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How do you think Rin will react to all of this? I mean he is the LAST to know about all of his brother's issues and I'm sure he will feel responsible somehow for not realizing it all along. I'm very curious how rin will handle this matter especially that this time it's revolving his own little brother.. + why was bon surprised about his answer at the end of the chapter.. isn't it obvious that he knows nothing?? His look at the end broke my heart already :(

He’s going to be extremely upset no matter what happens.

If he goes to Yukio, only to find him not there, he’s going to go flying off the handle to get him back. That’s his little brother.

If he gets there to see Yukio with blue flames, he’ll be remembering when Shiro died the same way. And he’ll definitely blame himself, just as he blames himself for Shiro’s death.

I’m no sure about Bon’s reaction actually. If someone who knows Japanese could look at the original wording they might know better. The translation I read had Rin saying “Did something happen” instead of “What is it?” or “What about him?” which might account for Bon’s surprise. Rin already seems to suspect something, because he does know that Yukio hasn’t been acting right lately.

I wouldn’t say Rin is the LAST to know. He’s told Yukio again and again that he’s there to talk. And has expressed concern over it.

Just from what I can remember here’s some manga panels (sorry for the lack of order)

Rin has been worried about Yukio for a long time now, and he’s been reaching out and trying to be there for him.

Don’t forget that before Rin knew the truth about his heritage he was always very proud and protective of his little brother, even with the truth about he being a half demon and Yukio being an exorcist, Rin still holds those habits and traits. A lifetime of protectiveness, of being the older brother, doesn’t just go away, even when Rin’s world was turned upside down.

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How would the Exwires+Yukio react to summoning a half akuma as their familiar, who has a bit of an attitude and is so angry that they were able to summon them at all?

Hahah ahh I love this it really made me laugh!!

  • Ryuji’s half-demon is suuuuuuuuuper mad
  • Just stares at them in shock as they yell at him
  • Ryuji is protesting “What?! I didn’t want this to happen either. It was an accident!”

  • “I didn’t even know this could happen, I’ve never read about this before!”
  • Tries reciting a verse to exorcise them 
  •  This annoys them even more “you can’t drag me all the way here then try to EXORCISE ME”
  • Koneko summons a middle aged man holding an iron
  • “….I was kind of in the middle of something”
  • Koneko is SO apologetic
  • Very embarrassed 
  • A bit tearful
  • He doesn’t deal well with failure
  • The half-demon then feels bad and gives him a hug
  • They end up becoming unlikley friends 
  • Shiemi is disappointed that it isn’t Nee who she summons
  • “Oh. I was hoping for my greenman. Who are you?”
  • “Oh well that’s just great. GREAT. Not only have I been so RUDELY snatched out of the air by some teenager… but I’m not good enough for you?!”
  • Instantly apologetic, Shiemi replies “oh no of course you are! You just weren’t who I was expecting.”
  • She calls after them as they angrily (and confusedly) march out of the room, “It was nice to meet you though!”

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  • Renzo’s half-demon is a teenage girl
  • She got summoned just before getting into the bath
  • Appears in a towel and with a shower cap on her head
  • She won’t stop screaming
  • Shima literally thinks he’s died and gone to heaven
  • Turns to stone from staring so much
  • “D….d-do you want to be my familiar?”
  • She just stares back in response 
  • Izumo actually has worse attitude than the demon she summoned
  • “Well don’t look at me like this is my fault! You must’ve done something!”
  • “What are you staring at me for?! Leave already!”
  • Her outburst is mainly for show
  • Deep down she thinks its really funny
  • Erupts into laughter
  • Turns into nervous laughter
  • Insisting it was a total accident
  • Squirms under Yukio’s RUTHLESS glare 
  • He kinda just side steps out of the room really slowly
  • “I’m just gonna… go…. over here..”
  • Yukio gives the summoned half-demon an embarrassed smile
  • And thent immediately tears up the paper
  • “We should end the lesson here”
  • Probably takes Rin to one side and blames him
  • “What did you do?!!”
  • Glares at Shura who is on the floor laughing

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I just found you in the kikasa tag, you're not getting rid of me now! Can I request Kasamatsu and everyone you ship him with (if it's just kise then a hug, if there are more characters then tug of war with senpai as the rope and everyone wants a piece, again I dunno if you ship him with anyone else, I'm curious). Thank you and you get a new follower!

