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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Be wary of the crow man who lives in the tower of the old church. His eyes watch the dark.

Taurus: Patience, a new storm gathers at your feet. Marvel at the beauty.

Gemini: The muffled voices on the other side of the wall are not your family.

Cancer: Keep the ring with you. It will offer protection, but only when you least expect it.

Leo: Something that runs on all fours is in your kitchen, sawing the legs off your dining table. Let it be.

Virgo: The stars didn’t say anything today, but they handed me a marionette that looks uncannily like you. Not sure what that means.

Libra: There is an antique shop by your home that is selling a skeletal bird in her cage. Her name is Felicity and she needs a friend.

Scorpio: During your grocery shopping tomorrow someone will ask you to fill out a survey. They will then promptly explode into blue smoke.

Saggatarius: The arrangement of your school supplies is absorbing some bad juju, give it a shake.

Capricorn: There is an open house in your neighborhood, take a tour, you may glimpse the ghost.

Aquarius: Okay so, the stars and I agree that you can’t actually summon booty but we see what you were getting at.

Picses: Turns out you can accidentally become a muse. Congrats?

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For the prompt request, what about a Coldatom AU where Ray's also been seeing a hallucination/time ghost/whatever of Snart?

“Ya know, Raymond?” Leonard says, leaning on the kitchen counter. “For someone with a body like yours, I thought you’d stay away from processed foods.”

“We live off of food that’s made in a fabricator, I don’t think it even matters anymore. And for the record, I never really ate clean. Just two hours in the gym every morning and good genes.” Ray can’t believe he’s not only bickering with a hallucination of his dead teammate, but also feeling the need to justify himself.

“So modest,” Leonard snarks back.

“You’re not even real,” Ray puts down his favorite box of synthetic cereal that he was unceremoniously eating out of. “You are a figment of my imagination, a hallucination.”

“We’ve been over this, Raymond.” Leonard turns to lean forward over the counter on his crossed arms. “You’re not hallucinating, I’m a ti-”

“Time ghost, yeah, I know,” Ray says crossing his arms over his broad chest. “Not only does that sound ridiculous - and given that we’re on a space ship traveling through time, that’s saying something - but if you’re a ghost, then why are you only haunting me? You have an entire ship full of people you could be bothering.”

Leonard just shrugs. “Believe me, I’ve tried. I actually promised Stein I’d come back to haunt him, and I always keep my promises.”

Ray just scowls at him.

“Besides, I think I got lucky,” Leonard says, leaning up and forward so he’s level with Ray, “Who wouldn’t want to be the fly on Ray Palmer’s bedroom wall?”

The familiar drawl makes heat travel down Ray’s body, settling low in his belly. This is not happening, Ray Palmer is not going to be turned on by a time ghost or hallucination or whatever of Leonard Snart. He had a hard enough time keeping it in his pants when the bastard was alive.

“You watch me sleep?” Ray asks backing away from the counter, putting some space between them.

“Oh, I watch you do more than sleep, boy scout.” Leonard throws him a wink and Ray knows he’s blushing, can feel the heat at the tops of his ears and on his cheeks.

“In fact, I’m pretty sure my ears were burning last night while you were in the shower.”

Ray just shakes his head, and backs completely away from the counter, standing at the opposite side of the room. He has his arms crossed over just chest, trying to look offended, but only feels embarrassment.

“You can’t do that, Snart,” says Ray, but his words are weak. “You can’t keep showing up, letting me see you - or whatever is happening. It’s cruel.”

“No matter what this is, it hurts.” Ray’s eyes never leave Leonard’s. His gaze burns right through Ray, searing him completely.

“It’s not like it matters now anyway,” Ray says, softly, finally looking away from the other man, casting his eyes downward.

There’s a silence that hangs for a few moments, before Leonard breaks it.

“I know this won’t make things any better, but… I wish we had more time, Raymond. You and I.”

