kitkats-for-the-soul  asked:

Peach, Black Raspberry and Mocha for the icecream ask game °•♡•°

  • peach: how do you relax?

Deep breaths, sleep, and reminding myself that anything I do now probably won’t affect me in thirty years

  • black raspberry: do you have any pets?

I have a lot of fish (to be specific my dad does lol) but i have a little puppy named Didi (which is little brother in chinese) and i love him~

  • mocha: ideal weather conditions?

It’s pouring outside, thunder and lighting lights up the clouds, the rain is warm and flowers are nice and watered ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

west-coast-waters-canada  asked:

I loved your Peach cosplay at Tsukino-con! I don't know how but I went to follow you (on tumblr) and it turns out I already am?? Small world I guess! Great job on your costume!

thats already happened a couple times this past weekend it’s kinda funny. Guess it’s just your friends follow these people, so you follow them too, and so one and so forth. Since it’s a small con it makes more sense too hhah

And thanks a bunch!!

MOD: Pulling the Plug, Part 3/?

Arriving in the interrogation chamber, it is revealed that the ponies who broke into the Palace were Lightning Dust and Regal Rust. Sunset Shimmer (now known as Sunrise Shimmer) and her wife the Fluttershy from the human world have evidently been summoned as well, their adopted daughter Mocha Sweet in tow as well. In the course of the interrogation, it is revealed that Regal Rust is Sunset Shimmer’s illegitimate daughter with Prince Blueblood, making her Regality’s half-sister. Also, Lightning Dust reveals that she’s Rainbow Dash’s daughter with Spitfire from another timeline.

Long story short, in her original timeline, Rainbow Dash never left the Wonderbolts Academy after the whole ‘return of the Crystal Empire’ thing, and her absence from the circle of Bearers of the Elements of Harmony led to a war with the Griffons. In a battle with an unrepentant Sunset Shimmer, Lightning Dust Dash ended up going back in time to circa Sonic Rainboom, witnessing her mother’s Rainboom at the climax of the episode. She decided to set the future to right by playing the role of total prick to coax Rainbow Dash into returning to her group of friends (the episode Wonderbolt Academy), and has since been searching Equestria with her girlfriend Regal Rust to find magic mirrors that could possibly send her back to her timeline.

(pictured: Lightning Dust (above) and Regal Rust (below), both by StarryOak)

Regal Rust, for her part, had been searching for magic mirrors in the hopes of reuniting with her mother and giving her a piece of her mind for abandoning her. Sunrise transforms into her angelic Daydream form, putting her in her place for being a little shit. Human Fluttershy (who looks like an Earth Pony) seems to be distracted by something, and her wife Sunrise questions her about this. After a bit of beating around the bush, Fluttershy blurts out “Sunny, I want a baby!”.

Since learning that Rainbow Dash and Spitfire, two mares, had a biological daughter in an alternate timeline, she had been filled with thoughts of having a biological daughter with Sunrise. Sunrise hesitates, not quite sure what their daughter could be if they conceive one, since Sunrise is neither a human or a pony, but the physical manifestation of Harmony itself. Fluttershy assures Sunrise that no matter what their daughter is, they’ll love her. Quartzy overhears this and begins to question her self-loathing. Lightning Dust returns to her home timeline and reunites with her mothers and her own next-gen Mane Six at long last.

Mocha Sweet (in the human world)

agentraven007  asked:

Cafe Asks: Iced cafe mocha and hot chocolate

Iced cafe mocha is here (X)! (But I totally forgot to add that I love walking through the park in the rain! I love how the water drips off the trees!)

Hot Chocolate: Are you an affectionate person?

Hm, that’s a hard one actually! Because I’m a passionate person and I’m not shy about telling people what I like about them or their work! I’ll compliment forever but I’m not that physically affectionate! Hugs, of course, I’m from California, but casual affectionate touches not so much!

So I’m verbally affectionate, I suppose!

