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I like Blue Exorcist, but it occurs to me that I mostly like Rin and would like to see him removed from his current situation and put into a healthier one. All of the crossover ideas I have involve Rin leaving behind his family and finding a better series to be part of where they can't lie or manipulate him anymore and he can grow without the Son of Satan thing underlying every decision involving him. I also tend to fantasize Shiro being alive but separated from Rin while he settles into himself

Yeah, as much as I love Blue Exorcist, I will admit it’s not the most… healthy and encouraging place to be.

I mean, after Shiro’s death (and it turned out he’d been lying to Rin his whole life), the closest thing Rin has to a healthy familial relationship is Shura I think.

Shura doesn’t really lie to him though she doesn’t tell him everything. She encourages and guides him. She teases him and doesn’t really treat him differently because of the fact he is Satan’s Son, though she does caution him to try to control himself. She clearly cares, even if she only starts to really openly show it after Aomori. She actually looks after him and worries about both his physical and mental well-being.

She’s pretty much the only person to do this. Rin’s friends care too, but they did have that very big rough patch after the reveal and they don’t necessarily think about his mental health.


Okay, first off, I do like Yukio, but that child also makes me want to shout and shake him until he sees sense.

The thing with Yukio is that he’s so wrapped in what he thinks he should do, and his own problems, that the love and care that he does have for Rin gets pushed way down to the bottom. He does care. Really. But he’s crappy at actually showing it and his fears can override it. He focuses so much on protecting Rin physically that he forgets to take in his mental well-being. He legit has told Rin to die, punched him in the face, treated him like a wild animal that needs to be tamed, and shot him point blank in the face [though not with live bullets] (and all of this without hesitation).

(And yes, I know some of this is the result of his own decisions or the stress he’s under at times, but that’s no excuse to take it out on Rin.)

This isn’t exactly healthy.

Heck, Shura noticed something was up with the shoot-in-the-face incident, but seeing as Rin ended up letting it roll off him like water off a duck’s back, she dropped.

I’ve gotten a bit off track, but the point is that Rin is in an unhealthy environment that most grown-ups and his only living relative really don’t help with. So getting him out of there and with people who will help him without judgement is perfectly understandable.

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can i request haizaki, hanamiya, hyuga, Kasamatsu, takao and Izuki's reactions if a girl walked up to them hugged their side for a short time, exclaiming, "I found you! Let's go!" and then whispered that a group of guys have been following her for some minuted and asked if they could stay with her until they went away? Uh, sorry if that's too specific.

Oh, this is an adorable scenario actually!

HAIZAKI: “Haaah?” He glared at you, giving you a disgusted look. You glared right back at him, “You better help me, mister, because if anything happens to me, I’ll blame it on the weird dude with cornrows.” Shit, his dick just got hard at your voice. Fuck, he liked them feisty, so he smirked and wrapped an arm around you. “Alright, kitten, I’ll play by your rules now. But you better play by mine later.”

HANAMIYA: He sure as hell did not like being dragged around by some girl he didn’t know. “Oy, get the fuck off me.” He growled. You huffed. “Thanks for the help.” “What help?” “Some dude was following me around.” He rolled his eyes, “Don’t be such a pussy.” You frowned at him. What the hell was his problem? “Don’t drag strangers around, stupid.” He flicked your forehead. “I could be as much as a creep as that other guy was.”

HYUUGA: A blush instantly spread across his face when he felt your fingers intertwine in between his. You stopped and sighed when the two of you were at a good amount of distance. “Thanks,” you grinned up at him. “Are you alright? You look very red.” “I’m fine,” he muttered, clearing his throat. “But you shouldn’t be too trustful of strangers you know.” “I’ll keep that in mind.”

IZUKI: Surprisingly enough, a laugh erupted from Izuki’s lips as he quickly slid an arm around your shoulders. “Sure, I can help you.” He grinned. “Thank you,” you sighed in relief. Those guys had been trailing for a while now and this guy seemed nice enough. “So, I’d tell you a chemistry joke now but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.” The pun clicked inside your head. You groaned, “Please don’t.”