Ray looks up, but Leonard is gone, leaving nothing but an echo and a hollow feeling in Ray’s chest.

Happy belated V-day~

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♡, Techienician? c:

Aaa, sleepytimes, such a big weakness of mine!

It wasn’t unusual for Techie to be stuck on the latest of late shifts: the Finalizer crew seemed to think that because his eyes could see in the dark, he didn’t mind being awake in the middle of the night cycle. But Techie did mind. He was tired. 

He was tired of being the only person in the server rooms, he was tired of wandering the empty hallways, seeing only the skeleton crew on duty in the early hours, he was tired of missing the best meals in the mess hall because he used dinner time to sleep. Mostly though, he was just tired, he wanted his bed.

He sat, propped up on a stack of boxes somewhere between the security feeds and the radar array, willing himself to stay upright and jolting at the sound of footsteps behind him.

“Whoa, shit, sorry. Didn’t realise anyone else was working the dead shift tonight.” Techie nodded, recognising the voice.

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Tiny dancer Prologue

Sore toes. Aching shoulders. Too tight migraines.

Betty Cooper wouldn’t give any of it up, not for the world, they only meant she was doing it right. She was being the best ballerina that she could be, and she was, The best that is.

Juliard was one of the most prestigious dance schools in the world, it was nearly impossible to gain acceptance, especially when you come from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. But that didn’t stop Betty Cooper, she was talented and strong and exceptionally determined, years and years of training and a ridiculous amount of natural talent landed her almost a full scholarship to the school of her dreams. She was in her second year now and she was at the top of her class, being rewarded solo after solo for effortless skill and hard work.

She was a shoe in for a spot on the Rockettes when she graduated thanks to her ridiculously long legs and she was already being scouted by broadway producers. Things were going flawlessly for the beautiful blonde and she could never be more grateful, but…. she was tired. She wanted to have fun, find love like her best friend and roommate, Veronica Lodge, had. She wanted to eat a hamburger instead of carrot sticks and grilled chicken. She wanted to live.

Stretching her legs and tying her incredibly worn in pointe shoes, Betty rolled her shoulders, there was no time for fun and her life was Ballet, she loved ballet she shouldn’t be thinking of frivolous things like boys and…burgers. Next week was another showcase and she was being featured in six numbers, practice was important, and anyway tonight she promised Cheryl and Veronica that she would go out to the newest night club opening right down the road. Might as well get in as much rehearsal as she could.

Jughead groaned, slamming his head into the the too flat pillow on his bed. Archie’s girlfriend was over and she always made his best friend watch some ridiculous reality television show that was currently blaring through the television speakers in their tiny dorm room. The dark haired boy had pictures to edit and he couldn’t focus on anything when some botoxed housewife was throwing tables in the other room. Trudging out of the safety of his own bedroom, Jughead entered the living room and moved to stand in front of the television blocking the couples view.

“Good evening Jughead, what a wonderful day today is.” The raven haired princess Named Veronica Lodge, stared happily from her space next to Archie, both the teens buried into the couch.

“Turn it down or turn it off. I’ve got work to do, now that I mention it, you’ve got work to do to Archie, midterms..?”

Jugheads redheaded roommate rolled his eyes
“I’ll play a couple songs, write a few notes, I’ll be good as gold”

Veronica giggled from his side and placed an obnoxious kiss to his cheeks. The shrill sound of a pop song broke all three teens out of their intense stare battle, Jughead watched Veronica pull her phone out of her pocket and stick her tongue out at Jugheads disgusted face at her choice of ringtone.

“Hey Betts….. oh yeah totally… you’re still rehearsing… what do you mean another hour? You’ve been rehearsing since six this morning…. yes I know you have solos….. come on, take a break…..fine but you’re missing out, you know how much fun you had last night with me and Cher…..fine…. okay I love you….muah.”

