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I’m clearing out my ask box, so here’s a rapid fire bunch of answers to the 43 questions in there! A lot of these I wanted to draw a comic or do a little animation for but just never got the time or energy, and others I didn’t know what to say, but I think that some response is better than no response, so while these are all going to be either text or doodles, I wanted them all to actually get answers.

Below the cut because this’ll be a hella long one~ Plenty of Zelda doodles in there though so if you just wanna see doofy drawings click too!

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anonymous asked:

The cast must be ecstatic now that they all keep their jobs. But won't they now get less money for 10 eps than for 22 on Fox?

Not necessarily. Or, rather, if they do, they will also have a LOT more time to pick up other work (like guest spots or movie roles that work with their new, lighter schedules). Keeping the actors happy in terms of pay would definitely have been part of the negotiations; given the interest from multiple sources, WB probably had some wiggle room to make certain their cast was well taken care of. With a normal 22-ep season, actors basically work extremely long hours for ten months of the year; they will doubtless have a much more reasonable schedule now (also good for keeping them happy and on board for more seasons! Work schedules in TV can be absolutely brutal).

gryffinwhore-love said: I wonder how long it’ll take for season 4 to premiere. Do you think it’ll be a while before it does?

(And for another anon who asked the same question) 

According to TVLine and the showrunners, production will start in August, which is pretty close to the usual. As far as I know, there’s no release date information yet, but I don’t think it’ll be a whole year or anything. I’m going to guess either late 2018 or very early 2019.

Anonymous said: *inhales* AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *exhales* Words can’t express how happy I am. Now I can finally do that rewatch I wanted to do and start reading/writing fanfiction again without being sad

I am right there with you, my anonymous friend. As soon as I get home again, I’m going to work my way through the whole show again. I’m also a lot more enthusiastic about writing and reading fic, knowing the show has a future and everything doesn’t have to be tinged with goodbye. I really hope that the massive enthusiasm (seen on Twitter and elsewhere during the campaign) will translate into more fanwork. (Because I am greedy and always want more fanwork!!)

Anonymous said: If they make S4 really good then we might have S5 too) WB will definetely approve.

NO DOUBT. In that same article I linked to above, the showrunners basically confirm this. Apparently, Netflix loves the show but also loved the fan reaction, so as long as we keep being active and excited, I don’t see the show ending any time soon. Yay!!

Here is the translation for Saint’s scene in the new teaser video on the official Code: Realize Silver Miracles site. 

I get the feeling this will be a far gentler story than Saint’s original route. 



The trees along the streets exposed to the winter wind have cast away their green clothes long ago—

On the contrary, everyone on the boulevard wears a coat, rounds the back and walks quickly.

In the middle of December the city of London is completely dressed for winter as well.

One day when the winter started to deepen—

I, Saint Germain, had visitors to my mansion after a long time. 

(Saint’s dining room)

Hansel: It is unusual for Saint to call us…..

Guinevere: So, Saint Germain. I heard that you are off duty right now….. what purpose did you call us today?

Saint: ……..Yes. Actually I was alone, and in a situation that I could use a few extra hands.  

Guinevere: You can do anything without problems. It is unusual for you to ask for help, do you mean that it is too much trouble?

Quiet tension runs through Guinevere’s voice.

Hansel, as usual.

Even listening to the story, he was leaning on his fork with a vague expression.  

Saint: Well, both of you….. before explaining can you look here?

When I bow respectfully, I take the cloth off the table with a flourish.

….While I do this, I think that I have received the bad influence of a certain Gentleman Thief who likes to be dramatic….

In any case….

There are colorful branches and flowers on the table, including fir, crest, roses and tree nuts.

And, a majestic wreath of flowers.

Hansel: From the time I entered the mansion, I thought the smell of flowers was strong…..

Guinevere: ………What is this?

Saint: As you can see, it is floral wreath material.

Guinevere: ……….

This makes no sense. (?)

While listening to the breath of Guinevere which carried such feelings, I picked up the floral wreath example in my hand.

Saint: So, first wreath construction, please feel free to choose from the available materials. The size is….. following this example.

Guinevere: Wait.

Hansel: What is the hourly wage? 3 chocolates? No, 5 cookies? No way…. 5 biscuits…..?

Guinevere: — Hansel? Keep silent as talk distracts? 

