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hello there~ love your art so much!!!!! it's really cute :3 may I ask who's your favorite member to draw? (could you do a drawing of him, however you like) thank you and FIGHTING!!!!!

These days I really enjoy drawing Tae

Some possibly Spanish person said they needed more Tae with pigtails on twitter so I just-

I felt the need to explain myself.

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Thomas Astruc posted a photo on Instagram of Volpina and Queen Bee and in the caption tagged it as Fall 2017. Last I heard season 2 is supposed to be this month, but there hasn't been any news. Do you think this means the season is delayed till the fall?

Welp, first Thomas Astruc doesn’t have an Instagram,that’s a fake account. Second, right now there is no official release date for season 2, with a general idea of it being released in late summer/early fall but that can change too depending on production/broadcasting

Do you guys remember the moment you started to question the worldview your parents had and taught you?

For me it was in 8th grade government class when we learned the definition of “Conservative” and “Progressive”. He said that progressives were people that wanted change and expansion of civil rights, while conservatives wanted things to stay the same and in some ways go back to the way things used to be. Me, being the stereotypical uber conservative loudmouthed brainwashed twat I was, raised my hand and told the teacher that I thought it was biased and unfair that he was teaching us about conservativism in such a negative light. He told me that no, that was literally the definition of conservativism. It 100% completely changed the way I thought about things, literally why would anyone be against progress and change? It created a domino effect of me really examining my beliefs, and thinking independently.