Veronica hung up the phone and pouted
“Betty just cancelled on going out tonight, I guess they asked her to fill in tomorrow night because one of the soloists in the upperclassmen showcase got sick, she invited me and Archie to come.” Suddenly something flickered in Veronica’s eyes as she stared wickedly at Jughead
“I think I just figured out how to make you pay up on that bet.”

A few weeks ago Jughead had bet Veronica anything she wanted if she could stay away from Archie a full week, never one to lose anything, Veronica had won and was now cashing in

“What.. oh no..” Jugheads eyes went wide

“Oh yes. You are coming to the recital tommorow. You promised.”

And she was right, Jughead never broke a promise, glaring at a cracked up Archie and smug Veronica, he slammed the door to his room and threw himself back on his bed.

What the hell was he gonna do at some stupid dance recital?

Vampire!Au-- Stony

Hey guys! Lets do some more world building! Everyone loved my little “Once Bitten” Snippet, but its never going to be a full fic even though I have literally thousands of ideas for it. 

SO! Fill my ask box with scenarios/questions/ideas and starting tonight/tomorrow morning Ill start writing about them! 


The vampire licked his lips, then his fingers, cleaning every bit of red from them, dark eyes still burning bright with hunger. He hadn’t taken near enough, but he couldn’t take more. Not from this one.

“Take more.” The blond in the bed rasped. “More.” His words were slurring, his body lax, legs splayed welcomingly, jeans low across his hips.

The vamp had been extra careful with this one, pushing just enough compulsion through his touch to keep him calm, his saliva laced with enough aphrodisia to make the bite feel good. It had been just the first sting of teeth, then just….

The new blood rushing through him made his pale cheeks flush, remembering how the blond had gasped and shuddered, the way those fingers had clutched him close, the long leg that hooked around his waist, hips moving restlessly.

It had been hard to resist, hard to keep it to only a bite. This one, this blond one was gorgeous. Beautiful really, with dark blue eyes and muscles that rippled every time he moved. He was tan, nearly golden, and when he had smiled there in the bar, the vamp hadn’t been able to resist approaching him, hadn’t been able to resist reaching out to touch something so… alive.

He could have done this fully clothed, but the temptation of skin was too much, and he had insisted on taking their shirts off, insisted on their chests sliding together as he pressed close, breathing into and against the beautiful mans neck before he bit–oh that first bite. 


And the taste– heated and thick and something smoky and fresh all at the same time. Addicting. An aphrodisiac all on its own. Like being under thrall. Under compulsion.

The vampire licked at his lips again, and the blonde shifted on the bed.

“More.” The deep voice was nearly a moan, but the creature knew he couldn’t take more. He had already taken too much, unable to pull away from such beauty. And if he stayed, if he climbed back on the bed, he would stay all night biting and fucking and drinking and tasting until there was nothing left.

And it would be a shame to take such beauty from the world.

“Perhaps another time.” He said, his tongue sliding over his fangs. “You’re weak now, too weak.”

“But I want you.”

So much want roared through him, but the vamp swallowed around it, forced it away. He was approaching two hundred and sixty seven. It was time to learn some self control.

“Another time.” He slid his jacket on, sunglasses to hide his eyes. “Perhaps.”

“Find me, then.” The blond sat up now, breathing hard. “Will you find me? My name is–”

“I don’t need your name. I have tasted you, which means I can find you anywhere.”

“It’s Steve.” He said anyway. “Steve.”


A flush ran up that perfect body, settling in his cheeks, blue eyes darkening. “Will you say it again? Oh, say it again. Your voice is–”

“Another time.” The vamp said and pulled the door open. “The room is paid through the night, stay if you wish.”

He could feel the disappointment from the man on the bed.

“I’ll find you, Steve.” He finally said, and wanted to smile at the sharp intake of breath behind him. “I’ll find you.”


I realize with Vamps the questions can get fairly NSFW and a little kinky but thats fine, bring it on!

