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Camellia – My destiny is in your hands

Note: In my canon, Samael loses his eyesight after the encounter with Solas in Trespasser

Samael sat in his quarters, alone. The Inquisition was disbanded, Solas was nowhere to be found and Dorian was gone to Tevinter. He did not even know how long he could call this place his quarters. Who knows, maybe they would have to abandon Skyhold soon. What was he thinking, ending the Inquisition like that? Of course, he knew what he was thinking, it was the best thing to do. The Inquisition’s task was to end Corypheus and restore order. His work was done.

His eyes were open, but he could not see anything. Concerned, Varric was the one who often checked on him. At one point, he had asked Samael what he saw. His answer was “nothing”.

“Not even black? Or white?” Varric insisted.

“I cannot perceive light anymore. I just see…nothing.”

Varric left him alone after that exchange, sensing the tension in the room. Samael was much more formal since losing his eyesight, on top of his left arm. His being was being taken away, piece by piece. He wondered why Falon’Din did not take him already.


An advantage of his lost sight was that all his other senses were sharpened. So, when he heard Dorian’s voice, his ears tracked the sound, moving so he could pick up more soundwaves. He stood, and carefully walked in a straight line to find the message crystal on his desk.

“Dorian,” he breathed.

“I wish I could’ve stayed with you longer, Amatus.

Samael found himself crying so quickly, it was embarrassing. His despair got the best of him.

“I am nothing, Vhenan. I lost my arm, my sight, my Gods, my Inquisition, you… There is nothing left for me. I thought I could still find Solas, but without my eyes, I am afraid I became useless.”

There was a silence. Samael could not see that the crystal was still glowing, so he thought Dorian was gone, that he was finally tired of him, like his friends, his advisors, and his own clan. He had refused their offer to become the Keeper a few years back, so they assumed that he did not want anything to do with the clan anymore. It took a few seconds for Samael to get out of his thoughts and to hear Dorian call out to him through the crystal.

“Amatus, how could you think such a thing? You are my entire world, you are the reason I am trying to fix everything back home. Remember what we talked about after the Arbor Wilds? That did not change, no matter what Solas took away from you. He can do whatever he wants, but he will never take me away from you. You know I love you.

Samael stayed silent, his eyes wide open, tears sliding down his cheeks.

“If you tell me to come back, I will, even if it’s only for a few days. You are the man I love, Samael. My heart, my destiny is in your hands. Nothing will ever change that.

“Can you come to Skyhold?” Samael sobbed.

“I’ll be there in a week.

A few days later, a bouquet of flowers was delivered to him. He recognized them by scent, camellias. They sat on his desk, Samael feeling the delicate petals with his fingertips and enjoying the way they filled the room with a sweet smell. Three days after, it was Dorian he recognized by scent alone. He ran, almost falling down the stairs to jump in his arms.

They decided that Samael would return to Tevinter with Dorian for the time being.

Thank you for the ask! <3 

I’ve been working on this one for the past few days….And I accidentally closed the program without saving, which set me back a bit more(starting over again and such)…..XD

I asked @camellia-earhart and @aly-the-alligator about their Overwatch fan kids and wanted to compare their heights and ages with my fan kids… Don’t know why…It was thought that just popped up at one point… :3

It was a bit difficult drawing them in full body poses. (I usually stick to portraits) XD

I hope you guys like it!

Left to Right :Quinn @aly-the-alligator‘s Meihem kid, Valentine(my Zaryhog kid), Jeremy @camellia-earhart‘s Tracerly kid, Yoshio @camellia-earhart‘s Gency kid, Lara @camellia-earhart‘s Bunnyribbit kid, Ningjing (my Meihem kid)

Four’s funeral had been full of flowers.

Six hadn’t known why, when she asked him. She vaguely remembered that he’d always been more interested in human culture and traditions, while Four had gone off learning science with a single-minded passion that her replacement couldn’t remember feeling for anything since her carapace had hardened and her memories had started being properly recorded again. 

Six said that it was probably just one of those weird human things, putting flowers everywhere at a time like this. She thought they were pretty. She knew Four wouldn’t have. 

