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I thought you would have been taken already because you're very beautiful. So what is a taxidermist?

hahaha its kinda probably related to why i dont have a boyfriend.. basically i skin dead animals, tan their hides, and apply said hide to a mannequin with glass eyes and they last forever. heres a baby raccoon i did (in this picture she’s not fully dry, hence the pins and foam base)

and here’s a squirrel i did a little later (again, pins are while it’s drying. the finished mount won’t have pins)

taxidermy is weird and gross but im very passionate about it. people think its really weird and im like 99% sure my ex was grossed out about it so if you wanna be my bf you have to b cool with it lol


I decided to try making a stimboard… No theme exactly, just Amami. 

I’m not sure when I’ll open requests but I’ll likely wait until I’ve chosen the new mod. I have two in mind, so I might pick them both, but I won’t close apps until I get back into town since I’m going out to camp for about a week soon.

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Bir kadın seni seviyorsa sana aittir,mutlaka bir fotoğrafın vardır odasının bir köşesinde, onu kaldırtma. Bir kadın seni seviyorsa uyumadan önce dua ediyordur, senin adınla başlayan dualar ve biten dualar onu susturma. Bir kadın seni seviyorsa sana zarar veremez. Yalnız genç adam, kadınlar vazgeçtikleri adamlara da acımayı beceremezler. Buda kalsın aklında. Bir kadın seni seviyorsa koklayarak öper seni. Seni seven bir kadın sevdiği kadar sarılabilse kemiklerin kırılır. Bir kadın seni seviyorsa sen ne kadar güçlüysen o kadar güçlü hisseder kendini onu yanıltma.🍷

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Do not fret at your current shtate- SSSHAAA OF CATASTROPHHHHIC DROOLING SHHA- for you shee, it could have been much worshe. Look at my unkempt- SHA HORRID DISGUSTING VOMIT-INDUCING SSSHAA- appearance, for comparishon. [ from reasonablydrawn-purplehaze, own infected fugo THOUGH THIS FELLER'S MUCH MORE INFECTED HOOH-EEH]

🍓 This might be a dumb question but… will you be alright @reasonablydrawn-purplehaze? I feel so badly for you…. Madonna, aiuta a me…

saw a post from a mutual of mine and it reminded me of something i made a while back that my friends absolutely loathe

so basically im the eater of like all things worse and vile so that lead to me, one day, making a snack combining the 3 things i eat in large quantities on a daily basis

mayo, cheese, and butter

essentially, i took dubliner cheese. a stick of butter and a jar of mayonnaise and like

cut a chunk out of the butter and cheese

made a stack

and slathered it in mayonnaise

and proceeded to eat it on call with my friends

they all wanted to kill me that day