Follow the ideas and world at #vampire stony

Mine (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: “Be mine.” he gasped, and I thought I’d heard him wrong before he repeated it, “Be mine, baby.”
Word Count: 1,675
Warnings: None.
A/N: Hi, have this fluffy ball of fluff while I work on getting all the requests done. It’s kind of like a small imagine, so hope you like it. Requests are open xxx

My dress swung back and forth as I walked in a quick pace, my heels clicking against the dry pavement. I could hear Ethan’s footsteps quicken behind me which made me pick up my pace, giggling as I almost began running.

“Stop running so fast. Christ!” He breathlessly yelled, letting a little laugh escape his smiling lips. I couldn’t see his smile, not really, but I could hear it in his voice as I was running. “How the hell do you manage to run so quick with heels?”

We were about to reach my neighborhood when I felt his arms circle around my waist, letting out a little squeal as he picked me up easily and swung me around to the right. I couldn’t stop giggling, felt like a little girl on a sugar rush, and apparently my laughter was contagious because Ethan began laughing along with me. Hot little puffs of air hit my bare neck as he hugged me close.

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CS + "Sorry, were you sleeping?"

for you and anon who asked for the same thing! I will be filling the rest of the asks tomorrow after I sleep because this inspired me lol enjoy the fluffiest of the fluff


He jerks awake, eyes widening as he sucks in a harsh breath. He manages to smile at his wife as he slides his hand down from where he’d rested it over his stomach and down onto the bed.

“Sorry, were you sleeping?” she asks, an adorable scrunch in her nose.

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Imagine Chris surprising you and your daughter.

Author’s Note: Oh my God, how cute was the Gifted trailer?! ❤️

“Mama.” Your seven year old daughter, Olivia, looked up at you as the two of you walked home from the park with Dodger. “Do you think Daddy will be home for my birthday party tomorrow?” She asked, her big blue eyes filled with so much hope; they painfully reminded you of your husband’s, whom you hadn’t seen in almost four months thanks to his acting career.

“I don’t know, baby.” You gave her small hand a light squeeze. “Your daddy would love to spend tomorrow with you but his work keeps him very busy.” Olivia sighed but nodded understandingly. “Even if he misses it, know that he loves you very much.”

“I know that.” She looked up at you and smiled. “It’s okay, Mama. I understand.”

It broke your heart because your seven year old shouldn’t have to understand why her dad was missing yet another birthday. She should have been throwing a tantrum like she did when she turned five and you missed your a flight home from London because filming had taken longer than expected. Either she was growing up faster than most kids her age or she was just used to her A-List parents and their incredibly demanding jobs; being in the Hollywood industry meant occasionally missing family milestones.

‘We’ll celebrate again when Daddy gets back,“ you told her. "We’ll see it like you have two birthdays.” Her eyes lit up with excitement and she grinned. “Yup,” you nodded, confirming her suspicion. “That means double the presents too.”

“Yay!” She cheered excitedly. “C'mon Dodger, I’ll race you home!” She pulled her hand out of yours and sprinted ahead; Dodger yanked his leash out of your grip and ran after his master’s mini-me. “Dodger, wait for me!” You heard your child laugh as Dodger ran ahead of her.

You chuckled softly, following behind them. The two of them loved to race, but they usually only did it when the house was in near sight. You’d warned her about roads and cars, and stranger danger, so she always made sure it wasn’t much of a distance before she raced the pup home.

“I never get to beat you.” Olivia sat on the front porch with an adorable pout on her face. Dodger barked and jumped around her playfully, drawing laughter from her. “It’s okay, Dodger. I still love you,” she hugged him and nuzzled her small face into his fur.

“C'mon, you two.” You chuckled as you walked up the porch stairs and unlocked the door. “Let’s clean up and get ready for dinner.” Olivia and Dodger followed behind you inside the house. “You said you wanted to make some pizza, right?”