Thanks for the ask! (From here (X))

I like you a Latte

Summary : Reader works at coffee shop with Maria, and sees Alex and is immediately smitten. She jokes around with Maria and accidentally asked him out through his latte.

This is very short. but cute. Personally I think so but if you don’t that’s fine too…

It was a slow day. Even for a weekend. It seemed everyone in the world was doing something more important then meeting for coffee. You were about to fall asleep when you heard the bell to the door ring. You perked up and saw what looked like an exhausted college student with too many papers and not enough space in his bag. He was with three other guys. There was something about him that made you want to know him. 

Maria noticed you staring before he reached the register. She smirked to herself and decided to work her magic.

“Hi how can I help you?” You asked politely.

“One decaf carmel mocha with whip cream.” said the tallest one in the back with short curly black hair. 

“A hot cocoa, with cinnamon.” The second shortest with freckles and hair tied back into a bun.

“One Chai latte with no foam, and cinnamon.” the tall one with a french accent said.

“I’ll have a latte with extra whip cream.” The one in the front said with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail and big almond eyes.

“O-Okay, can I have your names.”

I wrote down their names for each drink and paused at the last cup before writing, Alex.

I gave two of them to Maria, and I started with the hot cocoa.

“I know you like that guy over there with the giant backpack overflowing with papers.”


“y/n, please just ask him out or something. Put your number on his drink.”

“No that’s basic, if I were to do that I’d put something like I don’t know. I like you a latte.”

Maria’s smile grew wicked as she grabbed the drink from your hand and scribbled your terrible pick up line and number on the cup and shoved it into your hands yelling:


You tried to turn to Maria but she disappeared leaving the other drinks next to you to serve.

“Um, um, I-”

“Is that mine?”


You gave him the drink and the others in a cup holder. Maria reappeared just in time to see what was about to happen. You watched from afar as they all sat down and got their drinks. They all started drinking and talking. But John, the one with freckles, pointed to Alex’s drink. He read it aloud, everyone looked at him wide eyed. Lafayette started laughing and the others joined in while Alex blushed. 

But it got worse they turned around and looked at you chewing your lip with glazed over eyes. Maria disappearing again. You were frozen in place as he walked up to the counter where you were standing. 

“Hi, um did you write the pick up line on my cup.”

“Well, technically no, but I came up with it and was too scared to write it and I’m really sorry and I-”

“Hey no it’s okay.” He laughed softly.

“Would you maybe like to go out with me this Friday?”

“I- um sure do you need my-”

“Already got,” it he held up the drink to you so you could see your number scribbled on his cup. 

You both laughed as he walked away to his friends who cheered for him. This may have ended well but Maria was gonna get it once she reappeared.

I asked for a mocha, kitty cat, with a single spoonful of sugar, and just a little bit of milk. You have used a lot of milk in my mocha. I ought to gently pad at this cup until it falls to the floor for offending my taste buds.

Gender: Agender
Pronouns: They/Them
Romantic Orientation: Plants Probably
Height: 140cm | 4′7
Weapon: A hoe
Gem Type: Moss Agate (Mocha Stone)
Likes: Plants and animals, music, sleeping.
Dislikes:  Negativity, destruction of plants.
Hobbies: Learning about Earth’s agriculture and fauna.
Talents/Skills: Being chill in the worst situations, growing things.
Personality: Doesn’t say much but is relatively friendly, though they tend to prefer the company of plants and animals then actual people/gems. Has a fondness to Earth but not particularly to people. Would rather avoid confrontations.
Fusion Preference: A friend

Back from mini-hiatus

(( I think I needed the break to recharge my creative batteries, and I feel much better (although I think I’m getting another cold hurr). I’m really sorry that a whole bunch of you have been waiting for replies… I’ll get to those ASAP.