Guinevere: ……Anyway, Although I have many complaints, can you tell me the circumstances?

This former queen has not been able to make a joke since I recruited her.

Because she will begin slashing ruthlessly if teased too much, I nod gravely.

Saint: I need your help to prepare for a Christmas party.

(Scene of The apostles making Christmas decorations…. well, Hansel is just eating them.)

Brilliant red and calm green.

Wrapping contrasting colorful ribbon, the walls of the room are gradually brightened.

As soon as I started decorating the room, I answered the questions of the two.

Hansel: That is…. does that mean you are calling Cardia to come to a party?

Saint: Yes. As you know, the group is acting apart now.

Saint: So I thought we would be able to get together for awhile— when everyone can come….

Guinevere: December 24th. —that’s why it’s a Christmas party.

Guinevere: ……It is done. I never thought you had asked Omnibus permission for us to help. (??)

Guinevere took off her usual intimidating armor.

Sisi barked at her knee while watching her carefully braid the flowers.  

Guinevere: But, why do you need us? Your other friends will be nearby.

Saint: Everyone is away from London, Fran was called away for a lecture at Liverpool’s Medical Society.

Sisi: bark!

Hansel: Oh…..So a dog too……

Hansel: First of all….. If it is from Mother, Gretel and I are not complaining.  

Hansel: Of course…. later we receive lots of sweets and cakes as rewards.

Saint: Yes. Feel free to. Why don’t you join us on the day of the party?

Guinevere: ……I will think about it later.

While weaving a wreath unexpectedly deftly, Guinevere shrugs her shoulders.

Guinevere: But, your relationship with them is part of the mission….. it is a proposal I can not imagine you saying.

Guinevere: Did something change your mind?

Saint: …….it might be.

Will I be laughed at if I express my honest feelings.

Because the apostles of Idea are separated in the flow of time, I want to share time with my friends. (?)

Saint: —come on, it is almost done. Let’s finish quickly.

Guinevere: Is this help worth it? 

Hansel: hm….. sometimes I like it. Apostles rarely work together.

Certainly as Guinevere says, if you just need help preparing.

Talk to the Gordon Family, find a suitable acquaintance.

Even so, I bothered to ask Hansel for help…..

Surely I— it may be that I wanted to share with friends of the fight who know the same loneliness.

This visit is a modest, but big change.

Hansel: I don’t care why…. If I can meet the twins, I am happy.

Saint: hehe, I guarantee the meeting of fun, pleasant people.

I continue decorating while answering Hansel.

To be able to decorate for a lively future coming soon. 

And while looking forward to seeing how she responds in this room where friends are gathered again—

gunshow’s final volume

  Gunshow has been over for 6 months but we still have comics uncollected in volumes! People have asked for a huge omnibus of the entire run, but that’s ridiculous. That book would be huge and expensive. It’s not feasible! Get Real!!!!! Instead, we’re gonna make a big collection of the final strips not yet put into a book. 

  Volume 6: Doomed to Repeat it, will be the final Gunshow volume, collecting the rest of the run we left off at in volume 5. This book is going to be 400 pages and I decided to make it also physically larger than the last ones. They were all 7x9 inches and this one is going to be 8.5x11 inches. It’s a big boy.

  We’re going to have to kickstart it too. Coming later this month in fact, we’re gonna launch a kickstarter for it! The book is already laid out, save for some special bits that will be talked about later. It’s gonna be a simple KS but I hope we can count on your help when it’s here.

  I don’t know why I’m asking you now when it’s not already real, but I guess I’m just excited. Plus, that cover is great. I drew it and nedroidcomics​ colored that sucker up excellently. And yes, the Garfield feeling it brings is definitely on purpose.


I’d like to but I’m kind of a scaredy cat.  I also haven’t made enough money at cons for it to be worth it right now.  No one knows who I am. XD  But maaaaybe after the first book comes out.

The circuits only work on the aliens but AU storylines with the humans as aliens and vice versa are a possibility.  Also, Longus is never going back to the mothership. ono

I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s when Ufology on TV was at its hype.  I was totally terrified and fascinated by it at the same time so I started writing TH when I was 13/14 to cope. haha  I tend to fall in love with things that scare me.

Only 3. ;D  Yeah, and I played it! It was cute but where were the other 3 smoldering bodies? ;A;  You can still play it here: