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can i have the gom + kagami + kasamatsu introducing their gf to their parents for the first time?

let’s make this even better with the whole gang (family) there >:)

AKASHI: Akashi’s father would be assessing you the whole time. His calculating eyes would watch your every move, which made you unbelievably nervous. You would’ve studied up on Akashi’s company beforehand to make sure to impress his father. However, when Akashi’s father began to belittle Akashi, you couldn’t sit still and instead commented on what he was lacking on the company, which actually gave you brownie points instead.

AOMINE: He would tell you to relax since his parents were too. Unlike Aomine who’s very gloomy and lazy most of the time, his mother was very cheerful and comforted you when you met them. His father was intense about basketball too, which obviously hinted at Aomine’s obsession with the sport. Overall, the meeting would go by uneventfully aside from the fact that Aomine kept trying to sneak his hand up your skirt throughout dinner.

KAGAMI: Kagami would surprisingly be more nervous than you were. You would be the one assuring him that everything would go as planned. It wasn’t as if he was scared that his parents wouldn’t like you, it was that he was scared that his parents would chase you away. Sure enough, you understood what he meant. His parents were very enthusiastic and hinted at marriage – a lot – but they were great people and made it really easy for you to talk to them. “So, when’s the wedding?”

KASAMATSU: Groaning the whole time, he would wince whenever you laughed at another one of his embarrassing stories. His little brothers would be all for embarrassing their onii-san with stories like the time he glued his basketball pants on just because his dad wouldn’t let him play basketball during exam week. His parents would be equally as happy to have you around and to embarrass their son even more. “You brats are going to pay later,” Kasamatsu growled at his siblings and pulled you closer, making sure that you wouldn’t run away from him.

KISE: “No, please don’t.” This would be Kise’s catchphrase for the night when his sisters threatened to take out his five year-old, cross-dressing days. You would be slightly intimidated by his parents but his sisters would make it easier for you to relax in the environment. You were excited and nervous initially to meet the whole family and Kise had been encouraging you not to meet them in order to save his reputation with you. “What about the time he dressed up as Princess Ariel? The bikini was very nice.”

KUROKO: Kuroko’s family would be as pleasant as he was. They were very calming and naturally good-natured. His father would be the average father with a well-paid occupation and a great sense of humor. His mother would be sweet and seemed to be the pillar of the family. His grandmother would be giving you advice on relationships every five seconds. Though, you really noticed the resemblance when his father disappeared for a second. “Wait, where’s—” “Right here.” You shrieked.

MIDORIMA: His little sister would be the most adorable little kid in the world. Unlike Midorima’s tsundere self, his sister would be enthusiastic, encouraging you to share stories about her beloved brother. You would be breathing heavily in the beginning, wondering what his parents were like. But they were normal enough with their kindness and hospitality. Though, his mother did note to you to never allow Midorima in the kitchen. “The last time, he popped one of the lightbulbs.” “I heard that!”

MURASAKIBARA: You almost shit your pants when you saw all of them. Tall, huge, with the same hair color. It was as if you were looking at clones of your boyfriend. You were terrified of them until they suddenly were ushered to their seats by a smaller voice. His mother was surprisingly smaller but she could really discipline all her children, even Murasakibara. Then you found out where your boyfriend got his eating habit at his mother kept pushing food into your plate. “Here are the beans, rice, fish, beef.” The whole table would be filled like a buffet in the beginning before everything was cleaned off.

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Could you write about GoM + Kagami, Kasamatsu and Izuki getting to hold their first baby??



Kuroko would be overwhelmed, holding the tiny baby in his arms and stared at it in awe, before turning to you for instructions on how to hold the baby, but you only gave him an encouraging smile, making him feel slightly pressured. Especially after it began to cry, not used to the world outside your womb, he shot you the look of desperation and with a sigh (and a smile), you took it from him, making him watch in awe as you whispered sweet things to the baby and even though the baby didn’t calm down anytime soon, he knew the picture of you and holding your baby was something he’d definitively wanted to see more of.