In the meantime, if you want to send stupid asks to Mocha to get the muse going, go right ahead! I’ll probably be getting to them later on this afternoon. ))

anonymous asked:

Cafe ask: Vanilla Chai Latte, Mocha, Jasmine Tea, Orange Juice, Rose Hip Tea, Green Tea

Sorry it took me so long to reply to these! Real life stuff got in the way >.<

Vanilla Chai Latte : Are you in love?
Very much so :) <3

Mocha : Dream Job?
Published/successful author! ^O^

Jasmine Tea:  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’d probably go on a tour of the US including going back to Hawaii (where I lived for a time). I’ve made a lot of US friends in so many states, and Hawaii is in my heart and I miss is dearly <3 once the aloha spirit grabs you, it never truly leaves!

Either that or Australia!

Orange Juice : Have you ever had a valentine?
Yeah I have but I’m not really into Valentines day much! ^_^; I prefer making romantic memories during times which aren’t forced. However, I met a very good friend because they bought me two specially coloured roses on Valentine’s day!

I prefer getting something small on Valentines- like some flowers.

Rose Hip Tea : Describe your first kiss

Green Tea : How tall are you?
5ft 1 (smol)

acaddemia-main  asked:

For the coffee ask! Mocha, Caramel Frappe, Earl Grey Tea, Iced Coffee?

Mocha: Dream job?
Based on my major, i would say forensic psychologist or human rights lawyer. But overall, i would love to be a photojournalist for National Geographic and just travel around the world volunteering and taking pictures and telling stories.

Caramel Frappe: Favorite video game?
Oooh, probably either The Sims or Pokémon. Pokémon was my childhood. i used to have all the games until they put out a new DS model.

Earl Grey Tea: The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! What’s your plan of action?
Ah i love this! My friend and i actually have a very intensive ZA plan. We have a list of all the people we would save and what their useful abilities would be. We would live in a barn on a big property her family owns and basically save the world. If it was during the school year, i’d probably just lock myself in the Reg. No way zombies are getting into the Reg.

Iced Coffee: Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite book?
Oh boy, do i love reading. i live for books. i don’t know if i can pick a favorite! Other than the obvious (Harry Potter), my favorites include The Little Prince, The Night Circus, Fahrenheit 451, and The Time-Traveler’s Wife. i also really love Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey and Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies.


((Mun Mocha: A little thing i did with my bestie @sassyysauce! It was really late at night so we decided to have some fun.She knows very little about one piece so i decided to show her some characters that shes never seen before and i  felt like sharing on this blog what trash we are.))

deideiartistic  asked:

Cafe Asks: Mocha, Jasmine Tea, and Vanilla Latte!

Mocha : Dream Job?

Cashed up layabout dropout with 0 social obligations 8)

Jasmine Tea : If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Right now I’d rly like to revisit the fam in New Zealand someday, I used to go with my parents when I was young but didn’t really appreciate the experience.

Vanilla Latte : Board games or drinking games?

Drinking games hella hella

chan-the-dino  asked:

Mocha and old English!!! :D

dream job: i honest to god have no clue;; i’ve always wanted to be a teacher but lately i’m gearing towards a veterinarian or lab tech??

you’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you: @purplelucia bc we are glued together, @renthecupcake for gr8 memes so we don’t have to think about being stranded, @mihgyu maya seems rational n while we’re all denying our fate she’s probably off starting smoke signals honestly my tumblr mom.

♥ c a f e a s k s ♥

polichevs  asked:

strawberry || rocky road || bubblegum || mocha!!!

STRAWBERRY: a language you wish you could speak?

TBH ANY?? I’d like to be fluent in German and learn Spanish and Japanese, too.

ROCKY ROAD: favorite songs at the moment?

  1. Hit the Switch by Bright Eyes
  2. Kiss and Swallow by IAMX
  3. Control by Halsey
  4. Animal by Neon Trees
  5. Closer by Nine Inch Nails (it’s always on here tbh)

BUBBLEGUM: books or movies?

Movies because I’ve read like?? 5 books in my lifetime.

MOCHA: ideal weather conditions?

I’d say either sunny, warm, and cloudy and around 75 degrees (which Google tells me is 23-24 degrees in Celsius). Or a light rain, a gray foggy sky, but not too cold.