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I was reading reactions to aoex ch 91 earlier and someone was asking why there is so much Yukio hate when he is justifiably stressed and has no one to confide in. I think it's a combination of Yukio's issues being so complex and fairly subtle and the narrative makes it easy to pit him and Rin against each other so favoring one means being annoyed by the other as theyhighlight each other's flaws. 'Why the Yukio hate?' is a good question and I wanted to ask your opinion too?

Related to the ask about Yukio hate I have another question about the twins. Why are they so often blamed for their weaknesses? Like, does no one remember Fujimoto raised them both to be the way they are? Or that none of the adults who suspect Yukio is having a crisis have done anything? Has anyone truly tried to assess their mental health? And what happened to the other priests they grew up with? I’m just mystified why no one cares about their environment encouraging their flaws? Thank you

I’ll address both asks at once if you don’t mind!

As I’ve stated before Yukio is a frustrating character, because he’s lashing out at other protagonists it’s easier to dislike him. Unlike the antagonists he isn’t supposed to be hurting or impeding the others, yet he is. Which I think makes him a great character! Complex and not black and white when it comes to who the reader wants to feel for. But I can understand why some readers would decide to dislike him. I think that’s fine, even if I don’t agree. Not all protagonists are likable or sympathetic, just as some antagonist can still garner sympathy despite their role in the story.

I don’t know the answer to your question. My guess is that the adult characters don’t care, haven’t noticed, have other priorities, or maybe (and I’m thinking of Mephisto here) have reasons to push them in dangerous directions for some reason. 

I have to wonder about how other characters, especially older ones who have a very different view of Shiro, connect his parenting to the twins. 

Some seem to be suspicious of Yukio because of his connection to Rin (and by that I mean Satan) and Shiro (because he apparently disobeyed orders in order to secretly raise satan’s spawn) added with his youth I’m not surprised he hasn’t made any significant allies that he would trust or that would know/care about him enough to notice his current problems. Shura had a complicated upbringing, to say the least, so I’m a bit hesitant to blame her. Though she has noticed and has tried to bring it up with Rin and has told Yukio, more than anyone else, that he has to address whatever is bugging him. So she tried.

As for Rin very few people actually care because he’s the son of Satan. It adds pressure for him to be perfect because even a bout of teenage temper is him being a demon and a danger to Assiah and people constantly remind him that he’s only not being executed because of their good graces/because he’s useful and behaves. So that no adult would notice or help isn’t surprising. Rin is hiding it and what he isn’t able to hide (mostly his impulsiveness/temper) is held against him.

I have no idea about the culture/stigma/problems surrounding mental health in Japan, so I can’t comment on that. Let alone in the Blue Exorcist universe where I’m assuming would have the added complication of demons in the exorcist world. So…idk

Mephisto has been pulling the string a lot too and has his own motivations that don’t take the twin’s well being into account beyond what he needs them for so there’s that.  In fact he might have an interest in pushing both of them to the edge in some ways, depending on what his end game is.

We actually don’t know much about the other priests relationship with the twins or the restrictions placed on them via demon contracts. We haven’t seen them be super involved in the twins’ lives since they started True Cross (and, again we might have to keep Mephisto/the higher ups in the Order in mind here) so that they’re unaware isn’t super surprising.

No one cares is a bit harsh. I think their friends care, but no one in significant power cares (or even wants the opposite). And they care about each other. I think the little spat Yukio and Rin had after Shura told them about their mother was actually a significant brother moment. Yukio was trying to connect to Rin on the common ground of their mysterious birth but…sorta gave up half way when he dismissed Rin’s opinion because they think differently. 

I thought that was a little uncharitable of him, because for Rin Yuri is just another person, another parent, that’s death was indirectly caused by his birth. The more he knows then the more pain it will bring.

BUT I feel like there’s something else there when it comes to Rin’s reluctance to knowing about his birth parent(s). It’s been brought up twice now by Yukio, in specific contrast to Yukio’s burning desire to know Rin seems evasive on the topic even as a kid which is a little strange. I highly suspect there to be something more there, maybe something Rin found out or suspected or was told as a child that made him shy away from the topic.

Yukio is going down a bad road and fast, and Rin realizes it but feels like he can’t understand him anymore. Every time he tries to reach out Yukio just shoots him down by bringing up Rin’s demon heritage, which might as well be Rin’s Achilles heel when it comes to Yukio, and it derails to conversation completely. No matter how much Rin pushes (or backs off) Yukio isn’t giving anything and Rin isn’t a mind reader and he doesn’t know what Yukio does about Bon and Lightning’s involvement in the priest’s death. It’s tragic because both Rin and Yukio are dealing with problems with the same root cause, one in which they would both benefit from knowing that their twin is on their side no matter what. But Yukio has been sabotaging that.

Yukio is a very difficult place right now but he still needs to be held accountable for his behavior. Namely pointing his gun at places they should never be. At his brother (twice), at himself, at an ally.  And for not letting anyone into his head, not even Rin who would be the best person to understand his situation. 

Hc: Partner

  • he wouldn’t try to keep his partner a secret per se. he just thinks it’s no one’s business and therefore won’t scream it out to the world. if other find out, fine. if not, even better
  • before anything else his fangirls would probably know about the partner
  • Shura is pretty invasive when it comes to Yukio, especially if there’s an opportunity for her to tease him, so she will definitely about the partner, especially if Yukio frequently texts her
  • I feel like Shiro would know it too. not for the same reasons as Shura tho. Shiro was a kind father and wanted the best for the twins, so seeing his youngest son being happy because of someone, he would definitely notice and often joke about it. at one point, however, he would ask Yukio in all seriousness
  • Rin is definitely the last person who will notice out of the three. it will probably happen while Yukio and his partner are out and Rin will flip his shit upon not knowing of them sooner. cue Yukio just sighing and apologizing for his older brother
Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 91 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

So here is a rough translation summary of Chapter 91.  This chapter…wow, shit really hit the fan.  It’s been a long time coming, but there’s really no going back now, I think.  Anyway, please forgive any typos or mistakes.  And spoilers, of course.

Ao no Exorcist 91

This chapter is entitled “Longevity (or Felicitations) - Late Night to Early Morning” 

Preparations for the wedding are underway.  Sugaro recites a sutra and then helps his father get ready.  His father comments that it’s been a long time since they had a wedding there and that he would hold onto the day ‘tightly’.  He tells Suguro that he has the appearance of an ‘unsheathed sword’ since he became Lightning’s apprentice.  Sugaro is surprised he knew, but Tatsuma says he learned it from Shima’s son (we see a little graphic of the Shimas going crazy over finding out).  Sugaro starts to bring up something about Shirou Fujimoto, but thinks better of it and says “nevermind”…just at that moment, Yukio comes in and says that the landlady is calling for him.  He starts to say that he’s with his father right now, but then Gouzou says he’ll take over for Sugaro.  Tatsuma thanks Gouzou and Gouzou says after the ceremony is over, he would return back to work and mentions the “matter just now”.  Tatsuma asks him if they were able to capture something after that, but he replies no, and that they are investigating the underground library at the Endo branch HQ but that they haven’t found a way to forcibly summon Karura when it possesses a person.  He says that Karura can adapt to a body, and concludes that they may not be able to exorcise Karura when the time comes.  Tatsuma asks him to continue looking into it.

Sugaro joins everyone in the main hall and sits down next to Yukio.  Yukio asks him where everyone else is and he replies that he doesn’t know.  Yukio replies that he was told to sit there, and Sugaro says that’s because he is their teacher.  Suddenly Yukio asks Sugaro what he knows about their father and what Lightning is investigating.

