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Beginner's Guide to Pendulums

⛤Okay, so I have been wanting to put out a post about pendulums based on how I was taught to use them by my aunt, a long-time pendulum diviner and dowser. This post is based solely on our traditions and beliefs. I am NOT telling anyone that this is the one and only way to work with pendulums. Please do what works for you. If these methods suit you, fantastic! If not, it’s okay. Alright, buckle your seat belts ‘cause here we go.

⛤So, you want to use a pendulum. Cool! First you have to get one. There are several ways to obtain a pendulum. You can buy one from a specialty shop (many new age and crystal shops sell them). You can buy one online from places like Etsy, Ebay, and other places. You can even make one. All you need is a string or chain and something to hang from it. It can be as simple as a needle stuck in a cork hanging from some thread (as my great grandmother did). You can also use a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a lanyard as a pendulum. Find, make or buy one that is suitable for you.

⛤Now that you have a pendulum, it’s time to clear/charge it. A very important step when using a pendulum is to cleanse it, especially if you bought one. A pendulum in a store, even an online store, has been touched by many people. People have probably touched it to look at it, shop employees have probably touched it when they were putting out to be bought. The seller from an online shop has certainly touched it. All of these people touching the pendulum that you just bought have left residual energies on it. These energies can affect the accuracy of the pendulum. So, you have to cleanse it. I recommend you cleanse your pendulum the same way you do any of your magickal tools. If it’s made from a crystal, you can cleanse it the same way you cleanse your crystals. If you don’t know how to cleanse your pendulum, I was taught to start with a prayer/incantation/chant. Write one that explains your intention just like you would to write a spell. Be specific in your writing. If you want to work with your spirit guides, say that. If you want to work with your higher self, say that. Be specific in the kind of spirits you want to work with. Do you want to work with ancestors? Spirit animals? Etc. If you want to work spirits aligned with light, be specific on the type of light. Anyway, after you have your prayer/incantation/chant written down, you can begin to cleanse your pendulum. The cleansing ritual/ceremony/process can be a elaborate as you deem fit. When I cleansed mine, I didn’t go very elaborate, but if you need to go for it. There are several ways you can use to cleanse your pendulum. 1st, smoke cleansing. Just as you would use sage to cleanse a room, you can use it to cleanse your pendulum. Light a bundle of dried sage, or sage incense. Pass your pendulum through the smoke and say your prayer/incantation/chant. Do this for as long as you think is necessary. 2nd, visualization. Hold your pendulum in your hand and visualize it being surrounded by a brilliant white light. Focus on the residual energies being driven away and cleansed from your pendulum. Say your prayer/incantation/chant while you do your visualization. I used this method to cleanse my pendulum. I visualized putting the pendulum in a stream of white light and letting the light flow over it like water, cleansing away the residual energies. 3rd, if your pendulum is made of crystal, any crystal cleansing techniques will work to cleanse it (i.e. burying it, putting it in running water, burying in salt, putting it with cleansing crystals, such as clear quartz and selenite, etc.). If you made your pendulum, you might not have to worry so much about cleansing and charging it because you made it and it’s already aligned with your energy. However, if you bought your pendulum, after you have cleansed it you need to charge it with your energy. You can do this by carrying it around with you in your pocket and asking small, mundane questions. (I’ll explain this more later)

⛤Now you have a cleansed and charged pendulum. What’s next? Well, you need to program it. By programming, I mean you need to establish how your pendulum will work for you. This includes deciding how you want your pendulum to move based on certain responses to your questions. Now, I have seen many posts and read several books that say that you are supposed to ask the pendulum to show you how it will move for yes, no, maybe, I don’t know, etc. I was taught that you shouldn’t do this because it opens you up for potentially dangerous situations and it sets the precedent that the pendulum or the spirits communicating through the pendulum are in control. I was taught that this is potentially dangerous. I was also taught that this is your experience on this plane of existence. Because of that, you should be in control and do what you are comfortable with. The pendulum is a tool and the spirits communicating through it are guides that can only offer advice. Anyway, you should be the one who decides how the pendulum will move according to the different responses. My pendulum moves in a clockwise circle for “yes”, a counter-clockwise circle for “no”, back and forward for “maybe”, side to side for “I don’t know”, and it stays still for “please rephrase the question.” You can program your pendulum however makes you feel comfortable and however you will remember the meaning of the movements best. After all, what’s the point in asking a question if you can’t understand the answer?

