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Kasamatsu, Kagami & Midorima sleeping in the same bed with their s/o for the first time. You can make it nsfw-ish ;)

Since nsfw was a choice, I’ll keep it sfw <3

KAGAMI: God, it was the fourth time you squirmed. You couldn’t stop moving when you slept and it was driving him nuts. He cleared his throat as quietly as possible before flipping so that his back was towards yours instead. And the heavens above seemed to hate him because afterwards, you moved and spooned him instead. He could feel his dick rising in his pants and quickly went to cover them. Your hands inched lower and lower around his waist. 

Only 5 more hours to go.

KASAMATSU: Deciding what position to sleep in was a bit awkward. “I guess I can sleep on the couch,” he suggested. “Nonsense, we’re mature adults. Come here.” And thus began his downfall. Kasamatsu had stopped breathing. Thankfully the darkness masked his red face and he prayed that you wouldn’t notice his rising hard-on. 

“Yukio, you know if you’re so hard, we can do it right now.”

“I’m not! Go to sleep.”

MIDORIMA: “Why do you even bother hiding it?” You burst out laughing and switched on the bedside lamp to find that Midorima had transformed into a tomato. He glared at you and switched it back off. “Stop it and go to sleep.” He muttered and shoved you back underneath the blanket. You attempted to wrangle free of the blanket but failed.

“Shin, there’s no shame in wearing bunny pajamas.”

“I’m not!”

“Do you want a carrot?”

“We’re breaking up.”

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Takao/ Kasamatsu having a crush on Kise/Midorimas S/O and they bottle it all up for the sake of their friend (I believe the boys would do this I hope that that's okay? But I need to see someone get wrecked *^*

Oh man I had fun with this. Kasamatsu’s under the cut!

TAKAO: He didn’t know how it happened. What happened? When you first came to him, asking him for help with Midorima, he was ecstatic. Finally someone understood how wonderful of a guy Shin-chan was. He was there the whole way. To buy gifts for his best friend, to give you tips on his likes and dislikes, to cheer you on and corner you guys together. He was there for all of it.

Yet now, when he looked across the table, at you smiling up at Midorima so happily, so dreamily, he felt his heart ache. He never knew what love was until you, until he saw your determination and strength in pursuing Midorima. This was the fruits of your labor. You won Midorima over in the end and Takao was the first person you told. However, he couldn’t be genuinely happy for you. You had hugged him, thanking him a billion times for his help. All he could do was pat your back and choke out his congratulations.

He couldn’t see you guys together. He would be there to support the two of you but he wouldn’t torture himself by watching you guys. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to ruin your and his chances at true happiness. “I’m going to get some shut-eye before next class.” He smiled at you two. “Catch you guys later.”

“You haven’t even finished your food,” you pointed out and Shin-chan, feeling the sudden shift in his mood, frowned.

“Just eat, Takao.”

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds.” He winked but felt the pinch in his heart when you gripped Midorima’s arm in worry. You would always be holding on to him, but not Takao. Ever. Takao was a friend, a buddy, you could depend on. Nothing more.

“Bakao,” Midorima muttered with a slight blush and you poked him teasingly. “We can still eat together.”

“Nah, I’m kind of tired. Bye.” He gave a short wave before walking away. He ignored their calls for him to stay because he knew the truth. He was merely a third wheel. They didn’t actually want him there. They were being polite.

He looked back at the two of you as he walked away. Midorima was actually smiling with slightly tinted cheeks while you held on to his arm, grinning up at him with so much love and happiness. You’ll never have that look for him.

Takao dropped his gaze from the two of you, praying to God that the pain would just disappear. Two strikeouts in a row, huh? Love was a shitty game after all.

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If you don't mind, the GOM + Kasamatsu taking care of their newborn triplets with his s/o on the first night home?

AKASHI: Akashi wondered how one took care of three identical looking children at once. They were all settled in each of their cradles, snoozing away with their identical hanging lights on the ceiling. He smiled softly, watching them as they slept quietly. He gave each of them a kiss on the forehead. “Sweet, sweet angels.” He murmured softly as his red eyes watched their chests rise and fall with each breath. What peaceful babies — Waaaah! He might’ve spoken too soon.

AOMINE: He growled under his breath, wondering why the hell cradles were so hard to build. After hours of working on it, he finally got it together and he lined his babies up on it. He smiled, feeling satisfied. “They’re really cute, huh? Chubby cheeks and all.” You just grinned and nodded. “Can I carry them?” You laid them all in his arms and he smiled down at them with so much love. Until they started crying. “Can I put them down now?”