It skips over to Bucharest, Romania, where a man is getting into a car.  He hears “Happy New Year, Dr. Dragresk” just as Lightning punches him in the face.  He knows who Lightning is by his reaction, and Lightning says “I was waiting for you to go to work alone, you’re the type of person who goes to work early on New Year’s…so am I”.  Lightning says he’s connected with the Illuminati.  Dragresk asks him if he’s serious, but Lightning replies “You’re going to keep up that act?”  Dragresk tries to deny it further, asking Lightning how he could be connected to the Illuminati.  Lightning says “if I can figure that mystery out, it’ll be perfect…and anyway, you are very close to the image of the traitor that I had in my mind.”  Lightning continues, “There’s no doubt that a person who keeps killing people for more than ten years would continue such a job.”  Lightning then starts attacking Dragresk, and asks him “Do you know my other popular name?  ‘Head Torturer’…”  Dragresk screams “Stop!!” and then we see that there’s a mark across Dragresk’s neck.  Lightning says “I knew it, it’s just like I thought.”  Then he says “I’m going home, I accomplished my mission”.  Dragresk is stunned that Lightning would do something like that and then stop.  He yells that he will report him to the top brass, and that Lightning is in danger.  Lightning says “Then I’d better hurry, I’ll report you, as well.”

Back at the wedding, Yukio is explaining that an old man named Misumi died immediately after Lightning came to visit the monastery.  He asks Sugaro if there’s any connection, and Sugaro says he can’t talk about it.  Suddenly Yukio looks normal again and says “I’m sorry for trying to get you to talk against your will.  It’s obvious that you can’t talk about the contents of a secretive investigation at a moment’s notice.”  Just then Rin and the others arrive and the ceremony begins.  We see the wedding and then get to the party afterwards.  Suddenly Sugaro gets a call so he takes it outside while Yukio looks at him suspiciously.  It’s from Lightning, and he wants Sugaro to come back the next morning.

Suddenly Yukio comes up from behind Sugaro and points a gun at his chin.  He says “Excuse me, please tell me about the birth of my brother and me.”  Sugaro is shocked, and Yukio asks him what he knows and to ‘please’ tell him (the most unsettling part is how polite he’s being here, honestly).  Sugaro thinks “What kind of face is that?” and asks Yukio “Are you going to shoot me…!?”  Yukio looks shocked, then looks a bit crazy.  He says “What am I doing…” and then says “I’m sorry, I made a mistake…it might be the alcohol.  Please forget it” and walks off.  Sugaro grabs him from behind and starts yelling at him (I mean, who wouldn’t?).  Yukio says “I’m sorry” again, but Sugaro isn’t having any of it.  Then Yukio says (with a creepy smile) “I’m your superior, please let me go.”  Sugaro does, but he still looks shocked.  Yukio keeps walking until Renzou stops him and says “You need to cut this out.”  He then tells Yukio to discuss it.  Yukio asks “Discuss…with whom? Sugaro?  You?  My brother?  PUHA HA!”  “Discussing it won’t lead to a resolution.  Because I’m different from everyone.”

Yukio gets a call from Shura, telling him and the ex-wires to come back immediately, and to turn on the tv.  Renzou asks him what’s going on, and they join everyone watching something on the tv (btw, Rin gives Yukio a very knowing look when he walks in here).  On tv, there’s a cyclops attacking a train station.

That’s it for this month.

Bonrin Week Day 4: First

Okay I know this is late, but it took longer than I thought. Since I got such nice comments on my last fanic, I wanted to write another! This one is kinda long, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy!

It’s all Shima’s Fault

Rin has never felt this sort of fear in his life. Not when Satan took over Shiro’s body and tried to kill him or that time during the Impure King incident back in Kyoto. Not even going up against zombies in the Illuminati headquarters scared him as much as this moment. But as he looked up at that the jumbotron displaying himself and Suguro surrounded by hearts with the words “Kiss Cam” right below, Rin’s pretty sure this sort of fear is one feeling he doesn’t like.

If you look at things through Rin’s eyes, this whole ordeal was Shima’s fault. Two weeks earlier, Shima asked Rin if he wanted to go to a basketball game in Tokyo. Rin, being the eager little kid he is, jumped at the opportunity since he’s never been to a real game before. Shiro was always a basketball fan, he kinda pushed his love for basketball onto Rin while raising the twins. Neither of them actually played the sport though, Shiro always had missions and the boys to take care of while Rin was just bad at it. But that didn’t stop them from watching games on TV.

The Saturday of the game, Rin bounded to his friends dorm, expecting him to be as excited as he was. “Shima!” yelled Rin as he burst through the room door. “C’mon, the game starts at five!” Rin had to duck down to escape the sneaker flying at his head. “Suguro, what the hell?”

“Shut your trap Okumura!” Another sneaker flew from his hand. “Shima ain’t feeling well, Koneko took him to the doctors.”

“What? Why? He was perfectly fine yesterday.”

“The idiot drank some milk that spoiled sometime last month in the cafeteria this morning,” explained Suguro as he threw a pillow from his place on his bed.

“How the hell? Not even Shima is that stupid to-”

“He was too busy drooling over his new bikini mags.” Rin face palmed.

“That pink haired perv!” Rin flopped down on the bed. “What about the game?”

A swift kick to the side had Rin flailing off the bed onto the floor. “Here, Shima told me to give this to you.” Two tickets floated down onto Rin’s face. “He said to find someone else to go with.”

“Haaah? Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Now get out of my room.”

Rin sat bolt up. “But I can’t find anyone this last minute! Who’d want to go to a game that starts in an hour?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Get out of my room.”

“Maybe Shiemi would like to go.” Rin stood and started pacing the room. “But she doesn’t like big crowds.”


“I could ask Yukio-”


“-but he’s already pissed at me for not buying him his damn mineral water.”


“You think Izumo would like-”

“For fucks sake, Okumura!” This time the sneaker didn’t miss. “I’ll go with you if it makes you shut up!”

Rubbing the back of his head, Rin turned around. “What?”

Suguro stood up from his bed and grabbed his jacket. “Jeez, it goes in one ear and out the other.” He made his way to the corner of the room to put his shoes on. “I said I’ll go with you. If it gets you to stop complaining and outta my room, I’ll go.”

A smile appeared on Rin’s face. “Thanks Suguro.”

“Y-yeah, whatever,” a faint blush tinted the taller boys cheeks. “Move it or else we’re gonna be late.”

The two exited the dorms and walked the path to the campus gates. While Rin was telling Suguro about the bentos he made in case they got hungry, they ran into Kuro. “Hey Rin! Where you’re going?”

The half demon ran a hand over his familiar’s fur. “We’re going to a basketball game in Tokyo.”

“Oh, so you mean like a date!”

A deep blush crawled its way up to Rin’s face. “What? N-no, it’s not like that! We’re just going to-”

“Rin’s on a date! Rin’s on a date!”

“Stop it you damned cat or else I’m not making you anymore tempura!”
Suguro watched as his friend and his cat had a very heated argument turned fist fight (paw fight?) once Kuro jumped on Rin’s head and the boy started swinging. He didn’t understand what the cat was saying, but he was pissed. He kept hissing and digging his claws into the shorter boys scalp. After Suguro took out his phone and snapped a picture of Rin getting his ass beat by a cat, he pulled the two apart. “Alright, cut it out. Kuro, whatever this idiot did, I’ll make it up to you by picking up some sushi and milk before we get back. That sound good to you?”

The little black familier perked up. He nodded his head and allowed Suguro to pet him before him and Rin walked off campus. Kuro said something to his owner before they were out of earshot, whatever it was made Rin flustered again. “That damn cat! One of these days I’m gonna completely cut his sake line.”

“Sure, cut his alcohol supply and make him even more angry. That way, he can beat your ass while full sized.” Suguro laughed as the color drained from Rin’s face. As the two walked to the bus stop, Suguro asked, “What did he say to you to get you so riled up?”

The color returned to Rin’s face as a blazing red. “Oh, it was nothing. He just insulted my cooking. He always says my yakitori is a little too burnt.” When the bus came and they boarded, he avoided eye contact the whole ride.

