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reyna/zia or rachel/zia...

4:  bakery, coffee shop, ice cream place, restaurant, etc. AU (there’s no number in the ask so i picked my favorite) + arellashid // wc: 192

there’s a really cute girl at the booth by the door. she’s been there everyday for the past two weeks and she’s so fucking soft that zia kind of doesn’t know what to do with herself. 

she’s already shattered four mugs, she’s slipped a couple times with trays full of food, she nearly dropped a pastry on a customer. it’s gotten to the point that even carter’s giving her weird looks right now, which means she’s got it bad, but of course that’s the booth that amos sends her to wait on. 

“hi,” she says, trying for a smile. “can i take your order?”

the girl pauses for a second and gives her a bemused look. “someone’s already taken my order,” she says, “hence the hot cocoa.” she gestures to a cream colored mug sitting on the table.

zia tries not to scowl. “right. is there anything else you wanted?”

the girl considers it. “your number.” 

zia opens and closes her mouth like a fish. “i have to um, gay. fuck i mean go. i just forgot my pen, so-” the girl laughs as zia finally makes her way into the kitchen.

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arellashid as rival teachers who wanna bang but also end up catching feelings (for @pjosapphicweeks day 6: career au)

Zia walked into her classroom to find Reyna Arellano sitting on one of her desks. “Arellano?” she asked, taken aback. “What are you doing here?” 

 Reyna stood up from where she was sitting in a single elegant move. “Just coming to check on you, Zia. Annabeth told me something happened with your wards? Are you all okay?” 

Zia’s eyes widened. Reyna never called her by her first name, always sticking to an imperious (and hot) ‘Rashid’. “Oh, we’re all fine. Sadie was doing something ridiculous with her friends, as usual, and broke her arm. She’s fine though." 

Reyna’s body sagged for a moment and she allowed relief to flash across her face. Zia was shocked at the uncharacteristic show of emotion from the normally stoic and regal woman. "I’m happy for you then, Rashid. I just wanted to check in on you.” She collected herself and went to leave the room, but Zia caught the crook of her elbow before she crossed the threshold. Reyna paused and looked back at her with an arched eyebrow. “Yes?” she asked. 

Zia felt her face heat up. “Thank you for your concern…Reyna,” she said, struggling to keep control over her facial expressions. 

Reyna’s face softened and she smiled at her, a genuine one. “It’s no problem, Zia. Stay safe and keep your kids safe.” At that, she left, not noticing how flustered Zia had become. Not knowing that she had changed their relationship.

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Zia is such a nice name and their design is so nice too how did you even create them what did your brain do and how do I achive this greatness of character design even

First I start out on their weapon! It doesn’t really have to be a weapon most of the time! It can be an earring, or a keychain, or a pendant! But their power must reflect on the relationship of the two characters.

Ishizu’s necklace helps her to know the future, to be precise!

Bakura’s ring helps to locate things and he’s quick on thinking on his feet!

So a Bow and Arrow makes sense for their weapon! (Here’s a better reason why)

With other fusions was simple since I ship them (Death/Thief). And I cheated on this one since I don’t feel like reading exoticshipping, plus its not a romantic relationship they have. BUT you still need to find a situation where they have a common ground. This one is: Rescuing Marik or just anything revolving around Marik. He always gets into trouble on his own.

LOTS AND LOTS OF REFERENCE to brainstorm ideas for their outfit. I wanted it to have a hunter theme. And there was already Opal in SU to be a really great reference to go by!

Here is the concept art for Zia, they had a different outfits before I got to the final one.