KASAMATSU: It wasn’t surprising to any of his teammates when their captain turned tomato red at physical contact from the other gender. As they watched him get dragged away wordlessly, they just smiled, shaking their heads. “O-Oy, wait! Where are we going?” “Far enough away from those creepers,” you shuddered. “Shit, they’re still following.” Kasamatsu straightened and cleared his throat, “I can pretend for a little while, if you’d like.” “Oh, yes please.”

TAKAO: Of course, Takao was only happy enough to play along. He had a cute girl in his arm and she was actually laughing at his jokes instead of smacking him for it like Shin-chan usually did. “You’re pretty cool, ____.” You grinned up at him, “You’re not so bad yourself, Takao-kun.” “Just Takao is fine.” “Okay, Takao.” “Wanna grab dinner later?” You laughed, shaking your head, “Such an opportunist.” “I try.”

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I agree with you about Shura showing concern but sadly her ability to actually do anything about it is limited. I don't like Yukio very much. I am somewhat sympathetic and I want him to get better but most of the time I feel like he is being unfair and it bugs me that he feels entitled to be stronger than Rin. I tend to project negatively towards Shiro too. I know it can't be all his fault but I blame him for the warped relationship his sons have in a lot of ways. I also disliked his teasing.

Yeah… Like I said, I don’t hate him, but I do have my issues with him.

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

Quite frankly, I feel like a lot of his problems (though not all) are basically just things he’s bringing upon himself. And yeah, it’s not all his fault.

But seriously, this is no excuse to treat Rin the way he does. Lighten up and let some of that love I know is there shine, kid.

And Shiro also has some blame on him too, though in recent chapters we may be getting some more light shed upon that matter.

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Ahh ask box is open :D please may I request a GOM + Kagami + Imayoshi and whoever else you want ;3 and their S/O has gotten into an accident, and so has a memory loss and can't remember them ;~; thank you

Hi, thanks anons for the kind comments. I love all of you too!! <3 Thank you for showering so much love onto my blog and I hope you enjoy this!

*Ps, due to the higher amount of characters, the answers are shorter. Some of them are quite ooc as I am not really familiar with their characters >//<

**Kind reminder to second anon, maximum character ask is 10! I did all of them this time as I have combined 3 asks into 1.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi was devastated when he found out that you couldn’t remember who he is, much less what was your relationship with him. He refused to leave you and tried all ways to chase you back again, wooing you with flowers and his charming demeanor. Regardless of whether you have lost your memory or not, he would make sure that his empress would be by his side.


Aomine couldn’t believe it in the starting and he tried to deny it but you could not remember him at all. He tried bringing you to places where both of you shared memories and there were times when he had gotten angry at himself for not preventing the accident. He would never give up on you and even though you have memory loss, you felt yourself falling in love with him the way you did before.


Murasakibara didn’t understand why you refused to recognize him. He tried all sorts of ways to make you remember him and even thought that he made you angry and that’s why you were ignoring him. In the end, after lengthy explanations and countless rejections, he finally knew what happened. He promised to stay by your side regardless of whether you remember him or not and states that “(f/n)-chin is mine!”


Midorima knew that some extent of brain damage would be evident but when it surfaced in the form of amnesia, he was thoroughly taken aback. A feeling of crushed despair almost overcame him until he realized that he really needed you by his side. He began to chase you back again, always blushing whenever he did something embarrassing. However, he persevered, knowing that the outcome would be you back into his arms.


Kise broke out into tears the moment you didn’t recognize him. He initially thought that it was a joke but when he found out that it was a real condition, he strove hard to let you accept him again. Despite his busy schedule, he always made time to visit you at least once a day.


Kuroko’s blank façade broke the moment he found out about your condition. He knew how severe amnesia could be and researched about it the moment he could. He tried to bring items that contains memories of both of you and always brought you to places that were meaningful. He refused to give up on you, knowing that one day even if you could not regain your memory, he would still be by your side.



Kagami didn’t understand the term of amnesia and he only found out after Kuroko explained it to him. After that, he always made sure he placed you first and would willingly ditch basketball just to be by your side. He tried his hardest to win you back and promised himself that by the end of this, you would be by his side regardless of memory loss.