By the time they arrived at the stadium, the game was to start in ten minutes. They gave their tickets to the ushers outside and rushed to find seats. Fortunately, they found some a few rows above court side. During the bus ride, Rin explained who was playing, the players, and their current records. Suguro tried to seem interested, he really did, but he was never a sports kinda guy. Yeah he did play football with Juzo and Kinzo when they needed extra players, but that was about it. But while Rin was talking about the different plays, it made him smile, so Suguro pretended to listen.

When the referee blew the whistle and threw the ball in the air, the game finally began. Throughout the first ten minutes nothing really happened. It was the same thing, one player has the ball. The opposing team steals it and so on. It was pretty interesting to watch a bunch of guys run after a ball. But when one team scored the first two points, that smile was back on Rin’s face. Suguro didn’t know why that smile made him feel lighter than air. It wasn’t because he liked that goofy look, or anything. Or the way his eyes would light up whenever an amazing pass was made. Or the fact that whenever Rin got too excited he would latch onto Suguro’s arm, jumping up and down. Nope, none of that.

At halftime, they grew hungry so Rin pulled out some sodas and the bentos he made earlier that day. While the two ate, Rin looked at Suguro and couldn’t help but feel…something. Sometimes it’s a light flutter in his stomach, other times it feels like he’s doing twist and turns on a roller coaster. The only time Rin has these feeling is when he’s with Suguro.

Rin must’ve been staring too long because Suguro poked him with his chopsticks. “Oi, Okumura, you alright? You look kinda funny. What, you gotta a fever?” The boy leaned over his seat and pressed his forehead against Rin’s. If the poking didn’t snap him out of whatever trance he was in, that definitely did.

Rin was frozen in place. His heart was beating a little faster than usual and his hand that didn’t have the bento wouldn’t stop shaking. At one point he even forgot to breath. When Suguro pulled away, Rin had this feeling of losing something that’s supposed to be there. After a few seconds his heart rate returned to normal and he let out a big huff of air. But his hand wouldn’t stop shaking. He closed the bento and returned it to his bag, he tried to hide his shaking but failed miserably.

“Okumura, are you cold? You’re shivering like crazy.” Suguro put his finished box back in the backpack, he then proceeded to remove his black hoodie. “Here take my jacket.”

Rin nodded and slipped the hoodie on. It was a few sizes too big, so he swam in it, but other than that it gave him a sense of comfort. “Thanks Suguro.”

For the second time that day, Suguro blushed because of that blue idiot. “S-shut up. I just don’t want you catching a cold out here. That’ll mean I gotta haul your sorry ass back to campus and get an earful from your brother.”

The atmosphere turned awkward after a few minutes of not speaking. Rin was about to say that he was fine when the crowd erupted in cheers and excitement. The two looked above to see the jumbotron blinking red, white, and pink. When the flashing colors stopped, the screen was displaying a young couple on the east side of the stadium. The words “Kiss Cam” bouncing around the screen with hearts popping up. They smiled and turned to each other, dumbstruck looks on their faces. The guy leaned in and pecked his girlfriend on the lips, earning them hoots and hollers.

“Wow, this stuff is so cheesy,” said Suguro, as his eyes followed the next victims. “It’s gross when couples do it in public, but now they have to kiss in front of hundreds of people.”

“Y-yeah. It’s so dumb.” Rin started to fidget in place, looking anywhere else but at the boy next to him. “I feel sorry for the poor saps who-”

“Oi, Okumura?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Rin turned to find a blushing Suguro. “You look like you wanna puke.”

“Don’t look now,” He pointed to the jumbotron and Rin’s stomach dropped. “But I think those poor saps are us.” Rin hoped he was lying, he wanted it to be a joke, but nope. There they were, plain as day. A huge heart around their frame with smaller ones moving along the screen. The universe has decided to put the two in the worst situation possible.

At this point, Rin started to panic. His face turned as red as Shura’s hair as Suguro looked from him to the screen displaying their blushing faces. His hands clutched his seat and his body felt heavy.

I want to die. I want to bury myself under a rock and die. I didn’t do anything to deserve this sort of punishment! Was it because I forgot Yukio’s mineral water?

The crowd started to get anxious, they were chanting “kiss him!” and screaming for the two to get on with it. An elderly woman in the seat below looked at Suguro and yelled, “C’mon young man! Lay one on your boyfriend!”

“W-what? He’s not my… We’re just friends!” Rin protested. “C’mon Suguro, tell her we’re-” Rin never got to finish his sentence because a pair of lips crashed against his.

At this point in his life, Rin was supposed to have his first kiss by the age of ten. Sadly, him being unsociable never really helped him get any girls. But right now, he’s sorta glad that his first kiss was with his best friend, despite how awkward it is. Suguro’s lips moved Rins, they were slightly chapped and tasted like the orange soda he drank. The two didn’t pay attention to how the crowd exploded into cheers or how they cat called when Suguro placed a hand on Rin’s cheek. They were in their own little world.

By the time they pulled away, both boys were breathing hard. Suguro scooted back a bit and cleared his throat. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

It took a few seconds for Rin to come back down to Earth. When the world stopped spinning, he took a huge swig of his soda. He tried to stop his heart threatening to burst from his chest, but his heart didn’t want to listen to him. “No, no. It’s fine.”

“Really? I acted on impulse. I didn’t the crowd to come after us.” He rubbed the back of his neck, the blush still present on his cheeks.

“Really, it was… Nice.” Rin pretended like he didn’t see the spark that lit Suguro’s eyes.

The rest of the game went by in a blur. The two didn’t really pay close attention like they did in the beginning. After the whole Kiss Cam episode, they didn’t say much to each other, the tension was so thick you needed a knife to cut through. But after a few moments in the painful silence, they eased into comfortable conversation. After they exited the stadium and caught the bus, they went to buy Kuro’s sushi. They were walking back from the small store, when Rin, being one to speak before he thinks, blurted out, “You know, that was my first kiss.”

Suguro looked at him in bewilderment. “Are you serious?”

Rin let out a small chuckle. “Yes, I am. Why do you seemed so surprised?”

“Well, to be completely honest, I thought you and Shiemi hooked up.”

Now it was Rin’s turn to be shocked. “No you saw it, she shot me down. But I’m pretty sure she has a thing for mole face.”

Suguro must be a horrible friend. Only bad friends would feel kinda…happy at this sort of news. He see’s the way Shiemi looks at Yukio, there’s a glint in her eye and a hop in her step whenever she’s around him. She doesn’t look at Rin the way he wants her too.

“What about you? You had your first kiss yet?” Rin asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been kissed before.”

“I don’t think your mom counts.”

A smile made its way to Suguro’s face. “Shut up!” He lightly shoved the boy, making him stumble. Rin laughed. Suguro felt responsible for making him laugh. He liked his laugh. “It was back in junior high, during my third year. Shima dared me to kiss a girl and I did it.”

“Wow,” Rin deadpanned. “How romantic.”

The two friends laughed at Rin’s remark. “Well, at least my first kiss wasn’t with a dude.”

Rin smiled. That smile made Suguro feel funny. A good kinda funny. “It wasn’t just any dude, it was with you.”

Holy shit.

It was a good thing it was dark or else the blush on Suguro’s face would’ve made Rin laugh again. He lost count on how many times his cheeks flamed up while out with the shorter boy. It was hard to make Suguro crack a smile let alone blush. But when he’s with Rin, his face just decides to disobey what his brain tells it.

The two didn’t notice that they reached Rin’s dorm, until he stopped walking. They both looked up at the building, there was a little pang that shot through Suguro as he walked the half demon to his door. He stood a step below Rin, making the boy a few inches taller. Silence hung in the air along with a gloomy feeling.

