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@toradh replied to your photoset: Decided to go in on the pirate summon after all,…

Congrats on rolling the entire, utterly fabulous pirate crew! And yes, Cheria looks awfully useful, which is much needed for dreaded shot-type only stages. Anyway, I’m impressed that you’re already farming the Awakening quests; I’m still stuck at trying to dig my way through the wall of other events that will run out earlier than the Awakening event Oo

I’m mostly starting it now because knowing my terrible luck on tokens, I’ll get a ton of Luke’s before I even get one of hers.  It’ll be like the Summer Festival event all over again, where I pulled 5 Judes and got a 11 tokens of him before I even managed 1 Alisha and 5 of hers.  I’m pretty high up in Sara’s super not competitive SA right now, so I think I should be okay there unless we get some really aggressive people farming Sara’s SA.  The other events I should be able to do in a single run through, except maybe the Idolmaster rerun event since I’ll need to farm for upgrade mats for the armor item.  And maybe take a shot at the Abyss event.  I’m not too terribly interested in the event Van, but that 5* Ion guardian looks potentially useful at least?