Kagami wasn’t sure how to handle the baby, so he kind of ended up treating it a bit too much like a basketball, keeping it on his palms, until you panicked that he’d let it fall and instructed it on how to hold it properly from your bed, slapping your hand against your forehead as it somehow ended upside-down on his hands. It also started crying at some point, so he panicked and handed it to you, sitting by the side of the bed to learn by watching you with a smile.


Izuki would probably be speechless for a bit as he watched the small baby move in his arms, but when he regained his composure, he’d be starting to tell some puns, all containing any form of baby and you rolled your eyes, but nearly fell out of your bed as you heard him yell in happiness as the baby giggled a bit at a certain pun. You tried to tell him that it was because he was holding the baby in a funny way, but he wasn’t listening, so you just let him be.


Kise would stare at the baby in awe and anticipation, waiting for it to do something, but there wasn’t really a lot of movement or sound, only the baby staring at the ceiling with a sour expression, because it was finally in the ‘outside’ world, where it was forced to breathe and live. So he tried to entertain it while trying to make it take part in the discussion for its name, but he didn’t really get a reaction, so he began to whine and asked you what he was doing wrong. You knew the baby was just sleepy and after you told him, he laid down beside you, the baby on his stomach and he told you that he’d let it rest. You cuddled up to each other and probably ended up falling asleep at some point, only to be awakened by the baby’s cries of distress, because the blonde turned in his sleep and it fell off him.


Kasamatsu would already reject the offer to hold it, feeling his own hands shaking way too much to handle the baby, but after you mentioned for him to come over, he quietly complied, feeling fascinated as he stared at the mix of his genes and yours, unconsciously reaching out to touch it carefully, but as he tried to touch its cheek, the baby already touched his pointer finger. He was totally overwhelmed and after it let go of his finger, you’d cheekily ask him if he’d like to hold the baby now, to which he would shyly agree and then stare at the baby in awe as he held it in his arms, speechless until you told him to say something, to which he’d start telling it how beautiful it will be when it grows up, along with how much he looked like you, making you giggle and smile at the two.


Midorima would hesitate at first, first fearing that it’d might bite his precious fingers, but then remembered that they didn’t have any teeth until their second birthday, so he tried it, already having seen a lot of other parents hold their babies, so he managed to hold it a bit better than the others. But he didn’t really know what to do with it, so you encouraged him to talk to it, to which he found his mind to be blank. He told you that it was unnecessary to talk to a baby that didn’t even understand what he was trying to say, but you impatiently told him to do it, to which he complied after an annoyed sigh. But as the baby responded to him by trying to reach out for him with its tiny hands, his eyes widened and he let it grip his finger, a smile flashing across his face as he did so.


Aomine would be a bit torn between seeing it as a drag and seeing it as a pleasure, but then thought about that he had to do this sooner or later, so he took the baby in his arms and as soon as he got a closer look at its chubby face, he turned to you and made a comment about how the baby was lucky to have his handsome face, earning himself a playful glare from you. And as he walked to your bed again, sitting down on the edge, he already started talking about how much he’d teach the little one, before suddenly kissing you, because he was so excited and happy.


Murasakibara would shrug his shoulders at the offer of holding the baby, but after you promised that you would watch over his snacks while he held it, he took it in his hands and you were close to laughing as you saw how the baby fit in merely in one hand, but were worried that he’d drop it, so you told him to hold it properly. You had to explain how to hold it, but he slowly got the hang of it and after only a couple of minutes, he already asked you to hand him a snack to feed the baby, but you only face-palmed as you explained him the basics about a baby with a slightly amused smile.


Akashi knew exactly what he was doing as he took the baby in his nurse, but he didn’t get up, he just sat next to you and enjoyed your side touching his as you watched how he adored your baby lovingly, smiling happily. The redhead then lowered his hand to stroke across its face with the knuckle of his pointer finger and you could barely suppress a squeal at the sweet scene and as he turned towards you, his red gaze was soft and adoring and so was his smile. Then he’d promise you that he’d be a great farther for your child, also telling you that he wanted you to help him with everything, because the baby’s childhood should  not be like his own, to which you would press a kiss to his face and give him a nod, before kissing you back on the lips.