“Thanks again for coming with me.” It must’ve been his imagination, but with the moonlight shining down on them, a halo appeared above Rin’s head. The son of Satan wearing a halo, the universe must think it’s funny.

Suguro stuffed his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “It was nothin’. I had a good time.”

“You did? Even though we were forced to kiss in front of a whole stadium of people?”

“The bento boxes made up for it.”

Rin snorted. “I’m happy you thought so. I’ll make another one for you if you want.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Here,” Suguro held up the plastic bag with Kuro’s food. “Tell Kuro that I couldn’t get him tempura, but I hope tuna will suffice.”

Rin took the bag, making their hands brush against each other. “Don’t worry, he’ll eat about anything. Actually scratch that, he’ll eat anything except Shiemi’s grass sandwiches.”

“But I ate those.”

“Which tells me that your taste buds are broken. You better get ready to eat real food.” Rin’s eyes softened as Suguro laughed, his shoulders shaking with every breath he took.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Suguro sighed. “I better be going. Shima and Koneko must be back in the dorms. They’re probably wondering where I am.”

“Yeah okay. I’ll see on Monday.” Rin dug his keys out of his pocket. “Goodnight, Suguro.”

“Goodnight, Okumura.” He turned and descended the steps.

Suguro was on the last step when his mouth moved of his own accord. “Hey Okumura?”

“Yes?” Rin looked over his shoulder.

What the hell am I doing?

“Would you like to, um.” Suguro scratched the back of his head, not looking up at Rin.

Why am I speaking? I should shut up right about now.

“I dunno now, go get some coffee tomorrow?” He glanced up to find Rin with a confused look. “ I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I get that you may need to catch up on work or Yukio might need your help on a mission. I just thought that we could- ” The sound of Rin laughing stopped Suguro from his ramblings.

God damnit. You done fucked up boy.

The sight of Rin clutching his stomach with tears in his eyes, only angered Suguro. He asked if the guy wanted to get coffee and what he gets in return is Rin laughing at him. The bastard.
“Oi! Why’re you laughn’? Listen fuck face, you better shut up or else-”

“Suguro I’d love to get coffee with you,” Rin said as he calmed down, he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

That definitely shut him up. “Oh. Um, okay. I’ll meet you at the campus gates. Nine sound good?”

That damn smile was back. “Yeah, sounds good.”

It seems like that goofy smile of his is contagious because it found its way to Suguro’s face. “Great, I’ll you tomorrow.”

“See you then.”

Suguro took a few steps towards his dorms when he heard Rin call out. “Oh one more thing!” He turned back round. “‘Fuck Face’? Really? You couldn’t come up with anything better than that?”

Suguro snickered. “What? I thought it was pretty good.”

Rin rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Goodnight douche bag!”

“Sweet dreams bastard!”

Suguro headed in the direction of his dorms, the idiots smile still fresh in his mind.

As Rin opened his bedroom door, he expected Yukio to start at yelling him for being out so late, but he only found Kuro curled up on his bed. “Hey Rin, how was your date?”

After dropping his backpack by his desk, the boy sat next to his cat, he’s in too good of a mood to put up with his teasing. “It was pretty good actually. We had a good time. Here.” Rin brought out the sushi from its bag. “Suguro brought tuna rolls if that’s okay.”

“Yay! I’m starving! Nice jacket by the way.”

Rin looked down and realized that he was still wearing Suguro’s hoodie. He completely forgot to return it to him before they departed, his mind was too preoccupied with sight of him blushing while asking him to coffee. Out of curiosity, Rin brought the sleeve up to his nose and sniffed it. It smelled like grass mixed in with the scent of books. It also had a faint hint of sweat and body spray. Overall, it smelled like Suguro. Rin slid out of the jacket and hung it on his desk chair.

While Kuro ate, Rin told him the night’s event. Even though the cat was stuffing his face, he was listening to everything Rin told him. When he explained the Kiss Cam, Kuro almost choked on a piece of tuna. “Wait, you did what?”

“I kissed Suguro.” By finally saying it out loud, Rin completely lost his shit. “I kissed Suguro.” His hands flew to his head, grabbing fistful of hair. “Suguro kissed me.” He jumped to his feet. “I kissed Suguro!” The boy started pacing the room, mumbling to himself.

“Well he is a nice guy,” said Kuro with rice in his mouth. “I approve.”

“You approve? What are you my mother?” Rin stopped his pacing to kneel in front of his friend.

“No, I’m your familiar.” Kuro cocked his head. “I don’t know how I’d be able to birth you. I’m a boy.”

Rin chuckled as he scratched behind Kuro’s ear. “Yes, that’s the reason. It has nothing to deal with you being a cat.”

He leaned into the boys’ touch, purring as he laid on his stomach. “So this whole date was all Shima’s fault?”

Rin smiled. “Yup, it’s all Shima’s fault. Remind me to thank him later.”

BonRin Week Day 1: Rivalry

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited to be participating in BonRin Week this year! I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Four Verses

“I would like everyone to begin memorizing the first four verses of Psalms. Please be ready to be tested over them by this Friday.” Yukio said.

Bon snorted. “Okumura? Learn an aria? That idiot couldn’t learn four words, and he definitely couldn’t learn four verses.”

“Oi! Don’t talk crap, you jerk! I bet I could learn the first ten lines!” Rin shouted.

“Bullshit! You couldn’t learn that in a month!”

“What? You scared I’ll memorize it faster?”

“Like hell you will!”

Yukio sighed as he watched the two boys argue. He was fairly certain Rin couldn’t memorize the aria, and he hadn’t been expecting him to. Making Rin read and speak in front of the class would be cruel and unusual punishment as it stood; his dyslexia often made it too hard and the added pressure of classmates made it twice as difficult. Yet, Yukio decided to stir the pot. Maybe a little healthy competition would make Rin more confident in his ability to read and memorize material.

“That’s enough.” Yukio said.

Bon dropped Rin from the chokehold he had him in and trudged back to his desk. Rin rubbed his throat as he settled into his own seat beside Shiemi, who smiled at him.

“Normally, I wouldn’t encourage this behavior. Exorcists must work as a team, building each other up and tackling problems together. However, other exorcists are also your rivals. They are supposed to push you to overcome obstacles. So, in order for you two,” Yukio gestured to Bon and Rin, “to become better, I am giving you a challenge.”

“Ah, cool! Let’s do it!” Rin exclaimed, eyes wide.

Yukio smiled. “You will both learn the first ten lines of the aria. Whoever can present it correctly Friday will have bragging rights indefinitely.”

Rin nodded excitedly, eyes shining. He was going to win. Maybe if learned this chant, he could learn more. He could be an Aria, like Shiro. How cool would that be?


As soon as he got back to the dorm, Rin promptly hit the books. Yukio believed he might be able to memorize an aria better than Bon. How could he not be motivated? He stared at the page, trying to make the words stick.

It was only a moment later that they began to swim and twirl, becoming unintelligible gibberish.

Rin growled. This wasn’t fair! Everyone else in the class was good with weapons and smart. They could read without a problem and remember information.

No! Don’t get mad, it only makes it worse. If you calm down, the words won’t get so messy, Rin thought, you can do this. Yukio thinks so. And you need to shove it in Bon’s dumb smug face. . Taking a few deep breaths, Rin began trying to make sense of the words again.


“Man, Bon, you’re really into this, huh?” Shima teased.

Bon glared at Shima for a moment from the corner of his eye. “I’m going to beat Okumura by a landslide.”

“Okumura-kun has a lot of trouble with this kind of thing. You could learn that by tomorrow. There’s no reason to be worried.” Konekomaru said.

“I’m not gonna underestimate him. He’s an opponent. I can’t be lazy.”

“Okumura-kun can barely read.”

Bon turned to Konekomaru, frowning. “Don’t make fun of him for that.”

“I-I wasn’t. Sorry.”