Imayoshi struggled to keep a cool head after hearing the news of you having amnesia. When he learnt of the fact that you had thoroughly forgotten about him, his heart broke. He tried various ways to win you back but you were impervious to them, even stating at one point of time that you were tired of his sarcastic remarks. Despite feeling upset at the situation, he persevered in his feelings towards you, believing that one day you would willingly return to his side.


Kasamatsu was in pieces upon receiving the news and he cursed at the heavens, upset at himself that he could not prevent the accident. When he saw you again, he reverted to the shy person he was before the relationship and struggled to even hold a proper conversation with you. However, after Kise told him that if he didn’t get rid of his awkwardness, you would leave him, he begin to overcome it. He tried his best in taking care of you and would always bring you to places that were full of memories of the both of you. He promised himself that one day, by hook or by crook, you will be back at his side.


Hyuuga was taken aback by the news and had collapsed into a seat for hours outside your room after hearing it. When he finally came to terms with it, he promised himself to do whatever he can to get you back. He would always accompany you after practice and would always offer to cut your hair when it got too long.


Okamura was heartbroken when he received the news. He went around asking for advice on what to do and even went to research on it. Despite his brash looking appearance (that you were afraid of at first), you warmed up to his goofy personality over time. He vowed to make you fall in love with him the same way you did before amnesia.


Otsubo was at a loss when you woke up and didn’t recognize him. When he finally realized what has happened, he broke down alone in the toilet. He finally got his motivation back up when the doctor mentioned that you might regain your memories and tried every single method just to jolt your memories.  


Himuro was stunned speechless when the doctors informed him of your condition. He forced back the tears that threatened to fall and discussed with the doctors at length to find out what he could do for you. He made it a point to accompany you at least once a day and you soon got familiar with the model-like boy who never seemed to leave. At the end, he made a promise to himself that he would stay by your side regardless of whether you remember him or not.


Sword-wielding half-demon big bro or gun-slinging MEGAne younger bro?

(It’s actually Xion cosplaying both of them but it’s kind of hard to tell oops)

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Kasamatsu, Kagami & Midorima sleeping in the same bed with their s/o for the first time. You can make it nsfw-ish ;)

Since nsfw was a choice, I’ll keep it sfw <3

KAGAMI: God, it was the fourth time you squirmed. You couldn’t stop moving when you slept and it was driving him nuts. He cleared his throat as quietly as possible before flipping so that his back was towards yours instead. And the heavens above seemed to hate him because afterwards, you moved and spooned him instead. He could feel his dick rising in his pants and quickly went to cover them. Your hands inched lower and lower around his waist. 

Only 5 more hours to go.

KASAMATSU: Deciding what position to sleep in was a bit awkward. “I guess I can sleep on the couch,” he suggested. “Nonsense, we’re mature adults. Come here.” And thus began his downfall. Kasamatsu had stopped breathing. Thankfully the darkness masked his red face and he prayed that you wouldn’t notice his rising hard-on. 

“Yukio, you know if you’re so hard, we can do it right now.”

“I’m not! Go to sleep.”

MIDORIMA: “Why do you even bother hiding it?” You burst out laughing and switched on the bedside lamp to find that Midorima had transformed into a tomato. He glared at you and switched it back off. “Stop it and go to sleep.” He muttered and shoved you back underneath the blanket. You attempted to wrangle free of the blanket but failed.

“Shin, there’s no shame in wearing bunny pajamas.”

“I’m not!”

“Do you want a carrot?”

“We’re breaking up.”

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ask memes are so much fun!! im surprised you dont get asked more :OO i hope your year gets better♡♡♡ seeing you on my dash always brightens my day up

Thank you thank you <3 <3 I’m about 2000% sure I’m annoying most of the time (and yet I still continue to be annoying someone stop me) so hearing this makes me happy.

Like I said, I really think at least 90% of our followers are bots or smth cos I never get asked stuff lmao. Only if I REALLY beg you guys for it. When I joined as admin there were a bunch of unanswered asks tho so maybe we got a reputation for never answering and now no one asks us stuff. .-.

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Hiya! Can I request an omegaverse with Kasamatsu being a shy a dorky alpha and meeting an equally shy and dorky omega s/o, where he knows that they're meant to be mates but can't work up the courage to really say anything. That is until he sees his s/o in some kind of trouble and goes all primal alpha to save them. Nsfw or not, either works! Thank you so much!

