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Yuta: About Robots and Zombies… I may have some problems with 2 Robots and I don’t know about zombies but I wouldn’t let them bite me… I will talk about the Stalker robot and the crazy Overlord wannabe one the next time… (featuring Askponyren. Shaula, Pinkie Tai).

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Bad english? So what's your native language?

Heheh puedo hablar español..türkçe’de…and english

Let me translate this : I can speak Spanish….Turkish too… And English 

But my mum still wants me to learn laz(yeah laz is our homeland language but they can speak Turkish toooo….) (I want to learn more languages :3)

Soran : ask-yuta-wuta-ponies


Alrighty guys, I’m done with the requests! x_x

I’ve gotten a donation, which added a bunch of requests! In total it was 20 requests, and I did 6 yesterday, which meant I had to do 14 today Insane right??

Except I drew 10 requests and 4 other are for a Lola update. I’ll stream it tomorrow cause I’m dead tired.

Anyway, the characters!

@rei-zero-draws, @ask-graywalkerpony (requested by @dis-url-is-temporary)

@alphagunner20 (requested by @lase-x), @pony-ivan

@ask-nurse-bloodshot, @askchilimod (both requested by @ask-bluebell-forest)

@lase-x, @ask-yuta-wuta-ponies

@rosa-the-pirate (requested by @ask-bluebell-forest)(Beardie that is CHOCOLATE) and Rarity requested by @chefjulienne!

I hope you guys like the result! :D

The next request stream is sometime in June!