Going back to charging the pendulum. Programming it actually goes into charging it. The more you use your pendulum, the more it becomes aligned to your energy. When you first start using your pendulum, begin by asking it mundane questions. Start with things that don’t have a significant impact on your life, such as what should a I eat for dessert, what color shoes should I wear, should I buy this thing. Simple stuff like that gets you used to your pendulum and it helps you remember your programming for it better. It also helps your pendulum become aligned with your energy and makes the responses more accurate.

⛤Using a pendulum is a great way to get advice on decisions you’re indecisive about. It’s also a wonderful tool for communicating with your spirit guides and companions.

⛥As you get more accustomed to using your pendulum, you can do other things with it. You can create charts to help you get more in depth information. For example, you can make a time table to help organize your tasks for the day. You can make a list of activities to do and when you are bored or don’t know what to do next, ask your pendulum. My aunt did this a lot with her kids. They would want to go outside to play and she would want them to do homework. She would dowse (ask her pendulum) on it and whatever the pendulum said is usually* what they did. Additionally, you can use your pendulum for spirit work. You can make a letter board (like a ouija board) and communicate with spirits. You can also use pendulum for Reiki work, using it to find blockages in the chakras. The list goes on and on.

I put an * next to “usually” in my little anecdote because as I said earlier, this is your experience on this plane of existence. Your pendulum and the spirits communicating through it can only offer advice. You have the ability to either listen to what your pendulum advises or not. That being said, in my experience the pendulum is usually right.

⛤Anyway, I know that was a super long winded post about pendulums. I hope you find the information useful. If using pendulums is something you want to do, go for it! I absolutely LOVE mine and I am so happy I had someone in my life who could teach me about them!

Thank you and blessed be,

Anne Sage 🌻🌼

⛤Also: a good exercise to do with pendulums is to have two, one in each hand, and see if you can get them both to move in harmony with each other. This will show any weak energy flow in your body. It’s a good way to help build up that flow and make it stronger. I, personally, have to work on this with my right hand because it is significantly weaker than my left.

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FAQ: Pendulums

What’s Aeut, Kigund and Yduuu?

The pendulums used on this blog.

What’s a pendulum?

A pendulum is a rock/crystal/trinket/item which is tied to a string/chain/rope that is used for divination or getting an answer. The way it moves gives an answer of yes, no, maybe, ask later or more.

How does a pendulum work?

It matters on your belief system. Some people think it is a higher power. Some think it is this the cosmos. Some believe it is the subconscious that causes the muscles to move in your arm and move the pendulum. Either way, the direction it moves is where the answer lies. 

How do you get an answer?

You set the pendulum first off, by asking it to show you yes, no, maybe or ask later. You ask your question and whatever way it moves it in corresponds with the previous is your answer.

How do you set a pendulum?

You ask it to show you one of the options you’d like to see and then ask some other questions you already know like “Is my name X?” “Is the sky blue?” “Do I own a cat?” “Am I in my room?” 

How do you bond/get closer with a pendulum?

  • use it
  • talk to it
  • wear it
  • cleanse it
  • play with it
  • hold it
  • sleep with it on or under a pillow
  • protect it in a bag when not in use

How do you cleanse a pendulum?

There are many ways to cleanse something. I would suggest asking your pendulum if they’d like to be cleansed before you do.

You can cleanse a pendulum with water, fire, sunlight, etc. Here are some links about cleansing.  Links to cleansing: here, here and here.

Be sure to check if your crystal can be put in water or sunlight without damage or harm to you or it. Google is a good resource in this.

Where do I get a pendulum?

Amazon, your local metaphysical shop, or you can make one. You can use a piece of jewelry. Online ones are fine, but ones you can play with in the store are also good to play with too.

Is it okay to have more than one pendulum?

Yep. I have 5. I use them for different things. Some might like specific questions and have specific energies.

What do you mean when you say your pendulum is quiet/loud/strong/weak?

It means the strength in which the pendulum was moving. Weaker or softer might mean the answer it questionable or your pendulum is getting tired.

How do I make it louder?

Bond with it.

How do you name a pendulum?

We play the name game. Is it 3 letters? 4 letter? # letters? Does it have an A in it? Does it have a B in it? Does K come first? Does K come second?

Can it hurt your pendulum/your pendulums feelings if you keep dropping them? What about not using them?

I would assume no, but they might need some cleansing if you do. Ask them to find out what they need. 

I got a different answer than you.