Their relationship isn’t nearly as complicated as other people make it to be, Kise muses.

Sure, the world they live in is a pretty complicated one by itself, but there’s nothing much to say about them aside from the fact that both are too damn shy and awkward to make the first move.

“Senpai, you really should ask them out already if not knowing how they are makes you this restless.” Kasamatsu is far too busy chewing absent-mindely on his lunch to process his underclassman word’s properly - and even if he weren’t, he’d know deep down that Kise’s only saying the truth.

From the first time he met you, Yukio knew he had to have you in his arms and treasure you, but it’s easier said than done. The normally confident and responsible alpha captain of the basketball team turns into a blushing mess just from meeting your gaze, but you’re not any better. Despite not having been able to hold a proper conversation, the blue eyed teen knew he cared deeply for you - so when you didn’t show up for school that morning his gut churned and quickly let him know something was wrong.

His worry only grew as the hours slowly, slowly tick by, and still no sight of you. None of your friends knew about your whereabouts either, and Ryouta had to drag him to a quiet corner and force him to eat at least a little. Kasamatsu’s worries and ‘what ifs’, however, prevented him from even realizing he was chewing and swallowing as he did all of this on auto mode. Gritting his teeth and almost growling out loud in frustration, all of his thoughts come to a stop when he catches a sniff of your smell in the air.

It’s extremely faint and weak, but it’s a scent the alpha would recognize anywhere on earth. The hint of fear he can detect in the air is more than enough for him to abruptly stand up and leave Kise behind, his objective clear as crystal in his mind.

When Yukio finally turns the corner and decides this is where your smell is the strongest, the sight that meets his eye makes his blood boil and his entire body tense, ready for a fight. His lips immediately pull back in a snarl, and suddenly it becomes quite clear he is not an alpha to be messed with.

At the terrifying sound and the suddenly suffocating air, you turn your head to the left and almost cry in relief. The other third year alpha who had trapped you between his own body and the wall is already taking cautious steps back, arms raised in a clear sign of surrender.

“Hey, take it easy dude. I couldn’t smell a mate on them, so I thought-”

Another growl rips through the air, and this time it makes even the hairs on your neck stand up. There’s real killing intent in the air, and you almost choke. The captain stands as tense as possible, legs slightly bent and sharp teeth showing through his snarl. If the air had been tense before, now it was enough to make your insides curl and suddenly you’re all too aware of the fact that Kasamatsu Yukio is a powerful alpha, and messing too badly with him could mean serious trouble.

Your attacker starts to stink of pure, unadulterated fear - an acid, bitter smell - and shows his neck to Kasamatsu, where one can clearly see his jugular. It’s a sign of submissiveness; he has acknowleged the other as the stronger alpha without a fight, but Yukio doesn’t relax a bit.

Even as he looks horribly terrifying, you can’t help but see a blushing, nervous guy in your mind, and that’s why you don’t hesitate as you run and wrap your arms tightly around his broad chest. Now that you’re so close, you can easily feel how his whole body is trembling and nearlu inaudible growls and snarls rip out of his chest. It only makes you squeeze him tighter.

It’s as if a switch has been turned off, and Kasamatsu’s body tenses one final time then relaxes in your hold. His muscled arms come to wrap firmly around your still trembling form and brings you as close to him as physically possible. His cold nose nuzzles your shoulder and he takes a deep breath, internally elated to be finally embracing you.

The other alpha has long since ran away, no doubt grateful for the opportunity to escape from a fight he was surely going to lose.  You barely notice he’s not there anymore as you reach up and kiss the basketball player’s cheek, and a pleased sigh leaves his mouth.

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

The sentence has two meanings, but either way you’re just happy you can finally call him yours. When you tell him so, you can’t help but giggle at the endearing blush covering his face.

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Do you have any headcanons of the type of people that Himuro, Takao, Kasamatsu and Mayuzumi looks for a good friendship?

Hmm, this is interesting. I’ve never thought about it before.


  • Himuro would choose to be around people who have similar characteristics, such as hard-working people and maybe people with similar interests. It’ll be easier for him to find conversation topics and to be on stable ground.
  • He has a hard time getting along with people who are too arrogant or mouthy. He really doesn’t like people who brag too much about their accomplishments and would prefer someone more low-key.