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Aomine, Kagami, Akashi, Midorima, Takao and Kasamatsu trying to get back together with their ex when they realized that they still love them :) (the boys were the one who broke up)

omg i love these kinds of asks and more under the cut!

AOMINE: When he realized that he was still in love with you, the first thing he’d do was talk to you. Something he never did. He would tell you how much he loved you, remind you of the great memories the two of you shared, and express how much you mean to him. He would stumble over his words a bit, sound gruffer than usual, and would even grunt a time or two. But you knew that he wasn’t frustrated with having to share his feelings but he was annoyed that he couldn’t convey them properly.

You would smile though, thanking him for his honesty but, “If only things were that easy. You’re going to have to do a lot more than that to get me to take you back, Aomine.” Growling, he nodded and gritted out a ‘fine’. The next few days, he would hover around you, making sure you were treated like a princess, making you feel absolutely loved and adored. Plus, he was also scaring away any guy that came near you.

AKASHI: Akashi would play it smart. He would plan everything out strategically and have backup plans in case his first one didn’t work. He planned it all out. The flowers, the sweets, the handwritten letter, the speech. When he found you after class, packing your bags, he knew he was ready for this moment. If you say yes, then good for him. If you said no, then he would promise to work his ass off for you. He didn’t know what else to prepare for.  He held up a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. You raised an eyebrow at him. “Because I missed Valentine’s Day.” He cleared his throat. You gave him an annoyed look and crossed your arms over your chest. “I made a mistake when I ended things. It was wrong of me and I hope you’ll find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me.”

You stopped breathing when he bowed. But then teased him, “You’re going to learn how to do my bidding if you want me to forgive you.” Akashi almost smirked. Almost. He didn’t really expect that kind of a response from you but he wasn’t all that surprised either. An emperor doing the bidding of his empress? Somehow, he wouldn’t mind it all that much.

KAGAMI: The one that got away. Kagami has never liked that phrase. But, considering he was the one who let you go, that statement seemed pretty apt. Like Aomine, Kagami wasn’t the smoothest guy on earth so the thing that would probably impress you the most would be his being honest and begging on his knees. He came to you with a simple bouquet of your favorite flowers and gave you the sincerest of looks. You really couldn’t resist the guy. He explained how he made a mistake and that he was an idiot, how he should’ve listened to his heart instead of the irrational fear in his head.

You sighed, knowing that he was trying his best. Even so, he still did screw things up between the both of you.  “You better be ready to handle me again because this time, I’m not screwing around.” His face would split into the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen before he scooped you up into his arms and twirled you around.

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So it's my birthday on the 22nd... 8'D //lolsowhat May I have a birthday scenario with Takao and Kasamatsu? Thank you very muuuuch >u<//

Happy birthday! I hope this isn’t too late (time zones whaaat), I meant to post it earlier but then seeing Age of Ultron happened and I was distracted by being out of my mind with excitement about it.

TAKAO goes to class early so that he can deposit a small box on your desk before you arrive, reclining in his seat and pretending to be on the phone when you walk in. He smiles to himself as he hears you open his gift and gasp in surprise; inside is a cupcake decorated in your favourite colours with an unlit candle stuck in the top and an envelope containing tickets to see your favourite band; a one night only show which had been sold out for months.

He has the grace to blush through his ever so slightly smug grin as you run over to thank him, throwing your arms around him and kissing him soundly.

As captain of the basketball team, KASAMATSU isn’t able to visit you in the afternoon on your birthday, so by the time he gets to your house, showered and dressed casually with his guitar case slung over his shoulder, your entire extended family is present. He flushes a brilliant scarlet, and sidles close to you.
“You didn’t say your whole family would be here.” He hisses.

“Of course they are, it’s my birthday.” You giggle in reply.

He’s a perfect gentleman all evening, gruff but polite with your family, but as the evening wears on an people begin to leave, you could see him getting restless.

“Is there anywhere we can be alone for a bit?” He asks, eventually.
“Uh… sure, the lounge room I guess.” He grabs your arm and tows you to the aforementioned room, grabbing his guitar case on the way.

