ask yin shade



I’m starting to run out of ways to say thanks for following me…

For this milestone I did something special! The theme of this milestone is Rock Stars!

First Row (From L to R)

ask-usa-pony as Jimi Hendrix

ask-aqua-marine-pony as Paul McCartney

thesweetadventuresofstrawberry as Jimmy Page

askroninapplejack as Robert Plant

thecherrysodaaskblog as Freddie Mercury

ask-apartment2b (Highlighter) as Pete Townshend

Second Row

anarchyinequestria (Igniter)  as Johnny Rotten

rainbow-dashs-mailbag as Iggy Pop

woofing-ghost as Joey Ramone

askanathema as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

ask-guyra as Joe Strummer

Third Row

ask-crayon-the-homeless-artist as Angus Young

ask-the-little-misfit-filly as Brian Johnson

ask-black-rider-the-biker-pony as Lemmy Kilmister

Fourth Row

ask-lesboo-pony as Eddie Van Halen

askwingedcross as Alice Cooper

ask-google–chrome as Biff Byford

askbambina as Dave Mustaine

Fifth Row

ask-nako-the-pony as Rob Halford 

ask-private-applejack as Bruce Dickinson

ask-yin-shade as Ozzy Osbourne

ask-hyperbrony as Ronnie James Dio

(I’m sorry if you didn’t get featured!)

I love you all so much. You guys make me so incredibly happy! :D


Finally!! I have finished the pony picnic!!! Thank you guys so much for being patient with me <3 your Oc’s were super fun to draw!!! If any of you want your pony’s picture separate, I have them all saved separately for you!! Thank you guys for following!! <3 love you all!! (if i forgot the wings on your Oc and want it fixed please message me!!!) askfluttershinesoaringsilvernotesmarshmallow-vilatherainbowdashask-alchemy-twilightask-star-singeraskroseappleask-young-modsolisburysplash-gemask-yin-shadecoolmyassholereturnsasksapphire-delusion