Bon closed his book. “It’s fine. I’m going to go to the library to study for a while. I want to have half of it memorized by tonight.”

Shima and Konekomaru watched Bon leaved, sharing a look of confusion. Shima was the first to shrug. Bon had always been rather competitive. Winning was likely the only thing on his mind right now.


For the rest of the week, everything was tense. Bon could be seen around campus muttering to himself and scribbling notes, avoiding all contact that might interfere with his memorization. Rin, on the other hand, had his nose buried in a book, his fingers moving along lines of text that were beneath a sheet of transparent blue plastic. When Shiemi had asked him about the plastic, Rin cheerfully said that it made the words a bit easier to read. That was about as much as anyone got out of him the entire week.

When Friday finally rolled around, the showdown was looming like an impending storm. Everyone was awaiting Bon’s inevitable victory. Konekomaru had heard him recite verses one through fifteen without aid the night before. There was no way he would lose.

Yukio had everyone else recite the assigned verses first. It was painstaking; no one cared about memorizing it for themselves. All the attention was focused on Rin and Bon’s battle.

“Let me go first, Yukio!” Rin shouted.

“You’re pretty upbeat for someone who’s never been able to read out of a book.” Kamiki said.

Rin’s smile faltered at the jab, but he quickly put it back in place. He had worked hard. He deserved to have his moment, didn’t he? Yukio gave a soft smile.

“Of course, Rin. Is that okay with you, Suguro?” Yukio asked.

Bon simply nodded. Yukio nodded at Rin. Standing tall, Rin began to speak.

“Blessed is the one how, I mean, who, does not wake…uhm, walk…in pets - wait, no, step - with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners kate…no, take, I - shit!” Rin snapped.

Kamiki snickered from her seat. Rin couldn’t even get through one verse. Yukio shot her a look, but it didn’t get through. She continued to laugh. Rin felt his cheeks heat up, his eyes stinging. He wouldn’t cry. He knew better. He had done this to himself.

“Oi! Shut up, Kamiki! Okumura did a good job!” Bon growled.

“I could barely understand him. You can’t use a broken aria.” Kamiki argued.

“That ain’t his fault!”

“If he can’t even memorize one line, why should he be an exorcist?”

The words were enough. Rin grabbed his sword and walked out of the room. Kamiki was right. What right did he, an idiot who could barely read or spell, have?

“Rin! Come back here!” Yukio called.

“Let him go! He shouldn’t even be here!” Kamiki called.

“Shut up!” Bon yelled, “We aren’t done, Okumura! I didn’t give you all that help just to watch you quit! How are we going to defeat Satan if you walk away?”

Rin felt a smile tug at his cheeks. He hadn’t expected Bon to admit that he had given him help while studying the aria. He turned to look at Bon, seeing the embarrassed look on his face. It seemed that he hadn’t meant to admit it either.

“Get your ass back in here. I need to recite it and beat you.” Bon mumbled.

“Only this time! I’ll win next time!” Rin promised.

Bon smirked. “In your dreams, Okumura.”

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 90 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is the promised translation summary for Chapter 90.  Once again, this was a very jam-packed chapter full of dialogue and new characters, so it took a long time to write up.  As usual, sorry if there are mistakes or typos.  And SPOILERS!

Ao no Exorcist 90:

The title for this is difficult, but it’s roughly ”Congratulations - First Night (or Bridal Night)”

The group arrives in Kyoto.  It’s a big family reunion as we start meeting more brothers and sisters of Renzou, including Yumi, his younger sister (who has a huge crush on Konekomaru) and Gouzou, who is working as an exorcist overseas.  Renzou is frustrated but Rin says they are lively.  Yukio thanks Juuzou for Inviting them, but Juuzou thanks them for the help.  Sugaro’s dad shows up and the gang starts making marumochi…of course, Yukio is terrible at it.  Rin starts thinking about Yukio’s reaction from the last chapter.  Rin is stunned by Yukio’s outburst, and asks him why he suddenly blew up at him.  Rin asks him what he would do if he knew, and why he wants to know so badly.  It looks like Yukio might tell him for a second, but then Yukio bursts out laughing in an almost maniacal manner.  He says “it’s not like I could change your mind.  Both of us are right and wrong.  We are brothers, but we’re nothing alike.  I had forgotten that.  I’m sorry for yelling.  Good night, Rin.  Forget it.”  Back in the present, Rin says that Yukio’s acted normally since then, but that something is off.  “This feels different from usual”.

Later, everyone is celebrating while Suguro is sitting in the hall talking to Lightning about the data files.  Suguro sort of nags him, telling Lightning to not sleep so much and to get something to eat (Lighting replies in English “Yes, Ma’am”).  Finally Lightning tells him “Happy New Year’s” and hangs up.  Lightning sits up and says “it’s about time to move” and calls someone.  He asks for Dr. Dragesk’s (spelling is uncertain here) New Year’s schedule.

Back with Suguro, he’s looking at his phone just as Yukio appears.  Yukio asks him if he’s working and Suguro says he just finished.  Sugaro walks away saying he’s going to relax, but Yukio gives him a very suspicious look.  We see Renzou hanging outside in the cold, clearly tired of his family and the commotion.  He remembers “The Sylph Bell is attached to you” and gets upset while thinking “with this, I can’t go back…!”  He asks Yamantaka if there’s anything he can do, but it replies back that the person employing it is more skilled than Renzou. They talk some more, and it’s obvious that Yamantaka has no respect for Renzou and begrudges being his servant.  Konekomaru interrupts their conversation and says that it looks like Renzou has learned how to handle Yamantaka and asks him when he learned, and Renzou says “uh, recently?  but I still can’t use it at all!  I’ve always skipped out on practice so I have no stamina at all” and Yamantaka thinks “That’s very true”.  Konekomaru replies “After you fainted during the very first training session, you’ve stubbornly run away from training”.  Renzou says he inherited the power by chance when his brother died, but that the Illuminati accepted him because of it.  He then admits that was jealous of Konekomaru as a child, because he could have left this “annoying place” and lived as he wanted to.  Konekomaru is shocked, saying that HE was jealous of Renzou because he had a large family and was talented, and that as the successor of Yamantaka, he would protect everyone of the Myouda sect.  They both sit in shock and say “Were we switched at birth?”

Just then, Kinzou slams the door open and says that it’s time for Juuzou’s bachelor party.  Juuzou then asks him if Renzou wants to fight him on his last night of bachelorhood.  Renzou starts to protest, but Yamantaka thinks “perfect” as Juuzou comes after him.  Juuzou trash talks Renzou and later we see Renzou laying on the ground.  Konekomaru asks him if he’s okay and Renzou replies “are you jealous of me now?” and he says “yes”, telling Renzou that it wasn’t by chance…he’s special.

It’s now past midnight on New Year’s and everyone is gathering around the shrine.  There’s a large crowd, and Kinzou is calling out everyone’s name (except that he’s messing up a lot of them, calling Izumo “Bear-chan” and Rin “Satan”).  Rin and Shiemi find each other and wish each other happy new year.  They start talking about when they were in Kyoto before, when Rin thought everyone hated him.  He says he realizes now that it was because he was distancing himself from them.  He then says “Now you’re the one who won’t tell use anything” and she apologizes, and says “I’m making you feel the same way…”  Rin says “Yukio, too…” and she asks what happened.  He says he doesn’t understand Yukio anymore, that he doesn’t know what he’s thinking at all. “Even though he’s my little brother.”  Kinzou shouts for them (using the wrong names again).

New Year’s Day has arrived and everyone is saying that Mamushi is beautiful.  The overlay says “The time for celebration draws near-“

Originally posted by studioimagin

  • Rin makes you some homemade soup
  • he makes sure you’re drinking a lot of water and other fluids
  • will ask Yukio to help with the “doctor” stuff and acts like he knows about it
  • “Rin, stop! It hurts to laugh!” “but I’m not doing anything!”

Originally posted by pandabum08

  • Yukio makes sure that you don’t do much while you’re sick
  • he’ll let you do what you want, though
  • “Y/N, please don’t overwork self. It’s not healthy”
  • he’s literally your own personal doctor

Originally posted by ribbonsed

  • Mephisto teases you about how you got sick
  • “I told you to take care of yourself, Y/N”
  • he jokes about how you purposely got sick so you could be with him
  • he probably gets sick in the process of taking care of you

Originally posted by frozenirony

  • Amaimon would ask why you got sick in the first place
  • isn’t aware how fragile a humans immune system can be
  • he stays by your side the whole time you’re sick
  • “I might get you sick” “that’s not possible don’t worry”
  • Lucifer doesn’t want to make your health any worse
  • he has the doctors from the Illuminati help him out taking care of you
  • he stays with you during the night to make sure you don’t get worse
  • “Lucifer, it’s just a cold. I’ll be fine” “I want to make sure though”

anonymous asked:

the exwires as parents?

hmmm sorry this has been in my inbox forever and I really wanted to do it! But I forgot all about it, super late but I hope you like it!


Originally posted by akatsuki3519

  • This boy will literally be the greatest father to ever father
  • He’ll be super worried about it at first though
  • He hopes he’ll do a good job but constantly worries about if he’s doing something wrong
  • He also worries about his child picking up his demon blood
  • Rin doesn’t want his child to be under threat by the vatican
  • He’ll have Mephisto seal the kids power in something when it’s still a baby
  • But he will tell the kid he/she’s a demon because he doesn’t want it to be raised not knowing like he was
  • When it’s old enough, he’ll decide when they should release the power
  • Would constantly make his child know that just because it isn’t fully human doesn’t mean it’s a monster
  • He enjoys cooking for the child
  • Making it snacks and preparing generally the most awesome food
  • He would make character lunches for them for school
  • He wants all the other children to be envious
  • He would want his child to have siblings so he would try have more then one, or even better, twins
  • He wants his children to share a very close relationship like he and Yukio had has
  • He would encourage his child to make as many friends as possible
  • If the other expires had kids they would all be friends
  • Rin wants to make sure his child doesn’t go on rampages like he did as a child
  • Would have Kuro with them at all times he wasn’t there
  • For protection and observation 
  • Asking Yukio to babysit sometimes
  • And to help tutor the kid with their studies
  • He’ll help too of course, but he understands Yukio could do a better job
  • He wants his kid to turn out just like Yukio
  • Tries to be the type of father his dad was to him and Yukio
  • Sometimes cries late at night after putting the kid to bed, because ehe realises he can never meet his grandpa
  • And because father Fujimoto will never see how much he’s grown 


Originally posted by yuukibutterfly

  • Would be so excited to be a mom
  • She’ll do so great at it
  • If she were to have a daughter, she would name it after her grandmother
  • Her children would have plant/flowers as middle names
  • She’d have Nee-chan look after them sometimes
  • And her mom too
  • If she had to run the supply shop her kids would play in the garden
  • Probably make flower crowns for their mom
  • She’d be so happy
  • Wouldn’t want the flowers to die so she crushes them down and puts them into photo frames to display around the house
  • She would teach her children to accept everybody for who they are
  • Shiemi would tell them stories about her grandmother and what a wonderful person she was
  • And would tell her kids how much she would love them
  • She would also try not to shelter her kids too much because she wants them to have a full and exciting childhood
  • They would help her with flower organising around the house
  • She’d literally just be the sweetest and most adoring mom ever
  • I don’t even ship RinShi but holy shit they’re so adorable together, they’re kids would be an actual blessing!!


Originally posted by shizukku

  • He raises his child with his religion
  • And within Myō'ō Dhahran
  • Wants his kids to be friends with the Shima brothers, and Koneko’s kids
  • And to go on the same adventures he did as a child
  • He will raise the kid with knowledge of their temple 
  • And he’d make sure his child is doing well in school
  • Would make sure they study
  • Is more then happy to help then study if they are struggling, or even if they wern’t and just want the extra support 
  • Will have his own parents very central to the child’s life
  • If he has an exorcist mission to attend too his parents will be more then happy to babysit for them
  • The child’s grandmother warns them not to dye their hair or get any piercings
  • Ryuji says the child is entitled to decorate themselves anyway they like when they’re of age
  • Because ‘your body is a temple, and a temple would be lame without any artefacts’ 
  • He takes his own kid to listen to Tatsuma recite the scriptures 

Izumo Kamiki:

Originally posted by seieiryu

  • She is probably the most scared about being a mother
  • Won’t voice her fears though
  • She’ll want the best for her children
  • She’ll have more then one, because she wants her child to have siblings
  • She’ll tell the oldest ones to look out for the younger
  • Like how she used to look out for Tsukumo 
  • She’ll have her familiars look after her kids 
  • They love her children 
  • And her children love the ‘cute white foxes’
  • She’ll not want to spoil her children too much
  • But she wants them to have a comfortable childhood
  • Will make sure they are constantly under protection
  • Her favourite pastimes are taking them to the park and eating together
  • She loves pushing them on the swings and hearing their excited laughs
  • And she loves making them food from the heart and watching them enjoy it
  • She makes them kitsune plushies like the one she and her sister had as children


Originally posted by shizukku

  • Would raise his child the way he believed his parents would of raised him
  • He will take the child to their grandparents grave 
  • Tell them how much they would of loved us both
  • He raises his child in Kyoto
  • So he’s surrounded by all the others children too
  • So that his child always has more family around 
  • And Koneko has a community of good people for support
  • And a babysitter when he needs one
  • He’ll teach his kids not to judge a book by its cover
  • He’ll also educate them on general knowledge 
  • Is super proud on parents evening at school
  • Takes them out to eat at a nice restaurant as a reward
  • Tells everyone how they’re doing at school because he’s so proud of his child(ren) but he doesn’t do it in a bragging manner
  • He raises his kids alongside his (many,many, many…)cats
  • So naturally his kids grow up loving cats as well


Originally posted by lawlu

  • Would be the most apprehensive about being a parent 
  • But would also be excited
  • Loves his kid a lot
  • Feels bad that he’s not the best father
  • Tries his hardest for the kid
  • He wants more kids 
  • He wants a big family, just like the one he was raised in
  • He’s the sort to be friends with his kids rather then a parent
  • His s/o would have to be the authority figure because he just doesn’t have the heart to tell his kids ‘no’
  • If he were looking after them alone they’d either start to death, or eat microwave spaghetti and hotdogs 
  • He’d let them stay up past they’re bedtime
  • He’d constantly be playing with them
  • Try make an excuse like ‘Daddy’s tired now, can we stop playing?”
  • But shuts up as soon as he sees that little pout
  • He gives them piggy back rides everywhere
  • Tells them stories about demons he’s battled 
  • Wants them to know how ‘cool’ they’re dad is
  • The kids would probably pick up his sarcastic/joking nature
  • So the kids would basically turn out to be that sorta friend we all need
  • ‘the loveable pervert with a good humour’
  • The kids would play with their cousins 
  • And be loved by their uncles & aunts 
  • When all of the Shima siblings are together with their children, Renzou’s parents couldn’t be happier but also low key done af because they have a billion kids running around their house, especially Shima and Kinzou’s kids which are little cunts


Originally posted by technolyzed

  • Probably sues Durex
  • He hires a nanny to look after his kids when he can’t
  • He doesn’t speak to his kids much
  • But they still love each other
  • He’s working a lot and they understand that
  • He likes putting on puppet shows for them
  • Or maybe the puppets like putting on shows for them?
  • He’d make sure his kids have the most comfortable life
  • Gives them anything they want
  • Would raise them to become exorcists like him
Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 89 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is your translation summary for this month’s chapter of Ao no Exorcist.  As usual, I’m writing this up as I read it, so there could be mistakes or typos.  I’m also kind of tired right now as I spent most of yesterday on a plane or waiting in airports, but I wanted to get this out asap so I can get caught up.  Here it is:

Blue Exorcist 89:

Happy (Merry Christmas) Birthday

The chapter starts out with Rin cooking as Kuro looks on excitedly.  Everyone is doing their part to set up the Christmas party and it looks amazing.  They all go to get dressed (although Yukio refuses) and Rin puts on some reindeer ears.  Shiemi comes back in full Santa costume with a bag of presents and thanks Nii-chan for his hard work.  She says she’ll get him some water but then…everything goes wrong.  Nii-chan rolls over, which tips the tree, which catches the decorations…etc etc etc.  The tree even catches fire.  Shiemi falls flat on her face, and the only thing left untouched is the cake.  That is, until Konekomaru trips and knocks it over.  Everything’s a mess.  Shiemi is beside herself, but Rin and everyone else start laughing.  “I can’t believe it…in one moment, everything was gone…!!”  Rin says some stuff survived (the food), and that they would have a nabe party instead.  So, we see everyone cooking up nabe (which is a sort of community hot pot dish).  Mephisto, Shura and Lightning show up.  Shima gets a call from Juuzo asking him, Suguro and Konekomaru if they are coming back for New Year’s.  He tells them that he and Mamushi are having a baby and they want to celebrate.  He then puts them on with Mamushi and she asks if they can come, and when Suguro starts to say he can’t, Lightning interrupts and says he’s “sleeping” for now and to go home because family is important.  Everyone congratulates them and then they open their presents.  Shiemi then says “Oh, I forgot, I have a present for everyone”.  It’s a four-leaf clover.  She tells everyone good luck on their tests, and Rin gets upset and asks her if she doesn’t want to become an exorcist because she’s dying.  She’s shocked, and says that she’s sorry that she can’t tell them the reason, but she’s not dying, and that she’ll be there.  “Even though I can’t fight by your side, I’ll be supporting you with equipment and medicine from the exorcist shop!”

Later on, Rin says he’s really worried about Shiemi.  Just then Shura comes in and says she drank too much and wants some water.  Rin asks if it’s okay that she hasn’t gone home at this hour and she says she lives there on the second floor.  Yukio asks “Didn’t you know?” and Rin replies that he didn’t.  Shura says “You guys are 16 years old now” and says that she should give them a present since she’s dressed like Santa.  Then she drops a bombshell on them by telling them that she met their mother once…and her name was Yuri Egin.  Yukio practically yells at her “How did you know her!?  And why did you wait until now…”  She replies that it wasn’t a big deal and that she only spent a little time with her.  She asks them if they want to hear it, and while Yukio is very adamant that he does, Rin agrees in a very disinterested way.  

18 years ago, Shirou had brought her to Yuri asking for a favor.  He asked her to do something with Shura (because she stank) and that he didn’t know what to do because she was a girl.  Yuri gave her a bath and told her that her red hair was beautiful.  She found her some clothes while Shirou grumbled about picking her up during his mission and that Mephisto said he was stuck with her since the institution was full.  Yuri makes them food and Shirou asks Yuri if she can take care of Shura, and that if she can’t, he’ll have to put her in an asylum.  Shura screams “NO!!” and grabs onto him.  Yuri laughs and says that he’ll regret it if he lets her go.  Shirou is taken aback but then Yuri asks her if she wants to live there with them.  “Shirou would be your father, and I would be your mother…doesn’t that sound fun?”  Shirou then says “…that doesn’t sound fun.  Don’t make such stupid jokes, you perverted woman” (he’s really kind of cruel here).  Yuri just says “I guess you’re right, even though it would be wonderful”.  Shura says “your mother was a wonderful, kind, beautiful woman” and that she could never match up with her in her entire life.  She says that Rin has her eyes, and that Yukio has her facial moles.  That’s the entire story, and she tells them happy birthday and leaves.  

Later, Yukio asks Rin if he’s awake, and what he thought of the story.  He says he’s glad to know her name and what kind of person she was.  Yukio then asks him if he wants to know the details of their birth.  Yukio says “I want to know how I was born and why it’s a secret”.  He then says to Rin “…you still don’t see any need to find out, do you?”  and Rin replies “that’s right”.  Rin sits up and says “It’s obviously not a happy story, and nothing good will come out of knowing about it.  It’s enough for me to find out on our birthday that our mother was a beautiful and kind person.”  He then says he has to pee, and Yukio suddenly screams at him “Don’t fuck around!!  What birthday!  We don’t even know when we were really born!!!  Even though you run off as usual without ever thinking, why…why are you so half-hearted!  Which one of us is really afraid!!!!”

And that’s the end for this month.  Wow, Yukio really loses it in this chapter.  Nice to find out some backstory on their mother, although I feel like Shirou and Yuri have some history going on for him to treat her like that.  I’m glad that Rin asked Shiemi straight up if she was dying, but that just leaves us with the bigger question on why she’s leaving.  That’s it for this month, I may or may not write up a review of this chapter depending on time constraints.  Enjoy!

I just realized that in the last episode of the season 2 when Rin wanted to talk to Yukio, Yukio asked ‘why here?’. It’s because they are sitting together at the river bank and the people present around are mostly couples.


He was feeling uncomfortable and worried that people might misunderstand that him and his brother are gay couple.

That is the same with what happened in chapter 74 where he was so stressed that the inn keeper thought them as a couple. 


He rejected Shiemi and tries so hard to deny it when people think he and his twins have that kind of relationship (mind you they’re fraternal twins and they didn’t look the same). Just…dammit, embrace it and be gay already lol !! 

Scary stories

@inukag-week  2017 Day 2 - Fear.

I’m soo laaateee again!!! Sorry!!

The story about Kagome trying to tell scary stories to her children and things don’t go as expected. She finds another way her and Inuyasha’s kids are not normal kids.

Kagome stared outside from her threshold. She smiled. The weather was chilly, not too much but enough for certain people she loved to want something warm.

She was so ready for this, it was finally fall, with it’s soft wind, the warm colors and the sometimes creepy shadows. She couldn’t stay still from the excitement.

Kagome waved her hand as the figures she was waiting for appeared on the road. A few years back she would have jumped in her place, but she had learned to avoid such displays of emotions around her easily excited children.

By the time they washed their hands with the water she had left them outside, and cleaned their feet, Kagome was sitting in her usual place in front of the fire pit, serving dinner.

She was so ready for it.

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thiscityneedsyounow  asked:

aah, I love your stuff so much!! <3 Any chance we can get a headcanon thing where Rin, Yukio, Shiemi, Bon, Amaimon and Izumo realize they're falling in love with their best friend?