  • Not Kise just kidding. He likes people who are more responsible and mature because  they’re easier to handle and take care of.
  • But, Kasamatsu would never admit it to himself that he actually loves babying and caring for other people so he doesn’t really mind people who are a little childish either. He likes that he gets to be the mother in the group and gets to yell at all his ‘children’ slash teammates.


  • Being the loner type, Mayuzumi actually does not like interacting with people at all. However, if he had to pick one type of person, he’d choose someone who isn’t that clingy. He needs his space from other people for sure.
  • Mayuzumi also isn’t that big of a fan of people who are too immature, like rowdy high school boys and would actually steer clear of them at all costs. He probably have imagined kicking them multiple times in his head.


  • Takao is more open-minded so he’s able to get along with almost anyone. If he can get along with Midorima, he can get along with anybody. He prefers people who are more active though and anyone who’s basically passionate about something.
  • Althoug he might be able to tolerate everyone, Takao might act differently around people who are more narrow-minded and prejudiced. He doesn’t like people who judge others before getting to know them.

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(kamen-rider-flip) “Well…hello, there, I don’t think we’ve met before. What’s your name?” Yukio asks a young girl. “Tamami Nakahara.” The girl says plainly, not looking up from her game.

“Seiji Gamo.” The boy said, not looking up from his game. “I’m totally gonna beat you in this match, Tamami.” he smirked a bit.

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Kasamatsu + Miyaji's girlfriends comforting them after their loss to Jabberwock (fluff)

fck that match rekt me. and hmm why haven’t i gotten anything on nash gold jr (◉౪◉)

KASAMATSU: “Forget about it, guys.” He patted the back of his teammates. “Let’s head back. We’ve got more practice tomorrow or the coach will kill us.” Kasamatsu couldn’t deny the frustration bottled up inside of him but he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t just show his emotions to everyone else. It wouldn’t be right.

You stepped up to him afterwards only to have him offer up a shaky smile. “Hey, you were watching?” You were dumbfounded. You knew your boyfriend well and he was a strong man and responsible and oh so stubborn. But at that moment, you felt the hopelessness settle deep in your gut. “Sorry you had to see that, baby.” He wrapped you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

But you knew better. His fingers were trembling and his breathing uneven. You looked up and kissed his jaw. “You don’t have to fake it in front of me, Yukio. Just let it out. I don’t want you trapping everything inside of you.”

Kasamatsu gulped, looking guiltily with a smile at you. “I’m sorry. Could you lend me your shoulder?” His forehead landed on your shoulder as the tears of frustration fell from his eyes. He thought that nothing could compare to his final loss in last year’s Winter Cup but this one came close. Fuck. To be looked down like that. To be proven wrong. To be humiliated. To have let down his team. My God.

You stroked his hair lovingly, kissing him softly. “Those guys were assholes who don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re a great guy and a great player. Keep working hard, Yukio. The others will crush them.”

MIYAJI: Miyaji could feel his blood boil with every word that spewed out of those assholes’ mouths. He was this close, this fucking close, to actually throwing a damn pineapple at them. Kasamatsu held him back, telling him that it was okay, that the next match would probably be better.

But he knew it wouldn’t be. The Jabberwock team was insane, full of bastards gifted with natural talent that only fueled their arrogance. Miyaji held back with gritted teeth. God, he wanted to smack some respect into their dense heads so badly but he couldn’t do that, not if he wanted to save his and his team’s pride.

You jogged up to him and cupped his face. “Kiyoshi.” You whispered, only to see his darkened, angered eyes. “Baby, look at me.” He didn’t and you stepped back. Space. Give him some space. So you did. For a while, as you drove back to his house, you let him have his space.

Miyaji was quiet and he was never quiet so you grew more worried by the second. In the end, you decided that you needed to call an intervention. He sat blankly in front of the television, staring silently at the moving images but not completely processing it. You straddled him and kissed his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his jaw and finally his lips. “Kiyoshi, if you need to let it out, please do. I don’t want you to hold it all back.”

