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Tbh I really want to see yautja pups

Honestly same ;; We got to see a female Yautja in the comic AvP: Deadliest of the Species (HER NAME IS BIG MAMA AND SHE’S M Y WIFE AND I LOVE HER) which mentioned something about her children but like,,, we didn’t get to see pups per se?? (i read it at 3AM i dont remember much)

Edit: Here’s Big Mama <3

Big mama and her gf  Caryn

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Isn't it funny how sora only got the keyboard through chance alone, if he hadn't opened his heart, nor had listened to riku's advice about him feeling Van's sadness, he never would be gotten a keyblade. But I also love how his character has developed over the games, how he's gone through so much yet he's always ready to face the light, yet he hasn't let his own power, or his own strength get to him.

Sorry this took me a while to answer my schedule has been crazy the last few weeks. but ahhhhhhh yes yes yes! Sora is such and amazing and wonderful character. I also love how open his heart is, how strongly he feels for his friends, and also how he never lets his own strength make him feel egotistical. Sora is awesome. Kingdom Hearts is awesome. :)

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What pisses you off??

Ummmmm. A lot really…….. Liars, I mean, outright liars, I cannot stand especially. I value the truth, even if it is a harsh mistress and doesn’t paint me kindly, and to hear people lie about others, or especially me, boils my blood like little else. I also hate being lied to, which is why I like to check my sources if I can. And woe betide those who would lie to my face, if I can ever find them.
I also really really hate people attempting to manipulate or guilt trip either me or others. I completely understand needing support and try and reach out my hand to those hurting, but guilting someone into doing what you want is wrong. State what you want.
In a similar vein, I really hate when people try and dance around some topic or another or expect something without saying it. That pisses me off to no end. You have words: use them. Be direct if your subtle attempts are failing. Tell me what you want - it only makes me mad trying to guess.
More minor things include people being rude to others when it would cost them next to nothing to stay in their own lane, people who don’t do their share of work, and anything including driving with other people on the road.
This is also far from an exhaustive list but I’ll think of more later: prepare yourselves for the Wrath of Eight, part Two, tomorrow.

I felt like doodling some ponies.

So from left to right, we have;

Horro, Pilgrim, Grey and Xenos.

Obviously Horror and Xenos aren’t mine, they belong to their respective blogs c:

Grey and Xenos I can actually imagine knowing each other somewhat, same with Xenos and Pilgrim as they have very similar jobs.

Horror, I imagine her just spotting Pilgrim all randomly and becoming fascinated with his mask

Xeno Training Day 1: Introductions, Questions, and Chicken Tika

As you enter the classroom and finally get a look at this mysterious Xeno training two things about it immediately stand out. First is the size of the room. Long, tall, narrow, and able to seat at least 40 its size is expanded by the large courtyard facing windows that seem to dominate the entire wall opposite the door, filling the room with morning sun. The second thing is the marked, “age” of the whole place. Gone are any high tech accoutrements that dominate many of the  other classrooms within the school the seating a mixture of old desks and lab tables, arranged in a hodgepodge of rows ascending the tiered floor away into the back of the hall. At the front sits a desk that looks like something out of place even amongst these ancient furnishings and more like something out of masterpiece theater or even a hunting lodge in a piece of Victorian literature. Old dark wood standing on stout legs and round body seem to squat at the front of the room like some obstinate beast, too tired to move yet too dangerous to touch.

Behind the desk sits a younger man that you can only assume to be the professor. Young, long, and lanky the man looks as if at the very least is not a morning person and at worst is hung over. In front of him sits what appears to be 3 cinnamon raisin bagels, a cup of chicken tika, and a what appears to be an Arnold Palmer. His head rests in his hand, his forehead held up by his forefinger and thumb. Behind him an old chalkboard looms, dominating the wall. Half of it seems to be filled with one very long quote and a length of equation. 

“God do I hate chalkboards.” he mumbles under his breath as he rises,

“Alright hello class, and welcome to Xeno training!”