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Prompt: Nicole having a minor freak out thinking Calamity Jane got out and is lost not knowing Waverly took her to the groomers; because she’s the best girlfriend ever and takes care of her girl’s cat because she’s kinda her cat now too.

I can see this actually happening. Slams the “Make It Canon” button. ✋🔴

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you have a wonderful eye for both poetry and translation. i really enjoy your work!!! no matter how familiar i am with these source texts, your translations manage to consistently make me see them in a new light. thank you for making them so accessible on tumblr!

Thank you SO MUCH for this!  I basically created this Tumblr to help keep myself sane through my long and lonely PhD, since it helps remind me of why I’m doing this whole thing: to make these ancient texts accessible and interesting to a modern audience.  So comments like this absolutely make my day. <33333333

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You know how society assumes straight until proven otherwise? Does anyone else sub this out with ace? I do that.

I don’t in practice, but I do in theory sometimes stop and think about what would the world be like if we assumed everyone was either pan or aro ace by default. would it be better? I feel like it would. Not a completely just world where like no one assumes anything but definitely one that isn’t automatically crammed into hetronormality

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Where are you doing your PhD, and what did you do in undergrad, if I may ask?

My undergrad degree was a dual major in Religious Studies and Philosophy at a university that had exactly one professor of Hebrew Bible (but he was and is an incredible source of encouragement and inspiration — shoutout to Matthias Henze).  I took a somewhat roundabout route to my PhD; I spent a couple years working in the world of political activism, then went to divinity school, still uncertain of my ultimate career goals.  But I fell in love with the study of Hebrew Bible there, and I followed that love to an institution where I could pursue it but also get a really solid grounding in the ancient Near Eastern languages and cultures that helped to shape it.

(I’m trying vaguely to be hard to Google, so I won’t name my institution outright, but it’s a major Jewish university in New England.)

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Is there a fix for input for Demul? I'm tired of veering to the left every time. Playing on keyboard currently

It’s caused by a hardware quirk from the DC controller - some third party controllers have the same problem. I plugged a DC controller in and it works fine.

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I’m like 90% sure I’m ace but is there any way to be 100% sure? because I don’t want to say I’m ace and then later relies I’m something else.

I feel like with time you can be 100% sure but I can’t promise you that. I can promise you this, it’s okay if you change later. Anyone who cares about you, even as a stranger like I do, won’t mind. It doesn’t mean you were faking then or now. I believe you, and I hope you can trust yourself more. And I feel like not demanding you know you always know or you’ll be this way makes it easier to just be like no, I’m 100% sure this is me right now. Which is the only measurement you can ever take anyway. - Rose 

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Are there any wayhaught au fics based on 21 Jump Street? Where young officer Nicole Haught (and maybe Dolls) get assigned to pose as students to uncover a drug ring within the school and meets Waverly along the way? :))))

Alright so, I have ever read a fic that fits your ask, so I sent this around to my WE friends. Unfortunately, none of them had ever come across one either. Although almost all of them praised this as a fantastic fic idea.

So if anyone has written this or is writing it send it over to me, I have a crew of people who are now very interested in reading this fic. I’ll put this ask over in my fic find tag and my prompt tag in hopes we can get this 21 Jump Street fic off the ground, because honestly, we are all so game to read this right now.

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I can't decide which episode of Frasier I should watch right now, what's one of your favourites?

dial m for martin! or room service or are you being served or a tsar is born

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I feel weird about Bojack Horseman because I want to be happy for all the ace rep but their insistance on "some people want relationships, others are aromantic" is annoying. I feel bad for aros dealing with people simplfying them like that without a show that's supposedly helping rep supporting closed minded ideas. Aros can want relationships, dang it.

that’s fair, as the show goes on I feel like they keep adding more nuance in so I hope to see more of that since they’ve set up more for the next season. I also feel like they lean a little heavy on aces can only date aces. And neither of these vibes are very strong imo, but doesn’t mean that makes you feel any less weird. Nor do I get the sense that’s what they are going for or will end up with either, but again, you feel weird when you feel weird. 

It would be nice to see Todd with like an non-ace aro who signed up for the dating app and wants a relationship to really showcase that a good relationship is one where you support your partner and the things you give up are never things that cost you much. The cast would be like ‘w/e that would never work’ or ‘how i’m a cat who can’t make it work with this great mouse’. But then they do and are great for each other. But maybe I’m just a sucker for queer people doing things that cis straight people can’t seem to, since Bojack is often largely about their failed attempts at dating. Largely because of their own personal issues, so I’d like to see Todd and whoever be excused from that.

I don’t think that’s gonna happen, and you can be happy and sad at the same time. Or just sad, and allow others to take the joy they can. *shrugs* that’s just my thoughts though and I hope they help even a little. its always rough being unhappy with something others are happy about - rose