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I love all the thought put into what Rin and Yukio are thinking and doing but I also kind of wonder what everyone else is thinking. Like, are they all going WTF as much as the fandom is? Or more even bc this whole thing with Yukio came out of the blue from their pov?

That’s a good question. Yukio has been a bit more removed from the exwires compared to Rin due to his position as their teacher, except for Shiemi. And we haven’t seen him have any significant ties to any exorcists in the order besides Shura.

Probably the general thought is “what!? he was always so quiet and disciplined..but you know those prodigy types. Besides, is it so weird there’s something wrong with him? His twin brother is a demon after all…”

Most exorcists seem to hold Yukio is good regard but aren’t particularly engaging with him. Yukio probably spent most of his time as an exorcist with Shiro and Shura so it makes sense. Plus his age is a natural barrier.

And with recent events and spy-reveals and the war with the illuminati and the relatively recent discovery of Satan’s son existing people in the order are probably turning every stone for traitors/spies/demons. Yukio’s recent actions might be painted with that light because of recent events.

The exwires seem more aware of his decline, especially since Shiemi and Rin have noticed. Shima has noticed because he’s a spy and was probably told by Mephisto/Lucifer. Bon seems to take particular offense to people who try to handle things alone so he’s noticed, though has held back from saying anything likely due to Yukio being his superior.

There’s a lot happening, big picture things, Yukio and Rin are just part of those things.

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Which one of your brothers do you love most? And which of them have you slept with?

“Uhm, well…” Azazel felt his face flush slightly, considering his answer to this. He and Amaimon had always gotten along the best. Though when it came down to emotional ties, he probably had the most and the strongest with Astaroth, but those were pretty hot and cold depending on the day. He and Egyn always fought, but he loved the man dearly all the same, and little Rin was just so cute… “I couldn’t possibly choose between my brothers. I love them all in very different ways for very different reasons. They are each unique to me. And as for the second part…” His face flushed a little bit deeper and he scratched at his head sheepishly. “I’m just going to say most of them and leave it at that.” 


what’s y’all’s favorite characters?
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"I am so tired..." (Feel free to answer as anyone you like)

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To say they were exhausted was to understate the situation. Beacon Academy didn’t build itself in a day, but with how hard Glynda was working, one would think results like that would be possible. 

While some of the former teachers of the school took to the streets, assuming the role of regular hunters and huntresses to protect those who were nearby, Glynda busied herself with the restoration of the school. In her mind, it needed to get done. Even if the relic was lost (she hoped it wasn’t, but that was childish optimism), the school standing once again would bring with it a sense of hope, that peace could be established throughout Vale again. She had to try. 

After one particularly taxing day, she leaned back against a pile of rubble. Her hand, shaking slightly from extended semblance use, wiped the sweat from her forehead. Breathing heavy, she knew a break would have to come soon. Even if she wanted to keep working, there was only so much she was physically capable of doing. You could say that again, Yukio.

“The task is laborious, but it’ll be rewarding in the end… Pushing this project forward would not only benefit Vale, but the rest of Remnant as well. We must keep going.”

Even her normally stern tone sounded drained.

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  • Rin: Vampire with vampire cape. Like. Every year. Sometimes he’s a zombie or a mummy
  • Yukio: Hasn’t dressed up voluntarily since fifth grade but each year Rin drags him somewhere, making him break out his trusty cat tail and ears. 
  • Shiemi: Her and her mom used to make costumes hand made every year, she tries to do something creative each year, this year’s a dragon.
  • Izumo: Loves to do a twisted take on princesses and popular media but this year she’s keeping it mellow and going as Howl from Howl’s moving castle, really skilled at makeup and costume work.
  • Shima: Werewolf 
  • Bon: Werewolf
  • Koneko: Werecat 
    • They’re a werepack 
    • They always coordinate their costumes
  • Nemu: Lilo’s little doll from Lilo and stich, u know the one. The one thats green with button eyes.
  • Shura: Witch! Not even a sexy witch, (though thats on underneath) she wears a full medieval peasants gown and boots with a pointy hat and broom.
  • Lewin: Cowboy
  • Mephisto: He wears his fursuit to parties 

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(1/2) Another really interesting pair of anime brothers are Rin and Yukio of Blue Exorcist--have they come up? They are fraternal twins (and also sons of Satan) but could not be more different. Their relationship is especially psychologically complex b/c of their conflicting personalities and emotions towards each other. They show both extreme aggravation and protectiveness towards each other; they seem to be mutually admiring/jealous of the other but also deeply resentful. Their dynamic

(2/2) is complicated by the fact that only Rin inherited demonic powers, so Yukio sees him as a threat, to others and himself, and blames Rin for their adoptive father’s death. Still, they have touching and fond childhood memories of each other. On top of that, Yukio is a prodigy as an exorcist who fights demons, and is actually Rin’s teacher at their exorcist school. It’s quite complicated, but you can see their relationship has many layers of ambivalence that make it fun to speculate!