He pressed his lips together before he dropped his head onto your chest. He felt the tears begin to fall. He hated showing weakness in front of you but he was a jumbled mess at that moment. Anger, sadness, disappointment. All those emotions consumed him completely. All you could do was whisper soothingly in his ear and waited for him to release all his pent up feelings. “It’s okay, baby. Let it all out. I’m here. Forget about all of them. Forget about those bastards. Forget all of it.”

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Hc fr kaijo at the beach with their girl


  • He won’t stop going on and on about how cute you were and was stumbling more over his words, if that was even possible. But he really likes you in a swimsuit and is so happy that you’re there with him.
  • Jokingly tosses you into the ocean before he realizes that he fucked up when you come out looking pissed then he lets you shove him into the ocean and the two of you end up happy again.
  • “YoulooksogoodtodayohmyGod! Pleasewearswimsuitsallthetime.”


  • A blushing mess all over the place because he’s so fucking embarrassed over seeing you in a swimsuit but he’s so happy at the same time and he just keeps stuttering and trying to distract himself with everything else.
  • He’ll be down to play sports with you or swim in the ocean, anything active, until he realizes the looks you’re getting from other guys and then he’ll bundle you up into a cocoon and hide you underneath the umbrella. All while hiding his boner.
  • “S-Shit, I mean, uh, yes, you look good. Yeah, uh, very nice. Nope, not hard at all.”


  • Screaming. Literally just screaming your name and ceaselessly complimenting you on your looks and he will cling onto your body in the freaking sun just to show people that you guys are together and in love.
  • He likes to cuddle with you so, despite the heat, he’ll keep you trapped under the umbrella and a towel wrapped around the two of you. You will have to shove him off and drag him to the ocean just to cool off.
  • “You’re so cute. Oh my God. You’re so pretty. Please have sex with me — I mean, do you want a banana? My banana that is.”


  • Chillest guy ever. He’ll compliment you no biggie and will be all smooth and suave. He’ll get a little jealous but he won’t be screaming at people that you guys are together. Instead, he’ll wrap his arm around your waist and hold you close.
  • He’s open to anything so if you only want to tan then he’ll be next to you calmly reading a book or he’ll excuse himself to go to the sea or play with the guys. But he’s very chill. Until a guy starts to flirt with you then he’s upping his game.
  • “The weather’s great today. It’s the perfect day out. And you look great too.”


  • All the dumb pickup lines with beach puns on them will just pour out of his mouth because he learned them from Izuki. You’ll end up kissing him just to shut him up because kissing him usually does shut him up.
  • He likes showing you off because you’re great and he loves you so much. He’ll be bragging to everyone that he’s going out with you and everyone just goes like, WE KNOW.
  • “You’re so pretty. You’re so hot. You’re like the ocean cause you got some pretty good waves.”

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Can I have a Kasamatsu songfic with the song Photograph from Ed Sheeran? For the genre... can I have it heartwarming? Thanks! ^^

{ you won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home }

What was love really? Was it the butterflies people described? The fluttering in your stomach whenever you saw them across the room? Or was it the anger bubbling up inside your chest? The fury that built up and consumed you?

It was tiring. It was so exhausting.

You didn’t know how people maintained long distance relationships. Photographs. Video calls. Phone calls. Quick texts.

Nothing physical. Nothing seemingly substantial.

You curled up once you felt the loneliness dissolve into your veins again. The sadness coursed through your blood, spreading into your body, paining you emotionally and physically. God, you missed him so much. It was so hard to be miles away from him for this long. The doubts, the insecurities were the worst part.

Just as your mind began to wander through a door you did not want to enter, your phone blasted out a familiar ringtone. You dived for it and instantly pressed the answer button. Kasamatsu burst out laughing at the sight of you sprawled out on the floor, phone in hand and staring back at him with such glee. “Hey, baby.”

“Hi,” you softly whispered back. He somehow always arrived at the right time. Perfect. “How are you?”

“I should be asking you that. Are you okay? Why are you on the floor like that?”

You paused. “I got over excited.”

He laughed again. God, that sound. You’ve missed it so badly. You flopped down on your back and just enjoyed the sweet sound of his voice, filling your ears, calming down the erratic thumping of your heart. “How’ve you been doing, baby?”

Cue the sigh. “I’ve been okay. Busy with school and stuff.”


“I’m planning on coming home tomorrow.”

