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OK SO like I haven't had the chance to see Venom yet but I've OBVIOUSLY seen everyone thirsting over Venom/Eddie (monsterfuckers I see u I love u) but I was super surprised to see the other MASSIVE part of the fan content being really SOFT? so I googled some shit & VENOM & EDDIE ARE IN A PROPER LIKE,, ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP IN THE COMICS? AND so I read 2 chapters (164 &165) & they straight up have a kid and venom is like 'you're the only one i would want to raise this child with' like omg SOFT

thank u for validating us monsterfuckers i can’t believe 20gayteen is delivering so much…

LISTEN…..fucky venom content is all good and well but in the movie??? THEY ARE SOFT AS HELL…..and yes the comics are. ridiculous. it’s just so…SO MUCH. this post by @arahir sums up their relationship in the comics really well:

they do have a kid (carnage is also venom’s kid, it’s wild) and venom is trying so hard to be better for eddie…….literally please just read this paragraph from the marvel wiki article for Klyntar (what symbiotes call themselves) which actually made me put my goddamn head in my hands and subsequently made me write an entire fic about venom’s tragic backstory and (CANONICAL) desire for a monogamous relationship with a host based on protection and loyalty:

anyway yeah the venom movie played itself bc while i’d love to think they fully intended for it to be as gay as it seems, what they were probably going for was actually a buddy-cop movie……joke’s on them it’s a fucking rom-com and they’re in love…like why do u think the plot is so weak….it’s bc they just wanted more of eddie & venom hanging out and being losers in love & i can’t fault them that

some pretty asks✨

  • angel; is there anyone you’d do anything for?
  • galaxy; what fascinates you?
  • melody; favorite artists?
  • silk; what outfit makes you feel confident?
  • rose; favorite flower?
  • sun; favorite season
  • film; favorite movie/tv show?
  • gorgeous; what do you like in a person?
  • diamond; favorite color?
  • infatuation; first crush?
  • dream; how long do you sleep on average?
  • brilliant; what celebrity do people say you look like?
  • perfume; favorite scent?
  • fleece; have any pets?
  • pigment; what color is your hair naturally? if you could dye it any color which one would you choose?
  • charcoal; do you have a good relationship with your parents?
  • ocean; do you take a yearly vacation?
  • murky; biggest fear?
  • devotion; are you taken?
  • lingerie; what do you wear to bed?
  • daydream; best memory?
  • joy; best feeling you’ve ever experienced? 
  • masque; what’s your skincare routine?
  • valentine; best gift you’ve ever received?
  • parchment; favorite book?
  • garden; do you have a garden? plants? 
  • oasis; dream destination? 
  • sense; best subject? favorite subject?
  • footprints; do you want kids?
  • rainbow; what’s your sexuality?
  • sweater; do you prefer loose or baggy clothes?
  • nail laquer; punk or pastel?
  • 1975; if you could time travel to any time period, what would it be and why?
  • tattoos; do you have/want and tattoos and piercings?

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Send Me an Emoji and I’ll give you my thoughts on an Ego. (Updated)


🐯 - Angus

🔪 - Anti

👦 - Chase

🎩- Jameson/Dapper

🌃 - Jackieboy Man

✨ - Marvin

☠ - Robbie

💉- Dr.Schneeplestien


🕶 - Bing

🖱- Google

🎥 - Jim(s)

👔 - Bim

🔫 - Wilford

😈 - Dark

🌸 - Yan

💰 - Ed

🐿 - King of the Squirrels

🌁 - Silver Shepard

🎙 - The Host

📖 - The Author

🚑 - Dr.Iplier

🅱 - Harold B. Darrensworth

Unofficial Mark Egos:

😎 - Cool Patrol-iplier

🎵 - Mark Bop

🍟 - Potatoiplier

🖌 - Art-iplier

🍳 - Chef-iplier

🍯 - Goop-iplier

I figured this could be fun. Not sure if someone has made one of these. That’s probably the case, and I’m just a donk, but it’s five in the morning and I have nothing better to do… (feel free to ask anonymously if you’re shy.)

BONUS ASKS: (Sanders Sides & WKM)


👑 - Roman

👓 - Logan

💟 - Patton

😧 - Virgil

🦂 - Deceit


💎 - Damien

🔮 - Celine

😵 - William

🕵 - Abe

🍝 - Chef

🍸 - Butler

unusual(ish) asks <3

  1. who’s your celebrity crush?
  2. are you single or taken?
  3. rant. just do it
  4. do you think its ok to separate the artist from the art?
  5. how many accounts do you have?
  6. how many pairs of shoes do you have?
  7. opinion on… (specify to the person you’re asking to)
  8. how many accounts do you follow?
  9. favorite brand of clothing?
  10. name a dog
  11. what unusual talent do you have?
  12. what’s the most interesting schools gossip you’ve ever heard?
  13. ever prank called a store?
  14. what’s your coffee order?
  15. what’s a question do you constantly get asked?
  16. if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would you get and where?
  17. google the top song from the year you were born
  18. rant about your favorite musician 
  19. what’s your favorite teacher you’ve ever had?
  20. describe your blog in 3-5 words
  21. what’s a conspiracy you believe in?
  22. if you could see any concert tonight what would you choose?
  23. if you could break one of your bad habits which would you choose?
  24. can you dance? sing?
  25. what’s something you can’t stop buying?
  26. crowds or small groups?
  27. how long before a trip do you pack?
  28. what celebrity would you rate a PERFECT 10?
  29. what quote or inspirational setting do you think is bs?
  30. if you had to dye your hair an unnatural color right now, what would you choose?
  31. you can change one thing about your life right now. what are you changing?
  32. how old do you get mistaken for?
  33. what do you think about a lot
  34. do you like your hogwarts house or do you wish you were a different one?
  35. what does home mean to you?
  36. what do you think you’d be arrested for?
  37. have you ever been called down to the principals office?
  38. post a picture of the outfit you would choose if you could have any outfit you wanted
  39. describe your aesthetic
  40. answer with one of your ‘school memes’ (inside jokes you have with your class/grade) with no explanation 

