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I still feel guilty for arguing with my aunt the day she committed suicide.

I asked my pendulum for your aunt and she responded, I asked if she forgives you and she said yes, it was a very strong yes. So please do not feel guilty because she forgives you.

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I'm guessing that "can’t ask your pendulum questions about yourself" was meant to be "can only ask questions about yourself" (so no "is x my y" questions)?

you can’t ask questions about yourself :00 you can ask other people’s pendulums about yourself, what I mean is, you can’t ask your own pendulum questions about yourself there are a few reasons:

  • you could subconsciously change the direction of the pendulum depending on what you want the answer to be (if your pendulum is handheld, that is)
  • Most pendulums don’t like to be used selfishly
  • you’re not *really* supposed to use divinity in general selfishly (at least in my religion)


Divination tips

Some things that my divination practice has taught me, and I thought some of you (beginners especially) could benefit from! Note- these are my personal beliefs/lessons, and none of you are obligated to believe any of this, but I hope this helps someone nonetheless!

I seriously can’t emphasize this enough. If you keep receiving the same answer over and over, it is probably in your best interest to listen. Even if you don’t like the answer, the outcome isn’t favorable, or whatever else. If you ask your pendulum a question and it says no, you will probably be better off just taking the answer as it is instead of repeatedly asking until you get a yes; the same applies to tarot/oracle, runes, etc.

☾use the given/typical meanings and interpretations in addition to your personal associations! It’s perfectly okay and normal to use your tarot/oracle guidebook, or looking up the meanings for your cards, but keep in mind that these don’t necessarily have to apply to your cards. Don’t feel that the ten of swords is a ‘bad’ card? Then it’s not! Your interpretation matters more than anyone else’s when it comes to your personal divination practice.

☾ it’s okay to use one deck/set of runes/pendulum/etc. over the rest. If you have a favorite pendulum (or whatever else), it’s perfectly fine to use that one for 99% of your work. You don’t have to use all of your things equally. Whatever feels right to you is what you should do.

☾ there is no wrong or right way in divination. You don’t have to shuffle your cards a certain way, incorporate reversals, use them only in a ritual setting, or anything else. Do whatever you want!! If you listen to others over yourself, you’re gonna have a bad time and may not be getting the answers YOU need.

☾ use your tools for all the little things, especially right after you receive them! Wondering whether or not you should get yourself that candy bar? Ask your tarot/oracle deck. Thinking about taking a walk? Check with your runes. Don’t know if that shirt matches those jeans? Consult your pendulum. Obviously you don’t have to take those answers too serious or really read into it, but it’s a fun way to bond with your tools, and to learn the meanings behind their answers!

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May I ask how the pendulum readings work?

  Ibuki thinks we’ve answered this before, buuuut she’s too lazy to track it down and link it so she’ll answer again~!

  Basically, you ask your pendulum a question, and depending on the direction it swings, that’s your answer. It’s really simple. 

  Though, questions can only be in a “yes or no”, “this or that” format. You can’t ask it for something that isn’t outside of that format, because the pendulum is incapable of giving such answers.

— Mod Ibuki

autistic witch things~

working extensively with herbs because they’re olfactory stimming heaven.

having an enormous crystal collection because you like the feel of tumbled stones more than anything.

collecting tarot decks like they’re going out of style because they’re a special interest of yours.

forgetting the question you asked your pendulum because you got distracted by it’s spinning.

charming all of your comfort items with anti-anxiety magics to make them twice as useful.

using glamours to make yourself appear neurotypical for important events like job interviews.

hexing anyone who tries to force you into making eye contact.

having great luck with sigil magic because you forget about them as easily as you do everything else.

disassembling and cleansing your whole altar because you accidentally placed something in the Wrong spot and now it feels Off.

being good at working with spirits because you are patient and willing to communicate however the spirit needs.

using pressure stimming as a way to ground and center yourself.