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can you do a Durarara!! AU in which Kagami, Imayoshi, Kasamatsu, Kagami, Kise, and Aomine find out their s/o is the head of a gang like the Dollars?

well i didn’t do it exactly like Drrr!! so i just made the s/o a gang leader and i hope that’s okay

AOMINE: He shrugged when you apologized for not telling him sooner. “I don’t know, I think you look pretty cool so I don’t mind.” He wrapped an arm around you and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Not to mention how hot you look leading all those guys.” You smacked him with a blush across your face.

IMAYOSHI: Blinking a few times, he wondered how in the world you could possibly lead such a huge gang. “Ne, ___-chan’s pretty impressive huh? I didn’t expect you to look this cool.” He wouldn’t really mind and thought that you were brilliant for being able to control them all.

KAGAMI: Although he didn’t really mind, this man feared for your safety as well. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Well, I don’t really mind but leading a gang is dangerous isn’t it?” He pressed his lips together. “I just want you to be safe so if you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to call me, okay?”

KASAMATSU: Kasamatsu wasn’t pleased to be honest. When he thought about gangs, he thought about stereotypical ones. But after your explanation he relaxed slightly. “I’m not that happy but if you’re responsible for this then I trust you. Just don’t get involve in anything dangerous.”

KISE: His eyes sparkled in wonder as he began to nag you about it. You groaned, wishing that he had never found you in that alley with your members last time. “So, how long have you been leading the gang, ___-chi? Do you do cool stuff and like missions?” On the more serious note, he would also remind you to always be careful.

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It must be hard being you Kise. You're a model and part of the gom, but because of it, it must be hard to find real friends outside of basketball; because they're either only liking you for just the face and skill, or dislike you because of it.

Kise: Well it is pretty hard being me, but when you have Kasamatsu-senpai around to catch you when you fall, then it’s not as hard as it seems.

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(rin) "get them off get them off" she whimpered at the large ball of tinny harmless make 9ad one or two tranns) demos clinging ad cuddling her tail like some treasure, she had woken up with the dammed thing and trying all day to dispose of them or get the to scatter resulting in some humerus and some embarrassing moments.

     “Nee-San what is going on?” Yukio asked a bit stunned but yet on the inside he was a bit amused. 

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Seto had made up his mind, tonight was the night, he approached the quail with a minute to spare. And as the world counted down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6! He leaned down to whisper in his ear, 5! "I" 4! "Love" 3! "You" 2! "Happy" 1! "New Year" and with that he pressed his lips to Yuki's happily

It was time. The new year was finally here. As the world began to count down the last few seconds that the current year had left he couldn’t help but wonder what this year would bring. It had been only a few months that he had moved here, but since then, he had already met a few people who he rather enjoyed, and he even got the honor to call one of them his boyfriend. 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6,

“…!” His beloved had pulled him into a sweet kiss. What a great way to start off the New Year huh? He smiled at the other. “Hello Setoru, Darling. Happy New Yea–A-Ah!” He was startled by the screeching of fireworks and wrapped his arms around the other digging his face into his chest. “H-Happy New Y-Year, Setoru…” he mumbled. 

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☠☾☮♒Headcanon for Dani, Seto, and Yuki living together

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon


If Yuki  was just drunk. And I mean drunk. Words slurred and all. He would be too honest about his opinion on things even if they weren’t asked for no matter how rude, disgusting, or sexual.

☾ : Sleep headcanon

Yukio tends to sleep in the fetal position. This way he finds it a lot easier ,and a lot more comfortable, to snuggle up close with his teddybear Artemis.

☮ : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Yukio’s room is always clean and organized. He doesn’t exactly have an OCD per say, but if something isn’t where it should be it bother’s him. He also has a piano in his room for whenever he feels that certain itch to play.

♒ : Dani, Seto, and Yuki living together



Well sometimes Yukio would feel that waiting to greet them at home would be too boring to do every day. So sometimes he would bake a cake, so that by the time they got home it was ready. But, before greeting them, he would lock himself in his room until they both got home, knowing fairly well that they were both probably racing each other home to get greeted first. Upon noticing the cake one would see the message. “Don’t kill each other before I get out there.” in swirly writing on the cake. 

wow this was really bad I think I’m all headcanon-ed out.

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☾☠ ☼ ♤

☾ : Sleep headcanon

this one is gonna be a bit more sad.

Because of his past, Yukio tends to have a lot of nightmares. Most of them are painful memories that were blown out of proportion making them all the more terrifying and hurty. So, with that being said, Yukio tends to cry a lot in his sleep and can even be heard murming “Please” or “don’t do this” or even the names of some of his tormentors.

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon

Oh gosh.

Yukio wouldn’t ever drink.

But for the sake of this headcanon….

If Yukio managed to get drunk. He would be terrible. His intelligent speech would just… not exist anymore. And he would talk until someone clasped their hands onto his mouth telling him to shut up. Yeah, it would be that bad.

♤ :  Cooking headcanon

It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes.

But when he’s alone, he likes to treat baking as though it’s chemistry class. saying things like “Mother I am in need of 20 fluid ounces of H20” or “The mixture seems to be inflating, should it explode We would all be in dire peril. I must keep a close eye for futher analysis.”

but of course that was only when he was a kid. He doesn’t do that anymore.
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