“Mm hm!” Olivia chirped, taking off her sneakers as you worked to lock the door. Your eyes narrowed at the brown boots sitting by the shoe rack; you were sure Chris had taken them with him, perhaps he took the other ones. “I love pizza, just like Daddy! If he were here, he’d be real excited for dinner too.”

“Yeah, he would be.” You nodded and held out your hand for her to take. “Let’s go wash our hands and then we can start making our pizza dough. What are you feeling like?” You asked as the two of you started to walk towards the kitchen. “Thin and crispy, thick and fluffy, deep di-” Before you could finish your sentence, your daughter pulled her hand out of your grip and sprinted towards the bearded man lying on your couch.

“Daddy!” She pounced on him, her tiny body landing knee first on his chest.

“Oh God.” He coughed then chuckled, wrapping his arm around her and sitting up. Olivia squealed excitedly as he rose to his feet, throwing her over his shoulder. “You’re growing fast, little one.” He lowered her back down onto his hip as he walked over to you. “Soon you’re going to be as tall and as beautiful as your mama.” He smiled at you and you smiled back, genuinely happy to see his handsome face. “Hey you,” he leaned forward and kissed you.

“Welcome home,” you pulled away to say then returned your lips to his.

“Bleh,” Olivia made a face then laughed when Chris broke the kiss to tickle her. “Stop, Daddy!” She squirmed in his arms then cupped his face in her small hands, forcing him to smile with her fingers. “We’re so glad to have you home.”

“And I’m glad to be home,” he grinned at her. “I couldn’t miss my little princess’s eighth birthday, and I definitely couldn’t miss pizza night.” He poked her side and she giggled, making his smile reach his eyes. “What are we thinking? Thick and fluffy with lots and lots of cheese?

"Yes, please!” She nodded in agreement. “What do you think, Mama?” The two of them turned to you with the same hopeful, pleading eyes. You chuckled; the two of them knew perfectly well it was hard enough for you to say no to one, let alone two.

“Like I have a say when it comes to the two of you,” you chuckled. “Fine, yes. Thick and fluffy with lots and lots of cheese.” Chris and Olivia glanced at each other, grinning happily. “I don’t care about any of that 'cause all I care about is that we’ve got you back home.” You admitted, walking into Chris’ open arm.

“Me too, sweetheart.” Chris kissed your hair. “Me too.”


Requested by anonymous: Can you write something where Shawn gets sick in the middle of the night and has really bad anxiety about the situation because he doesn’t want to cancel anything and you keep trying to reassure him that everything will be fine even though he’s feeling really bad?? Thanks darling! 

Note: sick sad shawn is sick and sad


You take a tired look at the clock on the bedside table, rubbing your forehead as a migraine began to appear. 3:13 AM blared at you in angry red numbers, definitely not making the pain any easier.

Shawn coughed once beside you, sending him into a coughing fit that made you wince physically. You couldn’t imagine how badly his throat hurt as the coughs that came from his mouth sounded as if his vocal chords were being ripped out.

You had tried to order some tea, but unfortunately room service doesn’t go past eleven o’clock - which you thought was completely ridiculous, but you guess you could understand why.

It had been about two hours since the last time Shawn was hunched over the toilet, since he was now in bed with you, laying on his stomach with the pillow over his head. The covers were down by his calves as he complained that he was extremely hot and took them off, exposing his underwear clad body.

You felt bad, honestly, you hated seeing Shawn get sick - it was the absolute worst.

You felt helpless, not being able to do much except comfort him and you didn’t want to talk to him because then he would be inclined to answer you and wreck his throat even more.

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Aaron on the phone: "You can actually bring some more clothes over tonight, I think it's time you stayed."

“What?” He didn’t think he’d heard right.

They’ve been tiptoeing around each other for months now, first on dates, then he stayed over occasionally. They were taking things so slowly it was positively glacial. Not that Robert minded, they needed to get it right.

“If you’re bringing some clothes over, you might as well bring them all, the rest of your stuff too.”

“Are you…you want me to move back in?”

“Well I’m not suggesting I store your clothes for you. Don’t you…it was just an idea!”

“No I…I’d love to. Thought you’d never ask.”

I found his jumper part 8 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part

A/N: wow there is a part 8. this is part 8. Dan is such a softie for his Rose lady in this chapter.

Word Count: 1.4k


Originally posted by catchmyphan

“I don’t want my jumper back, Rose. It’s yours and I want you to keep it.” Dan said while pleadingly looking at me.

I stared down onto the dark grey sweater I held in my hands. It was oddly familiar and honestly waking up without it laying on my chair wouldn’t feel right.

“Dan I – I don’t know-” I started unsure of what to say. Dan Howell had just punched his best friend in the face for me. Speaking of Caleb, he was still sat on the couch with a startled expression. He looked between me and Dan in utter disbelief.  

“Can we talk about this? About us?” Dan asked as soon as he realized that I didn’t know what to answer.

I slowly nodded my head, making a sweet smile appear on the tall boy’s face.

Dan led me outside of the building to talk. The sun was out and it was a warm early fall day. We walked silently next to each other for a short while until we reached a little park on campus.

The trees had started to change from green to orange and I got a little sad as I realized that another summer had passed.

“I remember that when we were both still in middle school we used the hang out on our hill in the middle of this huge field. You always picked up some flowers to make yourself a flower crown. I watched you do it every single time but never understood how you did it. One day after watching your fingers skilfully assemble another flower crown you put it on and I couldn’t help but think that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You smiled at me and in that moment I realized what falling in love means.” Dan said with a little twinkle in his eyes.

I stopped walking and blinked back a few tears that threatened to escape because his story had really touched me. Sometimes it was hard to believe that the infamous ladies man Dan Howell could speak such soft words.

As soon as Dan noticed that I had stopped walking he came to a halt as well. I looked up into Dan’s brown eyes. They were the same brown eyes that belonged to my former best friend.

“I still think that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.” Dan admitted and forced himself to look directly back at me. His intense gaze made my cheeks heat up like always. There was only one step that separated our bodies. My senses were tickling.  

“I don’t even know what to say right now, but I remember that we once used to talk non stop for hours.” Dan admitted, examining every inch of my face. He carefully cupped my rosy cheek with his left palm. His thumb ghosted over my red skin.

“God, Rose you are still so beautiful inside and out.” Dan whispered shortly before closing the little gap between us.

And in a moment that made time stop I felt his soft lips on mine. The kiss was hesitant at first but as soon as I kissed back he deepened it.  His hand was still resting on my left cheek. Our lips fit together perfectly. I couldn’t help but kiss back. I completely forgot that I used to hate him, I just had to kiss back. I felt his chest rise against mine. My heart was jumping with delight. I felt the same butterflies in my stomach as the time Dan held my hand shortly after the sun had set. The way he smiled into the kiss gave away that he felt those butterflies too.

After we broke apart we just both grinned at each other like total goofs.

“I have wanted to do that since I was 13.” Dan laughed his face glowing with happiness.

“I have wanted to do that since I was 14.” I giggled, making the grin on Dan’s face grow bigger.

“So I guess that answers the question I was going to ask. You do like me.” Dan said but his last sentence still sounded like a question.

“Ever since you held my hand on our little mountain.” I told him and we both smiled at the memory.

He took my hand in his and we kept walking. It was a late afternoon and I didn’t think I would ever feel so warm inside. Our steps were in sync as we just strolled without knowing where we were going.

“Rose, you know I’m not good with relationships and I have been awful to a lot of girls, but I want to try and become somebody that deserves to be your boyfriend. No more hook ups, not that many parties, I will acknowledge you in public and all that good stuff.  To start with I thought we could go on a date tomorrow?” Dan asked raising is eyebrow. His eyes were filled with hope and when I nodded in agreement he kissed me again.

