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Arty @ Mere: "This... this might sound strange but bare with me. Can... I hide in your hair?" She looks very eager!

Meredith: “The twins love playing hide and seek, allows them to use their skills to their will! Hiding in my fur will help you also get an advantage, they cant sniff you down.. but yea! never be afraid to aboard the ‘Mothership!!’ 

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Do u have a super secret cozy place the squad might be able to hang out and/or nap sometimes? (zorua-daily)

Please stay a while! We could have this as our clubhouse!

//Jeez this took forever, it was a lot of fun to do tho

(( @zorua-daily @blue-kitsune @occasionalzorua and @dailyshinyzorua I’m sorry I didn’t get you in the group, I didn’t see you joined the squad till now after this was finished ^^; ))

SECOND BATCH! if you did not tag me to a ref sheet I used something I thought you use as a pokesona.

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