“What?” You stopped and jerked up, nearly hitting your head to the table. “Tomorrow? Why?”

“I miss you.” You could just hear the shrug, as if dropping new like that out of the blue wasn’t all that weird. “It’s a quick trip. I’ll be there for a day or two.”

“I miss you too but are you sure—“

“It’ll be fine.” He smiled, toying with the phone cord. “I’ll see you soon, yeah?”

“Yeah.” The worries that had piled up in your heart all seemed to disappear with his voice. And now he was coming home. He was coming home to you.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

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Can I get a kikasa with kasamatsu being supportive of kise as he undergoes surgery for his leg (you can make up the situation and completely platonic !) (once again I'm sorry!)

Relatively short one because these two don’t need much to say ;)

He had warned him a billion times. Kise was a prodigy, he knew that but it didn’t mean that prodigies shouldn’t be taking care of their bodies. It was difficult to see Kise struggle through tournaments, to see him go through what Seirin’s Kiyoshi went through.

The last straw broke though when Kise tore a muscle and required surgery. He had held in his pain so well that nobody noticed, until his former captain watched one of his games and noted his odd movements.

“I’ll be fine, senpai.” Kise chided. He respected his senpai dearly and the fact that he came all the way to the hospital before Kise underwent surgery was enough for his respect to grow even more.

“This is why I told you not to do such stupid things.” Kasamatsu sighed, flicking his forehead. “Good luck in there. You better not let Kaijou down, Bakise.”

“It’s okay. This surgery has a 30% success—“

Kasamatsu rubbed his head aggressively, glaring and screaming down at the blonde that even the nurses grew concerned. “BAKISE!”


“Just…” Kasamatsu sighed. “We’re all waiting for you, so do your best and we’re all praying that it’ll go well. Because if Kaijou loses, we’re all going to start digging your grave.”

“Wai, so mean, senpai!”

“That’s why you better make it out better, Bakise.” He held out a fist.

Kise smiled and bumped it with his own, “I can do that.”


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AHH I HOPE I MAKE IT! May I request a Papa!AU of Aomine + Kagami + Kasamatsu & Haizaki explaining the birds and the bees to their middle/ junior high son(s)? *throws arms up in the air* this was a super last minute idea i hope it works??!! :'D

AOMINE: “Why the fuck do I have to do this?!” He growled to you and you gave him the look. He let out a groan before plopping his son down. “Okay look, birds and the bees. Uh,” he scratched the back of his neck. “I don’t know how to do this. But you know about sex right — shit, I’ll just tell you straight up. So sex, important things: condoms, be good in bed. Condoms.”

His son raised an eyebrow, “Dad, I’m in ninth grade. I know these things. You don’t need to—“

Aomine shoved a bunch of silver packets into his son’s hands with a glare, “Condoms.”

HAIZAKI: “Fuck, seriously? The kid’s gotta know.” He snapped, shaking his head in disbelief. “Fine, I’ll give him the talk.” He sat his son down for this, right across from him. “Alright, so I have to give you the sex talk. Look, you gotta be good in bed, otherwise nobody will want you. Seriously. Tips, you can ask me, you’ve got the internet. Experience is—“

“Shou, are you telling him the right things?” You called out.

“Shit,” he cursed, rolling his eyes. “Okay, I don’t really give a shit if you have sex before marriage as long as you keep it safe, make sure you have no regrets, yadda yadda yadda. Condoms are important. Be good in bed, seriously.”

KAGAMI: His heart thudded in his chest. God, he was sweating. He’d never done this before and he was even more nervous than he has ever been. “S-So, are you ready for the talk?”

“Dad, I’m old enough to know these things.”

“You are?”

“Dad. Condoms. Be safe. Protection is key and all that jazz. I know I have to be careful and go slow but ensure that my partner is satisfied and all that.” His son actually checked things off with his fingers.

“How do you know all of this?”

Pause. “Uncle Aomine.”


KASAMATSU: He’d already looked through his parents’ guidebook. He looked these things up on the internet and how to deal with them well. He was ready for this. He sat his son down in front of him and stared straight into his eyes. “This is very important and I need you to listen closely. Sex is a very special thing between a man and woman but it requires a lot of responsibility.”