Aw, thank you, new follower! I appreciate it soo much *throws you some love*

I only ship Kasa with Kise, but I don’t mind with any pairing!

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Do you have any Rizumo childhood friends head canons? 👀

Yess always! Let’s pretend Izumo’s family is fine and Illuminati didn’t get them tho right?

- Rin and Izumo going to the same school and start talking bc Izumo is “the weird girl who can see domes” and Rin is “that demon boy Okumura”
- Izumo immediately tells Rin he isn’t a demon bc she knows what real demons look like and that’s kind of how they become friends
- Rin gets into less fights bc Izumo just straight up talks bullies down
- Rin and Izumo learning how to cook together and often both families eat together
- Shirou has to spill the beans a little early bc Izumo accidentally reveals that he’s an exorcist
- Really really accidentally as in she just wanted to know how to get rid of a lot of goblins and he’s a priest so he must be an exorcist, right?
- Rin and Izumo often go outside to play in parks because both rather enjoy being outside then inside
- Izumo’s little sister Tsukumo adores Kuro so when Izumo has to look after her sister bc her mother is busy, Rin and her put her with Kuro
- Rin and Izumo playing pranks together because mischief is fun and yeah their sweet kids and couldn’t hurt a fly but half demon and sb with relations to kitsune?? No way they wouldn’t play pranks
- Surprisingly the more “cruel” one is Izumo who is very sure of herself while Rin has more doubts
- Yukio is kind of terrified and amazed by Rin & Izumo’s friendship and as they grow up he just prays that they will never find a reason to prank him
- Shirou trying to help Tamamo out because he knows that attending your duties and raising kids at the same time is hard. And, when Shirou is out for a mission, Rin & Yukio go over to the Kamikis
- So lots of sleepovers basically
- And lots of game nights
- Mike and Uke don’t like Rin at first simply because he’s a boy
- He grows on them tho
- Yukio and Paku as the Voices Of (more) Reason(able) Behavior
- That one time in which Rin is revealed as Satan’s son and Izumo glares at everyone

I’m sorry this is such a mess I just wrote down everything I could think of :D

Unpopular Opinion

But…. I think Yukio is in the right.

Hear me out.

Yukio works his ass off, he’s a prodigy, he’s regulated, he’s a teenager. He works as an exorcist, a teacher, AND a student. He is seen by us as an adult and yet the higher ups still view him as a child who can’t handle the truth. The excuse is supposed to be that Yukio doesn’t need to know and that it’ll only make him sad and the higher ups don’t view it as important.

But in my opinion, the higher ups are dumb. They think it’s okay to share the information of a Gehenna Gate being opened and yet they don’t think he’s mature enough to handle the truth of his birth?

Honestly, why isn’t Yukio allowed to know? If he can handle the above and being under a Morinas contract, then he can handle his own past. In all honesty, I think Fujimoto should’ve just told the twins from the beginning. Then he wouldn’t be dead, Rin wouldn’t go through his “I’m gonna deny I’m a demon’s child” spiel through the Kyoto arc, and Yukio wouldn’t be… THIS HOT MESS.

I’m not saying Yukio doesn’t have faults. There are things he’s done that he needs to fix and apologize for. He has flaws and insecurities and he’s made bad choices. It’s going to be difficult to fix his strained relationship with Rin, which is held together by duct tape and shoe lace strings at this point.

I just happen to think that Yukio is in the right. The higher ups are being selective about what Yukio is allowed to know and not know. It’s frustrating. And I think I know why.

In the perspective of a higher up, weapons/soldiers/mercenaries aren’t supposed to ask too many questions. They aren’t supposed to ask WHY they’re supposed to be doing something. Having knowledge that juniors don’t have is their way of keeping the power.

