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Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))

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hello there~ love your art so much!!!!! it's really cute :3 may I ask who's your favorite member to draw? (could you do a drawing of him, however you like) thank you and FIGHTING!!!!!

These days I really enjoy drawing Tae

Some possibly Spanish person said they needed more Tae with pigtails on twitter so I just-

I felt the need to explain myself.

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can i get a uhhh... overly possessive alfred? ((Thank you so much))

a/n: sorry anon, this is kinda gross and doesn’t do justice to your ask LOL


Arthur was a freak, and that had to be the truth. 

- “Where are you going, Artie?”

“That get together I was telling you about, remember?”-

A freak. In the truest sense. Arthur chewed his lip, facing the door as he heard the footsteps come in behind him, a pair of warm arms wrapping around his waist, tugging him back into the embrace of a firm chest. “I’m not coming with you?”

“You weren’t invited, love.”

A soft chuckle from Alfred’s lips and Arthur found himself stiffening as the alpha buried his nose in the crook of Arthur’s neck, nuzzling him, breathing soft, warm puffs of exhale into his skin, scenting him. 

And oh God, Arthur loved it. 

He liked the grip that would tighten around his arm as they passed by an alpha who’d given Arthur a passing glance. He liked finding Alfred scenting every article of clothing Arthur owned, he liked to see those blue eyes flash when Arthur mentioned having a friendly lunch with an ex. 

It was a thing not many omegas liked, no, and Arthur hadn’t thought he would like it either. The clingy type. The type to let others know just who Arthur belonged to, because no, Arthur definitely did not belong to anyone. 

Except for to Alfred, that is, because “how will they know you’re mine?” Alfred would say, and well- Perhaps the ring would give them a hint. Or the mating mark on Arthur’s neck, but Arthur chose never to question his husband on such matters.  

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Concept: real Shiro comes back to the team and sees Keith in his bom outfit and gets flustered.

OH BIG FUCKING MOOD. this is one of my favorite headcanons ever like HNNNNG i want to see shiro being flustered over keith in his bom suit so badly because pining shiro IS MY JAM AHHHHH.

so uhhh yeah i decided to try writing a little something something for it. meant to do this for keith’s birthday but i was too late. hope y’all enjoy?

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“Whoa, I’m getting a sense of deja vu here.”

Lance’s voice is the first thing Shiro hears when he steps into the bridge. Like usual, the team is gathered here and Lance is looking him up and down, appreciating — he’s not sure what. “Except this time, you’re definitely back to your old self.”

“What do you mean?” Shiro asks, looking around at the rest of them. Pidge and Hunk are nodding in agreement with Lance.

“Oh, I mean, your clothes and your hair, it’s—” Lance cuts off with a frown. Shiro raises an eyebrow.

“Never mind,” he says quickly with a wave of his hand. “The point is: you look great — better than ever.”

“Thanks,” Shiro replies, chuckling lightly. “I think it’s gonna take some time for me to get reacquainted with everything.”

“Take all the time you need, buddy, we’re all right here for you,” Hunk says with a smile.

“Well, actually, that depends,” Allura frowns. “We may still need a pilot for the Black Lion — and soon.”

Shiro’s brain does a double take at her statement. Something about it sounds weird.

“Wait,” Shiro says, looking around the room. “Where’s Keith?”

The last he saw of Keith, Keith was leaving his room after stopping by to check up on him yesterday. Too preoccupied with shaving and grooming up his hair, Shiro didn’t show up to breakfast and therefore hasn’t seen Keith since the night before.

Shiro upturns his lips, worry bubbling inside his chest. The fact that the rest of the team appear so blasé about it only makes it worse. All five of them exchange looks, Lance giving a casual shrug.

“Is he alright?” Shiro prompts them.

“I think he’s on a mission today,” Pidge says.

“A mission?”

“Yeah, we’ve got joint custody of Keith at the moment,” Lance explains. “Us and the Blade.”

“What do you—”

But before Shiro can finish asking his question, the door behind him hisses open. Tilting his head over his shoulder to see who had entered, Shiro turns around—

And feels his heart stop.

In walks Keith, his expression cool and nonchalant as ever as he looks around the room. It’s a sight Shiro’s well accustomed to by now, seeing that bored yet purposeful look in Keith’s eyes, and if that was all Keith had been wearing along with his usual cropped red jacket and black t-shirt, Shiro would’ve been just fine.

But everything isn’t fine.

Instead, Shiro feels as though his lungs have collapsed in on themselves. He can hardly breathe. And really, someone ought to have given him a warning. There was nothing to prepare him for this — Keith stepping up to him, a dark hood pulled up over his head, his skin-tight purple suit stretching snugly across his chest, from head to toe, fitting nicely around his arms and his thighs and his—

Shiro gulps.

No. Everything isn’t fine. If Keith had just been in normal paladin gear, Shiro most definitely would not be feeling his cheeks heat up right now.

It should be illegal, Shiro thinks as he continues to stare, for anyone to look this good in a Blade getup. The deep, violet shade suits Keith’s skin tone perfectly and the hood only enhances the way his dark hair falls gracefully into his face, tufts of his mullet curling in adorably around his neck…

Keith stops in front of him. Shiro tries to swallow. It doesn’t work.

“Good to see you up, Shiro,” he says with a smile. “How’re you feeling?”

Shiro opens his mouth with every intention to speak, only to find that his vocal cords seem to have seized up.

“I-I’m fine,” he manages to choke out. His shirt collar suddenly feels hot around his neck. “Better than ever.”

“Are you sure?” Keith frowns, brows furrowing in concern. Shiro’s stomach does backflips as Keith reaches up to place a hand over Shiro’s forehead. “You seem a little tense.”

“It’s just — you know,” Shiro breaks off, his voice cracking. “There’re still a lot of changes that I need to get accustomed to. Having been gone — quite a while.”

“Of course,” he nods in understanding. “Take your time, okay? I’m here if you need anything.”

His hand is still clamped over Shiro’s forehead. Shiro doesn’t want to move an inch.

“Yeah,” he croaks. “Definitely.”

Behind him, he hears Lance whisper to Hunk with a snicker, “I think I know what Shiro needs.”

Thankfully, Keith doesn’t seem to have heard.

“Well, anyway,” Keith says, finally pulling his hand away from Shiro’s forehead. “Just wanted to check up on you before I left for the mission. Glad to see you’re doing well.”

“I think our guy is doing more than just well,” Lance says cheerfully. “Just don’t be too long, mullethead.”

Keith merely raises an eyebrow at Lance before waving goodbye and walking out through the doors.

“So, joint custody with the Blade, huh?” Shiro asks quietly.

“Yee-up,” replies Lance with a smirk.

“This is fine,” Shiro says as he rubs the back of his neck.

This will be more than just fine.

wait what? what do you mean i was projecting onto flustered shiro?

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Thomas Astruc posted a photo on Instagram of Volpina and Queen Bee and in the caption tagged it as Fall 2017. Last I heard season 2 is supposed to be this month, but there hasn't been any news. Do you think this means the season is delayed till the fall?

Welp, first Thomas Astruc doesn’t have an Instagram,that’s a fake account. Second, right now there is no official release date for season 2, with a general idea of it being released in late summer/early fall but that can change too depending on production/broadcasting