And that’s it! Do a little check to see if your fusion has some little details that reflects on their fused characters and what you were going for! :D

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Arellashid 34?

sorry for the wait anon; 34:  vineyard AU (visiting, owning, working at, whatever) // you had me at merlot [ao3] // wc: 1299

reyna had been skeptical when piper suggested a vineyard as a vacation spot, but the further into this week she gets the more tempting spending a week surrounded by a near-limitless supply of booze is beginning to sound.

she’s needed a long drink since todd from HR so much as opened his mouth and watching him argue with susan over something as stupid as post-it notes is doing strange things to her brain. 

zia rashid suddenly sidling up to her doesn’t make things any better. “hey! reyna right?” she says, smiling diplomatically, because they’ll never be anything but colleagues and she really needs to get that through her head if she wants to survive the next quarter. reyna clutches the handle of her coffee cup a little tighter.

reyna tries for a smile, but if the way zia’s drops a little is anything to go by, it probably came out as a grimace. reyna kicks herself mentally. “yeah that’s me,” she says. “if you need help with the testing it’ll have to wait because i’m about to go on vacation-”

“oh no, i’m good on that front, i just wanted to talk to you about that vacation,” zia says. “i was wondering if i could maybe come with you?”

reyna blinks once, twice, three times, and she should really stop before she starts to look demented. she means to say something nice, like, “is something wrong?” or maybe even something flirty (but only a little because they’re just colleagues) and what comes out instead is, “um.”

“i don’t mean to insert myself into your free time,” zia adds, “it’s just there’s a couple’s discount at that vineyard and i really need a vacation.” reyna nods; she’s fairly certain she’s having an out-of-body experience. “so what do you say?” she asks, eyes bright, and how can reyna say no?

“um,” reyna repeats. “sure?”

zia beams and reyna tightens her grip on her mug for the third time that day; she thinks she hears it cracking.




not only is zia ridiculously attractive and almost unfairly intelligent, she’s also awesome to be around. reyna is really fucking gay and also very screwed.

“this is one my favorites,” zia is saying as a rolling stones song starts playing, quickly tucking a few stray locks of hair behind her ears.


zia hums. “my ex introduced the band to me a couple years ago, and now i’m addicted.”

reyna purses her lips. “to mick jagger.”

zia gives her a strange look. “are you making fun of me?’ she asks, surprised.

reyna’s smiling so wide now her face is starting to hurt. “depends. are you addicted to mick jagger?”

zia makes a face. “i wouldn’t word it like that, but-”

“oh my god,” reyna says, laughing, and two seconds later they’re fighting like children, road safety be damned, until something occurs to her. “was your ex a dude, or…?” she wishes she could take the words back as soon as they come out of her mouth.

zia goes stiff. “he was a guy,” she says carefully, glancing at reyna every now and then out of the corner of her eye, “but if a girl asked me out i wouldn’t say no.”

reyna opens her mouth and then closes it. “same,” she says a moment later. zia relaxes into the seat, and reyna smiles as her stomach does a weird swooping thing that she chooses to ignore. 

maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but she thinks zia smiles too.




it all goes south when they actually get to the vineyard. reyna rolls their suitcases into the lobby while zia checks them in, and then zia mentions the discount and the clerk laughs. “you’re a couple?”

reyna straightens indignantly. “yeah,” she says. “you got a problem?”

“you two look like you just met each other,” the clerk responds, narrowing his eyes.

reyna narrows her eyes. “you think so?” she says, voice hard. zia’s glaring at the clerk with fire in her eyes.

the clerk swallows nervously. “i mean…yeah?”

“huh,” reyna says, tilting her head. then, in what is probably the most severe lapse of judgement she’s ever had, she strides towards zia and kisses the living daylights out of her. when she pulls away, her head is spinning and she knows she’s never going to be able to get over zia, but proving this dickhead wrong is worth it. (right?)

“still don’t believe us?” zia asks, her voice a little rougher than usual.

the clerk, now flushed tomato-red, punches a few buttons on his computer and says, “ enjoy your stay,” before nearly throwing their keys at them. 




everything becomes ten times as awkward once they’re in the room. “look, I’m sorry about-” reyna starts. 

zia starts shaking her head the moment reyna opens her mouth. “don’t worry about that. you did what you had to do,” she says, her lips twisting into a smile that makes reyna’s stomach churn.

