ask box meme

hey!! so i made kind of a combo of those ‘send a letter and number…’ expression n pose drawing prompt memes, and just in general chara / oc outfit ask box drawing memes…but visualized! i thought it’d be fun if there was a sheet like that, but with fun cosplay n outfits. as a note, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as shown, it can just be a general jumpin off prompt if you’d like. go wild with ur outfit design!!! and if you’re looking for more outfits, i made other sheets here

if you wanna use this elsewhere besides tblr, please feel free to repost on twit, insta, etc. all i ask is if you could link back to me and not edit or crop out my name in any way, thank you. if you see versions floating around with my credit cropped out please DO NOT use them. and of course, if you do it i would love to see your results! 

   jealous / possessive  meme

  • you’re mine. you hear me?
  • were you with him/her? ” 
  • why is she/he calling you?
  • do they know we’re together?
  • were you with him/her?
  • i don’t want you seeing them anymore
  • did she/he make a pass at you?
  • i know you were with her/him
  • you belong to me
  • i can’t believe you were with her/him
  • i don’t like the way he’s/she’s looking at you
  • im NOT jealous
  • i thought you only had eyes for me
  • he/she can’t make you feel the way i make you feel
  • you’re too good for her/him 
  • is there someone else?
  • you were flirting with them
  • they were flirting with you
  • i don’t want you talking to them again
  • i can’t stop picturing you with him/her
  • the thought of you with him/her makes me sick
  • tell me i have nothing to worry about
two word starters
  • “ please don’t ”
  • “ i’m sorry ”
  • “ trust me ”
  • “ fuck off ”
  • “ don’t go ”
  • “ please stay ”
  • “ i tried ”
  • “ you’re wrong ”
  • “ you’re right ”
  • “ i know ”
  • “ don’t run ”
  • “ go away ”
  • “ don’t stop ”
  • “ it’s hard ”
  • “ don’t cry ”
  • “ we can’t ”
  • “ calm down ”
  • “ i’m scared ”
  • “ make me ”
  • “ wanna bet ? ”
  • “ run away ”
  • “ don’t look ”
  • “ i promise ”
  • “ try harder ”
  • “ believe me ”
  • “ don’t move ”
  • “ you’re mean ”
  • “ i’m cold ”
  • “ you’re beautiful ”
  • “ hold me ”
  • “ let me ”
  • “ come here ”
  • “ shut up ”
  • “ fuck off ”
  • “ it’s complicated ”
  • “ you’re okay ” 
  • “ wake up ! “
  • “ you’re on “
  • “ i’m pregnant “
  • “ you’re sick “
  • “ how long ? “
  • “ what happened ? “
  • “ stop it “

♥ “ sweet nothing’s ” meme

  • you’re a masterpiece
  • i could just eat you up
  • you’re the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen
  • just let me look at you
  • do you realize how perfect you are ?
  • you are a work of art
  • you deserve to be treated like a prince/princess
  • i love everything about you
  • you are my world
  • perfection…
  • do you believe me when i say you’re beautiful ?
  • i love these lips
  • i could stare at you all day
  • you are my everything
  • you’re an angel
  • you’re mine
  • tell me i’m yours
  • let me make you feel good
  • i want you so bad
  • how bad do you want me ?
  • don’t hide from me
  • let me see you
Happy Asks

Avocado Toast  Name something you enjoy unironically, despite people being annoyed by its popularity.

Bibliophilia  Recommend a book or series, that you really like, to us.

Crescent Moon  Do you love stargazing, and do you have a favourite constellation?

Dandelion Wine  Does the smell of the air, or the colour of the sky ever make you nostalgic?

Evening Star  Share a beautiful poem with us, no matter if it was written by you or someone else.

Fairy Tale  Are you old enough to read Fairy Tales again?

Glitter  Name a few unnecessary, yet lovely things.

Hogwarts  Is there a fictional place that will always be a second home to you?