Or plot twist: they actually don’t know and have too much pride to admit it. So they use they’re status as seniors to pretend that they know and hold it above a certain exorcist’s head. They don’t realize that Yukio has a breaking point, however, and that he’s finally reached it

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well then here we go (•⌣•) Can I request some hc for Meph, Amaimon, Rin and Yuki and their smol s/o who has angelic voice? thank you (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆

Of course you can my love  (=^·^=)

  • Very public with his s/o
  • He loves to show you off
  • Grabs your hand and spins you round like a ballet pirouette 
  • If you get dizzy he catches you from behind
  • And hugs you into his chest
  • Lots of kisses
  • And buys you lots of presents
  • They’re usually ugly pink and purple dresses and polka dot hats
  • You pretend you love them and wear them anyway
  • Very playful with his s/o
  • Buys you lots of candy
  • Eats most of it before he gives it to you
  • You forgive him of course
  • Likes to stroke your hair
  • Especially while you’re drifting off to sleep
  • You go sightseeing together around major cities in Assiah
  • He lets you wear his jacket if you get cold 
  • (It’s really big on you since you so smol)
  • Rin loves his s/o’s angelic voice
  • It calms him down if ever he’s upset or about to lose control
  • He’s always smiling when he’s around you
  • Loves to hold hands
  • Cooks you the MOST delicious sukiyaki
  • It’s also super spicy but you eat it anyway
  • While sneakily gulping water
  • You two cuddle in bed with Kuro and watch sad romance movies
  • Rin almost always cries at them
  • Yukio is more private with his s/o
  • He takes you out to fancy restaurants 
  • And he likes walks in the park
  • He gets really cute and shy if you kiss him in public
  • He’s trying his best to open up to you about his feelings
  • One time when you reeeeeally begged him, he let you shoot his gun
  • You accidentally missed the tree you were aiming for and shot a beer can out of Shura’s hand
  • He found it HILARIOUS

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I keep getting annoyed by this pattern I see in AoEx discussions where Rin and Yukio are blamed or held responsible for each others failures. I get why this happens. The narrative and the fact that they are twins makes it very easy to put them in opposition to one another and add to that Yukio is officially in a position of power over Rin. But I don't think it's right. Shiro caused this huge power imbalance and the pressure that finally broke Yukio, and failed Rin too. Mephisto does the bare

(Cont.) Minimum, mostly for his own amusement at their struggle. No other adults are presented as authority figures and that’s terrible. So fans of Rin over Yukio (Hi!) can easily blame Yukio for being as dickish as possible when educating the brother deliberately kept ignorant his entire life, and those more sympathetic to Yukio point out how stressed he is and how Rin makes it worse by acting out/being a dumbass. And I feel like these and similar perspectives miss the point that this… 

(cont) misses the point that they are kids who still need adult supervision and shouldn’t be held fully responsible for themselves at this time. Many of the twins failings are a result of failure to provide help or guidance, a failure that might or might not be a deliberate move to keep them both easier to manipulate. Sorry for the rant but this has bothered me for some time and you seemed like someone who might be interested in this kind of thing. 

Woah. These are one of the best asks I’ve ever gotten aaah. Definitely interested!

Rin and Yukio have been pretty much raised to feel like they are responsible for the other. Rin protecting Yukio from bullies and everyone who says bad stuff about Yukio. Yukio protecting Rin from demons when younger and now from the Vatican as well as Rin himself.

This mentality they have internalized as well as the narrative and the twin thing you’ve pointed out already, of course leads many to blame the twin they like less for the suffering of the other. Which I think is done on purpose because it highlights a whole other perspective.

Who benefits from such a relationship between Rin and Yukio? Mephisto.

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Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 94 Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is the summary for this month’s chapter of “Ao no Exorcist”.  As usual, I wrote this as I read it, so please forgive any translation or spelling errors.  Major spoilers ahead.