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Are we going to see more of vamp!keith and wolf!shiro? They’re so great together and there’s so much interesting world building.

probably not, sadly! I’ve been writing about these two for the last several months, actually :’) “in sheep’s clothing” was a secret WIP for a looong time - so long, in fact, that it went through multiple name changes, including “you can run but you can’t hide” and “when the autumn moon is bright.” i’ve certainly gotten attached to them, but at the same time i feel like i’d rather keep their continuing story together open-ended.

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When Willa said “I never knew you were a gay” her actor was probably like “bitch me too the fuck” because she was in below her mouth

Honestly though!

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Send me a K-POP group and a number!

1. Who’s your bias?

2. How did you decide on your bias?

3. Who’s your bias wrecker?

4. Hyung line or maknae line?

5. What is your favorite era?

6. Your favorite song and why?

7. What’s the first song you heard?

8. Your favorite album?

9. Have they ever made you cry?

10. Favorite music video?

11. What do you love about this group?

12. Who would you marry and why?

13. Who would be your best friend and why?

14. Do you own any merch?

15. What’s a concept you would like to see them try?

16. A subunit you would like?

17. Favorite look from your bias?

18. Your favorite title track?

19. Favorite choreo?

20. Favorite live performance?

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I loved A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing??? Like the smut and the angst and the tension of "will he find out??" and everything was just soooo good. I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Absolutely loved it.

THANKS, that tension was so much fun to write and I was so excited to share it with my readers :’D glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey so I've been reading your fics for a long ass time and I was wondering how I could like, throw money at you? Do u have books I can buy? Tell me how I can support you *_*

oh my gosh…….you are so kind bless you??

I have a ko-fi right HERE! a great place to throw money at me is there :’D

I’m also currently working on editing THIHV & BTSATS for self publishing, and I hope to have more projects to potentially publish in the future!

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How about some 'Trimberly fics you might have missed out on the first time around so go read them now!!! you'll thank me later' list

And here we have another really long fic recs list. Fics by the same author are grouped together. Alright here we go!

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Can't wait for that wholesome final with Chrom and the Shepherds cheering on Lissa while Corrin and the Fates siblings cheer on Azura. Chrom and Ryoma are both the loudest supporter for their respective little sister though, that's a fact I refuse to budge on.

wholesome headcanons are always fun. while chrom and ryoma might be the loudest cheering on their sisters, im pretty sure camilla is flying overhead with a huge banner behind her wyvern that says “GO AZURA”.

The Good Place Asks
  • Eleanor Shellstrop: What is your favorite curse word/insult?
  • Chidi Anagonye: Do you try to do the right thing?
  • Tahani Al-Jamil: What's one of your insecurities?
  • Jason Mendoza: Name a guilty pleasure.
  • Michael: What's one of your quirks?
  • Janet: What's an area in which you consider yourself knowledgeable?
  • Shawn: Do you consider yourself a stoic person?
  • Vicky: Are you good at getting others to do what you want?
  • Trevor: What's something that would make you consider someone a dirtbag?
  • Mindy St. Clair: What is your biggest vice?
  • Derek: Do you believe in rebound dating?
  • The Good Place: Name something you like about yourself.
  • The Bad Place: Name something you dislike about yourself.
  • The Medium Place: Name an area in which you could improve.
  • Neighborhood 12358W: Name a good situation that turned out to be bad, or vice versa.
  • Train: If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
  • Frozen Yogurt: Name something you love even though it's not cool.
  • Truth Cube: What's something about you that's surprisingly true?
  • Cactus: Name a moment in which you had a mental hiccup?
  • Cannonball Run 2: What's one movie you could watch over and over again?
  • Boop: Are you tall or short?
  • Giraffe: Name one fact about your appearance.
  • Flashlight: Is there a person that you trust wholeheartedly?
  • Mailman: Describe your type.
  • Clown: What are you afraid of?
  • Shrimp: What's your favorite food?
  • Jalapeno Poppers: What's something you enjoy eating even though it seems disgusting?
  • Blake Bortles: Who's your role model?
  • Reboot: If you could live any part of your life over again, which part would you choose?
  • Balloon: Are you your best self?

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Your writing is my religion (: it's soooo freaken good and i hope you have a great day ❤

i wonder what the tenets of this religion are but i’m also not sure i wanna know

thank you!! i hope you have a great day too anon

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When Waverly and Nicole finally live together you know Nicole is going to make sure there's an entire cupboard or closet in their house dedicated to all the different kinds of blankets Waverly will ever want or need.

This is a wholesome post.

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