KASAMATSU: Scared. That’s what he was. This was the first night out for the babies and he prayed to God that everything would go smoothly. He was so cautious throughout the night, making sure to baby proof the whole house and to ensure that the babies were always within his line of sight. He nearly had a heart attack when you had taken one of them for a light cuddle. “Keep them together. They’re triplets.” He said and you just shook your head.

KISE: “Ryouta, breathe.” You laughed at his terrified expression. The babies were all gathered in one huge bed together and they were cuddling. Kise kept watch the whole time, making sure that none of them didn’t accidentally slip out of the barrier. He panicked when one started crying, which became a domino effect. “___-chi! Help me!” He cried out, watching all of them burst into tears at the same time. You had to work together with him the whole night to calm them down.

KUROKO: Being the calm-minded guy that he was, Kuroko kept his chill throughout the whole night. You could always depend on him to ensure that everything was in order and that you were always relaxed. He didn’t want you stressing too hard so he made you settle down as he cooed the babies to sleep. Kuroko was so skilled with children that you were so thankful. “____, I have clean up on aisle one.” He said plainly. You sighed. But he still didn’t know how to change a diaper.

MIDORIMA: You wondered why the babies were surrounded by a billion raccoon dolls when you woke up from your sleep. Raising an eyebrow at Midorima, you watched as he shrugged. “The lucky items. They need to have luck to be here. We’ve done our best.” He sighed and plopped down. “I’ve changed their diapers, thanks to an online tutorial, and now they’re asleep.” Then the crying started. “I knew I forgot something. Our lucky items!”

MURASAKIBARA: This was one of the days you were thankful for Murasakibara’s huge frame. He was able to carry all the babies at the same time in his arms. It made for effective timing to put them all to sleep. While he nursed the babies, you opened up all of your belongings, unpacking them into the rooms. Though, after a while, you heard crying, thinking that the babies were awake. But then you saw Murasakibara growling at his shoulder as one baby cried. “He pooped on me.”

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Yes ask box open! Touou + Kasamatsu reacting to their bisexual girlfriend checking out Momoi (for touou) and some random attractive girl for Yukio senpai eheh

Oh jeez this is golden. Thanks for requesting, enjoy! -Admin Red

Aomine Daiki:

“Oi, what’re you lookin’ at?” Aomine grumbles. You shrug nonchalantly but you keep your eyes on the girl in front of you. Following your gaze, it takes Aomine a moment to realise you’re staring at Momoi. Instantly he goes on the defensive, swinging an arm around you and turning you in the opposite direction. “Ow—Aomine, stop that!” you exclaim, and Aomine leans close. “You stop it,” he growls, “Why the hell are you eyeing up Satsuki?” His cheeks are pink, and you almost burst into laughter at his expression. “Oh come on, Aomine. I was just looking at her, you know me!” Aomine rolls his eyes. “I know, but still. Besides, you should only look at me and me alone.”

Imayoshi Shouichi:

Imayoshi has the utmost confidence in you, and is mindful of your sexuality, so he doesn’t really mind you having an interest in other people. However, when he notices that you’re taking more than a few glances at Momoi, he decides to take it into his own hands. “Sightseeing, are we?” he murmurs by your ear, and you jump. “Shouichi!” Imayoshi tilts his head at you, appearing confused. “Eh? No, don’t let me stop you. I know she’s attractive and all, but it’s not like you’re in a relationship with me or anything,” he answers smoothly, turning away. God, he can be so aggressive sometimes. “Okay, I’m sorry for looking,” you laugh, wrapping your arms around him from behind.

Sakurai Ryou:

At first Sakurai keeps quiet even when he sees you looking at Momoi. He’s far too shy to say anything but soon enough it chips away at his patience and his fidgeting catches your attention. “What’s with you?” you asked him, mildly puzzled. To your surprise Sakurai’s pouting a little when he turns to face you, very deliberately blocking your view of Momoi. “I won’t lose to anyone, you know,” he mumbles, and you realise that he’s actually sulking. “Not even to another girl.” You can’t help the grin that stretches across your face and loop your arm around Sakurai’s shoulders. “Jealous, are we?” At that, Sakurai stiffens a little. “N-no I’m not! I’m sorry!”

Wakamatsu Kousuke:

Wakamatsu definitely won’t stay quiet about it. “Quiet” really isn’t in his personal dictionary. When he catches you staring at Momoi, an annoyed vein pops in his forehead and he stomps forward, grabbing at your shoulders and turning you away. “What’re you staring at Momoi-san for?!” he demands, and you feel like you’re being scolded by an older sibling. The idea makes you chuckle. “Chill out, Wakamatsu, I was just checking her out,” you say, and Wakamatsu frowns. “W-well, she is pretty, but why are you staring at her when you’re with me?”

