: Dissimilar to Chanbaek, Kaisoo would be the most aghast about their daughter walking into their ‘intimate’ sessions. Both wouldn’t know how to respond properly, merely exchanging a look of horror after an elongated silence. Their little girl may have to call out to them again as if they failed to hear her the first time. Kyungsoo would be the one to instruct her to fall back to sleep, promising that they’ll be more quiet next time. Kyungsoo may reprimand Jongin lightly as he was sure Kai “locked the door.”  

Originally posted by kaiiholic

Hunhan: Of all the members individually, Sehun would be most sedated with this scenario, in fact, he would find it rather humorous how this has played out, perhaps even guffawing aloud once catching sight of Luhan’s petrified expression. Contrast to Sehun, Luhan would literally live up to his animal persona, in that he would be a “deer caught in headlights,” upon catching glimpse of their son’s presence. Sehun would have to urge their son to look away and knock next time he feels the need to enter their room uninvited, as Luhan would be rendered frozen, depleting him any will to speak up. 

Originally posted by kpop-vibe

Sulay: Similar to my previous reaction, Yixing’s reaction would be delayed. Luckily, Suho would be swift in catching on to their daughter’s sudden presence. He would also be the most embarrassed when addressing their little girl. He would do his best to avoid any “revealing” questions she may inquire them. Yixing would still be caught off guard, asking why she’s in their room and why Suho is immensely frazzled. 

Originally posted by joonin0105

Xiuchen: This would be another mixed reaction. At first, they’d both be frozen once their son’s voice becomes audible. Yet, once the initial shock recedes, Jongdae would be the most jocose in addressing their little boy. Minseok would be most stiff, with a stoic expression and saying very little, only nodding when needed. Jongdae would bribe their son with ice cream to not ask any questions, promising to tuck him into bed. Chen would have the most amusement in teasing Minseok over how constrained he was. 

Originally posted by achenlove

Taoris: Oh gosh, this would be the most awkward of all. Once their daughter’s voice becomes sound, Tao would yelp aloud in surprise, shoving Yifan off of him abruptly, much to Kris’s initial vexation. Upon catching glimpse of their daughter, Kris would just stare at their little girl with immense abhorrence as Tao whines aloud for him to do something. Their daughter would probably end up giggling at how funny their reactions are only for Kris to finally speak up and instruct her to not look as he lectures her on how it’s rude to enter their room without knocking. Tao would definitely rebuke Kris mercilessly for not checking to lock the door. 

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EXO react to getting interrupted during a make out session

Thanks for your request baebae. <3

* As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: Most frustrated at this turn of events, he would grant a choleric glare to the member who decided to brazenly interrupt him during such an intimate session. Minseok can’t stand being obstructed, especially when spending time with his jagi. He still maintains his composure though, so, with a brief, apologetic gaze towards you, he would approach the member only permitting them a few minutes to explain themselves. “This better be important Chanyeol-ah or I’ll be pretty pissed.” 

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Luhan: He’d be most flustered when getting walked in on rather than reacting irritably. Instantly halting in his actions, Luhan would retract from the kiss he had you within, dropping his grasp of your sides, only to look towards the intruder with widened eyes and a lucidly abashed expression upon his face. Once you’re out of earshot, he’d try to explain himself to that member what he was doing fruitlessly. “It’s not what it looked like I swear–okay, maybe it was, but still!” 

Originally posted by aegyokinggg

Kris: Though he’s irked, Kris manages to keep his composure when taking care of the overbearing buzzing coming from his phone. Hastily, he’ll be sure to send a succinct text back to the caller, albeit the possible typos making the haste in his disposition apparent. ‘Not a good time. Try later. With my baobei now.’ Any other calls or texts will be ignored until further notice. Calmly and quickly, Yifan will resume in attending to you once again.  

Originally posted by taorisland

Suho: Similar to Luhan, Suho will react in a perplexed and befuddled manner upon one of the members walking into this intimate scene. “O-oh! This is unexpected! Erm…sorry jagi, I have to take care of this.” He’ll still be humble/amiable enough to allow the member their time with him, but he’ll still be quite impatient to get back to you. “Don’t you know to knock before entering? I thought I taught you all better than this!” he’d lament rather melodramatically, while attempting to conceal his faint blushing. 

