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“Do you name all my spiderlings?” (Elise x Zyra)

One does not kill spiders in Elise’s house. Ever. No matter how many of them there are. Zyra finished a piece of chocolate and leaned back on the couch, feeling one of the smaller spiderlings crawl up her arm. She held out her hand, encouraging it to skitter into her palm. The Rise of the Thorns leaned close, observing its many eyes staring back at her. She grinned and let it down on the coffee table. A chitter from behind grabbed her attention, and the plant mage twisted, leaning slightly over the back of the couch. “Mr. Squishy!”

Zyra turned fully around, knees on the couch seat. The large spiderling chirped, taking a flying leap at the redhead. She welcomed it with open arms, laughing as she toppled backward. “How are you today? Where is your mother?”

The creature wriggled its abdomen, moving its front legs up and down in what resembled a shrug. The Rise of the Thorns chuckled, petting its head. “Shall we go look for her then?”

She stood up, the spiderling in her arms. They ascended the stairs together, peeking into the many rooms of the Noxian’s giant mansion. Zyra passed by one of the large windows, spiderling in tow. Sunlight streamed in, almost momentarily blinding her, but she did manage to catch a glimpse of a red and black clad figure. “Aha!”

She rounded up her pet and quickly ventured outside. Elise was stretched out on a hammock under the shade, reading one of her large tomes. She looked up as Zyra approached, an eyebrow raised at Mr. Squishy. “What are you doing to that spiderling?”

The redhead cocked her head, glancing down at the creature. It chittered happily, looking perfectly content in her arms. “Mr. Squishy is keeping me company!”

Elise let out what sounded like a cross between a sigh and a chuckle. “Mr. Squishy?”

The Rise of the Thorns nodded excitedly. “Isn’t he cute?”

She shoved the spiderling forward and into the Spider Queen’s lap. Elise jerked slightly in surprised, but placed a hand on its abdomen once it had settled down. Mr. Squishy looked between the couple, inquisitive eyes reflecting off the soft light in the shade. Zyra grinned again and leaned down, giving it a kiss on the head. “Thanks for helping me find Elise!”

She glanced back up to find the Noxian staring at her. After a moment of silence, Elise opened her mouth, “Do you name all my spiderlings?”

Zyra put a hand to her chin, truly thinking about the question. “Well, so far there is Nibbles, Sunshine, Mr. Prickles…”

Elise couldn’t help but begin tuning the plant mage out. She sighed and looked down at Mr. Squishy, but her crimson eyes twinkled with amusement.

Image courtesy of @ask-zyra-thecuriousflower