Indian Summer  Do you have a favourite season, and if yes, which and why?

Jewel  Which gemstone is the most beautiful one to you?

Kindred Spirits  Tell me about fictional characters who have a beautiful and sincere friendship.

Lemon Sorbet  What makes you feel fresh and awake?

Marzipan  Tell us about something you like, even though many people don’t.

Northern Lights  Tell us about some real life magic.

O Captain, My Captain  Is there any scene in a movie or book bursting of such grandness you could cry?

Pen & Paper  Do you prefer to write or to draw, or even both, or maybe neither?

Quickstep  Share a song with us that always makes you want to dance happily and freely.

Rose Water  Is there a special ingredient you love to use in cooking and/or baking?

Serenade  Tell us about a rather unknown musician you love listening to.

Turkish Delight  Is there a thing you like, that you only know through a book or movie?

Understanding  Name a fun fact, but only of the positive and happy kind.

 Do you have a piece of clothing that makes you feel warm and safe the moment you put it on?

Willow Tree  Do you enjoy putting fruit or herbs in your water, and, if yes, which?

Xylophone  Tell us about an instrument you play, want to play, or enjoy listening to.

Yoga Mat  Share a way to relax, when you are stressed.

Zärtlichkeit  Name a word you love, from a foreign language.

decided to make another outfit meme! my last one was more uniform/costume themed, so with this one i wanted to do more like ‘casual’ wear? (well, ymmv on that definition haha) while still being fun. i included a few different styles..perhaps, your oc can try out a new fashion they wouldn’t normally! :~)
if you’re not familiar with these styles of memes, its super simple - your followers send you a character, a letter, and a number, and you draw the chara in the corresponding outfit!! 

you’re fine to repost this elsewhere - but please credit me (a link back would be super appreciated if possible) and please do not crop/edit my credit out. 

Send "Blank mind" for a situation where my muse doesn't remember anything.

They don’t remember your muse, nor who they are. They can’t recall what happened, what’s their favorite meal or special abilities that they have (if they have any).

How you’re muse will help them to remember? Or maybe they will use it as an opportunity to get benefit from my muse?
Watch my muse discovering themselves and the world anew.

P. S. This is great for first interactions. (It’s a completely fresh start + you can develop a strong bond between muses).

three word starters pt. 2

  • “don’t you dare.”
  • “look at me.”
  • “just forget it.”
  • “i’m not mad.”
  • “you’re being mean.”
  • “what a mess.”
  • “you are perfect.”
  • “jesus fucking christ.”
  • “you’ll be okay.”
  • “take a seat.”
  • “don’t let go.”
  • “oh my god.”
  • “you’re the worst.”
  • “you’re my favorite.”
  • “i ruined everything.”
  • “you ruined everything.”
  • “just trust me.”
  • “i’m not drunk.”
  • “i feel lost.”
  • “i’m so alone.”
  • “you’re not alone.”
  • “hold onto me.”
  • “just come here.”
  • “stay the night.”
  • “please just go.”
  • “please don’t go.”
Fictionkin askbox game

1. Who of your kins is most likely to stick out their tongue while focusing/working hard?
2. Which kin to you identify most with?
3. Who was your first kin?
4. What is your favorite memory?
5. What is your least favorite memory?
6. Which sense most connects you to your kin(s)?
7. How many kins do you have? (Fiction only)
8. Is there a kin you’re embarrassed about?
9. Who is your most obscure kin?
10. Is it hard for you to find canonmates?
11. Are you okay with doubles?
12. Who of your kins is most likely to cause mayhem or panic?
13. Which of your kins has the worst sense of fashion?
14. Who from your canon do you miss most?
15. What was your favorite canon?
16. Which canon do you have the most memories from?
17. Which canon do you have the fewest memories from?
18. Do any colors remind you of certain kins?
19. Do you have kins from the same source and canon?
20. Do you have kins from the same source but different canons?
21. Who of your kins is the biggest meme?
22. Who of your kins is the mom/dad friend?
23. Does any non-kin know that you’re kin?
24. Is there anything you could do in a past life that you wish you could still do?
25. Do you have any kins that aren’t from media? (Otherkin)