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay: It would probably be you who catches someone entering, thus halting your make out session with Yixing. He would be incredibly modest upon realizing what is transpiring. The soft blush and averted gaze would speak volume on his disposition. “Um…this is a bad time….” he would murmur aimlessly, still unable to make full eye contact, but he’d still be understanding and genial nonetheless and once done with you, he’d be sure to approach the member that requested his presence. 

Originally posted by jungsooflavored

Baekhyun: Completely nonchalant and unfazed. In fact, I could see Baekhyun finding this rather amusing as opposed to embarrassing. Looking up with indifference, he’d chuckle dryly while observing over the intruding member, hands still wandering over your body teasingly. “Enjoying the view?” he’d ask in a sardonic yet jocose manner, raised eyebrows and a sly smirk would be upon his features. “If you want to stay there and be a voyeur go ahead. I won’t stop you, but I’lll have to warn you: it’s gonna get pretty intense here.” 

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chen: Similar to Baek, Jongdae would find this amusing, yet he would express this in a jesting manner as opposed to a sarcastic manner. He would notice someone entering the room instantly, stopping in his place upon being caught, granting the member a sly smirk, while eyeing you with equal mischief. “Oh no, it’s fine. You’re just in time for the show!” Continuing on with his actions in a noticeably less fervid manner than before, eventually warding off that particular member with this tactic. Once they have left, Chen would permit you a flirtatious wink before resuming in zealously caressing you. 

Originally posted by the-writer-who-lives-next-door

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would get most visibly perturbed by this, possibly emitting a strident yelp in astonishment, jolting in the process. Instantly reeling away from you, he’d stare at the intruder with wide eyes and growing abashment, alternating between gazing at you and the member. Eventually, he’d let out a soft chuckle with slight bashfulness. “Something you need…?” he would finally inquire still shifting gazes back and forth. Chanyeol would grant you an apologetic look, promising to return back to your needs. 

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

D.O: He is not going to tolerate this lightly. Kyungsoo will stop instantly in his actions with you, still keeping a tight hold over your sides while narrowing his gaze icily at the unfortunate person to enter the room. “Could you have at least knocked?” he would utter with immense frigidity. If this doesn’t send the person on their way alone, I don’t know what would. Eventually, Kyungsoo would resort to being frank with the person by telling them to come at a later time when it’s more convenient for him. With a soft smile, he’d proceed to returning to your intimate session. 

Originally posted by meme--suga

Tao: He would react with petulance upon being interrupted from a make out session with you. Like Minseok and Kyungsoo, Tao also has a strong disdain for being interrupted especially in this manner. Groaning aloud in frustration upon someone entering, he’d halt in his actions immediately, glaring at that unfortunate soul. “Does it have to be now?!” he’d query with wavering irritability. I think Tao would still grant the person the benefit of the doubt and allow them their time but only for a good four to five minutes before returning to you. “Next time, I’m leaving a schedule so you all know when my baobei needs me!” 

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Kai: Interestingly, I see Kai being one of the more embarrassed members as opposed to one that is nonchalant or irate. At the most inopportune moment, he would notice the person standing within the doorway, and with a bashful exchange with you, he would awkwardly cough into his fist, automatically receding away from you. A prolonged silence would ensue as he finally musters the courage to look towards the person, softly murmuring aloud: “Umm….c-can we help you?” Silently hoping that it is you who the intruder seeks out, he’d feel much more composed once there out of eyesight. 

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Sehun: Cocky and bold as usual, he’d react similarly to Baekhyun and Chen in this instance. Although inwardly, he’s most abashed at being caught in this position, in his mind, Sehun would only be grateful that ‘it could’ve been worse.’ With a brow raised, and a slightly unamused expression, Sehun would still keep you in a close hold, while addressing the person. “This is news to me: I didn’t know you had a voyuer kink hyung. If you’re gonna join, do it now. ‘Cause otherwise, I’m not giving out any other invitations to join with my baby and I.” 

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Want more scenarios? Be sure to send me more requests for more imagines/reactions. Kiss kiss. <3



mom junmyeon is already done before it started

ask exo !! to those who don’t know the principle you ask question (this is an ot12 ask blog, you can ask all twelve of them) and i’ll make them answer with art, that’s it, as simple as that.