“right,” reyna says. she sleeps on the couch as atonement (punishment) and wakes up with a crick in her neck. she doesn’t tell zia.




they go out into the vineyards the next day. zia pretends like nothing has happened, so reyna follows her lead, curses the way her gaze always, always, falls back to zia as the tour guide drones on and on about napa valley grapes.

the day after that, they take a tour of the processing plants. she finds herself staring at the back of zia’s head instead of the wood barrels far too often.




the last day, the vineyard staff gives them a few complimentary bottles of wine. zia grins when she finds it outside the door. “the only logical course of action is to get blackout drunk,” she proclaims, which in reyna’s eyes, is a very logical statement.

half way through the first bottle, reyna decides that they’re playing truth or dare the truths and dares start off fairly normal at first, but eventually they get to questions like, “who was your first crush?”

reyna swallows. “i can’t remember,” she lies. zia can tell, she knows; reyna’s a terrible liar when she’s drunk, but she doesn’t say anything, just keeps looking at her with those dark eyes. reyna clears her throat. “your turn. truth or dare?”


“your first crush?”

“carter kane,” zia says. the corners of her lips curl up into a half-smile. “he was the ex i was talking about.” 

reyna frowns. “how-”

“he’s gay,” zia says, by way of explanation.

reyna snorts into her glass. “of course.“

zia hums noncommitally. “truth or dare?”

something about the way zia’s looking at her right now makes her feel warm; too warm almost. or maybe it’s just the wine. “dare,” reyna says.

zia grins devilishly. “i dare you to throw this bottle out the window,” she says, raising said bottle up as far as she can with shaky limbs.

“you’re not even half way done with that bottle,” reyna protests, “and by the time you are, we’ll have forgotten about all of this. give me something else.”

zia bites her lip and reyna looks away quickly, her cheeks flushing. "kiss me?“

reyna chokes on her wine. “are you sure?”

zia smirks and scoots closer, her hair falling in front of her eyes, and god there’s no way reyna’s getting through this night without having at least one stroke.  “i wouldn’t have asked if i wasn’t,” she says, and who is reyna to protest?




she wakes up the next morning feeling like she’s been run over by an eighteen wheeler, but she’s warm; her is face pressed into the side of zia’s neck,  zia’s arm thrown over her waist and she feels more content than she ever has been in her life, so she thinks it was worth it in the end.

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Fickle Game Ch.5

A f!Ryder x Reyes fic centering around my Emun Ryder’s adventures in Kadara as she gets to know Reyes Vidal! Rated M for future chapters.

Chapter List

           “Reyes, I don’t have a good feeling about this,” Emun said over the comm and admittedly he was beginning to feel the same.

           “It is rather strange. Let’s head to those coordinates and see if the cargo’s there.” He told her and grinned when she slipped and told him to be careful. “You might want to follow that advice, I might start to think you care about me.” He could only hope, and he knew Keema was right. He had it bad for her, and it was more than just a passing feeling like he assumed it would be in the beginning. He couldn’t get her out of his head, couldn’t stop talking about her when he spoke with Keema. He’d made it very clear to the Collective that she was not to be harmed and he’d already offered swift retribution to those that were defying that order.

           “What do I need to know about Zia?” Emun asked, and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat aboard his shuttle.

           “She was a mistake.” A groan filled his ears.