“Yukio, what’s going on? Slow down, I’m following you okay?” he lets go of your arm and sits you down on the couch, taking a seat opposite you. He settles his guitar into his lap comfortably, plucking at the strings experimentally. “I couldn’t think of what to get you for your birthday,” he admits, rubbing at the back of his neck and scowling down at the guitar, hopeful that he’s managed to keep himself from blushing. “So uh… I wrote you a song instead. Happy birthday, ___-san.”

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☾☠ ☼ ♤

☾ : Sleep headcanon

this one is gonna be a bit more sad.

Because of his past, Yukio tends to have a lot of nightmares. Most of them are painful memories that were blown out of proportion making them all the more terrifying and hurty. So, with that being said, Yukio tends to cry a lot in his sleep and can even be heard murming “Please” or “don’t do this” or even the names of some of his tormentors.

☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon

Oh gosh.

Yukio wouldn’t ever drink.

But for the sake of this headcanon….

If Yukio managed to get drunk. He would be terrible. His intelligent speech would just… not exist anymore. And he would talk until someone clasped their hands onto his mouth telling him to shut up. Yeah, it would be that bad.

♤ :  Cooking headcanon

It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes.

But when he’s alone, he likes to treat baking as though it’s chemistry class. saying things like “Mother I am in need of 20 fluid ounces of H20” or “The mixture seems to be inflating, should it explode We would all be in dire peril. I must keep a close eye for futher analysis.”

but of course that was only when he was a kid. He doesn’t do that anymore.

((So~ From now on, along with this Ask Yukio blog, I’ll also be doing Ask Rin and Yukio with godspoison~ :D Obviously I’m doing the Yukio half, and it will be run similarly to this one, but with art answers thrown in sometimes~ So you should check it out~

And as a note, both this blog and ask Rin and Yukio will be updating tomorrow. So ask questions!))

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What I like the most about Yukio is that he isn't especially shy. He's not like other shota types, he's very well-spoken and eloquent. I don't know very much about him yet to make more of an opinion about him, but gosh you know how much I love your art, Yu. You drew him beautifully <3

SAM,SENPAI, BIG SIS, GRANDPA I DOn’T EVENaf;jldkjdl;s THANK YOU SO MUCH I JSUT. WOW THANK THANK THANK. fakljafs;ka ugh gosh you are gr9 okay Sam jsut way too gr9.

Yeah. I’m trying REALLY hard to make him not fit the ‘Shota' stereotype and it feels so good to know that someone noticed just wow. believe it or not Yukio is vary much based off of me and that is how I talk to people who I don’t know very well and yeah…vuv


THANK SAM. THANK YOU SO MUCH. i am kind of sort of cru because yu is a baby and i don’t even think you know how much i look up to you and stuff and for you to say this i just  ajadjsflafkjfj i love you okay sam.

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Psssst how would Yukio react to being put in a dress by Tiyo ??? It'll help me draw his face vuv

I think he would freak out a bit. Mostly because he sees himself as a strong man instead of the shota he is >u<

He’d say something along the lines of. “T-TIYO I.. Wh-What is this?!”

but he would secretly think it was kind of funny


Okay, he wants to talk, but all he can pronounce are quiet ah’s and whiny sounds. He knows sign language, but he’s not sure if Shiro knows. So he pulls forth his paper and pen, writing something down.

Have you seen Makena?

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"Good afternoon Yukio! I guess it's time for a kiss. Here, I'll even set us up~" With that he swept the other birdie off his feet (c: )

The quail smiled at the other and waved his hand gently. “Oh. Afternoon Tiyo!” He smiled sheepishly. “ I wasn't actually expecting anyone to send anything but, If you insi- H-Hey! Tiyo!? W-What are you doing?” He yelled as he clings onto the other tightly, his arms wrapping around his neck. You’ve discovered his only weakness, heights, good job. “Alright, Alright here!” He places a quick kiss on the birdie’s cheek before holding onto him tighter. “P-Please Tiyo! I Beg you! Put me down! A-And don’t drop me!”