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Tbh I really want to see yautja pups

Honestly same ;; We got to see a female Yautja in the comic AvP: Deadliest of the Species (HER NAME IS BIG MAMA AND SHE’S M Y WIFE AND I LOVE HER) which mentioned something about her children but like,,, we didn’t get to see pups per se?? (i read it at 3AM i dont remember much)

Edit: Here’s Big Mama <3

Big mama and her gf  Caryn

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Being /actually/ preg can be v dysphoric for me, but uh *sweats* the idea of some monster or alien pumping me F U L L of gooey, jelly eggs that double in size, making my stomach huge & heavy & jiggly. Then when the eggs hatch, they grow even MORE and they squirm all the time (making my belly ripple and shift constantly) & my chest fills up with liquid they'll feed on, & when they finally come out they rush out in a torrent, but squirming & thrashing to the point my whole body is rocked by them.

Phhhhhew //fans self// what a description! I’m not into myself being preg necessarily but other characters, hell yeah.

And I agree, something about it being a creature, eggs, etc. is always easier for me to get into. The SQUIRMING, yaaaaaas.

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What if in the Xeno AU their s/o gently and carefully massaged the base of their wings (or maybe other areas of them)? Would the brothers enjoy it and relax on their touch? (sorry,I got kinda curious about that (*´∀`*))

Admin Mawile: (。’▽’。)♡  Yes absolutely!!! The degree of relaxation would have more to do with each individual’s level of trust and willingness to show weakness, but from a purely physical standpoint, that would be wonderful. 

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So while watching the xenoblade 2 trailer, there was a place called galad instead of Galahad I mean are they really dumb that they can't come up with location names?

i mean,, its probably just a little throwback reference to galahad fortress,, like games do that all the time

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I have a question about your Xeno AU (Which I am in love with as well as your writing!) Is there a difference in how a human turns into a vampire in your AU?

Admin Mawile:(=´∇`=) No change that I can think of, other that a probably more painful process, due to the physical and mental differences between humans and vampires. 

Hello there! Now, I’m no stranger to the fact that yes, this blog is new, and yes, there are probably already plenty of them around at this point. However, I wanted to make a blog as I’ve been in the fandom for about a month or so, and the only place I’ve shared my ideas is on a discord chat created and administrated by @crazyanime3 and @wonderfulchaos69

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In the Xeno AU I was wondering, are the boys facial or body features different other than them having wings? (Idk if that makes sense, sorry)

Admin Mawile: .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ Not in particular, no. There are some changed features, like longer nails, larger fangs, and notably slit pupils, but aside from being just off enough to not quite pass for human, there are no major changes to face or body structure. 

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Hello, how are you ? Can I ask for Xeno Kanato headcanons like you did for Laito once, please ?

Admin Mawile: (๑•́ω•̀๑)

-He bonds easily and quickly, and absolutely detests how his instincts drive him to cling and need. His attachments form nearly twice as quickly as normal, and they’r every bit as intense as everything else he does. He turns horribly needy too, even more clingy than usual and absolutely desperate for every scrap of attention you’re willing to give. 

-He’s absolutely terrified of having his wings handled. Cordelia used to amuse herself by pinching and tugging them until he cried, and he can’t get it out of his head that other people are sure to do the same. Going anywhere near his wings will bring on a screaming, crying, tantrum/panic attack, and he’d sooner kill someone than let them get that close again. 

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I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but may I ask what the Xeno AU's are exactly? I've read yours and they interest me.

Admin Mawile: Xeno is short for xenobiology, which deals with the biology of unusual and strange creatures. In this case, it refers to how we’re headcanoning the boys as much less human than canon shows them. It’s an Au where they have a variety of inhuman traits, basically. 

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Your xeno au is incredible! I was wondering, what colour are all the boy's wings? Thank you so much for your contributions to this fandom c:

Admin Mawile: I combined this with another request, which has just been posted! :D

I felt like doodling some ponies.

So from left to right, we have;

Horro, Pilgrim, Grey and Xenos.

Obviously Horror and Xenos aren’t mine, they belong to their respective blogs c:

Grey and Xenos I can actually imagine knowing each other somewhat, same with Xenos and Pilgrim as they have very similar jobs.

Horror, I imagine her just spotting Pilgrim all randomly and becoming fascinated with his mask