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can you write a Mingyu fluff where he likes you and he's trying to tell you but you're dense and he lowkey angrily shouts it because you're just dumb and doesn't know lmao thank youu ~~

Word Count: 1108

Genre: Fluff

lol I was so frustrated writing this, reader wtf

“Can we meet up? I need to tell you something very important…” Mingyu typed into the message box, contemplating whether or not he should send it to you.

“Should I really tell (Y/n) that I like her/him?” He thought as he looked from his phone to the wooden bars that held up the bed up above him.

“Mingyu!” Jeonghan yelled, startling the younger boy. “Stop moving, you’re being annoying I’m trying to sleep up here.” Muttering an apology, Mingyu turned to his phone once more and unlocked it, shocked to see that the message had sent. Panicking to himself quietly, he kept closing and opening the app, hoping that someway the message wouldn’t deliver to you, but to his dismay, it delivered and in minutes you had read his message.

“Sure, I’m free around noon tomorrow, how about we meet at the cafe near my work building?” You questioned.

“Yeah sure, see you then sweets” Mingyu replied.

Setting his phone down with a loud sigh, he turned to the other side of his bed and closed his eyes. “Now I really have to tell her/him.” He thought to himself.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, Mingyu followed his normal morning routine and checked his wallet before leaving the dorm. Leaving unannounced, he didn’t bother texting his members to let him know where he was going, knowing that they were going to mock him. He walked down the almost empty streets, humming a song to himself, trying to get the topic of love and confessing out of his mind.

“Flowers, for that special someone in your life.” He read as he approached the sign, smiling to the lady who stood outside of the store. “Hi young sir, would you like to buy some flowers?” She asked, greeting him gently.

He hesitated before nodding his head and following her into the store. “Do you have any flowers that say “I like you” but not too obvious?” He asked, looking around the store for flowers he thought you would like.

“So, you want them mono-botanic?” The lady asked, giving her a confused face, she laughed and smiled. “Can you tell me about the person you are giving this to so I can arrange a bouquet?

“Well, s/he’s lovely, s/he’s bright and amazing, not to mention really good with her/his studies. S/he’s the liveliest person I’ve ever met and-”

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비가 오는 날엔 - BEAST; iwaizumi.

After he meets you, Iwaizumi thinks his heart is a like a morning glory. He can’t stop all the thought of flowers after you - flowers in your hair, flowers in your home, flowers on your wedding day. Flowers on your grave.

He learns their meanings and commits them to memory. And he remembers all the flowers he’s ever given you—

Red peonies— devotion, for when he first asked you out.

Red camellias— unpretending excellence, “My destiny is in your hands.” Those were for your wedding day.

Red morning glories— attachment. Those, well, those he laid on top of freshly turned earth, nothing but cold wet air at his side.

Sometimes, in the glaring emptiness of your shared home, he catches the scent of your perfume - fresh and light and pure, like jasmine - and his head jerks around, thinking that maybe, just maybe, in his grief, he somehow missed the click of the door unlocking and that he might catch a glimpse of you standing there, smiling. Apologizing for disappearing so suddenly.

“It’s okay, Hajime, I was only at the grocery.”

He imagines you petting his head, even though your half his height and weight. And he’ll never be able to think otherwise, he’ll never be able to forget your words—

That his heart is like a morning glory. Fitting, in the language of flowers, because it means instability. That’s what he has, if he doesn’t have you. Other than the painful awareness of your absence, the thought makes him ache because morning glories aren’t even your favorite flower.

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Camellia Pink– Longing for You | Dandelion– Faithfulness | Grass– Submission | Iris Yellow– Passion |

Flowers. What was it with foreigners and flowers?

Khai was so puzzled by it that she -had- to ask one of the few foreign merchants that came to sell their wares in Reunion. The answer she got was not the one she expected. 

“I see,” she murmured in thickly accented common tongue. “Thank you.”

Suffice to say that the buds of the wilted flowers remained on her like totems, even after the color in the petals had faded. Each reach into her pouch and pockets bought her rough fingers in contact with the remnants of the flowers, a subtle reminder of her lesson in foreign communications.

<”…I still need to teach him to bring back herbs, not flowers,”> she muttered, beginning the long trek back to her camp in the outer reaches.


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