“You mean this?” His son held up a square silver package. Kasamatsu’s eyes widened, questioning where in the world his son got that. “It’s a condom. I know it.” Kasamatsu repeated his question. “Well, he told me not to say where I got it from.”

“Who’s he?”


Kise could instantly feel chills down his spine. “I feel my death coming.”

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Aomine, Kise, Midorima, Kagami, Kiyoshi, Kasamatsu and, Takao's reaction to their s.o. performing Yanis Marshall's choreo to 7/11.

HOLY SHIT WTF I JUST SAW THE VIDEO AND HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE MOVE LIKE THAT. IN HEELS. I’m so done omfg. Here’s the video for anyone interested! - [ kind of NSFW ]

AOMINE: Getting you to practice at the empty space at home was definitely a good idea. He watched from the couch, shifting uncomfortably as the bulge in his pants began to harden. Fuck, your twists and turns, the way you slid your hands down your body, were driving him and his libido insane. When you crawled towards him, that was when he lost it. His self-control snapped as he dragged you up and nestled you on his lap, grinding his erection against the thin fabric of your yoga pants. “You’re fucking amazing, you know that?”

KAGAMI: His lips parted in surprise as you fluidly moved your body on the floor. His eyes watched your every move, darkening with lust. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from your enticing figure. Slowly, he began to rub the tent in his jeans, groaning when you crouched with legs spread open. Oh God. This was embarrassing. You, noticing his reaction, smirked and changed your movements to draw closer towards him. With a flushed face, he watched as you slid your hands up the rough fabric of his jeans and touched the bulge. “So, did you like it?”

KASAMATSU: For once, the strict captain was at a loss as he watched you move. The song was fast and so were you, sliding here and there, seeing your hair sway around. He didn’t like the way he reacted to it but he sure as hell liked the way you were moving. He grunted quietly to himself and adjusted his position to try and get comfortable but knew that that effort was futile. How did anyone even move like that in heels and not fall? All technical thoughts disappeared from his mind when you circled your ass around and pointed towards him. He was in for a long night.

KISE: Those sharp hip movements drove him to the edge. He knew that he was only supposed to watch you practice for your performance next week but he couldn’t help his physical reactions. His eyes glazed over with lust when you lied on your front then flipped your legs up to spread them. “Ne, ___-chi.” He asked breathlessly when you stopped, grinning at him to ask him what he thought of it. “You’re really, really good. So good that I can’t even think straight right now.” He winced, trying to get some control of himself. Your gaze dropped to this pants as a feral smirk spread across your lips. “Clearly you loved that performance.”

KIYOSHI: You couldn’t believe it. Minutes had passed and you had finished his performance and yet Kiyoshi just kept smiling at you with that famous smile of his, seeming innocent and sweet. “You’re really talented, ___-chan. I’m sure you’ve practiced so much to perfect those moves.” You raised an eyebrow at him, wondering why the hell he wasn’t even that turned on. Afterwards, when you came back from the kitchen, you heard groans from the bathroom. Peeking your head inside, you giggled when you saw Kiyoshi. “Need some help with that?” He blushed slightly but allowed you in anyway.

MIDORIMA: The stars were definitely not in his favor tonight — or maybe they were. He couldn’t decide. He had never seen you look so… alluring and tempting and captivating. Absolutely magnificent. His green eyes lit up with pleasure as the rhythmic beat pulsed accordingly to his heart. He felt his breath catch when you bent down and gulped the lump in your throat. After the song finished, you bowed and smiled at him only to notice that he was tomato red from head to toe. “Are you feeling okay?” You bowed slightly and reached out to touch him. All he saw was your very, very attractive cleavage. “I-I’m fine! Don’t touch me!” this brat

TAKAO: Takao didn’t think you could get any more attractive but you managed to surprise him every time. The tight, stretchy material spread across your skin and, God, it showed everything. The sexy curve of your hips, your waist. Fucking beautiful. He watched you smoothly maneuver your body on the floor and wondered how the hell he got so lucky. He teased you, pulling your sweaty form towards him and burying his face in your neck. “You’re so talented, ___-chan, and hot. You’re absolutely perfect!” Instead of having flustered him, you ended up blushing and pushing him away in embarrassment.