Ao no Exorcist Chapter 94

“The End of Snow Part 3″

Lightning is tell Osceola’s group how hospitable they are and praising them for using a magic canceller to detain him.  Osceola replies that it’s an obvious measure against someone who was struggling violently.  He then says that the conference is tomorrow, and that Lightning should just settle down until then.  Lightning asks him if he’s going, and Osceola replies that he’s taking command because a dullahan has appeared in Rome and caused a panic.  Other monsters have appeared in other places, as well, and that even the Paladin has gone into action.  Osceola remarks that these kinds of incidents of high level monsters showing up in highly populated places haven’t happened before, and Lightning agrees, saying that the demons’ movements have become more and more active.  He mentions that Mephisto’s barrier is only effective for two months, and that it’s dangerous for Angel to be in front of the artificial Gehenna Gate.  Lightning says “I hope nothing unpredictable happens”.

There is a meeting at the Prime Minister’s residence back in Japan discussing the events that transpired.  The Prime Minister, Hajime Matoudo, looks upset as they talk about the various problems arising from the situation.  He then asks where Johann Faust is.  Mephisto walks in late and apologizes for making them wait, saying that the Order is also preoccupied right now.  The Prime Minister angrily states that this stuff was the Order’s territory from the start, and wants to know why this is happening since they were supposed to take care of this kind of thing before it became a big problem.  Mephisto explains that the reason it didn’t become a big problem before was because less than one percent of the world’s population could see demons clearly since demons avoided human gaze by nature.  “It will be different from now on…a world where the entire human race can see demons is coming,” he states.  Mephisto then asks them if they’ve seen the Order’s “anti-magic plan”,  saying that the crisis situation should have been run through the committee several times when the Prime Minister angrily says “T-that’s absurd…there’s no way we can trust you…!”  He goes on to say that they need to maintain the status quo of denying the existence of demons in order to maintain public order, because bringing everything to light will cause society to regress back to the dark ages.  Mephisto says there is no going back anymore, and that it’s better to focus on strengthening their magic countermeasures instead of escapism.  Mephisto asks for the Prime Minister’s decision, saying that the Order will support him with all of their power.

Izumo is on her way to meet everyone at the dorm when she sees that Lord Feris is going to speak just after noon and realizes that they are going to make public the presence of demons.  As she walks in the door, she sees Rin protesting to Suguro that Yukio could never do such a thing.  Sugaro states that it’s not a lie, Yukio pointed a gun at him and wanted to know what Suguro knew about his and Rin’s birth.  Rin remembers what Yukio said in their room, asking Rin if he wanted to know about the circumstances of their birth, and that Yukio wanted to know.  Sugaro says that Yukio wasn’t himself at all, and Shiemi says “Yuki-chan said ‘I”m all alone, I don’t have friends or family”.  She starts crying, thinking that she screwed up.  As Suguro tells her that it’s no use worrying about it, Rin rushes out in anger.  He screams “That bastard!!!!” as he runs.

At the Prime Minister’s residence, Shura is whining about being Mephisto’s SP and asking why she has to wear what she’s wearing, and he tells her that she’s known as the “Incredibly Beautifully Breasted Exorcist” on the internet (to her shock).  He says that optics will be important for the Order from now on, and that she will be a good advertisement for the organization.  The conference is about to start, and the prime minister goes up to speak, blaming the recent incident on ‘anti-social creatures’.  The press starts asking questions, including “does this mean you are confirming the existence of ‘demons’?”  Back at the dorm, Suguro mentions that it’s taking ambiguity to the extreme.  Behind the stage, Mephisto says “Humans truly are sweet” as he answers his phone.

Shima is on the line and tells him that Yukio is becoming more and more dangerous.  We see a flashback of Yukio taking Shima down and holding his arm behind his back when Shima attempted to talk to him.  Shima says “He’s very strong…is that Satan’s power?” but Mephisto explains that Yukio has been training his body since childhood while Shima has not.  Shima says he lost sight of him, and that he’ll look for him but for Mephisto to be careful in the meantime.

Just as he gets off the phone with Shima, Mephisto sees Yukio in the shadows behind him.  Mephisto asks him how he managed to get there, and Yukio says “You know, don’t you?  About everything.”  Mephisto asks him what he’s talking about, and Yukio screams “About this eye!!  Look!!!!”  Mephisto says “Wow, how beautiful.  Your father’s color.”  Yukio asks him if he has inherited the same power as his brother and demands an answer, to which Mephisto says “I refuse”.  Off stage, Mephisto is called to talk, and Mephisto tells Yukio “I don’t have time to go on a journey of self-discovery with a child” and walks onstage.

He starts giving his speech when Yukio gets angry and points his gun at Mephisto.  Shura sees Yukio in the wings and wonders what he’s doing just as Mephisto is shot in the middle of the forehead.  The crowd panics and starts running, and people see that Yukio is pointing a gun at Mephisto and grab him (even though it clearly was not Yukio who shot Mephisto from the angle of the bullet).  Shura asks Mephisto if he’s okay, and he starts to laugh it off as a ‘trifling wound’ but then starts falling back.  The group is watching what happened on the tv and there’s confusion as to what has happened and who was shot.  Rin is running through the streets as people around him start talking about the shooting.  Rin takes notice when they say that the “Clownish-looking director of True Cross Academy” was shot, and looks up at the tv to see Yukio tackled on the ground.  Rin goes crazy, jumping over tables and screaming “YUKIO!!” to get to the tv.

Back on the stage, Shura is telling Mephisto to hang on, and he says that he’s weaker than he thought.  He waves her closer, and tells her that with his body like this, his barrier will fall away and the artificial Gehenna Gate will start to grow again.  He says that he can’t discard his body yet, and that he is dropping the barrier.  She says she’ll contact the Vatican.  He starts wheezing,  saying that this is a development that hadn’t happened before now, and that man’s actions are ‘unpredictable’ (using the same term that Lightning did earlier)…therefore interesting.  Yukio is surrounded and handcuffed.

Rin sees this on tv and people start yelling at him that they are trying to eat (because he’s on top of the table).  Rin asks where there is happening, and they tell him that it’s at the Prime Minister’s Residence.  He thanks them and takes off.  He wonders “Yukio…what in the hell happened?”  Suddenly he stops in shock (he feels something has happened).

In Russia, near the artificial Gehenna Gate, the Paladin takes an emergency phone call from the Vatican.  Just then, Mephisto’s key crashes to the ground.  The Paladin yells for everyone to retreat as the demons start coming through the broken barrier.

To Be Continued in the Next Issue…

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hello there~! can I request Meph, Amaimon (your husbando), Luci, Rin and Yukio's reaction (a few hc) when they saw their s/o sleeping naked in their shared bed? Thank you! <3

((Two Mephisto gifs for you bc he’s your fave!!) <3 

  • Mephi is not at all surprised
  • You guys sleep naked together every night
  • But it never gets old for him, he absolutely loves it
  • Gets in bed with you and whispers in your ear
  • He smirks at you and you know exactly what it means
  • Things probably heat up reeeeeally fast
  • Cutie Amaimon is enjoying the view
  • ……But now hes bored
  • He doesn’t like being ignored by his s/o while they sleep
  • So probably wakes his s/o up
  • Sexytimes.jpeg
  • Luci thinks his s/o looks adorable
  • Enjoys watching them sleep peacefully
  • Has a couple naughty thoughts but tucks them away for later
  • He knows their sleep is very important
  • He will probably treat his s/o in the morning
  • HECK
  • Rin is blushing like crazy
  • Has to cover his face with his hands to quieten his giggles
  • Snuggles up in bed with his s/o
  • Maybe a cheeky butt squeeze?
  • But he is a gentleman
  • So he covers his s/o with a blanket
  • Keeps his hands to himself
  • But lies awake all night thinking about it

kagami’s the only one who still takes those morons seriously

everyone else is 100% done, especially satsuki who has to bail them out

tatsuya knows nothing about it, leave him alone

[based on this]