Totally fine. Please go to other blogs and ask around! It’s good! Sometimes pendulums are wrong!!

Am I gonna die? Will my parents find out? I have a question not kin related.

We only answer kin related questions on this blog, but I’m sure you can find a blog in the pendulum tag that will answer that for you.

What’s a pendulum?

I’m not sure.

Pendulum practice

Guys! I just thought of a good way to practice using a pendulum on your own! Okay, so a lot of people on the internet that I’ve seen have suggested just asking the pendulum questions about yourself/questions you already know the answer to, but I’m a little iffy on this method because I think it’s super easy for it to be biased. Even if you’re not intentionally giving yourself the right answers, the fact that you already know what the answers are could influence your subconscious-thus, causing your arm muscles to move even a little bit towards the direction you’re expecting/hoping for through some kind of placebo effect.
This method, however, is one that you can do by yourself without knowing the answers while still getting instant confirmation of your results (as opposed to answering questions from anons or something else). Btw just so everyone knows, I haven’t actually tested these methods and I’m typing it now so that I can get it out while it’s still fresh in my mind. Anyway, let’s begin!

What you’ll need:
•A single sheet of paper
•Some sort of large-ish container
•A writing utensil
•Scissors (optional, but recommended)

Divide your paper in half, and draw two equal grids on each of the halves. The number of squares you put in the grids is up to you. After doing this, write yes’s in each square of one of the grids and no’s in each square of the other. Then you cut (or rip, if you don’t have scissors) the squares apart, fold each paper scrap so that you can’t see if it says yes or no, and put them into your container and give them a good shake or two.

How to use:
•Method 1: Take 1-5 scraps of paper out from your container at a time, lay them out so that you can’t see what they say, and one by one ask your pendulum whether each scrap says yes or no, checking your accuracy as you go.

•Method 2: Take 2-10 scraps of paper out at a time, lay them out so that you can’t see what they say, and ask your pendulum how many yes’s or no’s you’ve drawn, working your way up from two to ten, checking your accuracy once you get an answer saying which number is correct.

•Alternative methods:
For method one: If you think your pendulum has a tendency to give one answer the majority of the time even if it isn’t correct, maybe instead of writing 50% yes’s and 50% no’s, make 75% of the squares the answer your pendulum gives least often so that you can practice it giving its ‘usual’ answer only when it is correct.
If you want to test more than just yes or no answers to increase accuracy, make squares for all the answers you know your pendulum to give (such as “maybe”, “I don’t know”, etc.)
For method one or two (it’d be easier for method one), instead of writing equal parts yes’s and no’s, you could write equal yes or no questions about yourself and ask instead of whether the square says yes or no, whether the answer to the question on the sheet is yes or no. Idk, just a thought.

If anyone can think of any other ideas, please feel free to add on to this! Also, please credit me if you reference this post anywhere else.

kinfirming advice

* disclaimer, most of this is from personal experience and I do not speak for everyone!! Everyone has different ways of kinfirming, and there’s no way I could list every single one. Feel free to add onto this list if you see fit, please!
This post is directed towards fictionkin, but a lot of these points can easily be applied to otherkin as well.

Keep reading

autistic witch things~

working extensively with herbs because they’re olfactory stimming heaven.

having an enormous crystal collection because you like the feel of tumbled stones more than anything.

collecting tarot decks like they’re going out of style because they’re a special interest of yours.

forgetting the question you asked your pendulum because you got distracted by it’s spinning.

charming all of your comfort items with anti-anxiety magics to make them twice as useful.

using glamours to make yourself appear neurotypical for important events like job interviews.

hexing anyone who tries to force you into making eye contact.

having great luck with sigil magic because you forget about them as easily as you do everything else.

disassembling and cleansing your whole altar because you accidentally placed something in the Wrong spot and now it feels Off.

being good at working with spirits because you are patient and willing to communicate however the spirit needs.

using pressure stimming as a way to ground and center yourself.

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Hey! Can you ask your pendulum if witchcraft is the right patch for me or should I lean more towards Wicca? Thanks - anon BC

My dear, Wicca is a religion that uses witchcraft where witchcraft is religionless. I would do a bit more research dear, because only you should answer if you are a Wiccan or just want to use witchcraft. I hope this helps dear. Blessings to you and yours. 💜💜

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What is pendulum divination?
As the name suggests, this is divining using a pendulum as a tool. You can buy a ready made pendulum, or make one yourself by tying any weighted object to the end of a string. Something like a necklace can work just fine as a pendulum, also. 

How is it done?
Pendulum divination can be performed with or without a pendulum board
To use a board, lay it on a flat surface and sit in front of it. Hold your pendulum by its chain directly over the board. When you’re ready, ask a question (out loud or in your head), and wait for the pendulum to move towards one of the phrases. This might take seconds, or minutes! There’s no way of knowing until it happens. 

Starting off with a simple question before moving on to any more serious ones is a good idea- This becomes especially important when divining without a board. 

This requires ‘programming’ your pendulum first. Once again, sit down holding your pendulum by the chain over a flat surface. Ask your pendulum to show you a “yes”. In time, your pendulum will begin to swing in a certain way- left to right, in a circle, up and down- Whatever direction, this means “yes”. Ask your pendulum to show you “no”. Whichever way your pendulum responds this time means “no”. 

Starting off with simple questions allows you to get the feel of the pendulum, and makes sure you understand it properly. When you feel more confident, you can advance to trickier questions.

Criticize My Readings!

Tell me what I can improve, what you don’t like or what you find annoying! Can I improve my writing style, is my format unclear could I use better descriptors of the cards? Let me know.

Pendulum readings are the next to be rolled out in limited runs on the blog! If you send feedback to me, you’ll be gaurenteed a spot for a reading (3 questions max). If you give feedback on Anon make sure you have an identifier so I know it’s you when you ask for your pendulum reading!

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Hello! I was wondering, I know that pendulum's get names, so I had two questions! One, should you name your tarot deck? And two, where should the names for a deck/pendulum come from? Thank you!

Tarot decks usually come with a name already when you buy them but if you mean a more personal name between your deck/pendulum and you… just ask them 🖤 

Ask your pendulum what is their name, if they cant answer ask if they want to be named after a planet or a flower, and keep asking. The same comes with your deck, ask their name and pull a card and try to get a name from it. Naming them is really sweet bond you can make with your decks and pendulums so have fun 🖤🖤

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Hi! May I ask your pendulum if I'm truly a mermaid? And if I'm heading towards the right direction in life? Thanks dear, I really appreciate it💙🌊🐚

Hello dear i asked the pendulum board and it said yes. Yes you are truly a mermaid and yes you are going in the right direction. How exciting. Blessings to you and yours

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tkfw you ask both of your pendulums if you're kin with a character and you get wildly conflicting answers (strong yes from one and strong no from the other) :/

Pendulums are not a trustworthy way to determine your kintype considering it is someone else who is determining this for you. Only you can really say if you are a character/etc. or not!! You know yourself and who you may have been/are at the moment. Honestly if you are questioning a kintype, I say sit on it for a little longer, look at the source material. Maybe ask Evi over at @elf-help! However, it is up to you how you’d like to sort it out. -Jonas


What Are They?

Many people believe that a pendulum is a tool to commune with spirits and guides. Pendulums need to be asked questions that they can answer. Most people will ask their pendulum, “Which way is yes?” AND “Which way is no?” to get a clearer answer. Some prefer to give it the directions. Another option would be to ask your pendulum an obvious answer to see which way is yes. Occasionally ask your pendulum which is yes and which is no because there are reports that directions may change.

Can I Give Others Pendulum Readings?

The short answer would be- Yes, you may. But, I would recommend that they give you permission to do so, and they ask you the question. While dowsing for others, clear your mind, remove your thoughts ; you don’t want them to interfere.

Should I cleanse my pendulum when I get it?

I would definitely recommend it. Who knows what type of energy is lingering on it, who used it, or who touched it before you! Whenever I cleanse anything, I lay it on a black cloth, light a stick of incense, and use another cloth to wipe the object. Then I burn some sage and cleanse the object in the smoke. That’s just my way of doing so. I also sprinkle it with salt and wipe the salt off after I feel it’s clean/cleansed.

What if my pendulum gives me an incorrect answer?

There are maaaany things that could have happened.

  1. You could have been distracted.
  2. You may have not cleared your mind beforehand.
  3. The pendulum may have changed directions.
  4. Your energy was not focused.
  5. You were thinking of an outcome in the back of your mind.
  6. Etc.

What can I do to stay focused and concentrated all while having a clear mind?

Well, you can burn incense and just clear your mind, and breathe calmly before each question you ask. I like to have a dim light, and burn tea light candles in my salt rock holder and focus on the color to calm myself. Make sure your electronics are off. If you can’t shut them off ensure the light isn’t too bright and it’s muted.

Is it possible to commune with the spirit of dead animals using a pendulum?

Yes! :)

Do you have any tips for communing with dead animals?

I’ve never done it before :( but I’ve read that if you have a collar from them, even their bones (clean them), a toy, their food bowl, etc it should help!

How should I phrase my questions?

They should be phrased as Yes or No questions. But, don’t be too simple with your questions. Be specific if you need to be. Don’t be disheartened if you recieve a no when you ask if you’ll find love “soon”. You could ask “Will I find love in the future?” and see your result.

How do I actually USE my pendulum?

Well, it’s most comfortable to choose my right hand but choose whatever you’re comfortable with. Pick up the pendulum by pinching it. (Thumb and index finger) Don’t leave your arm hanging. You can place your elbow on a surface and relax.

Tips- If you want to know the year of when something will happen, I recommend maybe setting 2 different years at a time. (Simply easier for me!) Have 4 pieces of paper. Set the papers up in a square formation so that your Pendulum will be hanging in the center of the four papers. The first paper (left, top) has one date (EX: 2016) the second paper(right top) has the second (EX: 2017). On the third (left, bottom) write the same date as the right, top. On the fourth (right, bottom) write the same year as the left, top. So your square should be-

(Top)2016-2017 (Bottom)2017-2016

I hope this helped any of you with divination and pendulum questions.

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hello ^^ I'd be really happy with a pendulum reading :o but can you tell me how do i start doing them myself? do i need to buy a pendulum or can i make one myself? if so, how can i make one? sorry those were a lot of questions xD i'm just a curious witchling still lirning xb

Hello, friend~! No worries about the questions; I’m glad to help!


How to do pendulum readings–

First, you’ll need a pendulum. In response to your second question, yes, you can make one yourself! (Let me explain how to do a reading first and then I’ll explain how you can make one.) You can also buy one if you’d like/prefer. I, myself, made a pendulum and used it for a while before I bought a rose quartz pendulum and a lapis lazuli pendulum.

Second, you’ll need a place to sit or stand, whichever and wherever you prefer. I recommend a quiet setting where you won’t be interrupted.

After you get situated wherever you’re comfortable, and after you have a pendulum, pick it up and steady your hand. Try to get the pendulum to not move at all(or, if you’re like me and have permanently shaky hands, just get it as steady as you can get it.).

Now you need to know how to differentiate a yes from a no when the pendulum answers your question! Ask the pendulum a simple question you know the answer to already to see which way it moves. Ask it something like, “Am I a man/woman?” Or “Is my name (insert your name)?” Or “Am I (insert years of age) years old?”

It varies pendulum to pendulum what swing means yes and what swing means no. For me, when my pendulum is swinging right and left(side to side), that means no. When it swings back and forth from me, it means yes. Also, sometimes the pendulum will tell you “maybe” instead of a definite answer. Just ask a few basic questions like I said above and see what swings mean yes, no, and maybe for your pendulum!

When you understand what a yes and no looks like, you can go ahead and begin asking questions!
You can either ask your question out loud by whispering it or speaking it, or you can think it, or even sign it(American sign language or any other sign language). Make sure you are focused.

After you ask your question, pay attention! Pendulums usually don’t swing widely, they just swing. Sometimes the pendulum moves veryyyy little, but is still a yes or a no.


How to make a pendulum–

You need a thread, cord, ribbon, string, etc,
You need something slightly weighted. A ring, a pendant(a necklace works, too), even an eraser tied on the string you use.
Make sure it’s slightly weighted, make sure it doesn’t swing unevenly(because that may affect the answers), and make sure it doesn’t fall off the string you use.
That’s it!



Pendulums are an extension of yourself, so think of them like that.
Trust in the pendulum!
Pay close attention to the pendulum to see how it swings!


I really, REALLY hope that all makes sense and helps!
Many blessings to you, my friend, and good luck~!

anonymous asked:

Can you please ask your pendulum if my companion, U is upset with me? If he wishes to leave me? and also if he's mad that i lost his sigil filter? Thank you -Ama

Hello dear i asked the pendulum board the following questions.

Is U upset with you: yes
Do they wish to leave:no
Mad you lost the sigil filter:yes

My advice would be to talk to your companion. It is easier to just to ask them why or if they are upset and what can help to make it all better. I hope this helps. Blessings to you and yours