Gender: Agender
Pronouns: They/Them
Romantic Orientation: Plants Probably
Height: 140cm | 4′7
Weapon: A hoe
Gem Type: Moss Agate (Mocha Stone)
Likes: Plants and animals, music, sleeping.
Dislikes:  Negativity, destruction of plants.
Hobbies: Learning about Earth’s agriculture and fauna.
Talents/Skills: Being chill in the worst situations, growing things.
Personality: Doesn’t say much but is relatively friendly, though they tend to prefer the company of plants and animals then actual people/gems. Has a fondness to Earth but not particularly to people. Would rather avoid confrontations.
Fusion Preference: A friend

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And ta all of mah followers, ah can only thank ye and hope y'all stay fer long!

An accurate representation of what happened back at Everfree. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a crazy shipping type person by any degree. So I never thought I’d say anything like I did there.

But alas, card games make everything better. And funnier.

Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder. A+ card game.

carl-mocha  asked:

You ever thought about having a youtube channel for your baking stuff? Because I think that would be a great idea! 😊

Aww, I’m flattered that you’d wanna watch my recipes be made!

I’ve definitely considered it, but the truth is I am really terrible on camera. It may be something I look into down the road, though. Right now I really want to make the blog as amazing as I possibly can, and there’s so much I still have to learn about photography and recipe writing before I take on another skill.

As Ron Swanson said,

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((Mun Mocha: A little thing i did with my bestie @sassyysauce! It was really late at night so we decided to have some fun.She knows very little about one piece so i decided to show her some characters that shes never seen before and i  felt like sharing on this blog what trash we are.))

For an anon who requested the BFT meeting their S/O in a random coffeehouse. I accidentally deleted your ask -.-

Coffee shop in question: Mocha Monkey, actually voted the best coffeehouse in my home state

France France was singing his heart out, just like every time he was up here. He’d scan the crowd, seeing them as one instead of individual people. That was when he noticed you, tapping a fork along to the song. His heart skipped a beat. Just then, you made eye contact with him and smiled. He managed to smile back before looking away. For the rest of the performance, he looked everywhere but where you were, doing his best to concentrate on the song. However, all he could focus on was getting your number after the performance was over.

When their performance was finally over, France jumped off the stage. The crowd was thick, everyone getting a coffee or muffin before the next person would go up. He was frantic to reach you before you disappeared, getting more nervous as he got closer, finally reaching you and uttering, “Would you mind if I sat here?” To his immense relief, you turned out to be nice – and, as he later discovered, you were really cool too.

Prussia Being a barista was an interesting job, Prussia mused. Whether it was the oddity who wanted cherry ice cream and hot fudge sauce in their rootbeer float, the teen who threw up after chugging coffee, or the person with tons of dietary restrictions, it was never dull. However, the most exciting days were when you walked in.

You were a regular at Mocha Monkey, and Prussia had liked you from the day you walked in with an actual bald eagle on your arm (turns out you’d borrowed it from a local animal rescue shelter). He’d soon learned your usual hours and aligned his shifts with them. The two of you had been talking more often lately, him coincidentally going on break just after you ordered.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Shit. He hadn’t intended on asking that.

You blinked in surprise for a moment. Then, to his immense relief, you agreed. In that moment, you were pretty much the awesomest person he’d ever met.

Spain Spain was just passing through the town on a search for the best homegrown tomato when he decided to pop into a local coffeehouse. He strode right up to the counter, read the menu, and looked to place his order.

That was when his eyes met yours. “I … uh …” His voice didn’t seem to work anymore. “I …”

“Yes?” You asked, politely puzzled.

“I’ll have … uh …” Spain finally just read the first item on the menu. He’d forgotten what he wanted. When you handed him his drink, he rushed out of there as fast as he could.

A couple weeks later, Spain was once again passing through. This time, however, he was prepared. Luckily, you were working again. Making sure the place wasn’t busy, he walked up to you. “I’d like a date, please.” He grinned a bit sheepishly.

Spain knew Romano would laugh his ass off upon hearing the story, but all he cared about was your answer: yes.

- Mod Husky

anonymous asked:

isn't it like... 4am or smth where ur at why are u awake???

Look anon 4-6 outta 7 days of my week are spent with me going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up several times during the night and eventually actually waking up at 5am and chugging 2 cups of the cheapest scalding hot coffee @ starbucks (or making gross shit @ home when I haven’t gotten giftcards in a while) like a dehydrated dying man in the sahara chugs water and taking naps during lunch breaks or any break so I am a HUMAN BEING

Also it is 5:45am right now and I have switched to MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE