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[id: two digital illustrations featuring sir caroline and amaryllis of exile from the penumbra podcast. sir caroline is a dark brown skinned, Black Morrocan woman with medium length dreads. rilla is a deep dark skinned Bangladeshi woman with wavy black hair. the first picture shows caroline and rilla ahoulder to shoulder in a bright, ruffled pink flower, with leaves tied in their hair. caroline says with a sneer “Do you have your petals in place? IFf you give away my flawless camoflage, I’ll-” and is cut off by a mortified rilla replying “Sir Caroline… You cut two neck holes in a big pink flower. We look ridiculous.” The second picture shows the two sitting up on the ground, winded and dishevelled, glancing at one another and laughing. here, Caroline is in royal blue plate-mail armour, and Rilla in a yellow & blue salwar kameez.]

“Thank you, Sir Caroline. You saved my life. Again. That was amazing. I… don’t know how you did it." 

"It wasn’t very difficult. The witch slowed my fall." 

"I didn’t mean that part, I could’ve done that part." 

"You could have jumped six stories off the edge of the world? Really? No, I don’t think -”

“Can you chill out for like, one second, so I can finish complimenting you?”

sir caroline & rilla still an underrated dynamic tbh

anonymous asked:

Hey :-) Hope youre having a great day! I was wondering if you plan on putting your podcast on spotify in the near future?

Thanks for asking! I did submit to Spotify but it’s taking a really long time to be accepted and show up in people’s feeds. Every other platform I’ve submitted to has already accepted my podcast so I’m not sure what the hold up is. :(

So sorry but hopefully it goes up soon. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled! 

In the meantime the quickest way to find new eps is always on my Soundcloud. Thanks for listening. I appreciate it! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! You don't have to answer or post this, but I just thought I should let you know I enjoyed the first episode of your podcast & I'm looking forward to the rest! Have a nice day :-)

Um, hello, I will always respond to and post nice things about me! Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to write. You’re so sweet!

I hope more people give it a listen. It’s me and the lovely @oldfilmsflicker talking about women directors in general and Clueless and what a special movie it is in particular. Also @oldfilmsflicker just casually drops that she got to meet Amy Heckerling irl! How cool is that?

For anyone interested you can listen HERE.