When I walked to class with Hayley the next day some people were still making fun of me, but honestly I couldn’t care less. Dan was taking me on a date this evening and somehow that thought silenced every negative comment. I had to suppress a laugh when I thought about how wrong they were. Dan was the one who admitted that he had feelings for me first and he asked me out on a date and - “Rose why are you smiling like that? It’s creepy.” Hayley asked with raised eyebrows.

“Is there something on my face. I had a chocolate doughnut for breakfast and I always get the choc-”

“There is nothing on your face, Hayley. I just thought of something nice.” I laughed and followed her into the class room. Shortly after I had taken a seat next to my friend I felt a quick tap on my shoulder. When I turned around I came face to face with Caleb.

“There is something you should see, Edwards.” he told me and gestured outside.

I sceptically eyed Hayley who had a concerned look on her face. Maybe Charlotte had decided to embarrass me in public? Or, oh my god, maybe it was all a joke and Dan just tried to make me look like a loser for wanting to go on a date with him? My thoughts were racing when I followed Caleb outside. A big crowd had formed around Dan. My heart sank when I saw him. He was standing on top of the stairs in front of the entrance to the main university building. About 30 students had gathered around him. Hayley’s hands clenched into fists and she was ready to punch somebody, but then I saw Dan smile at me warmly.

“When I walked to class today I noticed the way you treat Rose Edwards. I’m pretty sure everybody has heard the rumour that we hooked up and she wouldn’t stop contacting me because she thought we’d date.” Dan shouted and some laughters erupted from the crowd beneath him.

I swallowed hard as I felt myself blush. I noticed that Charlotte was right there in the front row and her lips were formed into a wicked smirk.

“None of those things actually happened. We never hooked up and she obviously didn’t stalk me.”

Dan announced and I could see some hung open mouths and wide eyes among the students.

“I spread those rumours because we used to hate each other, but the truth is I think that Rose Edwards is the most amazing person I have ever met and honestly nobody will ever better than her. That’s why I’m currently the happiest person alive because she agreed to go on a date with me.”

Some people gasped, some looked like they thought Dan would shout ‘April Fools’ any second and some girls were swooning over how cute he was.

Dan however smiled at me after his public confession. I couldn’t help but smile back. Yesterday he promised he’d acknowledge me in public. When he said that I didn’t think he’d mean something like that.

“I’d very much appreciate if you could stop calling her names and being rude. I guess that’s why believing rumours is a rather stupid decision.” Dan concluded.

“Uhm, Rose what the hell?!” Hayley shouted and looked like she was out of her mind.

I nervously scratched the back of my head.

“Well… there is obviously a lot to catch up on.”

anonymous asked:

I've had a story idea for ages that I've been too lazy to type out re: Jeremy angst. He's one of the few "normal" humans to work at RT (everyone else is harpy, witch, ghoul, dragon, etc) and one day Matt (a hedgewitch) mentions human toenails are a super useful potion ingredient. So Jeremy starts setting aside all his nail clippings and gives them to Matt at a big birthday party they have (1/?)

Matt’s super delighted at the gift and people at the party spread the word at RT about how generous a normie/muggle Jeremy is. So people start asking for stuff. The hair from his morning shave on every third Thursday. For him to sweat into this special cloth for the next three days. A few tear drops after watching a super sad scene in a video game. Slowly the requests start getting more invasive (2/?)

And not only are they getting more invasive, it’s not exactly like someone is keeping a ledger of these things you know. People from different departments asking things at all hours of the day (this was always set after Ray left but before Jeremy had become a completely solid member of AH so he wasn’t always under Geoff’s protective watch). It’s all starting to add up but Jeremy is such a people pleaser than he can’t say no (3/?)