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the best thing that ever happened

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Can I get a Chen photo spam??

no prob^^ (gonna spam my fave airport looks from 2014 bc theyre Iconic! and anyone who hates them can fite me) tb to when i compiled all of his airport hqs from 2014 and organized them by date and location so that everyone can see how terrible i am :))








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EXO Lockscreens

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Jongin receives quite the first impression of EX.0 Diner because Jongdae can smell “innocent and gullible” from a mile away and never wastes the opportunity to mess with someone. Junmyeon can only hope that Jongin doesn’t get scared off; the interview proved that he was more than capable to fill the much needed busser position.

Get to know the employees here! x

EXO Emergency #RoommatesWithSEVENTEEN??{Requested}

“Can you please do a “SEVENTEEN Living Together with Exo?” Please. :) I love your imagines btw. Fighting ^^ Joshua Hong’s”

Here You go @manse17caratforever :)

Suho: Okay Every–

Chanyeol: Stop right there. Can someone tell me why Seventeen is here?

Seungkwan: Hey guys!

Baekhyun: Who’s Seventeen? Who are all of these kids? Is this some Big Brother mentoring program?

Suho: *sighs* No, it’s not a mentoring program. Seventeen’s dorms flooded last night and they need a place to stay. Our CEOs are close and suggested them using our dorms.

D.O.: But we only have 3 empty beds not 17.

Hoshi: Actually we have 13 members separated into 3 units and together we are one. That’s where you get Seventeen.


D.O.: Did i ask?

Woozi: *whispers* Soulmate.

Chen: Lol remember when we could say “We are One” and no one laughed at us? 

Suho: *whispers* I still say it.

S.Coups: Excuse me, but where is your leader? I really wanted to talk to Kris.




Baekhyun: *snickers*

Suho: *clears throat* I’m the leader. Kris left…..2 years ago. What can I help you with?

S.Coups: Really? Wow you don’t seem like a leader, I never would have guessed.


Chen: This may be the best day of my life.

Sehun: Hey who’s the pretty one? 

Jeonghan: Hello I’m Jeonghan, nice to meet you.

Sehun: You remind me of someone I lost long ago. Let’s be friends.

Xiumin: This is so strange.

Lay: You all have Chinese members right? Um let me meet with them for a sec….I have things I need to tell them. *grabs Jun and The8. Leaves*

Suho: Okay let’s try and regain some order. Now I know our group is a good deal older than you guys but I want to let you know that we’ll respect your group and your opin……what are you doing?

S.Coups: Oh sorry, Chen was giving me Kris’s number.


Vernon: Hey Chanyeol I just wanted to tell you that I REALLY look up to you and would love to talk to you about music.

Chanyeol: Okay I’m laying dibs on this one right here so I’m good now. *grabs Vernon and leaves*

Baekhyun: Gosh dang it! fine give me a singer.

Seungkwan: *starts walking over*

Baekhyun: Who’s less of a diva than me.

Seungkwan: *turns and walks back*

Kai: I wouldn’t mind bunking with a dancer.

Dino: *moonwalks over* That’ll be me bro *both moonwalk and body roll out*

Suho: What about Wonwoo and Mingyu?

Mingyu: Sorry we’re a package deal. We’ll just stay together.

Woozi: Of course you would.

D.O. : I want the cute grumpy mean one. It’s like looking in a mirror *grabs Woozi and leaves*

Suho: This is taking too long. Baekhyun and Josh you’re roommates now.

Baekhyun: I don’t think good and evil can exist in the same place.

Joshua: We might cancel each other out.

Suho: Get over it. Chen you’ve got DK.

Chen: Sweet! Crazy vocals and crazy period. This could work.

DK: The camel looking one was always my fave anyway.

Suho: Xiumin you and Seungkwan okay?

Xiumin: No problem. Hey Seungkwan wanna see my baby videos?

Seungkwan: Not really.

Suho: That leaves Hoshi and S.Coups. Dang i wish we had a few more members.

Baekhyun: …..Nobody say it. But we all know we’re thinking the same thing right now

Suho: Baekhyun leave and take Hoshi with you and Josh.


Suho: Okay that’s all settled and I’ll share with S.Coups.


S.Coups: Let me try texting Kris again.




Suho: I’m sorry, it’s just really hard for me. I have trust issues now.

S.Coups:*whispers to Sehun* Can I please bunk with you and Jeonghan?

Sehun: Yeah you should come with us, this crazy might be contagious.

Suho: I hate you all.