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Alrighty guys, I’m done with the requests! x_x

I’ve gotten a donation, which added a bunch of requests! In total it was 20 requests, and I did 6 yesterday, which meant I had to do 14 today Insane right??

Except I drew 10 requests and 4 other are for a Lola update. I’ll stream it tomorrow cause I’m dead tired.

Anyway, the characters!

@rei-zero-draws, @ask-graywalkerpony (requested by @dis-url-is-temporary)

@alphagunner20 (requested by @lase-x), @pony-ivan

@ask-nurse-bloodshot, @askchilimod (both requested by @ask-bluebell-forest)

@lase-x, @ask-yuta-wuta-ponies

@rosa-the-pirate (requested by @ask-bluebell-forest)(Beardie that is CHOCOLATE) and Rarity requested by @chefjulienne!

I hope you guys like the result! :D

The next request stream is sometime in June!


Yuta: About Robots and Zombies… I may have some problems with 2 Robots and I don’t know about zombies but I wouldn’t let them bite me… I will talk about the Stalker robot and the crazy Overlord wannabe one the next time… (featuring Askponyren. Shaula, Pinkie Tai).


Here we have Wuta cosplaying as Blair from Soul Eater and Chili cosplaying as her favorite dragon friend Drako. You want to look cute cosplaying too? Well then keep reading  ^^

~So I said I would do one of this to thank all of you for 900+ followers, so I’m gonna draw cute ponies for you~

The prizes are simple, there will be 3 winners and the quality for each won’t drop. Those who win will recive a pic drew in this cute style of one OC of their own cosplaying as the character anime/cartoon/comic of their choose (All designed by Wuta since she is the pony expert in cosplay).

Rules for Entering:
1.- You have to be following my main blog “Ask Yuta-Wuta ponies” (New followers are welcome to participate too).
2.- Reblog and/or Like this post (Multiple reblogs count too just don’t spam your blog with em).
2b.- Your blog has to be an active blog with a character to win.
3.- Have a clear reference of the OC you want me to draw cosplaying if you win (I will contact the winners when the contest is over if you don’t reply to my message asking you for the reference of your OC and the character you want to be cosplaying as in 72hrs I will randomly pick another winner)

I will pick the winners on December 31 using a random numbers generator, so good luck everyone.

I-I can’t remember th-the last time I went to the aquarium…

I-I’m not a-afraid or anything…b-but it helps that the sharks look s-strangely familiar… ^^;

Going on a date to the aquarium, tomorrow! Not like I’m looking forward to it…or anything >//////>;; It literally has been years since I’ve last gone. :3 Can’t wait to see what’s changed! [And I have no complaints about the company~]

M-mind eating your fish a-away from the glass, ask-yuta-wuta-ponies?