Four’s funeral had been full of flowers.

Six hadn’t known why, when she asked him. She vaguely remembered that he’d always been more interested in human culture and traditions, while Four had gone off learning science with a single-minded passion that her replacement couldn’t remember feeling for anything since her carapace had hardened and her memories had started being properly recorded again. 

Six said that it was probably just one of those weird human things, putting flowers everywhere at a time like this. She thought they were pretty. She knew Four wouldn’t have. 

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Pomegranate wood, with camellia wood decorations, and a feather from Brazilian Featherwing, 11 3/4", Swishy.

Now then, Pomegranate is an interesting wood, one which seeks those full of knowledge of how to adapt and how to heal, and those who may be depressed or morbid. With a touch of Camellia to it, such a wand would seek those more lively - perhaps someone who is not depressed or, more likely, someone who, despite depression, pushes on and works hard to enjoy life each day. The feather of a Brazilian Featherwing Dragon is not as strong as the heartstring of a dragon, instead about as strong as Phoenix Feather would be, but a little more flamboyant. The length and flexibility here show someone of utterly average confidence and self-awareness, and with a great degree of adaptability which leaves plenty of space for growth. A very interesting combination.


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