Btw, I drew a Beast!Arkham.

Because I had no other way to rid myself of the feels that crossover gave me. Yea.


                 You should know it very well by now dear, that almost everything around me is a game to be played. This has been one of the most entertaining and of longest duration… And I love it. It’s far too complicated for most to learn and it’s better that way, of course. Some of the most valuable pieces change sides easily so you need to learn how to use them when they are at your mercy. Others are far too chaotic to control for long, but an experienced player can use them very, very wisely.

                  And there are the good lot of them who have been long lost and are virtually useless but did not recognize so yet. Perhaps it’s better that way. 

Introductions are due

Governed by incompetence and a rusted crown,
And forsaken are my dwellers, of mind, body and soul,
Yet I am forever mistaken as a cure.

Lacking a definite beginning and end,
My by-product is euphoria.

A symbol scorned, a savior praised,
Measured in fee and fragment.

…I must admit, among all the young ‘Edwards’ that I happened to meet, you seem to be the most dedicated and promising Riddler.

However, that doesn’t mean that I appreciate your lack of respect towards the elder one.

Good afternoon, citizens of Gotham.
I am Doctor Maxine Laughton and I speak in the name of the new staff of Arkham Asylum. As you know, the initiative promoted by Doctor Hugo Strange known as “Arkham City” was proven to be… disappointingly unsuccessful. But this doesn’t mean that the current staff will give up on our responsibility with our beloved city.

Right now we are working with nEw, innovAtIve mETHods to do what we were supposed to from the beginning: To cure these twisted criminal minds responsible for the chaos in Gotham, one by one. And for the moment, we have been successful. Soon, we will be able to rehabilitate some of these criminals as common harmless citizens. Take as an example Mr Edward Nashton, known by most as the infamous “Riddler”. After some INTensIve tREATment, he is almost completely cured of his compulsive and obsessive habits. And soon, it will be more than SAfe to interact with him.

You're welcome.

Anonymous, your concept of “real genius” can  be renamed to “average biped creature”. This is not a challenge for anyone. In fact, I have a slinky that I’ve fixed a few days ago, but not completely. Why? Well…

It’s a bomb. A hacked toy. Someone probably wanted to mock my intelligence and love for solving problems by leaving this on my desk. But I would have to be blind to miss the marked rings. Such peculiar sense of humor…