[[Thank you so much sweetie! 💖]]

Rin -

• at first he doesn’t realize he’s falling in love
• he interprets it as just being very close to a good friend
• though when he explains the situation to his brother and his friends they know what’s up
• but they let him find out on his own
• once it becomes clear to him how he feels, he turns into an awkward, dorky mess around you
• he makes super lame jokes and wags his tail constantly
• eventually he’d gather the courage to ask you out
• but only if he expects it to go well
• otherwise he’d be too shy poor baby

Yukio -

• he’s aware of his feelings as soon as it happens
• but he tries to isolate himself and push the feelings he has for you away
• he doesn’t want to get too attached in case something happens to you or him
• eventually he realizes he can’t avoid you forever
• and he tells you how he feels
• you manage to calm him down a bit and explain to him that you feel the same way
• and you’d always be there for him
• he wants to take things slowly with you

Shiemi -

• at first she’s not sure about how she feels for you
• she enjoys your company and she goes to you first before anyone else
• she thought perhaps that you two just had a close platonic bond
• but then she realized how attractive you were and how she admired you so much
• so she eventually realized how she really feels about you
• she becomes blushy and nervous and stumbles a lot when you’re around
• but she eventually tells you how she truly feels though you can definitely tell she’s nervous
• she makes you homemade herb cookies often

Ryuji -

• he’s aware but also kind of oblivious
• he thinks what he’s feeling is just a small crush that’ll go away eventually
• but alas, that’s not how it worked out
• as he realizes he’s in love with you, he’s not sure what to do
• he doesn’t want to potentially ruin your friendship
• plus he also is very serious about his education and isn’t sure about a relationship
• but considering how well he balances things normally, he figures he can tell you
• he pulls you aside after class and tries to get it out
• kind of beats around the bush to avoid telling you straight up
• how cute

Izumo -

• she gets along pretty well with you
• seeing as how you two are best friends that’s no surprise
• but when she becomes more and more aware of her feelings she sort of changes
• acts like she doesn’t care for you as much and tries to
• tries to do things on her own, too
• though secretly she wants you to offer to tag along or help her
• when you confront her about this new behavior she gets defensive and blushes
• but she eventually spills the beans, no matter how uncomfortable she is doing it

Amaimon -

• at first he has absolutely no clue what he’s feeling
• he really considers you to be someone he tolerates being around rather than a friend
• but it seems he tolerates you a little more than he lets on
• he’s upfront about what he’s feeling and asks you what it might mean
• you find it somewhat amusing that he’s so oblivious
• but then again he’s a demon, of course he’s not familiar with how he feels
• when you explain, he’s pretty chill about it
• he doesn’t ask again, but he’s under the assumption you two are together without him even asking

Rin asking Yukio if he’s the anti christ tho like “Yukio, Satan’s our father am I the anti christ. Yukio. Yukio please”
“It’s 3 a.m. go back to sleep Rin Is2g”

Okay, so because of the new season of anime, I’ve been re-reading Blue Exorcist.

And I keep getting reminded of what a sweet little cinnamon roll Rin really is. Seriously, as one fanfic said he’s more likely to try feeding you than killing you.

But to me, it’s super clear in the School Festival arc before everything goes to heck.

Because here’s Rin who, even before finding out Shiemi now went to school fully, just wanted to ask Shiemi to the Dance Party. Partly so he can actually go and also because his crush is on full display here.

Before he can ask her though, she tells him she wants to ask Yukio. (Mainly as a friend but the point remains.)

And what does Rin do? He bows out gracefully, showing his support and wishing her luck. Sure, he mopes about it later around the Kyoto Gang, but he respects her wishes. Even after he finds out that Yukio turned her down, he doesn’t try to butt his way in or anything. Instead he gets mad at Yukio for turning her down.

It makes things a bit awkward for them but they get over it eventually.

Then at the actual party, he does ask her to dance. However, and this is the important bit, he doesn’t force her to choose. He understands her and doesn’t force her. Instead, he drags her over to Yukio and the three of them have a quick dance together.

And this is something I really love about Rin. He respects Shiemi and every other person’s decisions for the most part (he will get pissed off though if he sees you making his mistakes though and urge you not to do it, or see you throw your life away, like with the situation with Suguro and his dad). He is incredibly empathetic and lets people go at their own pace.

You find out he’s Satan’s son and you don’t want to talk to him? Yeah, he’ll be upset but he accepts it. Don’t want to see demons including half-demons like him? He’ll be bummed at the missed friendship but he’ll go on his way. Accuse him of killing your father and try shooting him? He’s actually okay with that (get some self-preservation, Rin).

Choose Yukio over him? He’ll accept it.

Especially in regards to the Shiemi situation, he’s always been aware of and understood that Shiemi probably has a crush on Yukio. It’s pretty clear from the start and that’s part of the reason he held back how he really felt. Her declarations of friendship didn’t help either.

If you’ve fully caught up to the recent manga chapters, you’ll know that even after Shiemi rejected Rin’s confession (mostly because she’s still really confused about how she feels and she wants to focus on becoming stronger), Rin made it clear he’s content with them just being friends.

I just…

I love this kid and how he respects others, especially when it comes to romance. I love when protags maturely handle love and rejection like this.

anonymous asked:

Kasamatsu, Kagami & Midorima sleeping in the same bed with their s/o for the first time. You can make it nsfw-ish ;)

Since nsfw was a choice, I’ll keep it sfw <3

KAGAMI: God, it was the fourth time you squirmed. You couldn’t stop moving when you slept and it was driving him nuts. He cleared his throat as quietly as possible before flipping so that his back was towards yours instead. And the heavens above seemed to hate him because afterwards, you moved and spooned him instead. He could feel his dick rising in his pants and quickly went to cover them. Your hands inched lower and lower around his waist. 

Only 5 more hours to go.

KASAMATSU: Deciding what position to sleep in was a bit awkward. “I guess I can sleep on the couch,” he suggested. “Nonsense, we’re mature adults. Come here.” And thus began his downfall. Kasamatsu had stopped breathing. Thankfully the darkness masked his red face and he prayed that you wouldn’t notice his rising hard-on. 

“Yukio, you know if you’re so hard, we can do it right now.”

“I’m not! Go to sleep.”

MIDORIMA: “Why do you even bother hiding it?” You burst out laughing and switched on the bedside lamp to find that Midorima had transformed into a tomato. He glared at you and switched it back off. “Stop it and go to sleep.” He muttered and shoved you back underneath the blanket. You attempted to wrangle free of the blanket but failed.

“Shin, there’s no shame in wearing bunny pajamas.”

“I’m not!”

“Do you want a carrot?”

“We’re breaking up.”

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Nippon Ain’t free. The balcony of Ichigaya headquarters gotta be litterd with the blood of me. Hirohito KAMISAMA yamato aka “shamefur dispray” is not my tenno. he IS living god and probbaly not spirit of the nation as well :DD. SUN and STEEL not leftism and flabby physique ok. kimigayo banzai nippon.

Thank you for helping me create this masterpiece


I Don’t Know Her At All

Pairing: Yukio/Shura (rather lightly honestly but he is thinking about her the whole time soo), Ao No Exorcist

Setting: During Chapter 75

Rating: K+

Words: 1263

Notes: So these chapters have killed me. Though I am screaming over the fact we finally, finally get Shura’s story. I’ve only been waiting for you know five years or so lol And I am dying to know what happens next. Like please. A month is too long to wait. Another thing that really struck me was Yukio in chapter 75 (I mean he is my boy who I always pay attention to but whatever). The fact he didn’t know anything about why Shura was there or her past in general really seemed to bother him. You can see it in his face in every panel (and him freaking out when they carried her back to the inn lmfao so smooth). It’s so clear to me how worried he was about her in this chapter, and that’s kinda the first time we’ve seen it from him. It really made me wonder what was going through his mind, so I had to get this out of my head.

Also SO WHOSE HAVING BABIES? Lmao not gonna lie I totally died imagining the look on Yukio’s  face should he have been awake. He was just so precious knowing it was time to let her be, and taking care of her, and immediately planning on how to save her. And Shura worrying about him when she’s the one who is in trouble. They kill me.


No matter what Yukio did, he couldn’t get Rin’s words out of his mind.

“You didn’t know? I thought you two went way back.”

Yukio looked over to where Shura was laying, blankets covering her half frozen body, warm rag resting on her head. She was breathing just fine, but she still hadn’t woken up since they found her laying out in the snow. At least she was actually wearing a jacket this time.

He rubbed his hands over his face. Rin had gone out to get supplies to make sure she healed fully leaving Yukio alone to watch over Shura’s broken body. God, he never saw her in such a state before. Shura was always cocky but she always had good reason to be, even if he never cared to admit it. She never let herself get hurt, not more than anything she could walk off. Yukio would always say it was because her ego was too big to let herself actually get hurt but he knew it was because she was a skilled fighter; again, as much as sometimes hated to admit it.

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