Ask a Cat Lady, Sarah Donner Answers Cat Questions in Song

I remember one time I said ‘’I think I’m maybe pansexual’’ and someone was like’’haha does that mean you’d do a tree’’ and since then I’ve never called myself anything ever again

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15???? hm??? nudge nudge

15. relationship status


I’m single af, anon. Like??? I hope no one actually operates under the idea that I’m anything but eternally single. My last relationship was six years ago. No one has been interested in me since– they weren’t even then, lmao. PFFFFFT.  

I mean, come on, I flirt by sending weird science articles and science fun facts. Who even recognizes that as flirting??? Answer: Probably only Carlos from WtNV. 

Hey guys, gals, and everything in between. I’m Bre and i’m hella queer. Eccentric clothing, hair, and jewelry, yup that’s me. Genders rolls? Hell no! Just me, just Bre. Straight? Are yeah blind?

Ok but seriously I am going to stop typing like that now… Anywho I am 17 years of age, entering my senior year of high school, Canadian, and also a vegetarian. I spend most of my time doing 4 things: watching Netflix, drowning in Tumblr posts, being outside, and chilling with friends. Bright colors, and cats are my obsessions, and girls are my weakness. I love intellectual conversations and I tend to use a lot of complex words and sentence structure, so hit me up if you think you can keep up. Overall I am pretty chill and also very social, so feel free to inbox me or ask me stuff :)

i got a crock pot in the mail and it was just from walmart so i got no clue who sent it to me and my aunt said something on fb about how it probably wasn’t my mom since she doesn’t know what a crock pot is and like i know she’s fucking joking but i’m just on this period like a motherfucker and i love my mom please don’t say stupid mean shit about my mom

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Hi! Can you share some of your favorite Tumblr users? Not in any specific order but a couple different areas. Like fave mutuals and just plain faves you have from afar? p.s. loving your new fic!

Oh hunny this is going to be a LONG list! (I have plans to do a follow forever eventually but I can’t decide which milestone I want to hit for it).

Some Blogs/People that I Adore:

the-lady-of-misthaven, o-u-a-timer, cat-sophia, lenfaz, kat2609, mayquita, poor-dumb-killian, zengoalie, brooke-to-broch, laschatzi, lizzyc807shipscaptainswan, and anyone I missed over at momsforhook because I am blanking on urls

Some Fanfic Writers I Admire from Afar:

killians-dimples, msgenevieve447, nowforruin, alexandralyman, anything-goes-for-cs-prose, blowmiakisscolin, burntbrokensoul, captainmeerkat, this-too-too-sullied-flesh, dexhooker, weezlywrites, and gusenitsaa (and so many more!!!)

Some Gif/Edit Makers/Artist I Admire from Afar:

lillyanjones, doomsdayy, scribblecat27, captain–kitten

Amazing Captain Swan Blogs I Love:

captainswansource, katmtan

(Please note: This is not a comprehensive list. There are so  many more blogs I love, so if you are not on here do not fret…this was done quickly)

Ask me anything and I’ll answer

So chiraledge asked me if the two sibling cats we rescued follow each other and take care of each other, and I chose to answer in the form of a sappy collage of my precious babies. ENJOY THE INFLUX OF CAT PICTURES TONIGHT FRIENDS!! Tilley (orange) and Phoenix (white) and bonus boyfriend (hairless large baby).

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I may have accidently sort of adopted five cats

                                                                             ridiculous prompts | accepting

              i know. ❞ she’s lost track of which cat is which:
          they’re  crawling  everywhere,  purring  &&  meowing  in a
          constant   hum,   with  tiny  paws  && faces  batting  at  her 
          hands,  begging  for  a  pat.  cross-legged on the floor, she
          reaches  for  the  tiny  blond  one,  nuzzling it gently before
          she looks up at ino. ❝ i already named them, so we should
          probably get collars. ❞

To a very close friend very far away...

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. -William Shakespeare

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent Van Gogh

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle. -Marilyn  Monroe

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. -Oscar Wilde

Things are as they are. Looking out into it the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations. -Alan Watts

sexyparrotfish I love you so much. You’re the bestiest friend any angsty teenage cat lady could ask for. Please don’t be too sad or stressed. It’ll all be okay.