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Scootaling Filler #8: Perfectly Proportioned

(Guest starring ask-king-sombra and celestia-stuff)

Mod: Now, for the real response to that ask… Changelings only get one set of fangs to last a lifetime. Changelings must grow into their fangs, not the other way around, plus Scoots and the other CMC-lings are only fillies. They’ve got some growing left to do.

Hiatus is not over just yet, but things are getting closer. Call this one a little bit of derusting if nothing else.

EDIT: Changed the URL for celestia-stuff after their old account got hacked.


Thank you everypony who join my game :D… More updates will come so stay tuned!

Ponies in this picture:

pinkie-the-minecrafter (meh :3)






P.S: Moar ponies will come in the next milestone!

Rusty Nail's Recipes

It’s been a while, Dear Drinkers! I’ve missed you all, and continue to work ever harder to come up with seasonal comestibles, while inundated by the annual onslaught of Pumpkin Spice Everything. I was, Dear Drinkers, moved, however, by the events of the last couple days. Some rather heinous stuff went down, to someone who really deserved none of the hassle or trouble. The public outpouring of support and honest, actual love that has been provided to today’s Honoree has been inspiring, though, as has the aplomb with which our Honoree has handled the… Pain In The Neck of the last several days. And if anyone knows something about pains in the neck, it’s today’s honoree.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

It’s Ask Celestia Stuff!

This glorious princess has stuck her neck out time and again, and the grace and dignity with which they handled having their account stolen, and rebuilding, has been the epitome of Majestic Grace.

An Ask Celestia Stuff


  • 2oz. Bourbon
  • 6oz. Chilled Ginger Ale
  • Chilled Collins Glass
  • Ice
  • Thin Strip of lime-peel 1.5x the length of the glass.
  • Thin Strip of lemon-peel 1.5x the length of the glass
  • Thin Strip of Grapefruit-peel 1.5x the length of the glass

Special Equipment:

A Vegetable Peeler, or a knife to peel the fruit.

Making an Ask Celestia Stuff:

  1. Put strips of fruit peel into glass, with bottom of peel just touching the bottom of the glass, and the other end draped up over the lip of the glass.
  2. Put ice in the Collins glass.
  3. Pour Bourbon over Ice.
  4. Pour Ginger Ale over Bourbon
  5. Drink!

You’ve just made an Ask Celestia Stuff!

This is a classic, classic drink, that I’ve modified by adding two other colors of citrus-fruit peel as garnish, to evoke the image of Celly’s Mane. The drink used to produce this special honor? Well… What better cocktail for Ask Celestia Stuff… Than a Horse’s Neck?~

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, my friends!
fanart! Even though i’m new to tumblr, ask Celestia-stuff is definetly one of my favorite blogs on tumblr so far. And i just realized i have the inpecable artist superpower of directly being able to mimic another’s art style. Mimic… Mimicry… Huh, good villan name.

celestia has a long neck. Portals. Butterscotsh. Art style mimicry. What more is there to explain?
Oh, and sorry for the lack of story updates. School hit like a truck, and i got a little distracted.