witchy asks
  1. how did you discover witchcraft?
  2. how long have you been a witch for?
  3. where did you start in your craft?
  4. how has your craft evolved since then?
  5. what is that one thing that happened that convinced you that magic is real?
  6. what is one area you are completely convinced that is real? what are you more skeptic about?
  7. what celestial object do you feel most connected to?
  8. do you have a favourite crystal? favourite herb?
  9. what is your favourite divination method?
  10. are there any less known areas that you practice?
  11. how open are you about your craft?
  12. do you know any witches in real life?
  13. any areas you wish you were better at?
  14. any areas you have always been interested in but never got around to trying?
  15. any areas you have been interested in and know a lot about but are too scared to try?
  16. do you have a familiar?
  17. do you have a spirit guide?
  18. do you have any spirit companions?
  19. what is your favourite thing about your craft?
  20. what is some advice that you would give baby witches? or your past self when you were just starting out?
  21. post a picture of your favourite page of your grimoire/book of shadows/witchy journal!
  22. how important are tools in your practice?
  23. do you prefer to buy or make your tools?

i decided to make another ask box meme sheet! instead of outfits this time around i thought it might be fun to do one where you design a character based around everyday items you might have near you! 

as always, please feel free to use this sheet with your followers as long as you credit me, don’t edit my name off, and if you are using off-site if you could link back, thank you ! my other sheets can be found here 

domestic couple starters

  • “you forgot to take the trash out again.”
  • “do you think we should just order in tonight?”
  • “what’s the point of making the bed if we’re just gonna mess it up?”
  • “will you pick up your clothes? it’s like a pig-sty in here.”
  • “you cooked, it’s only fair that i clean.”
  • “i haven’t shaved in like a week.”
  • “let me run you a bath.”
  • “you used all the hot water.”
  • “oh come on, i just cleaned the kitchen!”
  • “can you stop using my bath bombs? they’re expensive.”
  • “dinner was ready a half hour ago.”
  • “you cooked me dinner?”
  • “i had to carry you to bed last night, you were exhausted.”
  • “do you even know how to load a dishwasher?”
  • “your red sock turned all my whites pink.”
  • “what’s with the hat? are you having a bad hair day?”
  • “we’ve spent too much on pay per view this month.”
  • “are you watching porn?”
  • “next time it’s your turn to do the dishes.”
  • “my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow.”
  • “play hooky and let’s sleep in tomorrow.”
Masters of Art History Asks
  • Botticelli: Do you look forward to the spring?
  • Da Vinci: Which area of the sciences do you enjoy the most?
  • Michelangelo: If you could own a classical statue in the form of any figure from myth, religion, or even modern fiction, who would you choose?
  • Raphael: Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  • Titian: What is your favourite mythological story?
  • Veronese: If you put on a big feast, what would you serve?
  • Bosch: How do you have fun? (What is your favourite 'Earthly Delight'?)
  • Holbein: Do you often look for hidden messages and meanings?
  • Bruegel: What was your favourite game as a child?
  • Velázquez: Have you ever received an award or special position?
  • Goya: If a revolution was about to happen in your country, would you be part of it?
  • Gentileschi: Have you ever planned an act of revenge?
  • Caravaggio: What is the most dramatic thing you have ever done?
  • Rubens: Do you care about your weight?
  • Poussin: Is your life moving too slowly or too fast?
  • Rembrandt: Do you prefer to stay in the shade?
  • Tiepolo: If you could have any mural on your ceiling, what would it look like?
  • Boucher: Do you enjoy the countryside?
  • Delacroix: Are you a romantic?
  • Ingres: What is your favourite historic subject?
  • Gainsborough: Do you prefer landscape paintings?
  • Hogarth: Are you interested in social issues?