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I'm back with a request! ^_^ Mephisto, Rin, Yukio, and Bon (cause I started liking Bon lol) with a s/o that has hearing damage so they tend to use sign language more often than not while they talk and sometimes just uses sign language instead of talking. (I due this a lot due to my hearing problems lol) thanks! ^_^

I started liking Bon too!! Coming right up sweetheart ༼∩•́ω•̀∩༽

Originally posted by ayesofthedork

  • Mephisto already knows sign language
  • And several other languages
  • Instantly responds with sign language to make things easier for his s/o
  • Sometimes even finishes their sentences
  • Rin is like “hey what’s that thing you’re doing with your hands?”
  • Tries to teach himself from books but keeps getting confused
  • Asks them to teach him because he learns better from experience
  • (And enjoys spending time with them)
  • Yukio knows pretty good sign language 
  • Stays up all night brushing up so that he’s even better for them
  • Encourages all his relatives and colleges to learn it too
  • Bon doesn’t speak it yet
  • But instantly sets about learning it
  • Is insanely good at memorising sequences of signs
  • Learns how to say cute things like “you look good today” 

Rin asking Yukio if he’s the anti christ tho like “Yukio, Satan’s our father am I the anti christ. Yukio. Yukio please”
“It’s 3 a.m. go back to sleep Rin Is2g”

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the exwires as parents?

hmmm sorry this has been in my inbox forever and I really wanted to do it! But I forgot all about it, super late but I hope you like it!


Originally posted by akatsuki3519

  • This boy will literally be the greatest father to ever father
  • He’ll be super worried about it at first though
  • He hopes he’ll do a good job but constantly worries about if he’s doing something wrong
  • He also worries about his child picking up his demon blood
  • Rin doesn’t want his child to be under threat by the vatican
  • He’ll have Mephisto seal the kids power in something when it’s still a baby
  • But he will tell the kid he/she’s a demon because he doesn’t want it to be raised not knowing like he was
  • When it’s old enough, he’ll decide when they should release the power
  • Would constantly make his child know that just because it isn’t fully human doesn’t mean it’s a monster
  • He enjoys cooking for the child
  • Making it snacks and preparing generally the most awesome food
  • He would make character lunches for them for school
  • He wants all the other children to be envious
  • He would want his child to have siblings so he would try have more then one, or even better, twins
  • He wants his children to share a very close relationship like he and Yukio had has
  • He would encourage his child to make as many friends as possible
  • If the other expires had kids they would all be friends
  • Rin wants to make sure his child doesn’t go on rampages like he did as a child
  • Would have Kuro with them at all times he wasn’t there
  • For protection and observation 
  • Asking Yukio to babysit sometimes
  • And to help tutor the kid with their studies
  • He’ll help too of course, but he understands Yukio could do a better job
  • He wants his kid to turn out just like Yukio
  • Tries to be the type of father his dad was to him and Yukio
  • Sometimes cries late at night after putting the kid to bed, because ehe realises he can never meet his grandpa
  • And because father Fujimoto will never see how much he’s grown 


Originally posted by yuukibutterfly

  • Would be so excited to be a mom
  • She’ll do so great at it
  • If she were to have a daughter, she would name it after her grandmother
  • Her children would have plant/flowers as middle names
  • She’d have Nee-chan look after them sometimes
  • And her mom too
  • If she had to run the supply shop her kids would play in the garden
  • Probably make flower crowns for their mom
  • She’d be so happy
  • Wouldn’t want the flowers to die so she crushes them down and puts them into photo frames to display around the house
  • She would teach her children to accept everybody for who they are
  • Shiemi would tell them stories about her grandmother and what a wonderful person she was
  • And would tell her kids how much she would love them
  • She would also try not to shelter her kids too much because she wants them to have a full and exciting childhood
  • They would help her with flower organising around the house
  • She’d literally just be the sweetest and most adoring mom ever
  • I don’t even ship RinShi but holy shit they’re so adorable together, they’re kids would be an actual blessing!!