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Hi daughter friendly reminder I lov u and jinjin is lucky to have u by his side 💞💞💗🌸💕❤️🧡💛💙🌸🌺🌸🌷💐🌹🌺💐

omg zia i love u so much mom i hope u have a good day out in the park w rocky (dad) 😪🌸💕💞💗✨💕🌟😪💫💞🌸💕✨💗✨💫💞💕✨😪💗💗💞💫💕💗💗💞🌟🌟😪💫💕💗💞

INQUISITOR AS A COMPANION [art by xfreischutz] [ref here]

Name: Haddiyah Adaar
Race / Class / Specialisation:
Qunari / Rogue / Assassin
Gender Identity:
Cis Female / Bisexual

Varric’s Nickname: Firefly

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To Build A Home // Closed, continued

Zia pushed upward on the window, and slipped it up. She slid into the kitchen, and sighed as she glanced around the dark house. Usually, she’d be scared beyond her wits. But, this was different. She wasn’t a child anymore, and this wasn’t a place to fear.

Her footfalls were silent, putting up only small clouds of dust when she moved around the house. It was just like she had left it, about 20 years ago.
She made her way through the kitchen, to the living room, to her bedroom, and finally to the master suite where her father had slept.
The door gave her a whine of protest in its old age as she pushed it open, but allowed her access anyway.
With tender eyes, she tried the light. It buzzed for a moment, and then weakly flickered on.
Walking deeper into the room she ran her fingers over the dresser, and the walls, picking up dust as she made her way to the bed.

Just like they had left it. The covers were unmade, and his spot still had the divot it always did. Except now the sheets had gone cold and it was covered in dust. Beside his spot lay that small book, her favorite.
She crawled onto the bed, and snuggled into the pillows, taking up the book in her hands. She flipped to the front, and suddenly the room was a lot more alive.

((Btw: if I ever put a paragraph or something in a { … } thing, it’s a flashback.))

{ “Daddy… Am I a monster?” It was only a soft squeak of a voice, but the sickly man heard it. Laying on his back, his eyes closed in rest, Michael Chase was nearing his death. Both eyes, as lightning-like as his daughter’s, shot open. Turning his head to look at her, he clicked his tongue.
“No… You’re not a monster. And even if you were, you’d be a good monster.”

“Daddy, what makes a good monster?” Zia asked, her brow furrowing. The man smiled, and hauled the little girl into his lap. Next, he pulled a children’s book off the shelf nearby. Where The Wild Things Are.
“Well, even monsters can be loved. Sometimes, people think that others are monsters, just because they look different, or because they scare them. But, sometimes those monsters are just lonely people.” He said, flipping to the first page, and beginning to read. As he read, the little girl silently mouthed the words along with, her eyes drooping.

They finished up the book, and Zia yawned. “Daddy… I’m a good monster.” She whispered, snuggling into his side. The man, once able to stand tall and strong, finally faltered. He kissed her head, and blew out the light. “Yes. You’re the best kind of monster there is. Don’t ever forget that. I love you, Zia.”

“I love you too daddy,” she mumbled back, already half asleep. }

Zia finished the book, and set it aside, curling up like she had that night. “I’m the best kind of monster… I am loved… I am the best kind of monster… I am loved…” She whispered to herself, as if trying to make herself believe it, really believe it.
That next morning, Zia had woken up to a unresponsive father. She had called the police, and they had taken him away.
Thinking back on it, Zia began to cry. And don’t mistake that for the quiet sobs you make when you’re trying to hold it in. I mean the loud, broken wails that people make when they can’t contain themselves anymore. She screamed, and thrashed, and threw things in her anger. And when she was done, she felt better.

Getting up, Zia wiped at her tears, and picked up the book that she had found. She looked at the dresser, and sneered at the picture her father had kept of her mother. “You’re the worst kind of monster,” she snarled before she walked out of the house, and went home. It was late, almost morning now. But she went home.


(Open RP, maybe 3 blog RP?)

“What was all that about, weird anon was weird, but I guess I’ve met someone kind weird but I don’t think she is like that.”
“Who are you talking about Zia.” Velvet ask her friend.
“Mable is her name, she is nice but… something about her seems odd, but… you would have to met her.”
“Howdy!” She walks up to the 2 Pokemon and tips her hat to them both.
“Hello Sylvia, how are you?”