I don’t believe they have come up before. I love how complicated their relationship sounds! Such a bundle of resentments and love. And twins!

Thanks for the recommendation, Anon!

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College AU, Yukio and Midorima (seperate). This can be headcanons or short scenario! Whichever you like ^^. Reader is pretty good at academics and maybe is a top a student, and sees the boys as their rival. But, they are struggling in a class and their only option is to try and get help from the person (their rival) with the highest grade in their class! Reader laments them in the beginning but over time they both start to develop feelings for each other.

I’ll do headcanons if you don’t mind :)


  • Ever since you joined college, you made a promise to yourself by graduating at the top of your class.
  • But then there was Kasamatsu.
  • You never expected him to be smart, but damn he was.
  • He was very nervous around you, and you made sure it stayed that way.
  • Whenever he was about to take a book of the shelf you’d always snatch it first.
  • What pissed you off even more was that he let you.
  • Did this guy have no fighting spirit?
  • After a while you realized that he was unbeatable so you even got some of your friends to spy on him to find out his secret.
  • Turns out there was no secret it was just his brains.
  • It’s illegal to take someone’s brain and use it without their consent so, you didn’t do that. Nothing stopped you from searching it up online though.
  • So the final exam came, and you were cracking your head on this one question which you couldn’t seem to solve. 
  • You asked everyone, including your teachers but you just didn’t seem to understand.
  • That was when you swallowed your pride and asked Kasamatsu for help.
  • Honestly you didn’t know why you hated him so much.
  • He was a really nice guy, really really shy at first but then you calmed him down and stopped him from having a seizure right there and then.
  • He helped you with your work and you hate to admit but he was a really good teacher and he was the only one out of the entire school that could make you understand.
  • You got full marks on the exam and you couldn’t thank Kasamatsu enough because most of the questions were based on that topic and if it weren’t for him you would have been screwed.
  • You offered to pay him back by buying him lunch everyday and even eating with him.
  • After a while it wasn’t about repaying him anymore, the two of you just enjoyed each other’s company.
  • Eventually Kasamatsu grew some balls and asked you to join him for dinner.
  • Even though you had to somehow initiate the conversation. ahem.
  • And obviously the two of you ended up together and you couldn’t be happier to have a guy like Kasamatsu :)


  • Midorima is by no doubt a genius.
  • You knew from the moment you saw him he was this guy aspiring to be a doctor who had all the mathematical formulas in his head.
  • He never seemed like the social type, and always had this frown on his face.
  • You never thought of mixing with him, one because you were always competing for the highest mark, and two because he didn’t seem very pleasant.
  • During lectures you’d occasionally glance at him, wondering if you can catch him doing something bad so you could rat him out, but that never happened.
  • You hated to admit, but he was pretty good looking.
  • He always had tape around his fingers which bugged you because you wanted to ask him why yet you didn’t want to talk to him.
  • There was once you left your book in class and you went back to get it, only to find that he was the only one in class, looking through your notes.
  • That made you pissed because, well, it was your notebook that you put a lot of effort in, and you didn’t like anyone meddling with it.
  • So you made a sassy remark and snatched the book from his hands and left.
  • Only to find out a few days later that the book you took wasn’t yours, but his.
  • You were so blinded by your rage and hatred towards him that you didn’t see that your book was actually on your desk where you left it.
  • Midorima was just looking through his own notebook and was quite offended when you snatched it away from him.
  • You wondered why he never said anything though.
  • So, embarrassed by your actions, you didn’t return the book in person, but just left it at his desk and pretended like nothing happened.
  • One day you were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, finishing up a project and when you were done with it and ready to send it to your professor, the god damn email wouldn’t go through.
  • You tried again and again, but failed.
  • You freaked because the project was due today and you had no time.
  • So that was when you asked Midorima for help.
  • He was sitting there reading a book when you approached him and mumbled a ‘sorry for taking your notebook’ and then asked him to help you.
  • Soon enough the problem was solved. 
  • Genius much.
  • Or Magician much.
  • You thanked him and offered to buy him a cup of coffee but he refused, saying that he wasn’t a fan of caffeine.
  • So you bought him a cup of tea instead.
  • He wasn’t much of a chatter, but indeed a very good listener.
  • You found yourself liking him more and more as the days passed.
  • Midorima too, he felt like you were the only one who understood him ever since he got here.
  • And so, that was how it started.
  • Midorima would have asked you out by writing his confession in a notebook and leaving it on your desk.
  • Just saying.
  • But nonetheless, you two were together and happy as always.


Ta daa! I hope you like it, and thank you for requesting <3 ^-^