Susa Yoshinori:

Susa is generally a very reasonable person, and he takes note of your bisexuality when he notices that you often stare after other people - girls in particular - when you’re together in school. However when Momoi starts attracting your attention, Susa takes you aside. “I understand that this is who you are,” he says to you sternly, not unlike an adult. “But I would also appreciate if you remembered that you’re in a relationship. How would you feel if I was staring at other girls while you’re around?”

Kasamatsu Yukio:

Kasamatsu’s already extremely sensitive about being with you in public, but it irks him more than he thinks it should when he sees you looking at another girl. Admittedly the girl was attractive, but you were dating him. “Hey, cut that out,” he says gruffly, elbowing you in stomach not-so-gently. “Cut what out?” You ask innocently, but when your gaze shifts toward the other girl again, Kasamatsu heaves a sigh and grabs your hand, linking his fingers through yours and averting his gaze when you look at him in surprise. “You’re with me, so stop looking at other people,” he mutters, and you stifle a laugh. “Alright, Captain, whatever you say.”

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Seto had made up his mind, tonight was the night, he approached the quail with a minute to spare. And as the world counted down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6! He leaned down to whisper in his ear, 5! "I" 4! "Love" 3! "You" 2! "Happy" 1! "New Year" and with that he pressed his lips to Yuki's happily

It was time. The new year was finally here. As the world began to count down the last few seconds that the current year had left he couldn’t help but wonder what this year would bring. It had been only a few months that he had moved here, but since then, he had already met a few people who he rather enjoyed, and he even got the honor to call one of them his boyfriend. 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6,

“…!” His beloved had pulled him into a sweet kiss. What a great way to start off the New Year huh? He smiled at the other. “Hello Setoru, Darling. Happy New Yea–A-Ah!” He was startled by the screeching of fireworks and wrapped his arms around the other digging his face into his chest. “H-Happy New Y-Year, Setoru…” he mumbled. 

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☠☾☮♒Headcanon for Dani, Seto, and Yuki living together

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon


If Yuki  was just drunk. And I mean drunk. Words slurred and all. He would be too honest about his opinion on things even if they weren’t asked for no matter how rude, disgusting, or sexual.

☾ : Sleep headcanon

Yukio tends to sleep in the fetal position. This way he finds it a lot easier ,and a lot more comfortable, to snuggle up close with his teddybear Artemis.

☮ : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Yukio’s room is always clean and organized. He doesn’t exactly have an OCD per say, but if something isn’t where it should be it bother’s him. He also has a piano in his room for whenever he feels that certain itch to play.

♒ : Dani, Seto, and Yuki living together



Well sometimes Yukio would feel that waiting to greet them at home would be too boring to do every day. So sometimes he would bake a cake, so that by the time they got home it was ready. But, before greeting them, he would lock himself in his room until they both got home, knowing fairly well that they were both probably racing each other home to get greeted first. Upon noticing the cake one would see the message. “Don’t kill each other before I get out there.” in swirly writing on the cake. 

wow this was really bad I think I’m all headcanon-ed out.

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☾☠ ☼ ♤

☾ : Sleep headcanon

this one is gonna be a bit more sad.

Because of his past, Yukio tends to have a lot of nightmares. Most of them are painful memories that were blown out of proportion making them all the more terrifying and hurty. So, with that being said, Yukio tends to cry a lot in his sleep and can even be heard murming “Please” or “don’t do this” or even the names of some of his tormentors.

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon

Oh gosh.

Yukio wouldn’t ever drink.

But for the sake of this headcanon….

If Yukio managed to get drunk. He would be terrible. His intelligent speech would just… not exist anymore. And he would talk until someone clasped their hands onto his mouth telling him to shut up. Yeah, it would be that bad.

♤ :  Cooking headcanon

It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes.

But when he’s alone, he likes to treat baking as though it’s chemistry class. saying things like “Mother I am in need of 20 fluid ounces of H20” or “The mixture seems to be inflating, should it explode We would all be in dire peril. I must keep a close eye for futher analysis.”

but of course that was only when he was a kid. He doesn’t do that anymore.

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Yukio: Ah, that would be when Nii-san first came to the cram school

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Rin: You should have told me!

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Yukio: Father wanted you to grow up as a human. I wasn’t about to change that.

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Rin: Our biggest fight…well…it was when I found out he had known all along…

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