The climax of the story was always set for an early morning, maybe a weekend, when Geoff and Burnie are there for some RvB voice acting shit or planning or something and talking about the company and how worn Jeremy’s started to look. Then, in one of the RT warehouses, they stumble across Caleb pointing a shotgun at Jeremy, telling him that blood tinged with terror is particularly potent. What’s worse is that when Caleb, notices Burnie and Geoff, he expects them to be impressed (4/?)

Caleb expects them to impressed by his cleverness, see, because the gun is filled with rock salt so technically it won’t kill Jeremy, but they’ll still get the valuable ingredient. Caleb’s confused why Geoff roars and melts the gun in his hands, why Burnie orders him out of their sight before they kill him. Meanwhile, poor Jeremy is so confused and stressed and terrified he collapses. Geoff takes him home to recover (5/?)

The story winds down with lots and lots of hurt/comfort. Geoff’s a dragon, only his hoard is comprised of people he loves and protects and if it wasn’t clear Jeremy is one of his, it becomes radically clear over the next couple of weeks. Every single person who took something from Jeremy has to pay it back (the magic system in this story was based around balance), Geoff and the rest of the AH gang fanatically guard access to Jeremy, etc, etc. (6/6) [Hope I didn’t loose track of the numbers]

i was gonna wait until tomorrow to fill these asks but fuck this was so good. i love poor people pleaser Jeremy getting in over his head and then fucking caleb scared the shit out of him. and protective geoff is fucking A+. this is all great thank u so much for sharing!

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To woo a man

The heart of a man is won not with subterfuge but with truth

Honest feelings need to pour out and show him what you are really all about

Make him comfortable in his own spaces so he can be unafraid to explore your own.

Make time to let him know he is important, cherished and adored

An enjoyable relationship that became more than a simple friendship

Respect his opinions and give him his space

Listen to what he has to say

Be real and true

Show him the beauty of your mind and soul

Laugh and enjoy life and every moment by his side

Let him see what hides in your eyes

Ask the right questions and fill his silences and spaces

With hope of new tomorrows and brighter places


@lilvishy Thank you my friend

anonymous asked:

Hey... you did a request where the Style Five learned that their partner couldn't walk? ... Um... could you... maybe write one for Sousuke? With the same prompt? If it's not too much trouble...

(of course it’s not too much for me! ^^)

Makoto: His eyes widen in shock before he slowly turns his face down to look at their legs. “Your legs… won’t move?” All he can do is stare at them until they nod sadly, and in a few seconds tears well in his eyes and he’s sobbing while hugging them tightly to his chest. “I’ll… I’ll always be here for you.”

Haruka: He’d feel like someone had just slapped him, and he wouldn’t say anything at first. Even if he tried to look strong, the pain and shock on his face would clearly show, and he’d gently reach over to hug his partner and stroke their hair. “It’s okay… It’s not your fault." 

Nagisa: His vision blurs from his tears, and he grits his teeth as he tries to rip the hospital blankets off but breaks down halfway and collapses onto their lap crying. "No… no, that can’t be, ____-chan, that can’t be right… There were still so many places I wanted to go with you…”

Rei: After the initial anguish and horror of the revelation, he would be more furious at the doctors. “Are you saying that after all of the medical technology we pay for today, there is nothing out there capable of healing your legs?!” But when he’s finished his outburst he’d cry into his partner’s shirt. 

Rin: A few seconds of stunned silence pass before the news actually sinks in that his partner won’t be able to walk. They only blink for a second before he wraps them up in a crushing hug and falls back onto the bed, and they would be able to feel his breath on their ear as he trembles. “I love you… I love you, dammit…" 

Sousuke: He already knew that this would be the worst-case scenario, but his face still darkens and he has to hit the wall to let out his anger. But after he’s pampering his partner like never before, kissing their face and hands and holding them close to his chest. "It’s okay even if you can’t walk. I’ll be your legs. We’ll go everywhere together, no matter what. I’ll be with you.”