Originally posted by shizukku

  • He raises his child with his religion
  • And within Myō'ō Dhahran
  • Wants his kids to be friends with the Shima brothers, and Koneko’s kids
  • And to go on the same adventures he did as a child
  • He will raise the kid with knowledge of their temple 
  • And he’d make sure his child is doing well in school
  • Would make sure they study
  • Is more then happy to help then study if they are struggling, or even if they wern’t and just want the extra support 
  • Will have his own parents very central to the child’s life
  • If he has an exorcist mission to attend too his parents will be more then happy to babysit for them
  • The child’s grandmother warns them not to dye their hair or get any piercings
  • Ryuji says the child is entitled to decorate themselves anyway they like when they’re of age
  • Because ‘your body is a temple, and a temple would be lame without any artefacts’ 
  • He takes his own kid to listen to Tatsuma recite the scriptures 

Izumo Kamiki:

Originally posted by seieiryu

  • She is probably the most scared about being a mother
  • Won’t voice her fears though
  • She’ll want the best for her children
  • She’ll have more then one, because she wants her child to have siblings
  • She’ll tell the oldest ones to look out for the younger
  • Like how she used to look out for Tsukumo 
  • She’ll have her familiars look after her kids 
  • They love her children 
  • And her children love the ‘cute white foxes’
  • She’ll not want to spoil her children too much
  • But she wants them to have a comfortable childhood
  • Will make sure they are constantly under protection
  • Her favourite pastimes are taking them to the park and eating together
  • She loves pushing them on the swings and hearing their excited laughs
  • And she loves making them food from the heart and watching them enjoy it
  • She makes them kitsune plushies like the one she and her sister had as children


Originally posted by shizukku

  • Would raise his child the way he believed his parents would of raised him
  • He will take the child to their grandparents grave 
  • Tell them how much they would of loved us both
  • He raises his child in Kyoto
  • So he’s surrounded by all the others children too
  • So that his child always has more family around 
  • And Koneko has a community of good people for support
  • And a babysitter when he needs one
  • He’ll teach his kids not to judge a book by its cover
  • He’ll also educate them on general knowledge 
  • Is super proud on parents evening at school
  • Takes them out to eat at a nice restaurant as a reward
  • Tells everyone how they’re doing at school because he’s so proud of his child(ren) but he doesn’t do it in a bragging manner
  • He raises his kids alongside his (many,many, many…)cats
  • So naturally his kids grow up loving cats as well


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  • Would be the most apprehensive about being a parent 
  • But would also be excited
  • Loves his kid a lot
  • Feels bad that he’s not the best father
  • Tries his hardest for the kid
  • He wants more kids 
  • He wants a big family, just like the one he was raised in
  • He’s the sort to be friends with his kids rather then a parent
  • His s/o would have to be the authority figure because he just doesn’t have the heart to tell his kids ‘no’
  • If he were looking after them alone they’d either start to death, or eat microwave spaghetti and hotdogs 
  • He’d let them stay up past they’re bedtime
  • He’d constantly be playing with them
  • Try make an excuse like ‘Daddy’s tired now, can we stop playing?”
  • But shuts up as soon as he sees that little pout
  • He gives them piggy back rides everywhere
  • Tells them stories about demons he’s battled 
  • Wants them to know how ‘cool’ they’re dad is
  • The kids would probably pick up his sarcastic/joking nature
  • So the kids would basically turn out to be that sorta friend we all need
  • ‘the loveable pervert with a good humour’
  • The kids would play with their cousins 
  • And be loved by their uncles & aunts 
  • When all of the Shima siblings are together with their children, Renzou’s parents couldn’t be happier but also low key done af because they have a billion kids running around their house, especially Shima and Kinzou’s kids which are little cunts


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  • Probably sues Durex
  • He hires a nanny to look after his kids when he can’t
  • He doesn’t speak to his kids much
  • But they still love each other
  • He’s working a lot and they understand that
  • He likes putting on puppet shows for them
  • Or maybe the puppets like putting on shows for them?
  • He’d make sure his kids have the most comfortable life
  • Gives them anything they want
  • Would raise them to become exorcists like him